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Double Header! Arsenal reserves to begin defence of title against Man City

Unai Emery’s first official game as Arsenal manager will come against the defending Champions Man City on Sunday August 12th, but it has now been revealed that the Arsenal U23s, who are the defending Premier League 2 Champions will begin the defence of their title against Man City as well, but on the day before.

It could be a good warm up to the main event on the Sunday!

Here is the full Arsenal U23 fixture list for the Premier League 2 for 2018/19

Arsenal definitely have some more top quality reserves this season, so why can’t we win it again. But the first thing we have to do is put those moneybags Mancs in their place on the Saturday AND the Sunday!



40 thoughts on “Double Header! Arsenal reserves to begin defence of title against Man City

  1. gotanidea

    Will Maitland-Niles, Nelson and Smith-Rowe play in this competition?

    Because they would be needed in EPL

    1. Declan

      If they are not listed in the match day squad for 1st team Sunday, then I expect them to play Saturday for the under 23s.

      1. Durand

        Ramsey with a “knock” and not playing, imagine that he has an injury ALREAY!!
        Ramsey is soft like cookie dough.

        Cech beat off set piece header….far post low corner at 6 minutes

  2. Innit

    I really want Niles, Rowe, Guendouzi, Nelson, Nketiah to be available for EPL, CL, FA, League cups.

    Especially if we sell Perez, Campbell, Ramsey, Akpom, Welbeck

    BTW Perez and Campbell were treated very badly and unfairly by Wenger (like Podolski). They should be sold or played. Not loaned out again.

    1. Sal

      maybe abit soon for Rowe to play PL, nelson should get his shot this year and rowe in the cup. the rest should definetly be around the first team with AMN the only exception.

      he has to be on the pitch or the bench every game he plays everywhere and is so composed, that’s a name i want on the team sheet every game. you reward progress and niles should be rewarded, dedicated grounded and so hard to get passed him, the first shirt ill purchase since cazorla from the club, forcing my nephew to be a gunner and he’s gonna be getting that boy’s name on his back when i take him to his first arsenal game, no back talking 😉

    2. Uchman

      ohhhh poldoski left arsenal to inter Milan and wowww and he became a bang, Campbell and Lucas were terrors in LA liga after they went out on loan,i don’t know if some pple even watch matches atall o are they just good in fabricating lies? Thank God wenger is having a good rest,some pple can now go and manage arsenal?

  3. Chiza

    I watched the training and I saw the pairing of xhaka and torriera….i know Emery can’t just drop Xhaka to the bench… He loves tall midfielders that can control the game with their height… In Sevilla he had Nzonzi.. In psg he had Rabiot along side verrati…so I know torriera,xhaka and Ramsey are going to be our midfielders…but I see ozil shifted to a wide position… the way during the training I noticed Xhaka sat deeper than torriera that worries me alot…Xhaka isn’t a dmf for God’s sake

    1. kstix

      it’s just training for christ’s sake. you can’t honestly expect that would be the same line up in real games

    2. Sal

      spot on chiza i also see that 3 in mid with miki losing his spot! granit wil have a very similar role to the brazilian dm in psg what was his name? he will drop between the two defenders and dictate play and the tempo from there as he will see the whole pitch from that position. ramsey and torreira will press when we lose it and granit will keep formation that’s how i see it.

      1. Sal

        full back will be pushing high wingers will be tucking in and we will flood the pitch with three players protecting in case we lose it so three players marking one forward or two if they play 442. his old tactic in sevilla before the 4-3-3 at PSG to accomodate the superstars.

  4. Innit

    I hope Xhaka improves under Emery
    Emery seems more disciplined and more focused than Wenger. I think Wenger gave too much freedom to the players. Emery should give more direction tactically and hopefully can motivate the players more.

    Torreira and Xhaka could work if Xhaka has a better season than last season.

  5. Break-on-through

    It’ll be good to see Guendouzi v Chelsea, Jorginho Fabregas etc will be more of a test. Chelsea nor AFC will want to lose this one, its a little more than a friendly. Auba lone wolf, and the CB pairing holds an interest

  6. LENOhappy

    Admin,I really don’t understand why some people this site will talk trash and insult some fans here and they seems to get away with it,but if some other people do that,they get there comments moderated?i think there should be equal right and no special preference to anyone,arsenal is not for the UK fans alone but for everyone around the world

    1. Durand

      Actually its the administration’s website, and can do with as they please. It’s like personal property; you have NO right to sit in their house or front yard.

      We are all “guests” here my friend and NO RIGHT to be here, it’s up to Admin. You can leave anytime you like, but please stop trying to tell someone what to do with website they created.


  7. Rkw

    Am sorry to say if we don’t by a top quality defender we will struggle again …good going forward but same problems at back

  8. Avenger

    it is going to take time to get rid of Wenger influence so far
    we need more motivation and sacrifice for Arsenal shirt otherwise
    we will be fans of a standard middle table team I hope I will be wrong

  9. Rkw

    For me bellerin Kolasinac elneny just can’t start in EPL … The French kid is still learning but he is genuine quality … Need to have lacazette in starting 11 if we are not in market for a winger

  10. Rkw

    This game should have been over by now … And this is without hazard Willian etc … Hope emery is taking notes

    1. Durand

      Hope Emery sees for himself Ozil is a shadow of himself on the wings. Maybe Emery is trying different combinations and players on the wing.

      Unfortunately everything so far points to us truly needing another Winger with quality. Until then Laca up top Auba on left wing, otherwise we still fizz out in final third.

  11. Avenger

    Chelsea should have been two goals up but Alvaro Morata blue it off. and Peter saw it coming I hope the second half will be better with changes
    and we have hopes to win it

  12. Rkw

    Can’t play the ffing ball out from the back …can’t press properly … Loose focus … Wenger legacy will b difficult to erase … So far the two young kids are the good news

  13. Yossarian


    “It may only be a friendly but Unai Emery was furious with the lax defending which led to that Chelsea goal. He stormed across his technical area to berate his defence, and his shouts could be heard from the press box, which is up in the gods high in the top tier….”

    Good… That’s about 10 years overdue!

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