Arsenal return to winning ways with dominant display at Brentford

Arsenal have completed dominated Brentford in their own stadium, a rare occurrence for the Bees, winning 3-0 thanks to goals by Gabriel Jesus, William Saliba and Fabio Vieira.

The Gunners couldn’t have asked for a better opening 45 minutes. They opened the scoring early on thanks to a neat corner which was met by William Saliba at the near post, who headed over our rivals and into the net.

We continued to dominate, cleaning up well when out of possession and moving the ball around well, and the second goal was a beauty to watch. Tierney laid it off to Xhaka who picked out Gabriel Jesus with a sweet cross which left the defender in no mans land for the Brazilian to head home unchallenged.

The second-half got off to a bang also when Fabio Vieira capped off a neat move which started at the back when William Saliba played a one-two to get things moving in the right direction, and the Portuguese hit a wonderful strike in off the inside the post.

We seemed to slow down midway through the second-half however, and the Bees began to enjoy a little more possession, and they started creeping into the final third, and were almost awarded a penalty only for Toney to have been deemed offside before retrieving the ball.

Jesus nearly added a fourth for us with around 10 minutes remaining on the clock, only for David Raya to deny his placed effort.

History was also made today, after Mikel Arteta gifted minutes to Marquinhos and Nathan Nwaneri late on, with the latter becoming the youngest ever Premier League player who is just 15 years and 181 days old, with the pair coming on for the four minutes of injury time.

It was a near-perfect performance from our boys today as they re-took top spot in the Premier League table, with our defence never looking like conceding even when they came in for a little pressure late into the game.

We really looked good today, and I dare say that we deserve to sit top of the table at present.


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  1. A very entertaining match! The team seemed to have been well-drilled and were highly dominating at a supposedly tough place

    It was difficult to choose an MOTM because everybody played so well, but my choice was Saliba because his goal forced Brentford to open up and he was so dominant in the back

    1. Toss up between Xhaka and Saliba for me. Both stood out to me in a game where everyone looked great. Not many teams have come to Brentford and been this dominant.

      1. Yeah, it was an incredible display from the players. Kudos to Arteta and the coaches as well, for training the players with such intricate tactic this season

        1. Agreed…

          And almost seems to go unnoticed how many goals we score from. Corners and set pieces…

          The coach who came in last year to work on those.deserves a lot of credit

          1. Nicolas Jover has been doing a magnificent job, because we’re very dangerous in attacking corners and unbreakable in the defending ones

            It’s a massive improvement, because we were awful in corner situations during Wenger’s era

            I just didn’t realize that Jover met Arteta at Man City

    2. Thomas Frank (Brentford manager) on Arsenal: “We lost to the #1 in the Premier League [table]. I said before the game they were a top side. I think they’ll compete for the title now.”

      1. As long as Jesus, Martinelli, Partey and Zinchenko are fit throughout the season, I think we’ll have a decent chance to finish in top three and win EL

        Too early for the title talk though, because we haven’t faced Spuds yet. Kane and Son are very dangerous attackers

    1. Probably our best performance of the season to date.The back four were solid individually and collectively and I thought Partey was immense on his return.Very pleased for Vieira who apart from his great goal, was quietly effective and gained in confidence as the game went on.Overall a very accomplished performance against a team which usually does well at home against the big boys.

  2. Winning the league this season is our target.
    Leicester did it. We can.

    We just have to keep Partey fit and sustain this momentum

      1. Maybe not… and that (‘win the title’) is not the pursuit.
        The pursuit… WIN EVERY MATCH AT HAND!!!😆
        Achieving the smaller matter of the latter objective (THE PURSUIT!) simplifies the bigger matter of the former🤣
        My advice? Stop overreaching yourself; keep your gunpowder dry.
        COYG! 🔫🔫🔫

  3. I didn’t watch the match but my expectations were met. Also I hope Arteta rewards firm and hardwork. He should play his best players.

  4. Impressive win and done comfortably away at Brentford. The commentators mentioned that this season no team has gone to Brentford and did what we did by totally dominating them.
    Impressive goal from Vieira.
    Martinelli, still the same complain about him. Holds on to the ball way too long instead of releasing a pass. I dislike that about him TBVH, he kills so many attacking moves when he does that.
    Very happy with the clean sheet for Ramsdale.
    Now on to another boring depressive 2 weeks of pointless international break

    1. Can you just give Martinelli a break? Going forward he was great, defensively he was great, what more did expect from the young lad? Must he score in every match up impress you?

      1. No Angelo, give him a break when he starts making right decisions. He’s a very good kid, talented, his decision making is what sets him apart from the likes of Saka, Pedri and co.
        If he’s to reach his peak, he has to improve on that.
        Did we give Xhaka a break?
        Did Ben White got a break last season? Even till now you still have people talking about his downside.
        Did Nketiah get a break from half the fanbase when Arteta renewed his contract?
        So please don’t the special treatment on Nelli now.
        Like I said, it’s been consistent side to his game, and if you don’t find that aspect of his game disturbing then I’m not sure you actually watch the team play and moves.
        I’m not hounding the kid, I love him, all I’m saying his he needs to learn to release the ball quicker and he needs to be quick with his decision making.
        Vieira just had his first EPL game and every decision he made was quick and solid, even the decision to shoot. Saka’s been doing it for the last 2 season, if you want to take on your man, make the decision and go for it, if you want to drive forward go for it, do anything you have to with the ball at your feet. The games in constant motion, you can’t tell me it’s okay tha he holds on to the ball too much turning around needlessly when he could’ve set other players a free ball to move forward

        1. He will not improve that area and still be an awesome player…He is a professional footballer and worked on his game all his life…we can’t expect him to change his style ..,,we were hounding giroud when he was here..,Xhaka was hounded through out his Arsenal career.He will never acquire what he doesn’t have..We have to understand the strengths of players and accept them and hopefully the manager gets the best out of them….and hounding players is not a great quality in a fan.. I don’t feel right when the own fans yell at their players to do better when they are trying to give their best for the fans…as if their best is not good enough to satisfy ur needs and high demands and standards u set out for them…who the hell are u and how well are u satisfying ur boss who is always unhappy with something or the other…sorry…nothing personal…but the negativity towards the players is toxic …when they play well they are heroes and when they don’t, they are villains…they don’t owe us anything…we owe them for all their hard work and talent….it’s easy for us to stay in the comfort of our homes and demand stuff…who the hell are u to ask them to perform or set standards for them

          1. Read everything I wrote again, but this time slowly and with brain.
            Me hounding our players? Not sure you know what you’re talking about.
            Get a seat mate

            1. Because some fans like some players they would not like to talk about them. Against Utd the first goal we conceded was his fault but no one would mention it, today he was clear on goal at 2min , those decisions making wound have earn him like 3extra goals this season already

              1. I’m watching the Madrid Derby and it’s insane the quality you see when you watch players like Rodrygo and Vinicius.
                If you’re not watching the game, try to see the highlights to the second goal.
                What Vinicius did is what I’m asking Martinelli to do more often. Quick decision making.
                Martinelli’s a fast player and intelligent one. It just beats me how he cknstay prefers to hold on to the ball while burying his head to the ground.
                Look at Vinicius who’s also very good at holding the ball, he saw he could create a space, released the ball to Kroos immediately as made his run into the space, his run led to the second goal.
                Martinelli knows he has intelligent players as teammates, make it easy for yourself is all I’m saying, release the ball to players in better position and make your next move.
                You know what’s insane? That’s what Saka and Ødegaard does all the time, no holding on to the ball turning around needlessly.
                They move the ball quick, Saka’s decision making is top notch. If he’ll take on a player, he goes for it straight and takes the ball to beat his man, if he’ll make a pass, quick decision and he releases the ball. It’s why it’s so easy to see him and Ødegaard play and enjoy them.
                These guys are acting as if asking Martinelli to improve on his decision making and releasing the ball early is us hounding the kid. When we absolutely know what he’s capable of.
                He needs to improve his decision making! Period!
                Let him do that, and you’ll see more goals and assists from him.

                1. Whilst I agree that Martinelli would be an even more awesome player if he could improve his decision making I do think he should be cut some slack.
                  Consider the comparisons you are making between him and other players such as Vinicius Junior. A couple of seasons ago there were significant concerns about VJ reaching his potential. In the past couple of seasons he has progressed such that his name now regularly pops up in discussions about the best players in world football. It has taken time.
                  Saka’s decision making and all round football ability at his age is actually quite extraordinary. Expecting another youngster to be at similar level is really expecting quite a lot. You should also consider that Martinelli only become a regular during last season for various reasons.

          2. Vinod I’ ll tell you exactly who WE are. We are the ones who pay the players , albeit indirectly!

            Without US who love the club there would be no game for the players to make a living from. And a scandalously, obscenely, overpaid living too!

            So don’t ask who we are, as we are the ones who keep the game alive. Now you know , sonny!

      2. Martinelli’s work rate is the reason we are playing so well, his defensive duties are outstanding, and his runs drag defenders all over the place, and he will only get better. In the post above you he doesn’t have a clue about football, it’s a worthless and unfounded opinion

      1. You thought you did something smart there didn’t you?
        Good of you to mention this real football and not PS5, because if you actually play those games and in standard difficult levels, you’ll know you can’t hold on to the ball with one player running around in circles needlessly because it drains their energy bar quicker and you can’t be doing those stupid turning around against the legeni A.I you’re playing against.
        So yeah. Great example..
        More reasons he should learn to release the ball on time. This is real life, not PlayStation 2.
        Also, I’m the one you’re telling Trust the process? Lol, the Process I’ve been defending since day 1? LMAO, Okay

  5. Was that quality difference or superior tactics?
    If we play with this confidence throughout this season, all teams below 6th place last season and promoted teams are in for it.
    What is left of the team now is ruthlessness.

  6. Good game good goals three points.
    Xhaka is the leader of the team .
    Partey the spine
    Saliba , white and Gabriel our shoulders.
    Did we sign vierra just 2 months ago? He looks as if he’s been here for ages.
    Onto the next one

  7. The gap we’r seeing with the oppenents is a really good sign of improvement.Wer’ litteraly playing teams out of the park…Even against manure We should have won the game easely.

  8. Great win today. The guys come out with a very professional win. We didn’t over simplify things and we got the goals. Xhaka was my outstanding player in this match, but all did their part in the win especially Jesus and Viera. Long may we continue to win and win and win.

  9. Can Thomas Partey just stay fit please, his the heart of Arsenal and orchestrates every good thing the team does. Can the guy just stay fit and do this thing he knows how to do best. He is a joy to watch. Partey owns the Arsenal midfield and makes things so easy for the rest of the players. Am not among fans wishing Partey is replaced because of his constant injury worries but am of the view that Thomas Partey can just stay fit and help Arsenal run things. Partey is pure class and if you know football, you’ll agree with me that no Premier League player can do what Thomas Partey does for Arsenal. He plays a totally different kind of football from the rest in his position

    1. He’s great because he’s always a safe pass in the buildup. He often gets the ball fired at him with opponents all around, but he always seems able to control the ball and find a teammate. Really outstanding.

      1. This the comment!!, Partey calms a whole lot, way more than any other midfielder in our team, we need someone who can bring this skillset in, not to replace him but to complement him, especially as he can’t stay fit. The difference is always so clear when he plays and when he doesn’t.

    2. Last season i hv already noticed Partey makes the whole difference for Arsenal. Because of several injuries we couldhave got Top 4 easily.
      This season is same for me. TP will raise Arsenal chances even higher n even a shot @ No.1 is even possible. Its just how Fit n injury free this team can poay n hold on to the last.
      I really want this team to create a New History n new legends being born.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. The guy is a joy to watch. He can take 3 opponents out of the game with his body movement before even playing a pass. If he could stay fit like Rodri, arsenal will achieve great things this season.

      Kudos to Xhaka too, a natural leader.

  10. Brentford isn’t a bad team but today they become a number “too small” in every department. They simply got outplayed by an impressing Arsenal team. The future looks bright 🔴⚪️

      1. It was a great Arsenal performance. We have been moving in the right direction for a while, but now everyone with open eyes and a functional brain should be able to admit it 😉

        1. The level of control was impressive given how good Brentford can be at home.
          The performance was reminiscent of MC’s dominating displays against many other PL sides.

    1. They are lethal going forwards and happy to sit back playing boring. Hopeful but naive tough game. We should win but we will see.

      1. Is it just me that can see the spurs game ending 4-4! Spurs don’t look great in defence but will be happy to sit in and defend, you cannot discredit the attacking options they have! Like united be happy to hit on the counter and I fear out young team will get caught out pushing for goals.

        1. No chance not at our ground, I think spurs are playing the best they can atm, we have more gears to go, 3-1 To us…..

  11. Copy pasted from the match thread enjoy the evening fellow Gooners!

    Dominant. Totally dominant. Top of the league, 6 points better than last year. What more can you ask for? Xhaka transformed, Jesus looking insane, Vieira filling for Ode like he has a claim to the spot….. Good times!

    Saliba doing bits beyond the most expectations. Zincheko/Ode were out. Martinelli, the whole team. Impressive.

  12. I predicated the Gunners will soot down 4 hefty Bees in the match encounter. But the they came one shot down short in the match. Which was due to them mentally relaxing after Vieira had put us 0-3 up early in the 2nd half of the match.
    However, the Gunners MUST learn from now on this season never to physically, tactically and mentally relaxed in an EPL game after they are leading comfortably in it this season.
    But they should keep piling on the pressure on the opposition team to score more and more goals till match end. For, goals difference could make the difference between which team comes first and second to win the title at the end of this season’s campaign. I know this was an away match in which Arsenal came away with a very good result against a very strong Brentford team. But look at Man City who I considered tprchllight be our main challengers for the title win this season scoring goals in their numbers in the EPL so far this season with a +17 to us +10 goals difference.
    Nevertheless, I congratulate us Arsenal for the good clean sheet match win that us had at away over Brentford in today’s EPL noon match. More greasy to the elbows of Arteta, his coaching staff and the Gunners.

  13. “They are top of the table so you cannot argue with that, they have done brilliant. Looking at the quality, they must be title contenders.”

    Brentford boss, Thomas Frank speaking to Sky Sport.

    What a game from the boys! I was worried when I saw Vieira in the starting lineup, but he really impressed me with his display. Brilliant.

    1. People also forgot to mention how good Xhaka is on the injury front. I hardly hear he’s unavailable because of injury all year round. That’s a bonus. If a player manages to stay injury-free all season, that’s an added quality.

      1. There’s no doubt that his durability is impressive. His importance to the team is often underestimated due to the occasional bone headed decisions he makes.
        At the moment he is also playing probably the best football he has ever played whilst he’s been at Arsenal.
        The presence of both him and Partey provides strength, balance and control in MF that may be as good as any in the PL.

  14. I predicated the Gunners will soot down 4 hefty Bees in the match encounter. But they came one shot down short in the match. Which was due to them becoming mentally relaxing after Vieira had put us 0-3 up early in the 2nd half of the match.
    However, the Gunners MUST learn from now on this season never to physically, tactically and mentally relaxed in an EPL game after they are leading comfortably in it.
    But they should keep piling on the pressure on the opposition team to score more and more goals till match end. For, goals difference could make the difference between which team comes first and second to win the title at the end of this season’s campaign. I know this was an away match in which Arsenal came away with a very good result against a very strong Brentford team. But look at Man City who I consider as our main challengers for the title win this season scoring goals in their numbers in the EPL so far this season with a +17 to us +10 goals difference.
    Nevertheless, I congratulate us Arsenal for the good clean sheet match win that us had at away over Brentford in today’s EPL noon match. More grease to the elbows of Arteta, his coaching staff and the Gunners.

  15. The most “complete” I’ve seen us play under Arteta so far. Splendid all around performance from everyone. Big ups to the coach and players…

    1. Agree, give Arteta his flowers with this one.
      Everything was spot on
      1. Lineup
      2. Controlled the game
      3. Tactics

      Best I’ve seen under Arteta, well done by the manager.

  16. At last!!!! The main reason I was hesitating about Mikel was the consistency of his performances and results.

    This has now been put to bed without a doubt and the football we are serving up, iis quite breathtaking from back to front.
    I am seeing a squad of players, playing with real commitment and togetherness.

    What a decision it was to send Saliba out on loan, something that the player and the manager were both happy with – he reminds me of Sol with his defending, so calm and deliberate.

    We were dominating today and, injuries apart, the future looks so good – bring on the spuds.

  17. Hope spuds make the same sloppy mistakes in giving away possession in dangerous areas as they did against Leicester we will destroy them if they do!!

  18. How could anyone find anything wrong with that performance? Brentford, who’ve been highly rated were completely dominated and hardly troubled our defence, and this time were unable to rough us up.
    There’s some tough games coming in October, so let’s hope we can get our injured players back and functioning ‘cos we’re going to need a full & fit squad.
    It’s so good to be a Gooner right now.😊

    1. Lowish comments in general, tell you noone can! Top of the league, ultimate dream start. Tough games start after the break,nothing done yet but confident.

  19. Happy to look forward to our games and enjoying them again. Happy to be pained by a loss now. Happy days to be a gunner are here again.

  20. come end of the season a whole lot of us fans are going to have a tough time determining our player of the season, but clearly the front runers right now are GJ, WS and Thomas partey

  21. Slightly off topic, but what a great interview with Brentford manager Thomas Frank after the game. Full of praise for the opposition, no slagging off the referee and moaning at decisions, just said they were beaten by the better team. It’s not often you get managers talking as honestly as that after a game.

    1. Agree Marty.. quite refreshing.

      Also llked the way Mikel tried to hide the grin that was threatening to burst out at any moment 😁😁

    2. I don’t agree with this view. Thomas Frank is generally balanced and honest in his interviews with the press. There are a number of other managers who are also usually fair.

    3. Agree Marty, excellent interview, as well as praising Arsenal, he didnt belittle his own players after a 3-0 loss.

  22. My oh my, the growth is there for all to see from this team, get a run of consistent points thus building up team morale and momentum. Great shift from the boys today, everyone put in the work, martinelli should be decisive more and I thought I’d see Marquinhos come in earlier than he did after that saka knock. One game at a time I say lads, we’ll get there. We need Partey fit so Xhaka and go can be effective enough, saliba was solid at the back, top of the league 😎

  23. Outstanding performance by the top gun.

    Am particular please with Xhaka performance, having seen what he has gone through.

    The gaffer tail is high over his back again.

  24. The only player to disappoint was white .. no clue as a full back .. all others were on good form and viera deserves a shout given it was his first pl start but Partey the outstanding player simply because he immediately made a huge difference to our midfield .. composed and aware .. if he stays fit then we have a big chance of top 3 or 4

    1. How can you say White’s performance was a disappointment? He did his part on and off the ball. Tactically, he was good. He maintained his shape did well. You need another lens, no offence please.

    2. I think that this was his best game this season and he had some really good games before. Everyone has the right to have their opinion but I just can’t agree with this one.

    3. RW1
      Respect your opinion but totally wrong
      Clean sheet
      Not spectacular but effective a d efficient
      Cant ask for any more
      As a defence unit very good
      As a team , extremely good

  25. Now this was Artetaball we have all been waiting. More of the same please and with potential that our young squad has we can expect even better performances in the near future.

  26. What I note with huge satisfaction is the complete absence of those who regularly criticIse MA. NO NEED TO NAME THEM, AS WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHY THEY ARE ABSENT AND LAYING LOW.

    1. I use to criticism arteta,but am still hear. The team is playing better and kudos to Arteta for turning it around. And long may it continue. If Arteta succeed, arsenal succeed which is what we all want.

    2. Lol. I guess I know one too. It’s my bro Dan Smith. Lol.
      Well, I understand his criticism is still based on the love he has for our club and how highly he wants the club to succeed and win top major trophies. But Patience is a virtue.

      1. Arsenal are currently playing some of the best football in the PL. Many fans are celebrating the performances and results, which is absolutely appropriate. There are a few who are over-exuberant regarding our title chances at this point. It is still early in the season and there are significant challenges ahead.
        Many of the “critics” have been excessively negative and their views seem to stem largely from a sense of entitlement rather than so-called “love” of the club. It is notable how ‘quiet’ they become whenever the team do well. However, whenever there is a setback there is a rush to discredit and/or insult the manager. The criticisms often lacked balance and provided little in the way of useful insights.
        Arteta and Edu have been rebuilding the squad and establishing a new ethos. We are getting stronger and better placed to challenge for major honours. If the progress continues Arsenal could become a great team.

  27. It looks like at long last we have the rebirth……’Santi’ Viera. The little man has all the trademark attributes of Santi Cazorla.
    Looks like we have a little ‘special one’.

  28. This is the first arsenal match I have watched in recent time that I found it difficult to identify a weak link. All the players did very well. They should as a team improve on taking their chances. It’s time they began to score five, six goals and above. All the same, congratulations to the boys and Arteta. A very important three points I must say.

  29. way too early to call but starting to believe that Arsenal will beat the Spuds, next game. Solid defence a la Saliba, plus great opportunity to get certain players match ready and the all round good vibes are very encouraging. Martinellii and Viera look like two excited school boys who finally found out that they have now been put in the same class.

  30. Excellent performance against a good team at home. The continued improvement in Granit Xhaka is eye catching. Now all Arsenal need is Thomas Partey to display the same level of “availability” as Xhaka, as he is essential to the continued progression of the the team.
    Congratulations to Viera on his first game and goal and Nathan Nwaneri for the outstanding achievement of playing first team football at 15. I’m sure ee all look forward to following the progress of these players at the Arsenal.

  31. Didn’t get to see the match ,only watched a 3 minute highlight clip ,what I’ve read and here are it was probably our best game to date ,so well done to all ,onwards and onwards

    1. I’d say it was. Most dominant performance I’ve seen in a long while against a decent side. It felt to me like it was 100% us playing well and controlling the game, rather than then playing badly in any real sense that made it.
      That said, I do think it was crucial that we scored first. It would have been a different game if Brentford had done for the opener (and there were a couple of close moments early on where one of their players made the wrong decision).

  32. Humility and hard work are the two ingredients we need if we are to keep this going.
    Beating the scum on 1 October will be a massive statement of intent and hopefully spread some fear that we mean business.

  33. Nobody giving Gabriel magalhaes credit,was absolutely brilliant, everyone is talking about Ivan toney,nobody mentioned Mbeumo.Gabriel shut him out.
    TBH we did not miss Odegaard.

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