Arsenal reportedly does not pay the real living wage to their staff

The soaring cost-of-living crisis is the main issue most UK residents are facing at the moment.

It has been an issue almost no one can escape, so wages are just not enough to give most people the same lifestyle they have been used to living.

Because of this, some businesses have volunteered to pay their staff the real living wage, including some Premier League clubs. 

A report on the BBC reveals at least 12 clubs have committed to paying this real living wage.

However, the other eight have not committed or cannot confirm if all their staff now earn the proper living wage. One of them is Arsenal.

The Gunners alongside Manchester United, reportedly do not pay their caterers, cleaners and stewards the wage.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Paying the real living wage is not an obligation, but it is the right thing to do considering how important the welfare of employees is to the club’s reputation.

It remains unclear why we have not begun paying the wage at the moment, but we expect the club to do so if the cost-of-living crisis continues.

Footballers earn so much money, and the people who take care of them deserve to also make a good living.

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      1. The catering on the concourse is done by Delaware North, and has been since the Emirates Stadium opened in ’06.

  1. Perhaps Governments have a share of responsibility as well? Inflation, deficit spending, etc… that increase in living costs are fiscal policies related to governance.

    The clubs should also be able to pay employees living wages, a majority would agree with that stance. But let’s look at what creates this situation, not just the businesses operating within the system.

  2. What do people expect in the UK, USA and to a lesser extent Australia, where there has been a concerted effort by conservative governments to destroy unions and the corresponding loss of employees to bargain collectively? The middle class is being reduced, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

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