Arsenal reserves can relax and WIN in Turkey

It looks like Arsene Wenger is going to rest as many of the regular Arsenal team as he can get away with for the final Champions League group game in Turkey tomorrow. But with no League cup games to give the fringe players and those trying to break through from the academy a chance, this game does offer that.

Also, the Gunners can play with no pressure and enjoy the atmosphere. If they do that, I see no reason why we can’t get the win which would give us a slight, 10 percent according to Arsene Wenger, chance of topping the group.

With the boss having already declared that Alexis will not travel, another report explains that Laurent Koscielny and quite possibly a few more players will be joining the Chile international and having a rest.

Wenger said, “A few players [will not travel] because there’s not a lot at stake and we have given a lot in the last two weeks. We have to recover a little bit.

“Alexis will not travel and I don’t think I can play, for example, Koscielny. He didn’t play on Saturday and I don’t see why I should risk him for a game where’s there’s not a lot at stake.

“First place hypothetically, but there’s maybe a 10 per cent chance.”

There are a few players that could really do with some time on the pitch, including Olivier Giroud who is just getting back to full match fitness. With Sanogo, Campbell and Podolski all wanting more opportunities as well, the forward options look good but the manager has got a bit less to work with at the other end, However that does give the academy players a rare and beneficial chance.

It’s a bit of a gamble but with little risk and possibly big winnings, is it worth it Gooners?

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  1. Wenger has already lost his bench, and I don’t expect them to contribute much.
    For almost half a season he plays his favorite players despite of form, and totally ignore the squad players in a criminal way. You think Poldi, Rosicky and Campbell really cares about this “meanlingless” chance? We all know no matter how good they play, the usual 11 will start again in the EPL and some other meaningful games.

  2. Just watching and crying how three potential gunners are playing now in PL. Cesc, Song and Jenk… We would have been sitting in the top of the PL, had these three playing for arsenal this season.. Song is the best player of a West Ham team who is 3rd in PL now. Jenk is playing better than any of our defender and not Cesc is the best player of chelsea who sits top..
    Hope I am still dreaming and and its actually July 2014 now,
    Wenger brought all these to our squad.
    Felt like crying

    1. True words, three of the four best Arsenal players currently playing are playing for other clubs!

    2. Yes my Arsenal brother, thats why the majority of us believe that Wenger has lost it. How would any sane person in this world give up the opportunity to sign Fabregas? Add to the fact that we only have a few defenders in our squad, no defensive midfielders and no world class striker. No wonder Nasri, Van Persie, Song etc left and why there are rumours of Ozil, Podolski, Campbell etc, wanting to leave.

    3. Felt exactly the same way, maybe not like crying but certainly frustrated seeing how other clubs acquire our players and make them fit perfectly on their game, Jenk and Song covering the back and well now feel like crying, FAB leader in assists commanding the Midfield and responsible for Chelsea being on top of the league, meantime let’s face it, lately our players are running on the pitch like wild geese with no clear tactics, abusing this tiki taka BS, running thru the middle like rams with no clear options, getting injured in the process and we all know why and who is responsible, enough said…

    4. Song left us; Fab left. Don’t want them back.
      Wenger sent Jenkinson to get better.
      Next season you will be saying how good the loan deal was for Jenkinson.

      We deal with what we have. We deal with the players who want to come to Arsenal.
      Do you want the woman that left you to come back?

      Move on, get other players!

      1. @ArsenalIsYourDaddy
        i totally agree why look back move forward its not like there are no more players left in the world,
        our problem has always been that we are always two or three players short of being a great team every season and AW knows this and for the life of me cant understand why he wont address this issue,

        Everyone said in the beginning of the season that we are thin in defense and the loan of Jenkinson will come and bite us up the ass and it did so Wanger should be financially punished if we don’t make CL spot for next season.

  3. off topic guys why are you guys feeling sorry for wenger at the booing he got from the station?? he has said it a million times that he is immune to it so why waste ur time feeling sorry for him while clearly he isnt bothered…just asking

    1. I was expecting 500 fans tearing
      Wenger to pieces and setting the
      whole train station on fire.
      But there were about 3 people there
      one of whom shouted “Fack off Wenger” while
      some one said “Joel leave now mate”
      Every away game there are 30 – 40,000
      people swearing at Wenger all game.

  4. Relax, RELAX???

    Are you serious?
    The last thing any player in this club needs is to relax, they need to grow a set and step up!
    Pah, relax.
    Am I actually hearing this nonsense???
    Getting knocked out of cups is a good thing and now players on the fringes should relax???
    Seriously WTF guys???

  5. Hi guys, haven’t commented on the game as 1 win, 2 draws, and 6 losses in 9 games at Stoke specks for itself. Anyway I feel sorry or sad for us the funs, we love this club more than management and the board but we are meant to suffer because of little things as having a proper complete squad who are well rotated.

    Anyway for the Gala game here’s my team.

    Bellarine Mert Chambers Gibbs/Monereal
    Flamini TR7 (if fit)
    OX Carzola Joel

    Bench: Welbeck, Kos, Ramsey, Golie

    Coach: Bold

    As much as we would like to rotate too much I cant think of players on that bench who are eligible to play CL.

    But do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  6. The body needs a month to wind
    down before rest can even begin.
    A week off is next to useless.
    We have Newcastle Liverpool
    QPR West Ham Southampton.
    Sanchez will play all games bar QPR
    so he is never going to be rested.
    So Walcotts return can not come soon enough.
    But Walcott Jack Kos Ozil Debuchy Sanogo may
    or may not make it back fully this season.
    Ox Ramsey Gibbs + Arteta are one game away from a 6 week injury.
    And all the while Poldi Campbell and TR7 rot on the bench.
    And no doubt Diaby will recover in January so we
    won’t buy a DM and then he will get injured on 1st of Feb 🙁

    1. The bit about diaby, you know that will happen. I can’t believe we are going to offer a new contract to him. IF he can get fit, which is pretty much not going to happen.

      This is why wenger is in the situation he is in I think. Too much faith in players that don’t/can’t deliver. Stubbornness about having enough squad depth, when clearly we don’t.

  7. I think Wenger buy a defender chant would be more useful than Wenger out one. The latter clearly won’t have any effect whatsoever.

    I don’t think his team selection has been that horrible. He sees every player on the training ground everyday and is obviously a better judge on who to play. We saw what happened when he actually did pick Chambers at CB and Bellerin at RB which everyone on this site was shouting for. I believe its his naivety in defense that’s the source of all problems. A CB and DM in January and we could actually do well for the rest of the season. Otherwise it seems like a good old scrap for fourth. We could also do with recalling Jenkinson. He is doing a solid job defensively at West Ham and looks better than chambers at RB.

      1. A recall is defined by “injuries suffiecient” enough to force a recall. But Wenger is gentleman. West Ham is in 3rd place.
        It would look like spite for Arsenal to recall Jenkinson.

        Now Mourinho would do that!

    1. I don’t think if he takes our advice to leave that he will take our advice on buying a defender! Perhaps we could all agree on what defender to buy and sing it at him in unison:)

      Agree on the rest

    1. He still isn’t because he hasn’t player well consistently in an Arsenal shirt. And consistently against big teams. This needs to happen before people start waving their hands around like he is some kind of savior. Often players look better in a lesser team.

      I will reserve my judgement for when his is in an actual Arsenal shirt.

      1. Totally agree. Standard my ass. If Jenkinson still plays for Arsenal, he must compete with Bellerin, not level with Debuchy or Chamber.

  8. No doubt wenger will put out HES strongest side. Players out of position. Wrong tactics. Wrong players.

    Though it is not a must win game its a win we could really do with. Also if BD lose we would top our group putting us in an even better CL position.

    All in all lets just enjoy the moment in turkey win or lose, but hopefully continue our recent good form in the CL.


    Arsenal till I Die!

    Stop being the motivators

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