Arsenal reportedly makes a decision on Elneny’s future

Arsenal will allow Mohamed Elneny to leave the club this summer because he is not in the plans of Mikel Arteta beyond this season.

The midfielder will be out of contract at the end of this campaign and the club needs to decide if he should stay or not.

He has still not been given a new deal, which is an indication they are not thinking about him remaining. claims the Gunners have already decided that they are reshaping the team and he is one of the players they will offload.

Arteta is expected to sign some new stars when the transfer window reopens and Elneny will need to give way for the incoming players.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Elneny has never really been a top player for us, but he has been loyal and that has proven useful in some cases.

The Egyptian will leave the club as one of the players who played for Arsenal but never truly left a mark on the team.

But he was in great form while on loan at Besiktas and that could be a suggestion that he will thrive at a much smaller club than the Gunners.

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  1. He has been a reliable, non complaining back up who hasn’t let us down and deserves to find a first team spot somewhere.
    Best of luck wherever he goes.

  2. TBF for the money payed out on his transfer fee he’s been nothing short of a solid buy .
    Time to cut ties though .
    I remember a football expert on here saying he would never kick a football again for our club 1 season back and would bet money (lol)
    But he came back from his loan and performed when called upon for the magician.
    Strange how things turn out .

    1. I don’t know which football expert made that statement you highlighted about Elneny, but many of us on have always acted like we are football experts from the moment we could form a logical argument.
      Evidence is so easy to dig up showing each and everyone’s failed opinions on players, managers, club etc.
      Many people said Auba was finished. But he seems to be playing like a man in his mid 20’s at Barcelona.
      Many predicted that our summer signings were average / a joke and we would be lucky to make 6th.
      Many predicted that Arteta would be sacked before the season ended because he was being exposed for what he really is, just “a Pep waterboy” / wannabe. That he had no clue about football.
      Many made statements that we are nowhere near Top 4.
      Some said we would be fighting relegation etc..

      This shows that we should all stop going by our personal feelings and emotions when making arguments or debating.

      A wise pet parrot once said “Don’t make bold decisions / statements out of emotions / feelings.”
      Best thing to do is to relax, clam yourself down then make that decision.

  3. I believe Elneny is a better player than a number of Arsenal fans seem to think

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he moved on in the summer but I wouldn’t rule out one more season either

  4. Eleney is a very loyal and committed servant who have served us well.

    I want to thank him especially for that match against Manchester United., that victory on there own home patch

    Wish him the best in his endeavors

  5. Except for the side ways ball passing ability, nothing special about his game. Magic is making extraordinary from the ordinary and that is exactly what Mikel is doing right now with a very mediocre squad. Well, the spell cast on El and his microscopic improvements is not what Mikel’s expectations are, so best we part ways with El and wish him luck in his career while we find a suitable replacement to take us to the upper echelons of the league (and not some free bee, cheapo boot boy as some senile manager would hire)

  6. I liked Elneny for his attitude and loyalty to the Arsenal cause. Never was the first choice but played his heart out when called upon. Best of luck to you Elneny, you deserve a first team start wherever you go, you will always be remembered at Arsenal.

  7. Not so long ago, probably 2 seasons ago,Leicester offered 12M for him which was turned down straight away.i can see him thriving under Brendan Rodgers.

    1. Very interesting.
      He gives everything on the pitch that for sure,

      I remember we were playing a game with a slender lead and in extra time he was running and covering than even the substitutes that came on it eventually drawing a rapturous applause from the faithfuls
      That single act,

  8. I find it depressingly worthy of my comment that so many posts above mine seem to wish to praise Elnenys “loyalty and work rate”. My view is that BOTH those qualities should be the normal default position for ALL players, esp as all earn huge and obscenely unjustified wages.
    In normal foorball rterms Elneny is several grades lower than what we need and deserve. AW foolishly bought him, though for a small fee. He is a tryer and it is not his fault that he is not good enough, nowhere near it in fact.

    He should have been moved on ages ago(he should never have been bought, to be accurate). I consider it 100% certain he will leave this summer and thank goodness for that! No more of his markedly inferior standard should ever wear our shirt again.

    Under MA, I do not see such a dreadfully bad buy happening ever again.

    MA, is IMO, a far better judge of talent than AW was in his last decade. Look at our defence now compared to when AW s buys Mustafi and the Greek wrestler where making their weekly shambles. UGH!

  9. okay squad player and never became anything more. Hopefully more time can be given to youngsters instead of Elneny. I’d rather develop a player than have this kind of role in the squad.

  10. Jon Fox

    You have developed a reputation of being brutally honest.
    But we must wish this loyal campaigner, luck in his future endeavors

    His attitude and application will shines as he find easier opportunities

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