Arsenal reserves are just not good enough

Inability to score goal highlights that problems are not gone‏ by KM

It’s hard to be optimistic with Arsenal because this is what happens next. We continue to miss chances and it means we’ll be visiting the KC stadium in an already busy fixture list. I have to say that some players displays were exactly the reason they are on the bench.

Our best offensive player was Danny Welbeck and the rest didn’t really show up for the game. The substitutions who are the players that will likely play Barcelona really disappointed me. Alexis is in terrible form. The Ox was his usual self and only Giroud had some sort of impact.

In all fairness Campbell was much more useful than Walcott, but he got replaced. I really think it’s time we rethink stuff about Theo and the Ox, because they are just not producing enough. Misplaced passes, bad touches and awful finishing was the theme of our wide players.

I watched Draxler the other day in the champions league and he is just quality. There are enough players out there that are better than what we have right now. Back to the game though, Koscielny was lucky to escape a red card and that sums up it up really.

With Arsenal it’s microdisappointments and it all started with that 4:0 at Southampton. It’s never a huge crisis but we’ve scored 4 goals since that 3:3 draw at Liverpool which was another one of those.

Barcelona is next and with a performance like that, I don’t wanna know how the game would end.


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    1. then we will be like the other 16 teams that dont either.

      with mou an pep coming not to mention chelseas resurgence an klopps adjustment
      with wengers policy i am comfortable in saying this is our last chance at the league in several years

      this really is it . if not this year weve buggered it completely.
      many will say show us ur cristal ball etc.
      same ppl that say every year we will win champs league …each to there own 🙂

      1. Until Wenger and Kroenke go we are likely to change the club strategy of just getting by as long as the cash till sounds!

      2. @muffdiver
        Sorry Bro, I ain’t buying the”this is the last chance we’ll ever get” mime…Doesn’t matter who Mou, Pepsi, Klopp or the Blues bring in, they will still be teams in transition next season. It’s going to be the likes of Spurs, Leicester, Watford, Bournemouth, Soton, West Ham and AFC , the more solid and gelled squads who will be bossin it.
        With the huge sums of cash rollin in, even the lower table and newly promoted teams will havin a go at it.
        Now, I didn’t say it yesterday or the for the past few matches. But here goes…WE GOT THIS.

        1. i respect ur opinion. transitions are very real.
          we shall see.
          spurs an west ham im very curious of.
          but will both managers stay?

          i am confident tho. wengers has kept this team for years an still looks transitional at times.
          makin minor adjusments.
          its not worked.

          i would like a young manager with fresh ideas but cant detract from what wengers brings to the table. no one can

      3. Mug’s game predicting this PL – we should all be wise to it. This is like the “The End is Nigh” folk who predict the end of the world every year then come back the next year with their next new prediction when their psychic skills let them down. Weren’t the clairvoyants out in force last summer – from memory we were doomed to 5th or 6th with Chelsea’s new dynasty just starting, City and United killing it in the transfer window and Liverpool getting all the players we should have bought.

    2. reading some posts and comments here is sometimes depressing. People are complaining about the same stuff over and over again. Yes we can all agree that our finishing is atrocious and not only Alexis but all our front men are shooting blanks atm but we still need to factor out the other team’s tactics. Hull defended pretty deep leaving us little to no space to work with. Barca on the other hand am sure will leave lots of space so its up to our strikers to capitalize on that.
      That being said I think this arsenal team needs a change of tactics for now. We have become to predictable thanks to the same f*ckin line up every single game. Earlier in the season the opposition did not how we would line up bcs Wenger was using either one of walcott or giroud and that made us unpredictable.
      I will end this long comment by posting my version of a winning arsenal team
      belerin gab koscienly nacho
      elneny coq
      ramsey ozil sanchez

      Welbeck would be my ideal right winger but he just came back from a lengthy injury
      giroud/walcott uptop depending on who is on form
      elneny and ramsey can rotate in that b2b position but since we are playing arguably the best team in the world, I chose elneny for his defensive discipline

    3. and guess what!

      All the Trophies just got harder to grab

      EPL – we got the foxes, citeh, spuds and one outsider (manure, pool ) to contend with

      UCL- up next Barca , then there is Bayern , et al

      FA Cup- crystal palace , chelski , Hull II , westham and probably manure

      COC – Void

      Europa – No participation

      BottomLine – it doesn’t get any easier and we have to be careful , Lest there’d be nothing Left to take home!

  1. Reserve team? But many of them are first team players. Does that point to something about our team? Wenger, wake up. Us transfer windows well.

    1. “Many…” is a stretch?? Who are the “many”? Mertesacker and Koscielney? They were the only 2 first X1 starters.

  2. i dot even like watching us play anymore bfg and flamini cant be on at same time when other teams see them on the team sheet they know if they counter us well enough they can do us over and famini trying to play rugby and kicking the ball for trys every attempt on goal its frustrating to watch and that bfg now omg a ever so slight breeze can get a ball around him if giroud came one on one with mert he would have a field day the only way im playing him is if we park the bus with 5 at the back

    1. watched barca and arsenal over the weekend.

      noticed when barca are attacking, 3 or 4 (not even 2!) players SIMULTANEOUSLY go into the 18 yard box. with us, particularly 2nd half, you’d see 1 or 2 — welbeck, ox and the others would be strolling outside the 18yd box. maybe this is what wenger meant when he said we were too individualistic. (also saw a horrible misunderstanding btwn sanchez & walcott: sanchez passed into empty space expecting walcott to run on but walcott was on a “different page”)

      2nd: when suarez had a 1:1 on the goalie, he’d already made his mind not to shoot low and direct, but to chip. in these situations, many times, i’ve seen walcott & giroud shoot straight at the goalie. we have great passing, but at the very pointy end of the attack, if we dont have a bit of guile, then all that passing is for nought.

      our passing was zippy. off-ball running was a bit slack.
      another thing i noticed: many of our passes are TO the player, not in front of the player. this tends to slow the play down. a lot of our players also seem not to be on the same page: this is the hidden cost of injuries. they havent played much together.

      the injuries: whether they’re due to training, hard ground, our playing style, smaller more technical players, or the attitude of other teams & refs to us: its probably the NUMBER ONE thing we need to sort out. [actually getting rid of kroenke is the #1 thing]

      1. Our passing is very one dimensional without Cazorla and as I said before Walcott and Ox are wasting valuable space, we could bring in another young player with potential to be a top CF, Draxler is a good example.

  3. Forget the game and i mean the players like Mertesacker are too slow for the team. Arsene had to remove influential players and Sanchez is looking really off-pace. It seems that options are not there for the club or just the fact that the premier league does not want to play football with Arsenal. Hull really wanted not to lose and for them a Barca match was a boon and when you remove creativity in Ramsey,Ozil,Cazorla it becomes boring. Maybe Arsenal need a open game against Barca or a hammering from them to wake up.

  4. Arsenal didn’t have the best of games but there was positives, Welz had a good game and didn’t get injured so he is available. He is performing well so that is a good thing.

    Theo is not a CF for teams that we dominate possession against, they back up and Theos pace is neutralized as a CF, best to use him as a winger who puts crosses in against teams that pack the defense.

    Slandering him and praising Campbell is kinda wrong, Theo dropped out to the right a couple times and Joel just didn’t step into the CF role, Welbz did when Theo dropped off to the left and that was part of the reason why Welbz looked so good.

    I watched the game, I don’t know if KM did but to me it is doubtful, Theo wasn’t brilliant but he wasn’t bad either. Theo is about movement, playing on the shoulder of the last man or dropping into the flanks to swap roles during a game.

    Iwobi hasn’t got the creativity of Ozil and I would say it was noticeable, it was highlighted more for me when Flamini couldn’t support the attack as good as someone like Ramsey may off, I think he would of done better on the right… Campbell didn’t have a bad game but he did lack sharpness in the final third during open play. Was still better than the Ox though who is infuriating…

  5. This is bollocks review of the game. Their GK was the best player in the pitch, we dominated and were incredibly unlucky not to have 3 penalties. But for miracle saves we would have won.

    1. its not a fluke that all these GKs seem to have the game of their lives versus arsenal. there has to be something (or more likely, a few things) we’re doing wrong on our side.

      1. Yes, exactly! and the simple reason is that ” ?” makes average. .. look Great!!! … Hence: every opponents keeper looking world class against us! ???

        1. poor shot selection allot of the shots were comfortable saves. as someone posted someone like suarez scores allot because he makes the right decisions. had carlos vela got the exposure we gave to theo I feel he would have been a ready made van persie replacement. he had a bit of everything and wasn’t one dimentional like theo, but yet still everyone complained he was to light for prem

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