Arsenal rivals all face tough tasks as Gunners pray for aid

Arsenal are currently on target to miss out on the top four for the first time in two decades, but this weekend could prove to turn things around once more.

This season has been amazing for the neutrals, but for us Gunners it has been tough, and has piled on the stress levels.

Our current league position leaves us dreading the worst, but this weekend could well show up a number of positive results for our side, with each of our rivals facing tough opposition.

Manchester United have to face Premier League leaders Chelsea, who have already beat them twice this term without conceding a single goal, and while the Red Devils can boast an unbeaten record in the league since they last took on the Blues in October, they have drawn much more games than they would wish to remember. I certainly wouldn’t put money on a win for the home side.

Manchester City also face a tough task, with Southampton posing as a problem for many sides, ourselves included. The Saints have knocked both us and Liverpool out of the League Cup this year, and have a number of players who can cause serious problems to any team in the division.

Liverpool have the easiest opponents on paper, but West Brom have shown how clinical they can be, and are not to be underestimated when it comes to set pieces, as they showed against us this month.

Whether the results are good or bad, our side will be under immense pressure to close the gap on Monday night, and it would most certainly be nice for our players to have the added belief in our top four chances.

Would there be more or less pressure on our players if our rivals were all drop points this weekend? Which of the above do you expect to win?


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Salam all my brothers….

    With the current players and manager

    Lets all pray for the best outcome

    1. I ate my foot...Can't walk now says:

      No amount of prayer will chnage our managers mentality or stubborness.

      Just accept it and carry on

  2. Kotte says:

    We aint gonna make it into top four…check out our fixtures and you will see for urself!!

  3. tweety says:

    our slim chances are the fa cup. forget top four finishing. wenger to stay because i read that he signed a left back. a 23 year old schalke player. gooner = forever

  4. Ronny says:

    Ahhhhh! It just makes it so much worse that were cr*p and Spurs are flying high, 4 goals and 7 wins in the bounce. Damn damn damn…..
    # should have tried to buy Toby Alderwereild

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Yup and a new dawn is approaching..
      Put your hands together for the birth of St Arsekickings Day lol ??
      The Spuds could end up winning the league at this rate ???

      1. I ate my foot...Can't walk now says:

        They looked quality last year but choked under the pressure

        Better manager better defence. Reasons there better than us

    2. AndersS says:

      Has very little ti do with the individual defenders. Spurs have the whole team pressing and working hard, when they loose the ball. This keeps pressure of their defense and give them several easy goals. Today was a prime example against Bournemouth. This is the way football teams are winning today. Unfortunately, we have a manager, who hasn’t followed the times on this, and he is so far from it.

  5. Elliot says:

    I don’t know what I hate more, tottenham, or the fact they are miles better than us.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    When do Arsenal ever take advantage when our rivals slip up? Even when all of our rivals finish below us, Wenger still can’t win the league, or even get anywhere near winning it! I really hope Boro beat us, because we need all the help in the world to remove megalomaniac Wenger from our club.

  7. Godswil says:

    Continue to pray don’t work hard.
    Looking at Sp*ds we should be ashame.
    Complete overhaul starting from the manager.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’ll take time though. Next season would be too soon esp with a large overhaul all at once. Fergie used to make small changes over time which then became large, always evolving. Arsene at one time was good at this too, a long time ago now. But we need a large overhaul now because Arsene refused to replace and better certain players. If Arsene’s in charge, we will not see the large overhaul that people want, not just because of his faith and stubbornness, but because he knows he hasn’t got the time it will take for the team to gel.

  8. SoOpa AeoN says:

    This is probably one of the best spud team in years and likewise the worst Arsenal….

    How synonymous?

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Spurs aren’t just winning consistently. They are winning BIG these days
    Not only will they finish ahead of us but by over 10 points probably

    Wenger has no clue what to do to fix us
    He has been trying for past 12 years

  10. Abdulquadr says:

    Am i the only person who thinks “just challenging for the Premier league alone next season” would be better? At least, to know we are even capable of doing a Chelsea next season

  11. ArseOverTit says:

    The professor (which he isn’t anyway) of Economics has been teaching in a subject of which he isn’t a specialist.

    Meanwhile his younger counterpart has a class full of A grade students.

  12. Guneal says:

    I trip to Rome to see the Pope for prayers won’t help us.

  13. Break-on-through says:

    Tott, I don’t even watch their matches unless against us, I catch the highlights, wouldn’t want to add to their tv ratings. I wish Che, Utd, and City would hurry up and raid that club already, we all know it’s only a matter of time. Dele Alli, Kane, will go the way of Bale, to a club hat matters. Lloris I hear is basically gone, good keeper, but of course it was bound to happen. Vertonghen I can see playing for Mourinho.

  14. imran_gunr says:

    I think Spurs are in making of another invincibles. Pochettino is the next version of arsene Wenger who was effective in his first 10 yrs. Wenger now has become money gainer and trophy loser. We fans can’t leave our favourite club. I don’t understand why Wenger has this arrogance. He should have taken fabregas back. He could have got temporary solution of signing Ashley Williams and fonte. He could have got a striker too.. donno … I can’t understand. It’s just damn hurting deeply by seeing Chelsea and spuds raising their games. Shame…. Damn shame…. Shameeeeeeee…

    1. gmv8 says:

      I prefer Chelski to win than the Spuds. Banter is all very well, but they just showed how pathetic they were trying to make fun out of Wilshere’s injury, almost anything goes in football, but that shows a total lack of class – if that doesn’t inspire us to crush them, nothing will, and it will show what a serious problem in team spirit we really have.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Agreed buddy.

  15. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsenal aren’t going to win so no point in looking to our opponents.

    Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass……….still getting nowhere………pass, pass, pass, give ball away………24 seconds later…….1-0 down

    And repeat*

    *This pointless interpretation of football was brought to you by Wenger. 13 long years in the making

    1. ArseOverTit says:


  16. gmv8 says:

    The problem is, it doesn’t matter who we bring in, they become hopeless after 10 weeks tutelage under Wenger. Xhaka and Mustafi were good when they first came, Perez refused to stop scoring goals, so he was placed permanently on bench ….

  17. gmv8 says:

    You are only picked for first team duties, rain or shine if you follow the Wenger philosophy of passing backward or sideways, losing the ball midfield when all your fullbacks have pushed on, make sure you don’t track back to help your defence and blasting the ball 40 feet over the bar having made at least 20 passes in the penalty area, as Aaron Ramsey knows as he seems to play perfectly normally when he plays for Wales.

  18. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge

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