Arsenal remains in the running to sign a Barcelona star

Arsenal is reportedly still in contention to sign Barcelona winger Raphinha, despite facing competition from various other teams for his signature.

Raphinha has been a target for Arsenal since his time at Leeds United in the Premier League, but he eventually opted to join Barcelona. However, with stiff competition for a starting spot at Nou Camp due to the abundance of attacking players, there is speculation that Raphinha might be open to leaving the club.

According to Fichajes, Arsenal is closely monitoring the situation, and despite interest from several Premier League sides, they remain a serious contender for the Brazilian winger. The Gunners view Raphinha as one of the top attackers on the market who can enhance their squad, and they are prepared to make a substantial offer to secure his services.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Raphinha did well in the Premier League and remains reliable at Barcelona, but he might want a return to England.

At Arsenal, he would still compete with Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli for a starting spot, but he might be confident that he could bench either player.

Barca will not want to lose such an influential player, which means we are likely to have to pay a huge fee to make them allow him to join us.

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  1. I wouldn’t touch any player who rejected us in the past with a ten-metre pole. Not Raphinha; not Vlhaovic; not Locatelli. They can go to h**l and rot there.

    1. While I was reading the article I was in the hurry to get to contribution part, then I saw yours. You bit me to it. Well said mate.

  2. Personally, I can scarcely wait for next season when I fully expect us to have a real title chance.
    We will still have a mostly young squad with some of the lesser players leaving for sure and a couple of top class players at least probably arriving this summer.

    No Klopp, plus a City team showing faint early signs of having already peaked and perhaps , only perhaps , slipping a little next season.

    We are certainly on the up and already an excellent side, even though I STILL THINK WE WILL NOT WIN THIS YEARS TITLE.

    1. A realistic viewpoint Jon, but one that I think will become clearer once we have played city and they and Liverpool have played.
      Lokonga seems to have found the form that MA signed him for by the way – so I might have to change MY view on that player!!

      1. Well Ken, of course its true that the nearer we get to end of season , after those games you list have been done and dusted, we will ALL have a better idea than right now if we have a serious chance or not.

        I have not totally given up on the title but my considered opinion is that we are the least likely of the three main rivals .

        Simply because we have KEY PLAYERS we cannot adequately replace; Rice, Saka, Gabriel, Saliba ,and ALL THOSE HAVE MISSED hardly any games. Just one long term injury to ANY of those four will be fatal for us.

        Liverpool have lots out but seem to be able to ADEQUATELYcompensate , likewise City.

        But we are more vulnerable to injurie toTHOSE key players. THAT is why I dont think we will win it this season.
        Next season , however….!!

        1. Jon, would you believe that, currently, Liverpool have SEVEN first team squad players out injured?

          One less than we have, but are just two points ahead, with an inferior GD.
          Of course, we have taken four points off them, including the 3-1 win, when we both had said injured players out.

          So your point about pool “adequately replacing them” while we are “vulnerable” doesn’t add up at the moment… and we do have players coming back.

          As you know, we play city soon and I believe we will beat them.

          I have to add, that Jen’s point about our injuries is a good one, although I don’t think Viera and Timbers will impact this season.

    2. I agree with you Jon… I also feel we are about 3 or 4 quality players away from winning the league… But at this rate its just a matter of time… It might even be this year… Plus I’m not counting out this year’s champions league either

  3. Raphinha would be a fine addition and a great backup to Saka. His purchase would definitely reduce the workload on Saka.

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