Arsenal reportedly gives up on keeping Aubameyang as they reduce their asking price

Arsenal will reportedly sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for £35 million instead of the £50 million they have been asking for.

The Gabon striker will be out of contract at the end of next season and the club is struggling to reach an agreement with him on a new deal.

The former Borussia Dortmund man joined Arsenal for £60 million in 2018 and he has been the club’s top scorer for every season he has completed with them, he even won the Premier League’s Golden Boot last season.

He, however, won’t be signing a new contract at the Emirates because Arsenal is unlikely to be finishing in a European spot at the end of this season, according to Star Sports.

It is the same report that is claiming Arsenal will accept as little as £35 million for Aubameyang.

The Gunners would prefer to keep Aubameyang for a few more seasons, but they cannot force him to sign a new contract with them and they have accepted that he will leave them.

If Arsenal fails to sell him off in the coming transfer window, the Gunners run the risk of losing him for free like Aaron Ramsey and the club’s board is determined for that not to happen to them again.

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  1. Keeping Ramsey till his contract run out was the most ridiculous decision we’ve made in the last 20 years. The reason? his average of 3 goals a season, he should have gone as far back as 2012, seriously what did he give us in that last year? However with Auba giving us 25-30 goals a season, we’ve got to take the chance. If we’re going to achieve anything next year then Auba’s got to stay

  2. World wide economies in every country
    are taking a major hit.
    Every week all PL clubs are haemorrhaging millions.
    The biggest challenge is just to survive.
    Europe , China and the USA are our major financial sources and all are being hard by the cost of fighting Corona and the associated lock down of the economies.
    Yet while no money is coming in huge salaries still have to be paid.
    We have to garner cash flow from some where. Selling Aubameyang is a practical necessity to get some cash flow. But every one knows that and we won’t get our 60m back. Arsenal of course will ask 60m knowing 45m would be a good return in what is going to be a buyers market.
    Kolasinac 15m on his big salary might be worth trying to sell at a profit as he was a free transfer.
    Bellerin 25m was also free so his sale could be forced if we are that short of cash flow.
    AMN might fetch 15-20m being English.
    Getting rid of Lacazette for 40m would be a steal.
    But like Pepe no one would pay any where near what we paid for him on their salaries.
    Forget trying to sell Mkhitarian or Ozil on their salaries.
    The longer the enforced hiatus the more players will have to be sacrificed to pay the bills.
    Every other club is in the same boat though.
    Maybe Silent Stan will stun Arsenal with a no pay back 150mm bail out package 🙂
    But with his other sports franchises also suffering
    right now that seems unlikely.
    May be Arsenal fan tv will stump up a lazy 300m 🙂

  3. But if we to ask this question why is it that the club always wait until when a players contract is getting near to the end thats when they start to struggle with negotiations and yet they are aware that this is an important play to the team?

  4. Let the guys contract ran out. He is an asset for us now. He can help us a lot next season . His turning 31 and be 32 when his contract expires. Who knows. At 32 very few clubs will be interested. I think next year he will rather ask for an extension if we qualify for Europe.

    1. And who told you he won’t pull a Sanchez or OX so he can get his wish in January? Not every player can be like Ramsey who gave is all till he leaves the club.

      Not saying Auba should leave but is better we get the £35M than lose him for free.
      He has been here for 2 and half years and yet we never qualify for champions league. Harry Kane was the highest goal scorer for 2 straight season without winning anything. Same at Dortmund

      Drogba is never a goal poacher like Auba and yet win more trophies.

      What I think we need is a Drogba type of players who scores when it matter most. He will always score when they need him, and a all round midfielder who love creating and scoring. Look at how a player like Bruno Fernandes improve Man United.
      Auba miss a penalty against Spurs and lose a goal against Olympiakos, so not all is rosy with him.

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