Arsenal reveal plans for reduced capacity return of fans, but who is keen?

Arsenal are looking to bring fans back into stadiums from October, with our home tie against Sheffield United currently pencilled in for fans to return to the Emirates, but who will be in a rush to claim those seats?

The Gunners official website have revealed that they will be giving fans the opportunity to put their names into a ‘ballot’, where fans will be allocated seats for certain games, with high demand expected for their limited availability.

Those with Gold season tickets and premium memberships will be prioritised when issuing tickets out, while supporters will have to oblige by strict social distancing measures in and around the stadium, which they will be informed of as part of the process.

My understanding of the information given to me, is that fans wishing to attend matches this season, will need to pay a membership fee to be able to enter the ballotting process, before having to pay for each ticket issued on top.

The terms also state that you will have no choice in which games you are ballotted for, with the expectation of issuing seats for around 5-6 matches in each ballot, depending on demand and the capacity allowed (currently expected to be between 15-25%).

I imagine there will be a number of fans who opt out of entering the balloting process on these terms, and the club has also confirmed that anybody not wishing to apply this season will be able to apply for the next season without any penalty.

Will any of our regular attendees of the Emirates be put off by the plan to return to stadiums this term because of the current pandemic, or maybe because of the limited control over the matches you will be able to attend?


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  1. What a stupid comment. Any true Arsenal fan would snap up any tickets available. It has been a long while since we were allowed to stand and soak up the atmosphere whilst watching our team. I am sure the games will be even more exciting this coming season. I am sure it will be as safe in the stadium as shopping or walking the high street.

  2. I am very happy and proud of our football club arsenal for the 2 signing arsenal my life my lovely football club

  3. Just realised the transfer window is open until Oct 5!! Happy days still plenty of time to bring in targets and offload some peeps

  4. Well, I’ve just registered and what the club owes me from last season, has paid for my enrolment – and that fee will come of whatever the actual cost of this coming seasons s/t price will be.
    If I cant/don’t want to make any match that I’m lucky enough to be offered, I don’t have to go and it is recycled for others who have committed to the scheme.
    Strict enforcement of both the coronavirus rules and the name on the ticket marches the person who attends will be in place, as it should be.

    Why on earth anyone would make a negative out of the club’s intention to get fans back on a regulated and fair scheme I fail to understand.
    Once again, we are being misled as to the club’s intentions and, while I understand the frustration of the likes of Sue, I might also be seen as a high risk person due to my age – would I be making an issue of it?
    Of course not, like Sue I understand the logistical nightmare facing our club – all I hope is that the club are trying to stream all our games via the official website.

  5. Most people are keen… I’d still be really cautious especially if I were part of the older population. But EPL has done a really good job since the Restart and things seem to be going smoothly. here’s hoping things continue that way. I dont think the limited control of what game you get will push people off much either. Many just want to see a game again finally.

  6. Won’t October be a little soon? I am not much knowledgeable about the situation in UK so please forgive my ignorance. I hope appropriate safety measures will be taken for the fans.

    1. Sid, our5 club, without giving specific details as yet, have made it very clear that the most stringent safety tactics will be introduced and upheld.
      For instance, in order to track each individual who attends a game, photographic identity must be produced.
      This will be a passport type document, with the ability to cross check that person and their identity and address as per the season ticket details.

      The club have gone as far as accepting that some s/t are not being used by the original holder and have given this opportunity to update said s/t before entering the scheme.

      They also mention the fact that the normal s/t seat may not be available, due to the social distancing rules.

      They go on to say that strict rules will be observed outside the ground, with equally stringent observations to these being adhered too.

      Rest assured, from the communication received, the club are taking the required action and steps to protect everyone – if I am lucky enough to be offered a place, I will be down there, fully confident that my club will have done everything in a correct way.

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