Arsenal rocked by double striker transfer snub

When I say Arsenal here I mean the Arsenal fans, because there is no telling whether Arsene Wenger will be any more inclined to use the January transfer window to sign a striker than he was in the summer.

What the manager did suggest was that he would only add new players to the Arsenal squad if he thought they would be an improvement on what he already has to work with, and as the current Arsenal forwards Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud are finding the net on a regular basis, you would think that any striker signed in January would have to be pretty good.

Two players that would definitely add some fire power to the Gunners are Karim Benzema and Edinson Cavani and they have both been the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours in the past. But any Gooners hoping to see one of these two come to Arsenal are about to be disappointed as both have spoken out about their commitment to their current clubs.

The Daily Mail has reported Benzema´s insistence that all the summer rumours were just hot air and that he was always going to stay at Real Madrid.

He said, “Never. Like every summer, I laugh about it with my brother and my friends. We wait for the media to come out with these rumours.

“In my opinion, I think that Real and Barca are the pinnacle in football. Why I would leave?

“I’m a starter for the best club in the world. I am happy; it’s that simple.”

And The Mirror has reported Cavani saying a very similar thing about Paris Saint-Germain, the French champions where it was reported that the Uruguayan centre forward was not happy.

He declared, “I must confess, this year I’m passionate.

“I feel very happy to see the team playing well, having fun and getting result.”

So will Arsenal have to get by this season with the strikers we already have and the England forward Danny Welbeck? Or is there another transfer that Wenger could go for to boost the Arsenal front line?

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  1. Seriously, we don’t neither as they are approaching their 30s. We need a Martial type player now. Or make use of one of ours, like Akpom etc etc. Forget these two oldies. Benzema is too over hyped otherwise he’ll be the first name on the sheet at Real Madrid. Cavani if you ask me is even near his 40s than 30s!

    1. Why are we even discussing? Walcott and Alexis just frustrated the back line of Bayern all game. Walcott nearly had a goal. Probably save of the year from neuer.

      1. Now people started to trust in Wenger after the closed transfer without us buying new striker like Cavani and over hip Benzema, people are calling for Wenger’s head, Now he knows the best reason he don’t want to buy for just the sake of buying new striker to unsettle already united team he have. I love Wenger,by the way Happy birthday to the Proff.


  2. ooooooooohhh yeeeeesssssssssss

    imo i think wenger know best .. we all crying over quality striker but see how torres became average with chelsea and even still struggling.Jackson Martinez is another example we thought he was a goal machine but he can’t even bag in goals at la liga .a league which players don’t get injury that much plus if you are a top striker 20 goals a season means u are average in EPL.reality is not a FIFA manager on a console which all quality players fixed to performed.I like my giroud my Walcott and my welbeck they give us options in every area

  3. I don’t think signing any new player is top in the priority of Arsenal now. To sign any of those top quality players is cumbersome. And besides, most of those top quality players have little or no resell value after 2-3 years should Arsenal succeeded to sign one of them. And the signee may not quarantee any remarkable success for Arsenal in terms of winning titles. Cavani and Benzema are passing their prime and they are very costly players to sign and pay. Let the Boss continue to harness the quality of the players he has with him as he continues to fight for the quadruple and we’ll see what may happen in January as far as Arsenal transfer is concerned.

  4. No negative remarks or comments should spoil our mood. We just defeated Bayern and have a tough opponent to play on Saturday. We could even top the table on Saturday…

    I careless with all this ‘snubs’ here and there… We have Sanchez, Walcott and Giroud now and we are on a good run….Let’s stay focus until January and see if we get any player in…Gunners All Day Long!

  5. this whole Article is a Lie!………….. Even if it were true, why do i care?………….. As far as i’m concerned, only a handfull of bug-eyed players would consider snubbing such beautiful Arsenal!



    I recall Lacazette snubbing us 4 Lyon stay, he came to the emirates for the emirates cup, we all know how hurt he felt afterwards!

    Same goes with Lewandowski of Late!

    Nobody snubs us and walk away unhurt! L()L

    1. what i’m tryna say is……….Once we develop a public interest in u (as a player), u are bound to blush, salivate and fantasize!

  6. I’m so not bothered about the above mentioned players,
    that I can’t even be bothered to type their names ?
    I’m happy with the way our team is playing at the moment,
    I would rather see our quality youngsters given a chance to shine, as I’m sure they will, starting with the cup game against Sheffield Wednesday ?

  7. Aubameyang scored a hat trick today, damn.

    He’s got 17 goals and 5 assists in 16 appearances. He’s become a fearsome striker!

  8. Listen Baby Please

    All summer long we read articles about transfers. It was excruciating. It was like people were walking on my testees baby please on a daily

    Can’t we just hold off until January, when the window reopens and focus on the season we just beat Bayern and have a chance maybe this weekend to get to #1 in PL.

    Two types of articles I hate during season are transfers and Mourinho articles

  9. LOL. Hahahaha ROTFL @Listen Baby Please’s line:

    “…It was excruciating. It was like people were walking on my testes baby please on a daily.”

    Best line I’ve heard all day!!!

  10. Yes, I know it is still too early in the season to make conclusions. However I think getting a new striker is not a need for us now, far from it.

    We should be more worried about Ramsey’s injury -now that’s a big rocking blow!

  11. Am I the only person begining to really really hate Benzema and his smug am all that comments and interviews? I understand the majority of rumours linking him to us has nothing to do with him but i cannot shake the sneaking suspicions he enjoys all that attention around him amd will look to profit from it when its time for him to renew his contract with Madrid…..if we did sign a world class striker in the summer I hope its not him……

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