Arsenal rocked as Alexis to MISS start of next season

There is some good news for Arsenal fans on our star striker Alexis Sanchez, because it was feared that the Chile international star could actually miss out on the FA cup final against Aston Villa at the end of May, but Arsene Wenger has apparently reached an agreement with Alexis’ national team.

As reported by Sky Sports there are FIFA regulations in place which state that a club must release its international players 14 days before the start of an international tournament if asked and the Copa America this summer kicks off on June 11th. But as long as he is fit, our star man will be at Wembley.

Not so good news though is the very strong likelihood that the former Barcelona forward will not be back in time to help Arsenal at the start of next season. Just like with the World Cup finals in Brazil last summer, Wenger will give his players a good break in order to recover and recharge their batteries.

The fact that Alexis’ country is hosting the tournament and the fact that they are a strong side makes it likely that Chile will be involved in the latter stages and it does not end until mid July. With the Premier League season starting early on August 8th, it is pretty much certain that the Gunners will have to start without him.

Wenger said, “They (Chile) could call him up. We got an agreement they won’t call him. Anyway I am sure he would not go (before the FA Cup final).

“That is not good news (for Arsenal) because they (Chile) finish very late and if they go very far, he will miss the start of the season.”

The only other Arsenal player likely to be affected is our Brazilian defender Gabriel, if he is selected, unless of course the boss signs any more South American players this summer. At least our Premier League rivals Chelsea, Man City

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  1. Then buy Pedro to replace him for that period.Simple enough.and anyway walcott is showing too much of attitude in contract talks.replace him.

      1. Diving dickhead can dive for Spurs, liverpool or manure instead. His rotten qualities are not wanted in our respectable club.

        He was a fair winger for Barca during mid-Guardiola-period though, I’ll give him that!

    1. And manure lost their 3game in a row, but all wot will be on the front page 2moro is ao arsenal failed to beat chelsea last weekend……somehow for English press

  2. We will survive also without him. I hope that the current players we have who are not playing right now do hit some form again. Wilsher as much as he played this season he was decent in my opinion and not so bad how some stupid fans make him out to be. And Walcott who still did not come back in form for i dont know how long i do also expect from him to sign his contract and fight for a place in the starting line up.

    We need also to buy again, as spending has showed, with getting Ozil and Sanchez that its totally worth it.

  3. The window hasn’t opened, Additions(of players) haven’t been made yet,the new season hasn’t even begun…..and we are already thinking Arsenal would be rocked cuz of sanchez’s probable absence…..what kinda negative talk is this?

  4. Headline is silly click bait. He could miss some training if Chile go far. No big deal.

    1. Man U rocking like a old boat. Van Pu$$y seems like he wants to be on vacation.

      1. 2 points above them with 2 games in hand. Think we’ve definately excelled 4th place for this season.

  5. Completely off topic but now a days people are starting to hate EPL dont know why cause i dont find any reason about it they just hate for no reason… They say LALIGA or Bundusliga… Some even say Ligue1 thats funny.. just because we dont past the round of 16 it doesnt mean we are less in quality….

    1. EPL is the best league but Barcelona,Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are the best teams in Europe,the top teams in the EPL Chelsea,Arsenal,Man City,Man U etc are unfortunately very far in quality from these 3teams we must admit that,Cesc Fabregas and Alexis were not wanted at Barcelona but they’ve been top drawer for Chelsea and Arsenal respectively!

  6. No one is stupid here, the fact it there is somefin abt wilshere dat just doesn’t fit into our present style of place….and wen he was on the pitch dis season we either lose or draw in the league(says the stat). He is a good player but I don’t think he will ever be a consistent stantout performer for arsenal

  7. Man U have all these $300K a week superstars on the payroll and there offensive game plan flows through Sideshow Bob Feliani. LOL

    1. lot of people on this site desperately wanted sideshow bob at the emirates along with de maria and falcao….. have to give credit to the frenchman for not being fooled by those overrated twats…pity he cant see the equally big limitations of walcott and merteshaker….good warning for monday though…hull will be in tigerous (sic) mood and we had better come out psyched up and all guns blazing from the start especially as the place is a dump and the last place you would want to be on a monday nightin may

      1. get be honest, they are not overrated, they just not being used properly or not finding their old form …

  8. man utd loose, 3 straight, they suck, cant stand monday matches, too long to wait, more worries about injury to sanchez in the copa then missing a few matches, those SAm teams play rough, Ospina playing as well?

  9. It’s okay. We have Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlade, Ozil, Ramsey all of whom have played on the wings

    We will be fine for a few matches without Alexis

    Signing Reus would be very helpful. Just saying

  10. Btw

    I think I can speak for everyone here when I say Well done West Bromwich…… he he he.


  11. Well done west brom beat united at traffold and this is their 3rd succesive lost this shows how shit united are westbrom totally exposed their reality.. Coyg!

  12. Blessing in disguise!!
    can’t wait to see arsenal play without the headless chicken in the side

    COYG <3

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