Arsenal reported to be ready to make a move for Premier League legend

Arsenal has reportedly made the first contact with regards to signing Sergio Aguero this summer.

The Manchester City striker leaves the Premier League leaders at the end of this season as one of the best strikers to ever play in the English top flight.

He will not lack a new team to play for next season and Arsenal wants to land him.

The Gunners have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette as their most senior strikers.

As reports of Aguero’s future continue to make news around the world, several teams would hope to sign him.

Mikel Arteta worked with him at City and the Spaniard will feel he can convince the striker to join his side.

With that in mind, the Gunners have reportedly taken the first step to sign him by contacting his camp, according to journalist Lucas Scagliola via Sports Illustrated.

The report says at the moment no one knows what they have agreed on, but the Gunners certainly made their interest in his signature known to his entourage.

Landing Aguero would take a lot of finances in terms of wages and a signing on fee and that could spell the end of the road for one of Aubameyang and Lacazette.

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  1. I think Aguero is class but no more freebies from Rivals or give big contracts to aging because that is exactly what he is… Injured alot too atm & let the young guns have a chance.

    They couldn’t do any worse next season than this one tbh.

    Willian has not worked out and hes on big money, Auba has went off the boil as did Mesut when the moneys in the bank. See a theme here… plus all over 31 when they get these deals.

    Laca will be leaving but we will get some money for him, apparently we are considering offers for Auba also? (Dont think that to be true but never know) While were at it get Willian off our books.

    I dont mind any of them leaving as they have had their chances, it’s time for youth and we have alot of brilliant youngsters already and coming through.

    Martinelli has to up top next Season with Saka on the right & SmithRowe on the left. Promote Bologun, Give Nelson a proper go as 1st back up & sign Ødegaard permantly to CAM in our 1st 11.

    Nelson, Pepe & another attacker to support these guys. Send Eddie on loan.

    Same with Luiz, time to go and let Dino/Saliba come back and fight for the CB roles with Gabriel, Mari, Holding.

    Just my opinion.

    Maybe I’m wrong in all this but still will add that Guendouzi who should also be given another go in Pre Season, bags of talent and still young enough (21, Capt of France U21s)to teach. He has a fire and arrogance to make it to the top.

    Plenty to sell too in Elneny, Torreira, Bellerin, Kolasnic, AMN & Willock (just dont see where he fits) plus the others above.

    Rebuild they say… build it around the youth. Class of 92 ring any bells, magic can happen and we have a few world beaters in our ranks.

  2. Aguero will only stunt the development of Martinelli, it would be a bad move.

    Wasn’t a big part of signing Arteta based on him developing youth? Remember his speech when he first joined?

    Luiz still lingering and rumors of extending him, again. Wasting time with Dino, Saliba, and Gabriel.

    Willian waste, who knows how Nelson would or could have improved. Pepe still inconsistent, perhaps being benched behind Willian plays a part?

    Last thing we need is YET ANOTHER over 30 player with best years behind them, especially on the attacking side!

    Really hope this is a nonsense rumor, don’t see an injury-prone over 30 castoff pushing us into top 6.

    Edu needs to put a full stop on this, stat. We have good young attackers, be better young attackers if they got minutes and played.

    1. In total agreement Durand, let’s ensure our excellent younger players are allowed to blossom – we have some wonderful talent waiting to be given their chances.

    2. I still think that Arteta’s decision to not embrace a proper “rebuild” this season, which would invariably require an intensive developmental phase, means it will be exponentially more difficult to do so in each subsequent season…if this is the case and we make another short-sighted and misguided Willian-like decision, even though I’ve always rated Aguero, this club will continue to flounder for the foreseeable future…I might be wrong, but I thought the whole point of bringing Arteta on board was so that we could have a more youthful, energetic manager who could develop our young prospects, so that we could reinvigorate a club that had become increasingly stagnant and stale over the last decade…instead it appears as if we’ve got yet another papering over the cracks, half-measure making, band-aid solution seeking, poor man’s version, disaster on our hands…I pray that I’m proven wrong

      1. Agree RVL, as we idle in midtable I can’t help but think of the time wasted this year.

        Gabriel should be starting CB and Luiz used as rotation or step in if Gabriel has a dip in form. Gabriel is important if we look to improve next year and should have been working with Tierney defending left side.

        Sub opportunities could have gone to Nelson to find out:
        1. He’s a rotation/challenger for wing
        2. Drive up his price for sell/trade

        Martinelli should be getting sub minutes at least by now, healthy for weeks but can’t play 10 -15 minutes?

        How will players like Gabriel, Martinelli, ESR, be ready next year sitting on the bench now?

        So sorry but Arteta has really missed on this badly.

        Playing Luiz, Willian, Odegaard so much when Odegaard isn’t our player, Luiz should be gone end of season, and Willian as well is not our future.

        Club better served long term finding time now to sharpen youth & finish 9th – 12th instead of playing aged Luiz & Willian and loanees to finish 8th – 10th.

        Edu is failing in this, as director he should be assertive and reminding Arteta our youth is our future, not Kronke’s open wallet.

        Honestly at this point would like to see progression in youth & determining Summer needs rather than retreads and their last dance.

        1. Totally on the same page…sometimes when a team overachieves, like we did last year, it sends the wrong message…more often than not, this artificially raises expectation levels, especially from within the fanbase…of course, who doesn’t want to believe that they’ve somehow magically turned the corner

          problem is it’s okay, in fact understandable, for an eager and/or naïve fanbase to adopt this position then run with it, but those within the organization, in management positions, have to be the adults in the room…their combined experiences, both on and off the pitch, should provide them with a more balanced and commonsensical perspective, which means they have to be able to tune out the outside noise and make decisions based on the REAL facts

          no one’s disputing we got positive results versus Pool, City and Chelski, but if you examine those games in a realistic fashion, they certainly didn’t suggest that we were one or two pieces away from competing for things

          the onus was on them to put on their big boy pants, use they credit they had earned with the FA, honestly address the fanbase, bite the bullet and provide a reasoned plan about how we were going to use this season, without fans, to add “needed” pieces in the next 3 windows, properly address our bloated wage bill(deadwood), promote and develop our blue-chip prospects and experiment tactically

          worse case scenario, if things did go sideways, whoever came in next would functionally have a blank slate with some financial flexibility

          instead it appears that we went adopted another pie-in-the-sky, hope for the best, fingers-crossed, path of least resistance approach to organizational management, which simply suggests that maybe the whole lack of experience argument had considerable merit

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