Arsenal rocked again by injury blow for Barca clash

At least Arsenal managed to get through our final Champions League group game against Olympiacos and the two Premier League clashes with Sunderland and Aston Villa without losing any more players to injury. Seven first team players is more than enough to have in the treatment room thank you.

But there is some more bad news on the injury front, closely following on the news of another delay to the return of Danny Welbeck. This time it is our midfield maestro and pass master Santi Cazorla that is the bearer of bad news. There was hope that the Spanish international might be able to recover in time to play some part for the Gunners in the Champions League.

But unless Arsenal pull off another big shock and get past the holders Barcelona, Santi will not be playing in the competition again this season. The Mirror is reporting that the player himself has confirmed that he will be out for too long to feature in either of the two legs against Barca.

Cazorla revealed, “I am trying to take it well. These are the things that happen in football and I am trying to recover as soon as possible.

“I have to be ready mentally to work and hopefully I can shorten the recovery time as much as possible.

“I do not want to set a time but I want to play in three months. I do not want to extend it more if it is possible. Arsenal have told me it will be between three and four months, which may be closer to four.

“I have already said that I will work hard, I want to make everything I can to play in March but we will see how it goes. We are not going to force it if is going to be bad. But my priority is to play in March.”

“The club have told me to be calm and that when I return we will be in the finals (laughs). I hope so. The important thing is that the team do well and I recover as soon as possible.”

The little magician could provide a brilliant and timely boost to Arsenal when he does return but until then, can Aaron Ramsey and all keep our trophy hopes on track?

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  1. CarzoLa’s Aging!……….. I KEEP SAYING THIS………. His body physiology is changing….His body repair system won’t be as active as in one younger….. Fact is He won’t always be the same Lil magician we have known(maybe he still is for now, how bout SOON? )…… He Needs someone younger to groom in his stead…… I know Ramsey is doing well…. But with Carzola out ,aging and struggling for form, that’s just one player short….

    _Bottom Line_

    We Love u carzola…get well soon

    1. Hahaha… LmFaO…. I fLopped again …. C-A-Z-O-R-L-A …. How come it only happens when it comes to santi?

      Admin once told me I’d be surprised how many cazorlas google had to offer

      Then there was this other guy who said “cathorla” is the real deal …

  2. The positive is that although will miss Santi, his able replacement Ramsey gives us extra in terms of goals which could get us past the finishing line first in the league.

    1. i would welcome rocisky during santi’s absence… he could be very influential for us in the barcelona game… i just pray he doesn’t have a setback in his own injury

  3. Its funny how delusional people can be into thinking that Ramsey can replace Cazorla. You guys cant discuss such matter bec you all tend to be delusional fanboys. Imma try to make a point.

    Cazorla gives stability infront of the back four. The transition between defending and attacking starts through him. His ball controll and passing accuracitz makes him a perfect fit for this role. Also superiour football brain.

    Ramsey in the other hand has not the football abilities to give the team what Santi has to offer. Dont give me this hater bs. Just try to think and understand.

    Ramsey lacks also the disciplin to become a great player. He is to much concerned in scoring goals to alone.

    In some games he spends more time upfront then the likes of Sanchez trying to score. Some people say its a good thing, i do say its wrong, bec by doing so , key things are being neglected in our game. Against small teams its okay, against Monaco,dynamo we got cought by making these mistakes.

    He plays on the right wing. The right wing getts neglected coz he shifts away from the wings into other poz. Right wing gets neglected to much. Oppesite teams attack us then often only through the right side. Belllerin with Merti get opposed. Campbell does a much better job.

    He plays central. Leaves his poz. goes there where Ozil is supposed to bo. Very dangerous.

    Ramsey need to learn discipline and listen to the likes of Lampard how to becme great, and not an okay player.

    Dont say we dont new players bec such a thing as good enough is a stupid thing to say. Barca are good enough but they dont stop, Bayern are good enough but they dont stop. We are no good enough and we say lets stop. Thats bs. If we are serious in our goals we need to try to become better.

    1. Of course they are two different players, nobody said they weren’t so what’s with the lecture. Ramsey has allot to offer, as does Cazorla, why do you have a problem with fans who can adjudge for themselves. Cazorla is our starting choice for a reason, but it doesn’t make Ramsey a bad player.

      1. Where did i say he was a bad player? I have problems with fans who cant go beyond in being just ”the” fan.

        The lecture is about abilities. Understanding the need for come certain traits in the game. And the choices we make. Overlook them and do nothing and hope for the best, or adjuste them by changing through the players we already have, or in case we cant ( which i think we cant) go out to buy what we need.

          1. Good. Write them all down then. Later you can remind your self how right this ks A hole was to beginn with.

            Linking to failuare to bad luck and accidents will not do us any good. If you repead mistakes over and over again, it will not be a accident anymore but a choices alone choos to do.

            1. U should also give an analysis on how santi lacks certain qualities to dominate the midfield like, his very short physique, inability win headers against most players, inability to defend as well as one should in cm. I am waiting

                1. I feel like the combination of Flamini/Cazorla is probably slightly weaker than Flamini/Ramsey actually, and it means that the wings will now be occupied by wingers which helps our overall game way more.

                  1. Disciplinary defending is what makes us look good. The times of us playing attacking football are long over.

                    Santi can be more succesfull playing upfront, but him playing infront of the back four is of great importance to ensures us stability. Key thing is Stability.

                    Santi and Ozil to not falter under pressure. Other sadly do. Thats what we need to know.

                2. I cant recall a time when we had someone as good as cazorla, as two footed as him and with such close control but we still won games and trophies. So what makes u think that we cant flourish without santi? Also by ur point of coq completing Santis shortcomings, its like saying don’t play Gabriel at all because kosscielny and mert complete each others shortcoming. In football roles are to be divided and not qualities.

                  1. Bad compersing. I am against Mertesacker parntering Kos as i think that Paulista can give more to Kos and Arsenal then Merti can.

                    The poz infront of the back four is for players who are very comfortable with the ball. Ramsey simple is not. Do you want Arsenal to more like the best or compare it to the Spurs?

                    1. I am sorry but there’s no outfield position where being comfortable with ball isn’t required. Its not traditional futbol where cbs are only supposed to make clearance. If u ever noticed u will realise that most of our counter attacks start when our defence calmly plays the ball to midfield even under high pressure.
                      Ps. Ramsey over cazorla in cm even when cazorla returns

  4. The main thing with the city game will be to not get beaten. A loss will be catastrophic going into the new year and all that confidence built up will come crashing down. We are in an ideal position so just need to make sure that city don’t get the chance to move away from us. Of course we should go out there with the aim of winning the game but should also be stubborn as ever in allowing room anywhere near our goal. I won’t mind if Lei end up with some momentum because I think it’s fair to say that even if injuries don’t get the better of them well then the pressure will if they happen to find themselves still leading with a quarter of the games to still go.

    I think this is the first year in a long time that the neutrals are hoping for someone other than Arsenal, we usually are said to be more chosen due to our easy on the eye attacking philosophy. Leic too are good to watch and of course people would love to see a fairy tale ending. If it’s not going to be us well then I too would like to see the fairy tale ending, but I pray it will be ours.

  5. I said it as soon as Cazorla got injured,
    He is out for the rest of the season and he will be lucky to make it to the Euro’s.

    We will be lucky to have Coquelin back by March,
    As for Welbeck.. We will be lucky to get half of what we paid for him… He needs to be sold in the summer,
    that’s IF, he is not injured.

    Come January, We will know how serious Wenger is about wanting to win the premier league!

  6. For me, it’s one of Wilshere, Ramsey or Rosicky to fill in for Santi and I would love to see an in form and terrier like Wilshere in that role. After we beat Barcelona with Wilshere, he can resume injury duties again. Barca have a great attack, but their defence is not indestructible and have a park the bus and siege mentality. Walcott, Sanchez, Cambell and Ozil can hurt them also, so let’s not prematurely write off our chances. Should we get a solid DM in January, that will be of great help. My biggest concern though is how Mert will deal with the speed and dribbles of MSN, and I personally feel Gab will be more direct and cope better.

  7. Bob, you had me scared with that your article heading. I thought there is another big Gunner fresh injury case that I’ve missed. Cazorla is out for 4 months. Let’s hope he comes back as scheduled and plays better than when he left. Arsenal have adequate deep lying midfield depht to fallback to. But they MUST get a DMF(John Obi Mikel or Kante of Leicester or any other one the Boss may deem suitable)to help Arsenal get pass Barca in the 2 legged Ucl tie. Flamini is good for BPL title charge to a certain limit. Due to his old age, fatigue&injury could take it’s tolls on him or sideline him before even Coquelin comes back. The Boss MUST not leave the DMF issue complacent. But deal with the matter credibly in time in the coming window.

  8. Guys we will get chances v Barca… you know why;

    He assists when he wants,
    He assists when he waaaants…
    He assits when he wants!!!

  9. Santi is great and will be missed but I’ve got confidence that one of Ramsey, Wilshire or Rocisky will step up. Not bad depth to have for a supposedly thin squad.

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