Arsenal rescue last minute point but we were largely second-best

Arsenal have rescued a late point after a hard-fought battle with Crystal Palace, but you would have to say the visitors deserved the win.

The Gunners started the match brightly, with their attacking formation allowing them to push forward in numbers, and it had looked like it would be a good day in north London.

It didn’t take long before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had fired us into the lead, with Nicolas Pepe’s effort being parried into the path of our striker.

We continued to look dangerous, but our rivals managed to slowly get a grip on things, and they began to press Arsenal off the ball consistently. Benteke was proving difficult to contain as he uses his strength, while Conor Gallagher was also a force to deal with.

The midfielder must have believed he had found an equaliser when his volley looked destined for the top-right corner just before the break, only for Aaron Ramsdale to somehow get a hand to deflect it wide.

The bigger talking point from the first-half has to be James Macarthur’s disgraceful foul on Bukayo Saka however, with him seeming to get payback for a foul seconds before, but the young English forward wasn’t to return when the teams come out for the second-half.

After the break, the away team continued to dominate, and when Thomas Partey was dispossessed in his own half by Jordan Ayew, Christian Benteke took full advantage to level the scores.

Even after their goal, our side wasn’t able to take the game by it’s horns, and Palace continued to look dangerous, and that hard work eventually paid off when Odsonne Edouard lashed his effort home off the crossbar.

Partey was then replaced by Lacazette as we desperately looked to change the game, and the Frenchman appeared to do just that. The change saw an almost immediate change, and as the Frenchman earned a corner, his roar moved to fire up his fellow players and the fans.

After a strong passage of attacking play, the ball passed through the box and landed to Kieran Tierney, and he absolutely smashes off the crossbar and bounces away, and we looked destined to miss out on the points, but our boys hadn’t given up just yet.

We had a last chance corner which was knocked out to the edge of the box, and Ben White powers it low and hard only to be denied by the goalkeeper, but the ball then fell to Alexandre Lacazette to stretch out and put the ball in the net with the last action of the game.

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  1. The cost of trying to play smart in the first half, by stopping our high pressing, was just too high. Partey/ Lokonga got caught napping and made the situation worse

    I’m afraid Arteta won’t see past December because of his bad decisions. Once Arteta saw his players reduced their pressure after the goal, he should’ve barked at them

    1. The football is awful. I’m beginning to get more annoyed with him than the chop and change master himself which is Emery

      1. He’s too conservative. I know we’ll face Villa four days later, but letting Palace in to conserve energy was just too risky

        I bet Kroenke will sack him if we’re out of top six in December. We were supposed to dominate Brighton and Palace, because this is Arteta’s second year

        1. We’ll need 4 days to get over tonight’s display, gai!!! And brace ourselves for what Villa will throw at us..

        2. Lol so he waited palace in for savong energy for villa. gAI the justifications you find for arteta are amazing. Are you on his coaching team ? 😅😅😅

        3. Arteta said in his interview that he was annoyed with the sitting back after the first goal and said he wanted them to go for more goals, but they became unconfident. When pressed he seemed to put it down to the youth of the team. If that was the case, I’m at a loss to explain why Lacca was not brought on at half time. He was MOTM for me, and everything we were missing.

    2. Why being afraid ? Arteta is often outsmarted by opponents coaches. If he is sacked it is because we are on the verge by december of finishing again 8th, maybe worse… And that means owners can’t see him taking the club forward. While he has almost chosen all the team, all his players… is it the fault of owner kroenke ? How can he be blamed ? We have twice the wages of crystal palace ! We spent more than anyone this summer. We bought partey + gabriel last year for some money too… I think they probably are in despair now. They cant invest like chelsea or qatar or saudis owner, but still millions and millions are spent and it brings no european football. Even conference league seems very hard to get this year, as we are now out of top 10 !

      1. I always blame Kroenke for the leniency and complacency at Arsenal, which happened since he came

        I really want Arteta to succeed, because he’s talented and he has played for us. If Kroenke sacks Arteta in December, I hope the replacement is a smarter manager

        1. He played for us yes likr Adams, like freddi ljungberg and some others. For sure. But otherwise talented for what ?? This is a 100% serious question. Where did he prove anything ? Did he help some other yeam climb up stairs fron lower divisions ? Did he improve drastically arsenal results ? Or let’s say did the team shows no a clear identity after he has been in charge for almost 2 years ? Answers are clearly NO. Emery, wenger, houllier, klopp or sarri were talented managers. Not football players, ot not good one but their managing talents made them climbing the stairs and eventually, after years, claiming a top club bench spot. I am sorry but, as far as i have seen, nothing shows he is a “talented” manager.

  2. Now that’s a very terrible and poor performance at home. From start to end that was disgraceful. I don’t know what Arteta said to the boys before the game started but how can you be okay with the team just relaxing and laying back after scoring one goal?
    Plus how is we are always set up to mark poorly?
    Why do we always have to give opponents the space to use the ball instead of pressing and boxing them in like other big teams do?

    Mike Dean should’ve given McArthur a red card for booting Saka.
    That act had no influence upon the game though.
    It was a very poor performance from everyone.
    We like to pretend about it because fans dislike him but ever since the injury to Xhaka, we’ve been bullied in the middle of the park each game.
    It’s so glaring to see how terrible and weak our midfield has been even though people will keep telling you our Midfield is stronger without him.

    Tomiyasu was very poor today, ESR, Ødegaard, Pepe all were poor except for Lacazette and Martinelli who both came on.
    I’ve kept quiet about Lokonga and wanting to see more of him before jumping on the bandwagon like everyone did, but really whoever thinks he’s better than Xhaka is delusional.
    Having Guendouzi here would’ve and always made it easier to feel the loss of Xhaka under Emery.
    Now this was a chance to get up the table, but we blew it and the manager and his players should all be ashamed with that performance.
    He won Manager of the month last month, but that is gone already and it doesn’t mean shít if he drops points in this manner the following week.
    We are too full on the ball, dull while defending and dull while attacking.
    This midfield keeps getting bullied.
    Jesus Christ!! What does a fan have to do to just enjoy two or three months of good football?

    1. If I were Arteta, I would’ve played Maitland-Niles ahead of Lokonga

      Maitland-Niles is faster, has been playing longer with the other Gunners and he used to play as an attacking LWB, so he could make surging runs from the left pivot position

      1. Hahahaha!!
        You Guys are Hell VERY funny!!😏😄
        The same AMN I always compare to Michael Essien and Gigi Wilnajdum..
        Fans here told me to Shut Up, that he is a Right Back who will never be a Good Midfielder!😒
        Maintland should have partnered Partey in the Middle!
        Clueless and Empty-headed Arteta will drag us down to a Relegation Dogfight!

      2. @ GAI, I still dont know what Martinelli has to do before Arteta starts him in games. We have a manager who does not know how to utilize his squad. Martinelli can play as a 9 and on the left.

        Imagine if we had Martinelli on the left side of attack and Lacazette as a Central Forward. The energy and aggression.

        Arteta has to realise that being the manager of this great club is an Honour. And he has to make the right decisions. Results have to improve. This is a disappointing result.

      3. How u r still trusting this manager I can’t tell. It’s almost 2 years and the football is still the same. Look at palace and what Vieira is doing with that average square.

        To think that we think Salina isn’t good enough and then went on to spend 50 million on Ben white is criminal. That money should have been used to sign Bissouma.

        If these poor decisions don’t put Arteta to the sword then The Kroenkes must be setting us up for another super league ploy. They want us to believe that the super league is the only way to success.

        With a better manager who has a match plan to hear players can beat any team or at least get a result for games like Palace at home.

        Sack him now. He’s clueless. How can you oversee a team that scores just one goal and relax? How can you as a manager be comfortable with that? In the end the we spent 150 million but everybody knew that didn’t improve the team.

        Another worrying thing about this Arsenal of today is that good players come in and have a couple of good games and then their leaves drop. Who’s fault is that? The manager. This Arsenal team is as good as the current Chelsea team with Frank Lampard as a manager. Get a proper manager and we are in the conversation for the too 4.

        1. Gogo Vieira has done marvels with a mediocre squad and to think of the millions Arteta has spent. Vieira’s team has lost less games than us and they have scored more goals than us. That say a lot about Arteta

    2. Please don’t with Xhaka – we got bullied often enough when he was there, he makes no real difference. It’s not about him, he should have gone in the summer and replaced with a starter.

    3. Odd comment … Lokonga did ok when he came on … more forward looking and stronger than odegaard who was poor and weak … your endless support for xhaka who has been instrumental in the steady 5 year decent of the club is beyond delusional … but at the end of the day the style of play is down to manager and it was bad 10 months ago it’s now .. 150m quid later … woeful

  3. Admin had to suddenly change his article from disappointing loss to last gasp draw 🙂 The long unbeaten run continues. Great sub by Arteta. Arsenal has been very quiet this past 6 weeks with the unbeaten run. All the fake fans suddenly come out from under their rocks to whinge and moan about the impending loss and had it snatched from them in the last minute . Ha ha ha. Arteta is the King.

    1. Get a grip fairfan. because we beat Norwich and burnley 1 nil while playing awful football mean we were hiding. we will always take a win however it may come. Thing is though it is like throwing gold dust on our dirty linen. we have not played a complete match where we were in charge for like 70 minutes or more and that include the spurs match.

  4. It was neither rainy nor windy tonight, but we still got bossed by a lower middle table team. The players always (not just tonight) look like they just met on the bus to the stadium, no understanding at all. What on earth do they practice on? Why are they slow and predictable? What exactly is the plan and where’s the coaching? Is anybody satisfied with the impotent performance at home!.

      1. Skills1000 If Liverpool players can run and press for 90 minutes how come Arsenal cannot. I would take them on a 10 mile run and then tell them if you dont run for 90 minutes on Matchday you will bloody run another 10 miles on the following day. What are we giving you top money for NOTHING

        1. Funny thing is arsenal have a first team of 15 that cost almost 400 mil compare to palace which probably is 100 million or less. and yet we are bossed all day long. smh

    1. Ah ah what’s the plan ? You have to let arteta time please. Why hurrying so much ?! Let him develop some good coaching skills ! Don’t forget he has never coach before. He had never a team in charge. Let him a few years. At the end of the season, maybe, if he does not inprove on two 8th place, maybe we could start assuming he might not be a top top manager… Dont also forget he inherited a very bad team with bad players, a bad culture (he said there were “reasons for the club’s decline that he could see”, so obviously he identified them which is already a fantastic job he did, and he is adressing them right now, under the table).

  5. 8 games in 7 goals scored
    When you have Odegaard as your main attcking outlet from midfield I suppose your asking for said stats .
    Send him back to real ,either of them ,oh wait we can’t .

  6. Three things that show Arsenal aint a serious club
    Pepe taking corners
    Arteta still the manager
    Arsenal fans, they are ready to be relagated as long as they beat Spurs!!

    1. This has to be the MOST ANNOYING part of being an Arsenal Fan!
      We have taken beating or Topping Spurs as a Trophy or what?😕

      When You complain about Arsenal, some Fans ask you, What has Tottenham Won?
      You talk about Laca or Auba, they ask you, Has Harry Kane scored this season?😏

      Really Sickening and Disgusting to say the Least!😒😕

  7. On hindsight it seems like that first half against Spurs was just a fluke aided by Spurs’ high attacking trio giving us spaces. When they adjusted properly we couldn’t deal with them.
    Our attacking and defending tactics are so bad. It’s laughable the way small teams come at us. I recently saw Burnley actually deploy a proper pressing style against City which gave City all sorts of problems and that was Burnley. They were fearless and took their chances to go at a dangerous team and should’ve scored too. This football we play is bad and it makes me want to puke. It’s also annoying too but I’m an Arsenal fan so I deal with it easy.

    1. Kev, we “couldn’t deal with them in the second half?”

      They scored one goal, ten minutes from the end.

      We dealt well with them and THAT’S what makes the performances against Brighton and Palace so frustrating.

      1. but palace and brighton also have coaches that have some experience ! Dont forget Arteta never managed. Potter won 3 promotions, he coach since 2011. Vieira was manager of the reserve at city. Then, he improved new york from mid table to 4tg and 2nd. At nice he improved position of Favre, a good coach. But was fired after 5 loss. So these guys have waaay morr experience than arteta, achieved things as manager whilr arteta is making his managerial internship with us. Simple.

      2. It was a fluke based on hindsight. Spurs actually approached the game in a tactically bad way vs Arsenal in the 1st half. I don’t want to go too much into that because it’s the past and we still beat them. The performances against Palace and Brighton aren’t a shock to me even if we refer to that game as a comparison. Spurs opened up particularly in the 1st half, the others didn’t

  8. Two steps forward and five steps backward it seems. Disappointing performance especially after aubameyang goal…..

    Mcarthur was fortunate not to get a red. How did Dean and VaR miss that?

    I feel for Vieira. He dropped Two points against Brighton conceding late goals..

    Well I felt Palace were the better team. We were pooooor.

    Odegard had a terrible game.
    Pepe frustrated me although he was involved in both goals.

    Good game for the neutrals after intl break but gutted not to get the three points..

  9. I was unable to watch the game,is a shame for arsenal to be celebrating a draw with Crystal palace in our home.I think the time is up for arteta.

    1. a draw… and a lucky one ! Before the last 10mn, i watched, we had less possession, less shots and less ahots on target. At home, against a smaller team that have way less money than us. No costly stars like pepe, Auba, white etc… Find the error !

  10. First of all congrats to Vieira for what he’s done at Palace in such a short space of time – brilliant!

    That was draining to say the least. Why do they leave me so bloody frustrated all the time?!
    45 minutes of decent football so far is not good enough! Look at our team – very decent imo – we should be doing soooo much better… 4 home games against CP now without a win – another bogey team!

    Anyway well done to Laca and Auba.. I bet Laca will get the biggest hug from MA tonight 😉

    1. I bet Lacazette is being demoted because he’s unwilling to sign a short contract extension?

      If that’s the case, we can’t blame him because he’s already 30 years old and looking for his final big contract

        1. 👍 1-0 up early in first 8 minutes, then total negativity setting up too deep in defense and passing backward.

    2. Agree Sue – it’s a decent team, but the whole does not equal the sum of it’s parts.
      I tried to mitigate the Brighton performance, but can only put this one down to one man. He chooses the team, the tactics. He trains and motivates the players. He makes the substitutions and adapts the team to deal with problems in-match. He’s been practicing for almost two years – that’s 2.5% of our expexted lifespan. And he hasn’t learned anything…

      1. this man is just an average manager. Simple. He probably love yhe club (hooe he does) and maybe gave every drop of blood he has like he said once (why saying that in fact ?!) but he did not do that either as volunteering or for free. He is paid to achieve things. Every coach gives his best. At one point, i hope the board will take some conclusions. Most money spent in the summer and we are not heading toward any table improvement… 12th is not really good even if wenger and emery let him a mess he has to deal with (i am kidding)

    3. @Sue.
      Exactly. 45 min. of good football this season. That is actaully all. Rest is somewhere from poor to s…

  11. Not sure how a team can look so good for 20 minutes and then put a hand break on and stop playing.

    Lucky draw and undeserved. On the positive, great to see Aubamayang working his socks off and happy for Lacazette – the mood in training ahead of Villa will be totally different.

    And while we deserved nothing from the game, how McArthur was still on the pitch is a mystery to me. If that’s Xhaka it’s a straight red and three game ban for violent conduct. Maybe a bit of karma with him playing Lacazette in side for the second goal.

  12. Xhaka may not be fan favourite or even the best midfielder in the world but truth is He is the best we have at the moment. Him and Partey are yet to form a decent partnership due to injuries…

    Lokonga made an error for their second goal.
    Partey had an average game… the error for their first goal was disappointing though.

    Overall, poor poor performance. We deserved to lose. Lacazette came to the rescue.

    1. We play badly with xhaka in the team for *years* (obviously with the odd good performance here and there), he plays well once, gets injured, and we play badly again – people decide is because Xhaka’s gone and then we pine for his return. It’s like anti-scapegoating.
      He will come back, play well once, then it’ll be back to the same old rubbish again. It’s how players like him and Bellerin have been around so long. He should have gone in the summer

  13. We never Learn as a Club!
    Before the Start of the season, I was screaming Zaha, Bissouma and Andre Silva!
    Many here slated me saying Pepe is better dan Zaha!😒
    We have weak minded, inconsistent players e.g Odegaard, Saka, Auba, etc and a Terrible, Empty headed coach!😏😒
    And then, we have Fans like Mr Gotanidea who believes Everything is so Alright!!
    It will take a Mini-miracle for this team to Finish above 15th in the EPL by the end of the season!😕😔

  14. We were mostly second best for the last 45 minutes at the very least. the two goals conceded was very poor. we are losing the ball in very dangerous positions in our defensive 3rd and the oppositions attacking 3rd. the second goal Lokonga is at fault yes, but Ben Whyte keep backing away, where is he backing away to, it seems into his own net. Stand and face the attacker and dont let him in your penalty area. Awful defending by Whyte. Arteta have a lot of work to do. We were full strength today and get bossed by Viera after he tweaked his midfield. and please dont give me the xhaka was not here line. This team can go no further than 8th. Good times some say. smh.

    1. Well said Kori….. Even Palace first goal. Gabriel backed out. When Benteke cuts in, it was already late for him to recover. I expected him to close him down since its a one on one situation at that time..

      Anyway, It was a poor performance over all.

  15. Will they write White off as a £50m flop next season and replace him with Salaba, IMO quite possibly if he doesn’t start playing like a proper defender.

    1. I would not bother blaming any particular player, take one player out put another in, same crap different day !! I wanted to give the new manager time to judge, but ffs this is the worse football I can recall, even Arsene/Emery at their lowest days here, we played better attacking football than this. We are in deep trouble 😭😭

      1. Truth is emery was (is) a far far better manager than Arteta. He finished 5th, 1pt behind 4th and URL finalist. When he was sacked, at the worse, after a bad serie, we were 8th. Arteta never improved on this in two years LOL ! Now we are 12th ! We had 18pts in 13 games (4/6/3) sitting 8th. The club just not backed him loke he is backing arteta but result have not improve at all.

  16. It’s the same football week after week. Every week a carbon copy. We don’t even have European games to tire us. The football is WRONG….for nigh on 2 years now. There is no change and we have spent £150 million. It’s not the players it is the manager and his poor style of football. Groundhog Day football.

    1. Lol groundhog day 🤦🏻 thats so true. We thought after spurs, here we are ! At least, team is improving. And what happen the next two games ?! Two horrendous displays. Coach of the month (LOL) outsmarted by his counterparts. Terrible

  17. Brighton mark II only we couldn’t blame the weather this time.
    Totally outplayed in midfield – deserved to lose
    Bullied again.
    Poor referee – two fouls for two goals and Saka kicked out of the game.
    We simply can’t play this formation:
    Saka played on the left – poor.
    Odegaard played too deep – very poor.
    Lokonga too lightweight and nervous – poor.
    ESR played on the right – poor.
    Tierney won’t run past players, why? Played like Willian – poor.
    Pepe on the right can’t beat players.
    Partey outnumbered.
    Auba got no service
    Couldn’t operate or deal with the press.
    Long inaccurate kicks upfield.
    Poor passing throughout.
    Nervous players.
    Credit to Partey, Ramsdale, Gabriel, Lacazette
    Arteta: Poor choice of formation; press was awful; unable to react to problems; long kicks throughout; little attacking intent. 3/10
    Very disappointing night. That this was almost identical to the Brighton display can only be ascribed to Arteta. He is looking like a manager with no ideas (still).

    1. Spot on guy…SAKA on the left would always be poor…he is our talisman and the fact arteta thinks otherwise baffles me….Pepe flatters to decieve…yes he creates chances but his overall game doesn’t lift the team ….

      The direct players in the team currently willing to run at defenders are ESR,SAKA, lacazette and martinelli….others would always look for the easy side passes and would likely get caught in possession…it’s frustrating to watch…

      SAKA needs a permanent position for godsake..

      1. Absolutely. ESR played ont left against spurs and saka on the right. Now saka on the left ? To accomodate pepe on the right because he was on a bad mood of not playing ? But it seems pepe was better last year on the left ?! This is annoying. Disturbing. No ideas. No coherence. We need stability, automatism… Is it an arteta tactics to change players position ? To make them smarter ? Probably this is too much smartness from arteta for us to understand…

  18. Yap, I knew xakha lovers would come out and say, we’re missing him! That’s inexcusable cause we have had shockers with him playing, and actually we lost the first 3 primier league games with him playing.
    Just accept that Mike arteta isn’t the man to take us forward.
    In fact we won at man United last season without him played, and we played brilliant that day!
    Xakha should never ever even come back.

    1. Exactly – I’m getting deja vu with this. Xhaka doesn’t make us better, he hasn’t in the 5 years he’s been here, so why does anyone think he’d make a significant difference now?

  19. Except for Tottenham game none other game has been convincing. How can a bottom half team play so easily against Arsenal. It just felt Crystal palace were training with kids and that is also in the home ground. When they press we make mistake and concede goal, when we press we make mistake and concede goal in counter. So what are we good at! We can’t press, we can’t absorb pressure, we can’t counter attack and we can’t prevent counter attack. There should be some serious problem with the management. So time to change it otherwise come May I m sure we will be near to relegation zone rather than near to top 4.

  20. The mistakes from Partey and Lokonga were merely reflecting the quality of the training.
    The reality is they don’t have the passing links which was down to the training.
    Auba isn’t a CF. He knows that. Teammates know that. That’s why no one is passing the ball to him even he kept sprinting into the box. Alternative explanation is there is no passage to him which is again the result of the poor gameplan, tactic.
    Keep Laca and sack Arteta!

    1. good points well made Tristan. Although I feel that Lokonga’s physique and experience allowed him to be too easily intimidated, the fact is neither of them had any place to go. I’m sure they started with a plan, but Palace closed those passing channels and pressed the midfield. Arteta didn’t change anything, so the two midfielders looked far worse than they acyually were. In particular I thought Partey got undeserved criticism. He tried his heart out but was just overwhelmed.
      Laca is amazing – I will really miss him.
      It’s not looking good, as I think Arteta’s tactics are getting worse not better, showing the Spuds win to be a huge fluke.

  21. Got to say Palace were very very unfortunate, except for the first 25 mins, they controlled the game and played with far mor cohesion and control. Vierra very nearly embarrased Arteta with his team of bargain buys and a great team ethic. Another poor draw for us and there is no way with the money we spent are we getting top 4 with this set up. Lacca came on and rescued a point and showed in his cameo, why he should be playing. I thought Odergaard, Tomiasu and White really struggled tonight. We are just about treading water at the moment and not making any progress under the managers influence. I was impressed with what Vierra is doing with Palace, at the moment he his probably at the right club for him and he can cut his teeth in the Premier league with them. Our players not for the first time seemed to just run out of ideas and relied on the kitchen sink approach and Deans generocity of letting play go on longer than he might have done.

    1. Remarkably restrained and generous comments, Reggie!
      ok these players are not the world’s best, but are nowhere near as bad as the tactics, training and over-cautious approach are making them look.
      Treading water? Not for me. Our armbands have a puncture and we are sinking…

      1. I actually think they are having their attributes coached out of them Guy. I did try to write without rant because of the seriousness of us having Arteta as coach and just like Solshar at utd, getting less out of a team than the sum of the parts, nearly every game. People must see Arteta is not a top coach and he himself has not improved over this last two seasons.

  22. No Zaha and a sub standard Benteke still scores. This one goes down to bad coaching. Our player positioning was shocking after Auba goal. We never won the second ball or intercepted in defense and when attacking it was sideways or backwards or out wide. With technically gifted players like smith-row we shud have had a spell of short direct passing in through the middle of the park and pierce towards goal.

  23. Why do we play so cautiously? We don’t even pretend to be a big team. I think Arteta needs to leave. He’s too scared to play attacking football and the fear shows in his players.
    It was too painful to watch

  24. Arteta is inexperienced unlike Viera who has had more time and tons of money to build with. Regarding Party, isn’t it time we consider this guy as a bad loss. He probably arrived at our club at a time when he had already given everything to his former manager in what were physical encounters. Also the manager knew how to use him and he certainly hasn’t been missed at Atletico. It’s a tough break for Arsenal. The money has been spent and it will be hard to find more so it means we could be stuck with two aging crocks in Party and Xhaka along with a manager who may not be able to cut it.

    1. I disagree Joe. He was simply overrun as he was the only competant midfielder we had today – everyone else just fell apart, leaving him totally isolated in the middle. I’m not sure any midfielder in the world could have played much better today alongside all that dross.

      1. Absolutely. Because instead of playing a decent DM next to him, he plays a N10. Even zidane or messi might have struggled there, lets be fair. Odegaard as DM/box to box is as smart as that false nine experiment last year where artera was schooled by emery or that magical back 3 against city.

    2. If Mr Viera has as a really good season with CP and we don’t get into Europe, I think it would be difficult to stop him coming to Arsenal. From his interview, he all but said that’s what he wanted, and there would be very few Arsenal fans who’d stop him.

  25. The reality is that we’ve had one decent half of a game in the 8 EPL games we’ve played this season.

    We’ve been pretty dire the rest of the time.

  26. Past tense, present tense and all mixed up! And PATRICK has no idea what I am even talking about. As a writer he is a complete novice!
    But that is not news of course , so moving on to the game, I thought, like many others, that it was a typical shaky performance from a very young side who lost their way after a fine start.
    Best players IMO were ESR, AUBA for his unusually great work rate and energy , Laca who changed the game when he came on , RAMSDALE who I did NOT think was at fault for their second goal.

    Passengers were ODEGAARD who was dreadfully ineffective , also SAKA prior to his attempted murder, I mean injury. Poor games by White, Lokonga, Tomitasu and the too lazy Pepe, who has skill but lacks heart bigtime IMO.

    Overall, a big let down but credit to PALACE who are meaking ground fast under SAINT PADDY!!

    1. Jon I remember you once said you don’t criticize people for not being able to speak or type good English because as you always say, English is not all our first language. So why having a dig at Patrick. “Past tense, present tense and all mixed up!

      1. Good question Lenohappy.

        Sitting here catching up with the comments and views on the game tonight.

        I find it hard to understand the opinion of fairfan, who seems delighted with the result and substitutions.

        If those substitutions were so good, why were they not made at half time?

        MA says we didn’t attack enough…. so who should ensure that happened at the beginning of the second half?

        We have signed a real gem in Ramsdale and MA /Edu should take credit for that, while the fans on JA who opposed the signing have, strangely but predictably, gone missing.

        We are, sadly, a mid table club once again and kronkie must be wondering when his money is going to see some results.
        I don’t believe we have signed bad players, in the way some of AW ‘s signings proved to be, but we haven’t, as fans, got any idea of their true potential… simply because they are not playing as a team, something that AW’s duds actually did.

        Partey and Tierney were both seen as top players, but they have degressed before our very eyes.

        Saka and ESR are being played to the point of putting their futures at risk… aka Jack Wilshere, while Martinelli wiles away the hours sitting on the bench, alongside ESR.

        After that superb NLD performance, where is the consistency and endeavour disappeared too?

        I am so frustrated and disappointed from the manager down to the players and if anyone thinks that Patrick would be a nailed on replacement should Mikel depart, please remember his words when our club completely ignored him when appointing Mikel.

        As for Odegaard being our next creator, I’m afraid I just don’t see it – but I suppose remembering and comparing him to Dennis Bergkamp, is unfair.

        Just so dispirited with it all, but at least fairfan is happy, but of course, he does get in a muddle sometimes.

        1. Ken this is Artetas team, coaching and results, nobody elses. He has trouble first of all spotting where and why things aren’t working and second of all changing them. Yes we can argue that he brought Lacca and Lakonga on to fluke a result but i think and have said on numerous occasions Lacca and Lakonga should be in the team. Especially Lacca. The fact is Arteta is getting less out of this team than is being put in.

  27. Arteta is still being careful with Martinelli, maybe he’s easing him in gradually. Arteta has to be the worst premier League manager ever. Brighton and palace played us off the park, we won against a poor Norwich with a lucky 1:0, we won Burnley 1:0, we have all this attacking players but we’ve only scored 7goals, that’s unacceptable.
    Arteta must leave.

  28. Watched 3 min highlights.
    In this time I Saw Partey make a doodoo and lokonga similarly brushed off the ball.

    Glad I didn’t bother to watch really.
    No suprise in the result which is a damming confirmation of our continuing mediocrity as a team and club.

    This is the shape of AFC these days and I expect nothing to change anytime soon.

    1. In those 3 minutes you could have put all of Arsenal’s good bits, unedited, AOT.
      We really were doggy poo – it was Brighton without the weather excuse.
      Wish I’d missed it too. You wait 2 weeks, reading and writing Arsenal, get more and more excited and then Arteta – and make no mistake although the players were awful the overwhelming consensus is was all down to him – hands you this horror story.
      When you’re next away on matchday please take me with you!

  29. Sometimes I just wonder wat goes on during trainings because I expect arteta to understand his players by now…

    Pepe on the right mostly needs an outlet for a pass as seen with the one-two that led to our goal, this draws Tomiyasu out of his defensive duties thereby leaving space for counters…

    Same thing with SAKA on the left, due to his nack of drifting infield, Tierney has to overlap for an outlet as well… leaving behind gaps for counters

    The little issue above then exposes Gabriel and white who wouldn’t engage for reasons best known to them..

    With the Tottenham game formation,
    All our fullbacks did was to pass to the wingers and maintain their defensive shape because ESR/ saka were quick and willing runners at defenders…

    Then odegaard played as the plug with good linkup plays with both saka and ESR but today we lost the connection and everything seemed disjointed…

    I hope arteta learns this soon…I rather have martinelli replace saka at RW than Pepe

    1. You could write a book on all the faults that are obvious to everyone on this forum but not Arteta, Instroo.
      So frustrating. These players are nowhere near as bad as he is making them look. I really wonder too both what he is teaching them and why he keeps making such obviously wrong decisions.

  30. Arteta is a fraud, he always talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. And the most annoying thing about him is that he always tries to put all the blame on the players, we should have lost this match if not for the individual brilliance of both Auba and Lacazette, those two goals has nothing to do with the coach tactics. I don’t know who is worse, Arteta or Solskjær.

    1. Once again Pepe’s contribution to Aubameyang’s goal is discounted. Which was more brilliant Pepe’s one two and shot/cross requiring the keeper to save or Aubameyang’s finish?
      Pepe is becoming the new scapegoat.

      1. Agree OG – it seems that a scapegoat will always be found…. we should be looking at everyone involved in the club, from top to bottom.

        1. Honestly, we all say this guy good, this guy bad only because its pretty monotonous just repeating how lost Arteta is. None of our players are as poor as Arteta’s training, formations, negative strategy, lack of motivational skills and awful in game management is making them look.
          I’m not a huge fan of Pepe but he’s one of the few players who makes things happen – these dreadful performances are down to one man, and it’s not Pepe.

          1. I thought Pepe was a menace and worked hard, he was trying to play with the headless chicken Tomiaso, he doesnt fill me with any confidence. His positional sense is scary.

          2. @guy – totally agree.
            In a non-functioning side, players will generally perform much worse, than they are, and the other way round.
            We have now played several very average teams, with players much less expensive than ours, but those teams have been getting much more out of their players, and managed to make us look second best to them.

          3. Interesting you touch upon training Guy.

            And you are cock on to do so.

            I watched a video of a session M A actually joined in.

            Small sided attack v defence.

            M A was with the attack.

            He wore a yellow bib ( the only one out there), and positioned himself on the halfway line in the centre.

            Almost EVERY attacking move went forward to mid-half, then checked BACK to find the yellow bid ( M A ), and start again – only to repeat.

            Ring a bell ?

            O K I get the drill, keep possession in small spaces, but you have to then beat the press and go FORWARD preferably at pace – which is when we are at our best !

            They say a team plays in the image of it’s manger. M A was a very “safe” (shall we say) player.

            Kroenke may be dragged to court in January, the outcome could be crucial to our club.

        2. Ken.

          I await January with baited breath.

          If not settling out of court, and Kroenke ends up in the dock the outcome could possibly shape the future of our football club. In terms of a knock on effect.

          I remain of the opinion it’s no use “kicking the can down the road”, we need change at the very top which in turn will have a domino effect at all levels.

          Win lose or draw, this just doesn’t feel like “The Arsenal” of ANY era anymore.

          We need change , and personally I think this must be at the very top as wherever you stand on the subject I don’t see it being at managerial level in the short term.

          1. All the way from the top, AJ, our club is unrecognisable.
            The more I think about the way we played in Wenger’s last two years, the more I want it back.
            We have regressed alarmingly in just over three years and I see no light at the end of the tunnel.
            As I drive home, I’m wondering, for the very first time, is it really worth it?!?!

          2. In reply to Ken below.

            Dark, dark times Ken.

            We have however, seen similar times (but as “frustrating” is up for debate).

            You last line speaks volumes as to just how far we have sunk.

            You, me and literally millions of others worldwide deserve better from this club – OUR CLUB.

            Keep the faith Ken – I know you will, we bleed Red & White.

            Take care.

      2. No, Pepe is the reason behind all the crticism he gets. Okay, done a nice one two with Tomi. Attempted a curler that was saved which ended up in a hungry and lively Auba sticking it away. Aubamayang, made good of Pepe’s effort which I wouldn’t call a contribution. He went for goal and like many of his attempts, it was saved. Pepe is a luxury we don’t really need. As long as he’s been at Arsenal, he has constantly spent most of the time in games running up his own arse. Great on the ball when he’s got bags of time and space. But can’t get past a determined defender, even when he’s in full flight. Hes a futsal player not premiership !

        1. Sorry, disagree; just look at Pepe’s goal contributions in games played. Arteta’s negative tactics are holding players like Pepe back. For example against Crystal Palace, Arsenal’s #8’s ESR and Odegaard made 8 forward passes between them all game. Arsenal currently rates 19 in progressive passing.
          It is very difficult for any team to score goals playing the ball in their defensive half.

  31. Is anyone here really surprised about tonight’s score line?

    We know what to expect (The unexpected) with MA and this Arsenal side. Nothing is improving. CP were the better team. Like so many teams in and around the lower part of the EPL. Most make us look average at best. Our football has become boring and predictable. Our passing looks worse that Sunday league football. Our energy levels look zapped after 15 minutes. Our ball retention is non-existent. The only people to blame are the owners, Edu and MA. Same crap, different toilet!

  32. A massive letdown
    Arsenal were not second best until well after the first goal. They should have put the game to bed and scored again because Palace were dire. The trouble was that we became dire and passing the dreaded sideways all the time. We were dominant and then became dominated.
    Very little movement up front and when Martinelli was holed up by the corner flag withNO help, the crowd were going nuts.
    Ramsdale to his credit showed urgency to get the ball forward – took throw ins and generally tried to get the ball up the field but very little spark from his team mates
    Had the late goal not gone in then I couldn’t say Arsenal would have been unlucky to lose. It was pants. Arteta needs to do a lot better

    1. A pathetic display against a hard working team who were made to look good.Tactically,Arteta laid his bed out to attack with only one central defender supported by Odegaard and ESR neither of whom are ball winners not defensively efficient.Little wonder then that we never controlled midfield .Odegaard to me brings precious little to the table and while Partey was caught out for the first goal, the ease with which the aging Benteke went past Gabriel was alarming.I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt during his first season but he is so vulnerable in one for one situations, it’s scary.Only Ben White impressed me last night, until Laca came on and demonstrated why he is our best CF.I really feel sorry for Pepe, who worked hard , but until he is played as a conventional left winger he will never be effective.If Odegaard is played against Villa my support of Arteta, which is already on a shaky peg, will be withdrawn.From what I have seen this season we should think of deploying White as our DM to support Partey and Lokonga in box to box roles.Only then will we have a chance of controlling the midfield area.

  33. Another poor game. For too long Arsenal have simply not been an entertaining side to watch. I expect this to continue throughout the season. We all know Arteta is not the man to lead us forward. It will just take a decade for Kroenkes to realize, so sit tight everyone!

    1. Not so bad then RSH. Two years – 20% almost gone. So much fun its flown by.
      “Watching Arsenal” has now surpassed even “going shopping with the wife” at the top of my list of events that cause me the most psychological harm.

  34. We could’ve won the 3 points easily if we kept pressing hard. No idea why MA was happy with 1 goal and expected the opponent not to try!

    MA wake up!! if you want to win you should attack and change your style!

  35. I keep saying it that the problems of arsenal is down to arteta. give arsenal players to any highly technical and experienced coach, he will take us back to champions league. arteta can’t choose his players according to the match he is to play. can’t make right changes at the right time, always intimidated with the opposing coach tactics, and always playing his favorite players not minding if they are good or not. can someone tell me why he cannot play lacazette and martinelli early in such a high pressing game? why can’t he go for more midfielders with physical presence? EPL is not LA liga. it is physical. viera and co did well because they are technical and physical. until arteta leaves, arsenal will at best be a mid table club.

  36. I saw Lacazette celebrating the equalizer then i can’t help but but laugh but then it becomes clear to see everything that is wrong with the club

      1. Celebrating a draw against palace as if the result sent us to of the league is very funny when in reality we are about 12th in the league they need a mentality test they only reason that i can see is maybe the players have been told that a midtable finish is what will keep everyone safe..
        Did i celebrate the goal hell no. I am still so disappointed with the result
        The draw was as good as a loss to me and the performance is embarrassing… My question is why are they celebrating a draw against palace at the emirates sitting at the lower bottom of the league table.
        What are there arm and what are they playing to achieve this season

        1. Like you I did not celebrate, but as a professional player who has just scored, Lacca was quite entitled to do so.

        2. Have you ever seen a team not celebrate a result-changing goal?

          Never. That’s how ridiculous your comment is.

          1. Yes. I believe that you haven’t watched a lot of football games.
            I have seen countless occasions where such goals are not celebrated but I may be wrong because that’s for the big boys

  37. It’s clear Arsenal are playing a style of impotent football that is incapable of being successful. It is over-coached micro-managed nonsence football. Even with £150 million injected the players are playing EXACTLY the same repetitively, creatively redundant, straight jacket football. If that is not clear by now, then Arsenal are in big, big trouble as they aimlessly drift into
    mid-table insignificance, playing laborious, repetitive, stale football, that shows the dull, grey, unimaginative mind of Mikel Arteta. We are in an emergency situation that any good mind can see clearly

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