Arsenal right to offer Ozil bumper new contract?

Hmm, I wonder of the recent comments made by the agent of Mesut Ozil were intended to get the attention of Arsenal Football Club. The Arsenal and Germany play maker still has a long time to run on his current deal with the club and there will still be a full two years left at the end of this season.

And with Ozil being one of the best paid Arsenal players on around £140,000, according to a report in The Mirror, you would think that the 26-year old Gunner was pretty happy with life at the Emirates stadium. But his agent Erkut Sogut said last week that the Turkish club Fenerbahce were looking to sign Ozil next summer and that the player was not against the idea, although he also said that Ozil was happy at Arsenal right now.

So perhaps the news being reported by The Mirror today about Arsenal preparing a new contract offer for Ozil is not exactly a coincidence. The paper suggests that the Germany international will be offered a substantial pay rise and my question is whether that is a good idea.

I know that we paid a lot of money for him and will want to get a lot of that back if he does leave, but has Ozil really done enough since signing from Real Madrid to deserve a big pay rise? I do like him and I think he is often criticised too harshly as people do not appreciate what he does for the team but I would still like to see him have a bigger influence, especially in the really big games.

So does Ozil need to really put in some extra effort over the coming months to deserve a bumper new deal from Arsenal?

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    1. I have not seen the Ozil’s genius that all of you keep going on about, this is his 3rd season and still waiting…

      All we seem to see is his usual consistent hiding whenever we face any half decent team…. Ozil does the minimum but always gets the loudest applauds.. Wierd…

  1. I know many of us will be against this happening, but I must say that it will be great if ozil is offered a new contract.. . This guy is really good.. . Bt without a prolific striker, you can’t see the best of ozil. Even without one, you can still see that flash of genius in him… The way he unlock defences is amazing.. He is damn good

  2. Yes absolutely

    Ozil is one of our 5 world class players (Cech, Koscielny, Ozil, Cazorla and Alexis)

    We should do whatever we can to keep them.

    Ozil is improving since he came here and will continue to do so.

    But we need more WC players
    Especially a WC striker and WC DM

  3. What would he have earned at City? Extend his contract and make him happy. Furnish him with WC CF and he will be happy to be recording assist. This idea of one WC player per season is not building our team fast.

    1. If Wenger continues his transfers or rather lack of transfers then we could lose more than Ozil

      No outfield player this summer (other than Adelaide). Even though we desperately need a Top striker

      Other top teams got De Bruyne, Sterling, Pedro, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Depay, Benteke, Firminho

      But hey, if we win the PL or CL, I will happily admitt I was wrong and Wenger is a genius

  4. Since the arrival of Ozil arsenal have won two trophies. A long wait ended, the media had to write about something else instead of Arsenal left empty handed again. Only shame is how the media chose to write about ozil being a poor player, not living up to the hype…

    Until he turns water into wine or better yet, win either the league or champions league the media will always pick on him.

    A 26 year old World Cup winner who has left every manger he has played for saying he is a true talent is only reason to believe teams should be built around such players.

    In my eyes he is still growing and learning and who better than Wenger to help him do that, and I fell goals is all that is missing from his game. And I am patient, I know that’s something he hasn’t blossomed in previously. But he has 4 years at the top in my view. Let that be at Arsenal!

    1. Wenger? If he wants to win trophies he should leave. Wenger has proven he can’t build a top team. Top four definitely.

  5. A bumper new contract for what? He has not even earned or justified his current one and he is getting a pay rise??

    He should stay on what he is earning at the moment…

  6. I am just wondering and dreaming that only if Ozil had Aguero or Lukaku or Gomiz or even Pelle working in front of him!! I am sure the statistic guy working on on assists would be going crazy with the numbers…

  7. pass pass pass pass pass pass pass

    passing dooesnot win matcches shooting and scoring does.

    well the truth is wenger is not ambitious, he is a massive failure who has great great believe in a mediocre team.

    poor ozil. he could have received less critisicism and more plaudit, if he there was surrounded by good wingers and striker

    but unfurtunately

    we have two so called strikers

    one is mobile, but he doesnot have the physique and the brain just speed

    the other is a hold up super star but slow and lack imagination

    both are far below average but could be great and superb for a championship side

    the only way out is a combo – surgical symmetrical bisection, addition and transformation about their mutual principal rotation axis.


    a giroud from waist upwards and a walcott from waist downwards


    a new striker better than what we have.

    congrat gooners. we just manufactured a striker at a migre expense




  8. We have won trophies since ozil has been a member, but i am one who believes we would have won without ozil being a part of our team, a lovely passer of the ball, but thats it, he is just a lovely passer, but still Cazorla has more assists than him, ramsay has more goals and sanchez provides more threat to a defense, ozil at most times is closer to the opponents goal than all three mention, but does not offer as much as any.
    So it puzzles me when people say how wonderful he is, i would rather see any of the 3 mention become the highest wage earner, because they are of more value to the arsenal.
    Now we have ozil agent looking a pay increase, by spreading crap about the turkish team wanting him, i would rather see him go and arsenal bring in a player that would add value to the team, any of the players mention could operate in the number 10 role and do a great job

  9. Lets put it this way,
    If Ozil were a luxury sports car with 7 gears…
    We have only seen him reach the 3rd gear!
    Since we bought him And that’s very disappointing!!
    The only reason he is going to be offered a new contract,
    is so, Arsenal can insert a clause into it..
    To make More money if he is sold.

  10. I`m a kid of the twentieth century and not real crash hot with computers, modern toys and all that jazz. From what I see, and understand, about modern football I`m not that I`m crash hot about that either. I can, kind of, see that Ozil needs a class striker to work with, but so do all the Arsenal side, yet for the kind of money we pay him and what he cost to buy him I don`t think he`s value for money. Wenger obviously thinks differently. So, he either performs without a striker or Wenger buys one. Myself, I`d cash in on him while he still has some sort of value. Wenger says there are no strikers available better than what he has! ……….????????

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