Arsenal reported to be in talks to sign La Liga forward

It is becoming a little difficult to work out what sort of player Arsenal are actually prioritising. But according to rumour after rumour, a good guess would be a winger.

Most observers believe it is a central defender that should be targeted but the major speculation just does not lean towards that.

Kieran Tierney is a left back, William Saliba is a central defender but he will not be playing for us next season even if we agree a deal and Wilfried Zaha is a winger.

They are the three main targets it seems but there are some rumours that you could categorise as on the fringes, in better words, rumours that sound sort of credible.

Well, Barcelona winger Malcom would definitely fit into the fringe rumour category and according to the latest reports, Arsenal have held talks with his representatives and he is now a priority signing.

There are, however, a number of problems with signing the Brazilian.

First, he is valued at £50 Million, that alone should put an end to the speculation but it has apaprently not.

Secondly, he wants £200,000 per week, a salary Arsenal is unlikely to agree to anymore.

It makes sense that Barca will be selling Malcom, he is hardly a first teamer and they have spent huge money this summer and need to balance the books.

To be honest, I just cannot get my head around this one, it is as frustrating as hell not being able to understand Unai Emery’s and Arsenal’s thinking on why they continuolsy persist in trying to sign a player in almost every position except the two, central defender and box to box midfielder, that we desperatly need strengthening.


  1. Pass on Malcom, especially if he wants £200,000 per week if that’s true.

    Then again we are known for vastly overpaying bang-average players.

    Is £200,000 the going rate for Barca bench players? If £50 million is true also, they are having a laugh. It’s like volunteering to be mugged and robbed.

    Why should anyone pay for Barca’s mistake?

    Swift pass for me, Soares far better value for money in my opinion. Still laughing over the £50 million, ha good one. Next I’ll be farting “Fur Elise” by Beethoven in key. Seriously tho Barca, ha

          1. I would prefer Everton Soares, or Ryan Fraser, because both Zaha and Malcom are over priced.
            CB is No 1 priority for this coming season.

  2. Personally I think the club has its priorities right….. Left back is a disaster area these days…. Monreals legs have gone and Kolasinac can’t defend and we need a winger who is good with the ball at his feet…. we have no one to run at defenders and take them on. Iwobi does his best but it’s not good enough.
    With Freddies promotion it seems that it will be project youth this season and most of our exciting prospects are in the midfield or CB so kinda makes sense to me

    1. Sue, to talk to Raul and the others I would need to carry a big wooden club to make an impact. ?

  3. Malcom has not proven himself and is definitely not worth the rumored amount. If we want a left-footed winger who can play on the right, why not just go for Chikwueze from Villareal? The kid is a gem and is only 20 years old. I have also watched clips of Everton, and he looks quite decent. The safest option is obviously Zaha as he is premier league proven but he is too expensive.

  4. This is probably about the 70th player we’ve been in “talks” with over the last month. I cannot wait for the window to close, because it’s becoming boring now, and most of the rumours are just ludicrous!

    1. ThirdManJW, even we on here can come up with multiple viable options to solve the squads deficiencies. Arsenal management is being paid a relative fortune and achieving next to nothing at this stage.
      Arsenal FC is no longer a football club, but a poorly run cash generating business. Even without investment the cash keeps rolling in, unless relegation intervenes.

  5. Now that Manchester United has bought McGuire for £80 million from Leicester City, expect cashed up Leicester to go for Lewis Dunk as the replacement.
    Eddie Nheketia is apparently going on loan to Bristol City in the Championship.

  6. might happen


    bellerin socratis holding Tierney

    torreira xhaka


    Malcolm Lacazette. Auba

  7. Sanllehi, Venkateshambles and Emery, please sign Lewis Dunk. It’s not difficult and if you need help there are a few million supporters who will help you. In case you don’t remember the name L E W I S D U N K. 6’3″

    1. Unfortunately Sean, now that Maguire is Manchester United bound, Leicester City will be looking for a replacement and Dunk is on their radar.

  8. Malcolm is still better than what we got.

    We got Reiss Nelson to fight for winger too

    Iwobi, Aubameyang, Ozil; Mkhitaryan aren’t wingers

  9. rumors upon rumors, when will this shit stop, until we’ll be link with every player on earth and end up buying nothing. This club is a joke

  10. Overmars, who once starred under Arsene Wenger in the Premier League, believes he has a solution to a transfer poser.
    The Dutchman, who is currently director of football at Ajax, believes he is working with a player in Amsterdam who could prove to be a shrewd addition for Arsenal on a sporting and financial level.
    Overmars told Voetbal International of Ziyech, who contributed 21 goals and 24 assists to the Ajax cause last season: “I am a bit surprised that it is still so quiet around Hakim.
    “I think he has played better every year and his statistics are exceptionally good.
    “Many clubs are increasingly looking at that. They look more at the numbers than at what he shows and what is happening around him.
    “I think Hakim Ziyech is better than Mesut Ozil. I would tell Arsenal: sell him and you will get Hakim for half the price. But they didn’t listen

      1. Every man and his dog believes that yet no club wants to pick up Ozil due to his high wages.
        The surprising thing is that no other club appears to be chasing Ziyech.

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