Arsenal reported to be tracking 18-year-old Brazilian attacker

Arsenal has a history of embracing the talents of Brazilian players and continues to scout and nurture young talents from the country. With a Brazilian sporting director, the club has access to some of the finest youngsters emerging from Brazil, providing them with a potential pipeline of talent.

One of the latest prospects on Arsenal’s radar is Alisson Santana, who currently plays for Atlético Mineiro. The young player has been earning opportunities in the first team, showcasing his skills and drawing attention from top European clubs, with Arsenal reportedly among his serious suitors.

According to a report from Metro Sport, Arsenal has been closely monitoring Santana’s performances and is considering him for a potential move to the Emirates. However, given the competition in Arsenal’s first team, there’s a possibility that he may struggle to secure a regular spot and could be loaned out to other clubs to further develop his skills. Arsenal, under Mikel Arteta, is expected to be active in the summer transfer market as they seek to strengthen their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Santana is just at the start of his career and the smart thing to do is probably to allow him to develop further at his present club.

The midfielder still has so much time on his hands and rushing him to Europe could affect his development as a player.


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  1. Arsenal tracking the 18 year old Brazilian player Allison Santana, and to possibly sign him could be fine.
    But what position does he specializes to play from? And what of Marquinhos the last young Brazilian versatile player and a winger. Who reportedly can play on both sides of the wing comfortably and at the centreforward position too. But where is he now? I am sure Arteta knows where he is. But has he jettison him? Despite that he was at the up trajectory level developing his game at Arsenal. And improving on it before the loan out hammer of Arteta fell on him.
    So therefore, if Arteta’s managed Arsenal would sign Santana next summer, let Arsenal go ahead to sign him. But they should loan him straight back to his Brazilian club on the free for a season to see. With Arsenal continuing paying his wages while he’s on loan to his Brazilian club side.
    So that he can continue his development there at his Brazilian club. i would suggest in support of the JustArsenal New opinion on the matter.

  2. Arc doesn’t need an unproven youngster on top of what
    we already have. Pedro Neto for me all day.. can replace
    both our wingers easily !!

    1. Certainly you jest! Neto replace Saka or Martinelli?

      Thanks for the laugh, great way to start my morning.

  3. The tricky problem all huge clubs have when they identify a clearly talented 18 or 19 year old who plays abroad is that IF the would be buyer hesitates, then sometimes that player kicks on even quicker ans becomes far too expensive to buy if not snapped up when first spotted.

    Equally when,, as more often is the case, the talented youngster does NOT kick on, but if you buy him too soon , you can be STUCK with a player who is not considered ready to play in an already top level team but who then ages and become less valuable while still costing his wages.

    But realistically, how many LOANS ever lead to a talented player, once bought and then loaned out, coming back and becoming another Martinelli, Saka or suchlike? Not many at all in my experience!

    Which explains WHY MANY are rumoured and “reported” but VERY FEW happen.
    Generally, they do not happen, RIGHTLY.

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