Arsenal rise up the 50 most valuable sports teams standings

Arsenal has been confirmed as one of the top 50 most valuable sports teams in the world and the top five in the Premier League.

The Gunners were a part of the six EPL teams that joined six other European teams who formed the suspended European Super League a few weeks back.

The owners of the teams involved were motivated to make more money from owning the different clubs, but that effort has been frustrated.

Nevertheless, the Gunners have remained one of the most valuable sports team in the world, meaning Stan Kroenke owns one of the biggest football clubs.

Forbes via the Daily Mail released the rankings which see Arsenal ranked 38th among the top sports teams in the world.

The Gunners are the lowest-ranked Premier League team behind Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The Gunners are currently valued at £1.98bn, per the report and it claims that they have actually jumped up by 9 places from the previous ranking.

The Gunners aren’t the only team owned by the Kroenke’s in the rankings as the American also owns the Los Angeles Rams which tied on the 13th spot with Man City, valued at £2.82bn.

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  1. Arsenal so called rising up the most valued team, obviously isn’t linked to how good we are. We are sh*t but our value goes up, i dont get it at all. It cant last like that.

    1. I’m surprised too i thought performances and value were both related i guess i was wrong!

  2. that’s the power of being a team with some historical significance, in the grand scheme of things, based out of London…it’s the very reason why the Rams, who never made it on such lists when they were based in St. Louis, had won a Super Bowl in the modern era and were known as the greatest show on turf…now they’re in one of the biggest sporting markets in the free world, albeit on a parcel of Kroenke-owned land in Inglewood, and all of a sudden they’ve catapulted into the 15th position…btw all of Kroenke’s clubs are located in, or as in the case of the Rams relocated to, areas that have experienced considerable upticks in real estate values, which is really all he cares about

    based on this alone, I would be very surprised if Kroenke even contemplated selling Arsenal for less than 3B, baring some sort of extraordinary circumstances arising out of the blue…after all if we can continue to maintain or even increase our market value under a veil of mediocrity for the better part of a decade, just think of the possibilities if someone who actually gave a sh** was in charge

    1. I think you are spot on. I had a look at the Kronkes and KSE’s portfolio and they don’t tend to sell-on. I want them out as they don’t care about the club, but the more worrying aspect is they really don’t give a sh** about the fans. There was furore in America when he moved the Rams, with a lot of high profile & famous people giving him stick about the move. If a “whole city” hates you with a passion and it doesn’t bother you, a few fan protests are “water off a ducks back”! I’m afraid we are stuck with Stan and Junior!!!!!!

      1. Given the gun culture in Bible belt Missouri, Kroenke must spend a fortune on personal protection after selling out the people of St Louis by moving the Rams to that LA “den of iniquity”.

    2. Your last paragraph TRVL made an interesting point, and I totally get it, but if Kroenke showed more interest in Arsenal being successful, couldn’t he make even more of what he craves, which isn’t glory, but money?

      1. Hey SueP…he has a formula that he has rather strictly followed, until the Rams relocation, which required some considerable deviations…as an appropriate analogy, he’s not like a house flipper, where they come in and invest considerable sums to raise the value of a particular property for the purposes of selling for a considerable profit…instead he’s like a collector of properties in specific regional locations where market forces strongly suggest that their respective values will rise exponentially over the long-term…as such, he simply becomes the caretaker owner of said
        properties, with little to no personal investment, minus the original outlay, then enjoy the fruits of his investment from a portfolio/financial leveraging standpoint…of course, one could potentially make more money by pursuing trophies and titles, but it involves a considerable amount of financial risk with no guarantees of a return…just think about where clubs like Barca and Real stand, financially speaking, right now after more than a decade and a half of championship calibre investments

  3. We don’t know the criteria for these rankings but most likely they are economic based. Whatever it is Arsenal is still a top club in real terms. Look at the club’s infrastructure and overall set up. Of course there is a temporary blip but such assessments are based on long term performances and not emotional short term issues.
    I wonder why any fan of the club should be concerned about Kroenke’s intents. Our only interest in any owner of the club, whether Kroenke or another, should be that he invests in the team. We don’t have any love relationship with any individual. Our relationship should be based on the wellbeing of the club and not fantasy. If Kroenke improves the club why should anyone be concerned about the ownership? Not many of us have any personal issues with Kroenke. We only relate with him in matters concerning Arsenal and that should be the thinking of all true gunners. The obsession with Kroenke is not helpful at all. I sometimes get flabbergasted by the open hate remarks against Kroenke, some bordering on wishing him death! Such hate is truly from psychotics! Otherwise why would anyone go to such an extent?

  4. Let’s face it Arsenal is a money making business enterprise, not a football club. However, how long can the business be sustained without on field success?

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