Arsenal rocked by Ramsey injury worry!!

Just when Arsenal thought they had come through the two week international break with no real injury and fitness concerns, our star midfielder Aaron Ramsey seemed to pick up an injury in the last few minutes of Wales’ hard fought win in Andorra.

The referee had not been helping Wales by allowing the Andorran players to get away with some hefty and dangerous challenges. But it was not a bad tackle that caused the Arsenal man a problem. It appeared to be as a result of the artificial 3G pitch.

The Welsh Gunner was twisting and turning near their corner flag to wind the clock down and he seemed to jar or twist his right foot or ankle. It might not be too bad because Rambo did come back on after a bit of treatment, but he was then subbed a minute or so later. And he did not look comfortable limping off.

With four days to go before Arsenal host Man City in the Premier League and just a week to go before we face Borussia Dortmund in Germany, Arsene Wenger will be crossing his fingers that this knock does not keep Ramsey out of action.

The Wales manager was scathing about the pitch and the referee but could not add much more about Ramsey’s injury. Could Arsenal’s bad luck be starting all over again?

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  1. am glad he is… hes performamce has been below par because he became untouchable… let him rest a bit i know hes goin to lose the superstar status and play his fantastic basic football. Ive had enough of hs fancy game ts what got him red carded in UCL qualifiers… he can do better jus playing like an average player not as ‘Mr Arsenal’

    1. shows me you understand silch about football. i am really getting tired of “fans” on here, who change their minds abt players , believe the media and pundits, judge by a couple of games and then talk shite they don’t understand.

      really ? he hasn’t scored in a game and he’s shit? next week someone else w be shit and he will be great.

      and you need to go off here. for wishing a player, esp an arsenal player an injury.i’ll stop now bc i might hurt somebodies feelings , if i continue thinking about such stupidity.

    1. You can say that again!! I was watching that game,its not that serious….bt here comes the forced rotation,let abit!!time for Rosicky to take the spot….take rest Ramsey,at least for saturday and will be back afresh and hungrier!

    1. In WC qualification matches (FIFA sanctioned) artificial turf is not normally allowed. I don’t know if there are exceptions. I have watched games in US where they actually laid sod over the turf to satisfy FIFA rules for WC qualification matches.

      But apparently UEFA controls the regional matches for UEFA championship qual matches.

  2. The Arsenal Curse.

    We need to get ourselves out of the messy mess of occurrence and reoccurrence of injuries, especially to our most influential players.

    God help Arsenal.

  3. Ramsey will be fine, if not, Wilshere seems to be a better player without Ramsey playing with him for some reason so it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  4. What the hell! I have seen the game (well not all of it) and it didn’t looked that bad. Ozil looked worse at Leicester.
    Hope all is good. With our luck, good means only two weeks. Curious what the boss will say this week.

    1. You say that as if Rosicky and Ox are useless…
      Rosicky is dying to play, and I’m sure he’ll put in a decent shift if he gets the chance.

      That is if Ramsey is actually injured, otherwise we are all just wasting our time!

    1. Coleman on Ramsey (taken off late on in Andorra): “He twisted his ankle and got a kick. Hopefully he’ll be ok for Arsenal on the weekend.”— BBC Wales Sport (@BBCWalesSport) September 9, 2014

  5. Oh shit! Just wen we tot we were about to have an injury free week 🙁
    Dear Lord, please dont let AW start wilshere… Give us Rosicky instead please!!!… Amen! 😀

  6. Ramsey has some steel about him…hope he’s fit for Saturday.

    I like how the events of this week have taken attention away from silent assassin’s like sanchez, ox and cazorla…if Wenger gets his thinking cap on straight man city are in deep trouble


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