Arsenal retained players list and some surprise departures

There are nine names on Arsenal’s list of ‘released players’ and there would be no surprise to see Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla on the list. BFG has moved up to coach the Youth team and Santi Cazorla has gone to Villarreal to continue his fight for fitness.

A few surprising youngsters have gone too. Tafari Moore was loan at Wycombe from January and made 13 appearances in League Two and is now free to join anyone, while Marc Bola was also considered promising and played regularly for Bristol Rovers in League One. He may return there full time. The young keeper Hugo Keto has also gone.

The other released players are Alexander Crean, Aaron Eyoma, Ryan Huddart and Chiori Johnson, while Jack Wilshere is on the list of players offered contracts, along with Tolaji Bola, Josh Dasilva, Vlad Dragomir, Yassin Fortune and Deyan Iliev.

The full list of players ‘on contract’ is…..
Akpom, Chuba
Amaechi, Xavier Casmier
Asano, Takuma
Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick
Bellerin, Hector
Bielik, Krystian
Bola, Tolaji (offer)
Bramall, Cohen
Campbell, Joel
Cech, Petr
Chambers, Calum
Coyle, Trae
Dasilva, Pelenda Joshua Tunga (offer)
Dragomir, Vlad-Mihai (offer)
Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed
Fortune, Yassin Enzo (offer)
Gilmour, Charlie Ian
Holding, Robert Samuel
Iliev, Deyan (offer)
Iwobi, Alex
Jenkinson, Carl Daniel
John-Jules, Tyreece Romayo
Kolasinac, Sead
Koscielny, Laurent
Lacazette, Alexandre
Macey, Matthew Ryan
Maitland-Niles, Ainsley
Martinez, Damian Emiliano
Mavididi, Stephy Alvaro
Mavropanos, Konstantinos
Medley, Zechariah Joshua Henry
Mkhitaryan, Henrikh
Monreal, Ignacio
Mustafi, Shkodran
Nelson, Reiss
Nketiah, Edward
Nwakali, Kelechi
Olowu, Joseph Olugbenga
Osei-Tutu, Jordi
Ospina, David
Ozil, Mesut
Perez, Lucas
Pleguezuelo, Julio Jose
Ramsey, Aaron James
Reine-Adelaide, Jeff
Sheaf, Ben
Smith Rowe, Emile
Tormey, Nathan Alexander
Virginia, Joao
Welbeck, Daniel
Willock, Joseph George
Wilshere, Jack Andrew (offer)
Xhaka, Granit
Zelalem, Gedion

I wonder how many of them will be moved on this summer?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Reine-Adelaide used to look as a promising young central attacking midfielder, but Iwobi has taken over his position. Willock, Akpom, Jenkinson and Campbell were not impressive when given the chances in the Premier League matches

    I just wanna see Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Koscielny and Ospina replaced. The other fringe players like Perez, Wilshere, Welbeck, Elneny, Holding and Chambers might still be useful

    1. No Ozil must stay, he is a big name player and now more than ever when we are languishing at 6th place regularly playing Europa League, we need to remind the world we too are still a destination for big players. Plus his creativity will now be fully unleashed with Aubameyang ready to pounce on Ozil’s magnificent, defence-spliting, bird’s-eye view passes. Lastly and most importantly, Ozil is on £350K a week. There is absolutely no one who will pay that wage bar PSG.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Or UTD… They pay how much for Alexis who loses the ball more often than the £££ he receives XD
        I know it will never happen but I would swap Ozil with Martial in a heartbeat.

        Jose knows Ozil and could be just what he heeds, we need a good wide forward who can play on the left, Martial can bang in the goals from the left while also being a creative player.

        Auba has proven he can play on the right as that was where he was playing when BvB bought him, he was still banging in goals from that side like he has banged in goals from the left for us.

        1. Gun-Powder says:

          Ozil for Martial???
          Yep i’d love that too…

    2. Sue says:

      Omg gotanidea why Ozil???
      OT I hope he’s ok for the world cup..can’t wait to see him strut his stuff & shut up the haters!

      1. Mobella says:

        Sue, i don’t know why people hate the guy. People need to appreciate his skill set. Besides, Ozil plays football if people want to see players fight for ball over 90 minute, fall over one another and knocked each other tooth out i suggest they watch Ruby. Ozil is an artist on the field. He does what he does very well and that is chance creation and making goals. If he has had Lacazette and PEA played in front him before now he would no doubt be on doubt of his assist stats by now.

        1. ClassyGunner says:

          Why people hate Ozil??? Simple really. Most people understanding of football is limited to scoring goals, or tough tackling or running around with high energy. They do not understand things like creating opportunities, anticipation, controlling the game from midfield etc. If Mesut was continuously running around and maybe putting in the tackles than they would have liked the guy even if he did not create much.

          There are all kinds of fans we must accommodate everyone. We are all gooners after all

          1. hardave says:

            Why people hate ozil? Because when he’s moody he doesnt do sh7t. Not even creating opportunities, anticipation, controlling the game from midfield etc. If he did all that no one will care if he doesnt defend or score goals. When a player has no input whatsoever he becomes a liability.

          2. Midkemma says:

            Spot on for how I feel about him.
            I like to watch him when he is fighting and on form, I can’t wait to see the back of him when he watches players go past him and expect the team to pick up the flack…

            Not like we have had a team who defends well enough for Ozil to sit back and wait for us to win the ball back, he didn’t deserve the pay rise and we got to pay that now for how long?

            I hope Emery benches him and forces him to play well, either for a move away or for game time, either way… a performing Ozil is acceptable.

    3. Mobella says:

      Please i will like to know why Ozil should be replaced and Welbeck and Jack should be retained. Jack has being around the first team for 7 to 8 years with 14 goals and less than 20 assists. Welbeck since 2014 has 25 goals in all competition 7 more than what Lacazette has in his first season despite been played with injury and was out for two months. And Ozil with his lazy ass had scored 38 goals in all competition with more 50 assist despite being here for 5 years. I know people have this myth about him but him and Lacazette is certainly should be the least on the players we want out arsenal. No national team coach would not want to have him team. The fact that Wenger pampered him doesn’t reduce his abilities as a footballer.

      1. Sue says:

        Ozil works harder than people think… the stats speak volumes

      2. Midkemma says:

        Since when has might be useful become a should be retained?

  2. Ian wrights bruva says:

    I would like to see jack stay at the club to see if he can maintain his fitness and start to fulfill his potential, look so could when he was young only for injuries to hamper his progression.

    Still has enough in his locker to contrite to the squa. He,s works hard to get fit any so deserves a chance.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    In as much as I want Wilshere at the club, I don’t see it happening. I mean I don’t see Him staying injury free. I also doubt he will reach that potential we all want. We have been talking about this potential for years now after the arsenal v Barcelona game years ago remember…

  4. bubegooner says:

    Zelalem, Jenkinson,Asano,lucas perez,Joel Cambel, Xhaka,Chech,Akpom..all should be sold, get the money and bring GK – Leno/? , CB, DM – Nzonzi/Toreira/Seri/Rabiot, WF- Gelson Martins/Leon Bailey/Steven Bergwijn/Thauvin

  5. Chizon says:

    Any team who has the service of Yaya of Man city, among the top team will be 35% stronger.

    1. jon fox says:

      Perhaps ” any AMATEUR team” will be 35% stronger. Professional players are required to be able to compete for 90 minutes. Toure clearly cannot and this is why he is let go.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Funny how Pep let Yaya go when he was at Barca and he let him go again when at City.
        It looks like Pep and Yaya didn’t get on.

        If Yaya wants to prove Pep wrong then he could be an ideal player for big games.

        I would take Yaya over Fellaini any day of the week, looks like we are getting the hair.

        1. jon fox says:

          Surely you have noticed the huge decline in Toure over the last two/ three seasons. A while back he was awesome. But time and tide etc……!

  6. arie82 says:

    Zelalem, what happened with this lad
    He was tatuted as wonderkid at arsenal academy.
    Seem his fate is same as fran merida

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      Wenger happened

  7. Sue says:

    Totally off topic but I’m looking forward to Rosicky’s farewell match later… although I read that RVP will be playing ?
    Loved Rosicky.. hope he has a good send off….loved his thunderbolt against the spuds after 70 odd seconds.. and Giroud celebrating with him, nearly throttling him ????

    1. Midkemma says:

      The little Mozart.
      Watching him play was a joy to behold, even in his final stage with us he still shown magic.

      Imagine if we could have had him and Cazorla playing in the same team, week in week out… that could have been 2/3 of a 3 man CM that could have rivaled Barcas at their best IMO.

  8. Olasode says:

    Ozil the master must stay to unlock the defense with a splitting and clinical pass. Assist King

  9. ruelando says:

    I am an Ozil hater and i think he should be moved on, the difficult thing is, nobody really wants him, perhaps Turkey or a team in Germany, but who is going to pay his salary, unfortunate thing, he may be retiring at Arsenal.

    Ozil is a Luxury player, luxury players will not win us the league, there are no players in the teams above us that can be described as luxury, Cazorla who came to us as a creative player made an effort in his defensive duties and improved in that area tremendously, Ozil on the other hand puts in a little effort in that area when he feels in the mood, thats does not happen on regular occasions.

    The thing is i do not think that Ozil wiill be suited to the pressing game, wish is a quick pace, i do think he should be given the chance to prove me wrong

    1. jon fox says:

      Interesting and somewhat disappointing use of the word “hater”. Generally people who hate anything other than evil deeds and evil doers, bigotry, racism, cruelty etc. are hard to love themselves. I would reconsider your incorrect use – at least I hope it is incorrect- use of the so often lazily used “hate”. To “hate” a footballer for being lazy is really rather sad. Dislike or frustration with I could agree with , certainly in Ozil’s case. It is a great pity how so many people use language so carelessly and , even though unintentional, give a totally wrong impression of themselves as humans. These comments are directed at many more besides just you.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I would be happy to swap Ozil for Martial if our board could talk UTD into accepting it…

      But at the same time, if Emery can get Ozil putting in better def shifts then I will be happy to recognise that and praise Ozil again.

      Players can thrive or falter depending on the environment and maybe Wengers environment was negative on Ozil when it came to winning the ball back?

  10. Jah son says:

    It’s funny that arsenal have three of the worlds best attacking players statistically and fans here don’t want to see what it would be like really pisses me off

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