Arsenal rue missed chances against Chelsea but must focus on the positives

Arsenal lost 3-2 to Chelsea in a thrilling game, but Alex Iwobi thinks that if we had converted our chances, especially in the first half, we should have gone away from the Bridge with all three points. “For the neutral fans watching, it was an amazing game but for us Arsenal fans and players it’s very hard to take, especially after coming back from 2-0 down. It’s not the result we wanted, we just have to forget about it and focus on the positives.

“Obviously we’re working to try to get into the dangerous positions in the first place, which is good, but we need to take our chances. Taking those chances [against Chelsea] would have won us the game. We’ll continue to create those chances and hopefully make the most of them in the next game.”

So although Arsenal have lost the first two games under Emery, how does he think the new coaching regime is going? “It’s very good.” he said. “As you can see, we’re buying into it. It’s a lot of intensity and it demands a lot, but we’re enjoying it. Unfortunately the results aren’t going our way, but we promise that we’ll keep on fighting and do our best to get a result.

“Of course it’s been frustrating p[laying against these sides early doors, but we can’t dwell on this. We’ve got to deal with it and keep on fighting this season. We just have to keep on going.

“It was a bit of a shaky start but we showed character to fight back to 2-2. We were just unfortunate and should have got the result we wanted by keeping it tight in defence. We have to keep on going.

“It’s not difficult, you just have to buy into what he says and do what is demanding. We’ll keep on listening to him, we’ll keep on working on the training pitch and hopefully the outcomes that we want and deserve will come through.”

That’s the fighting spirit we want to see. Now we just want to see it reflected in results and in our defensive performances. Also I don’t believe that Aubameyang would miss that chance in 99 out of 100 goes, so hopefully they will all go in from now on….



  1. Dudu says:

    I was expecting entertainment football
    At the end I was ashamed
    Wen are we gonna be happy again.
    Our weakest link is hector bellerin and Mr watcher xhaka…….please Emery ur tactics is exposing out team our players are lazy only 2 out of eleven players can play up to ninety minutes.

    1. gotanidea says:

      It was actually an entertaining game

      Iwobi was right, had the attackers been able to convert the perfect chances, Arsenal would have one goal ahead and they just needed to prepare for counterattacks

      The worst player of the match was Aubameyang for unable of scoring from such perfect crosses

    2. Patrick_G says:

      Xhaka is the best ball watcher, none tackling and unintelligent midfielder we have.

  2. Maks says:

    Arsenal is already attacking differently from wengers era when we kept the ball arround midfield and made 100 passes without even looking forward. I like our new way which is still Arsenal s like, with speed from the flanks and lot s of running with great technical skill.
    Our defence is much bigger problem cos it is more complex thing and level of our defender is not very high. So will need at least 3 months to improve it and a year to make it right (with new RB, CB and I hope Leno will replace Cech asap).

    1. Maks says:

      By “Wenger s era” I mean on last 10 years cos that guy made me so frustrated that I am easily forgeting that he had anything with Invincibles 🙂

    2. RSH says:

      arsenal just have to splash a lot of cash on a CB. That’s the only way we fix this problem honestly.

      1. McLovin says:

        Indeed. Tall , quick and good with the ball will go a long way in thea Premier League.

        1. ks-gunner says:

          Any names guess i can think of any

  3. Phil says:

    Off topic-I’m not sure if it was picked up on the TV but Giroud made a point of coming over to us away fans and gave us a very warm and heartfelt applause immediately after the Arsenal players had left the pitch.He was very well applauded in return.I was never his biggest fan but he went out of his way to do what he did and it was a classy thing to do.

    1. Goonster says:

      I just don’t know the hate always got. I havr always like his personality even if he was not a Top top striker. It was never hos fault that wenger refused to buy more athoand quicker strikers to alternowitg Giroud.

      The guy never caused any problems. He always got on with it even if idiots kept blaming him for their Prince Ozil being average and overrated. It was always Girouds fault whenever Ozil was exposed as a limited overhyped player.

      To this day I would still have loved Giroud in our squad as another option instead of people like Xhaka, Welbeck, etc..

      1. ks-gunner says:

        He did cause problems by going 15 games without scoring and being to over reacting about his critics. That he spend also time with hookers before games did him no good as well.

      2. Sarmmie says:

        That must have been so touching
        But “he wasn’t a top striker” not “he wasn’t a top top striker”
        What I’m saying is, you didn’t need to add the second top

    2. snowden says:

      To use an overworked phrase but very true here. It was ‘a class act’ of Giroud.
      He took a lot of undeserved criticism from some fans.yet his record for Arsenal is up with best.

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Really good post Phil and typical of you to spot it. Well done mate.

  4. Durand says:

    Agree defense is the problem. £18 million wasted on Sokratis with no resale value. Watching our 2 CB’s “play” can’t help but wonder if Chambers loan was a mistake.

    If Bellerin starts over Lichtsteiner against West Ham, I expect trouble all game on that side. He’s been the poorest player to me, and Lichtsteiner surely has to be frustrated sitting behind that mess.

    Lastly, 5 captains Emery picked, and not a single one worth a tinkers damn. Cech disappointing, Ozil on and off like a light switch, Xhaka being outdone by 19 yr old from French 2nd league, Kos is shelved, and Ramsey that t##t makes me miss Wilshere.

    That captain bullshit all on Emery; Lichtsteiner clearly man among boys, yet can’t get a sniff because Bellerin and his man bun offering sweet FA.

    Waiting with interest to see the lineup; if Bellerin, Xhaka, Ozil start, Emery will deserve every bit of criticism he receives. Clearly those 3 struggling with new system and should be benched til they figure it out.

    1. Durand says:

      Simply amazed our best player by a mile is 19 yr old kid from French 2nd league, not once but twice. Shows more heart than half the squad.

      Kid fights for his spot every week like he fears losing it, while veterans stroll about not to be bothered. Xhaka and Ramsey should be shitting their pants, because by November Torreria, Guendouzi, and AMN should be locked in at midfield, and Ramsey and Xhaka (2 captains ) sitting on bench.

      1. Will says:

        If you had watched him in pre season it would not be a surprise that he would be our best player, been outstanding most of the games he has played.

        Hopefully Emery shelves Xhaka next game and puts Torreira in as well as AMN when he is fit again. This season is us rebuilding and if Emery can get this three ticking it gives us a very bright future

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    next game vs west ham….our winning streaks starts

    1. Phil says:

      Of course it does John.While I accept the defending was bad at times the performance for me gave us a lot to be encouraged over.Chelski are one goal scorer away from being Premier League contenders and we have to accept that we are where we are at this present time due to the squad Emery inherited and the minimal transfer budget he had to work with.
      We caused Chelski all sorts of problems at times and there was a genuine belief in the players at times when going forward.While Xhaka going off was probably the right call at the time we did miss him in the second half.He frustrated continually with his distribution but he also was able to get on the ball at times and move the ball forward.
      The line up will be different against West Ham.Lichstiener will start over Bellerin and Torreira will come into midfield.Lacazette must start up front with Aubamayang and we will look a different team against a team we will be far to good for.
      Emery has had a very difficult start but we will improve.The team seem to be willing to play as the Manager wants and it’s certainly different to how we played under Wenger.Just give him time to keep working on the defence and we will start winning games again

      1. ruelando says:

        I really do not know if the line up will be different because i thought it would be different for the Chelsea game with the only real change being Iwobi, Monreal does not really count because that is his position. So let us see what he is thinking for the next match.

        1. Chabaloah says:

          Torreira might not be match fit enough to start and also it’s his and Lich’s first season in the PL. They need to be bedded in and cannot just start against arguably two of the most difficult sides to play against. I don’t blame him for not starting them yet. Besides it gives Emery more ammunition for subbing the underperformers by giving them the chances they are squandering.

          1. Lance says:

            Chalaboah, please spare us this bedding in talk. While Arsenal are waiting to bed in Torreira, Lichtsteiner, other new signings – Jorginho, Fred and Nabir Keita – are already playing for Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool respectively. Please tell me how long did it take to bed in Aubameyang and Guendozie? Both went straight into the team.

    2. RSH says:

      Ozil plays well so he can do nothing for the next couple of months.

  6. sheriff Bundor Kamara says:

    Ozil is lazy , he cannot fight and win play, he is a senior experienced figure in the field that which he must exhibit to the young stars in the team. Arsenal needs the hleb, Nasri and santi types to hold on balls and make moves around opponents. At the moment who is capable to hold the ball in the team, none.

  7. Goonster says:

    I really don’t know why but I feel like we are going somewhere. We have lost these last 2 games but you can clearly see what Emrey is trying to do. He is still looking for his first 11, hence the constant changing and mixing. We know that Guendozi is now his first name on the team sheet together with Torriera and may be Auba. The rest are playing for their lives.

    But i am more optimistic and and appreciating how hard Emery is trying and working hard to fix things.

    We will be up there fighting for top 4 come the end of the season. Just need a few easier games to get our confidence going.

    Let’s go get them boys.
    Come On You The Arsenal.

  8. ks-gunner says:

    Not that Wenger has left the club all crippled with under performers and good players running out their contract and taking us for ransom, but the fan base has become also immensely toxic. Just what do you guys even expect from this team today? There are a part of fans who give me the impression that they are still bitter about the change in manager and now are to over judgmental and hostile towards the boss, and the other part gives me the impression that we somehow have a team to compete and the defeats came somehow to a surprise. When was the last time we did actually beat Chelsea in their home stadium? Do you guys forgotten that we played against other teams not long time ago and where not able to land any shoots on the target for the most majority of the games. With Emerys approach us conceding goals will be a norm, but its up to us to score more than every other team we face. In better days some of the chances we had would be goals, but it did not happens so we lost. End of the story.

    So calm your ( . y .) already and support whatever is there one can support in this club.

  9. Question? I know Emery’s command of English is shit! But has he ever taken the time to evaluate some of the comments made on! If not then why not? Arsenal is top class team With a great fan base some of us (me) have nearly 60 years invested. So Emery if Your gonna stay start by listening. PS drop the 5 captains, because that is just silly!

    1. snowden says:

      Do you want us to believe because of your are age your knowledge of football is superior to those below you age?

      1. ken1945 says:

        snowden that’s not what he said at all is it?
        We do have a great fanbase don’t we?
        However,, he does have the experience of supporting our club when we were really nowhere near the club we are today.
        No Idea how long you have supported the club, but maybe we all should follow the saying that your never to old to learn!!

        1. Midkemma says:

          I’m with snowden, he does insinuate that investing time = knowledge, which is wrong.

          “No Idea how long you have supported the club, but maybe we all should follow the saying that your never to old to learn!!”

          Cech playing out from the back… Go on say it, say he isn’t to old to learn.

          Wenger learning tactics… Go on, say it. Got you here haven’t I? XD hehe.

          How about to younger players? Bellerin isn’t too old to learn how to defend?

          While I do agree with what you said, we need to challenge our own believes if we are to learn, otherwise we are no different from people who think they know it all already.

          If someone is right in what they are claiming then they will not need to rely upon age to be the convincing factor, they could use the facts they know about the situation rather than falling back on how much time they have invested, what would you find more convincing in all honesty?

          I get so frustrated at the using age as a defense argument that i’ll attack that area in a post, I aint perfect. I do not discriminate knowledge based on the age of the individual, kinda…. Ageist.

          I also agree on the fanbase, I believe some fans on these forums are great human beings and I have met people at matches or down the pub watching the match who are also great human beings… And I personally have found that we can moan and yell at each other about Arsenal but as soon as a spud comes into the room, we’re united XD I wouldn’t want a different bunch of people 🙂 How could I not agree that we have the best fans XD

          1. ken 1945 says:

            Midkemma, well Emery obviously doesn’t think Cech is to old does he?
            Wenger not learning tactics? He was the one who taught tactics to the premier league 22 years ago.
            Not just Bellerin, anybody should be able to learn from others every day.
            Agree with your views that age doesn’t mean knowledge as my three grandsons prove every day. But it does give you experience don’t you think?
            Our fanbase? If your a Gooner your an elite and lucky person.

        2. jon fox says:

          Nicely puuting the actual truth in place of the silly misrepresentation. Folks who do that are so dishonest, so well said, Ken.

  10. Midkemma says:

    Emery has come in and the three things that appear to be his main focus is: fitness, positioning and end product. So for all three of those traits have been improved in multiple of our players, for example, Iwobi played with purpose and for me he was one of our main threats going forward. Another couple examples would be Bellerins final ball in the final third, he was picking out players most the time. Ozil was tracking players back. This is hopeful for players like Nelson and Nketiah, they clearly have talent so how well will they develop with more focused coaching?

    The 1st game from City we tried to play out from the back no matter what how-ever against the Chavs we did kick the ball long a bit more, there was a bit of adjustment to gameplan. Emery either learnt from the 1st game that we do not have the players to play out from the back like he would like or the players took it on themselves to play long from time to time…

    The key thing I am taking from these two early games is the inclination that players are willing to learn and push themselves for the new manager, not if they are already good enough. It is unfair on Emery to judge him on Wengers coaching.

    The 1st two matches was games that we all expected could be a loss, there was small hope of victories but that hope is like winning the EPL… We don’t really think we would but hey, we have this small bit of hope deep inside, hope that we are wrong and AFC pick up the crown.
    That’s all the hope was.

    Losing those two games wouldn’t seal Emerys fate. He had time with those two games and it he could have used these games to learn more about some players… Even if it meant dragging one of them off at half time to give the team better balance. Emery may have his strongest 11 in mind but needs to know other combination of players for different situations like rotation or injuries. Using the two games to refine his ideas could be a smart thing as nobody expected anything other than indication we are in a new era, he has done that even if people wish to remain ignorant of it in favour of moaning.

    For me personally, I hope of EPL title as I said earlier, I know it is hope more than realism.
    Realism though, we have to improve and challenge for top 4 which I feel is doable if we can sort out the pressing/defending as a team… and somehow overcome the high line with slow CB issue.
    Another realistic hope is to see either Laca or Auba pick up the golden boot, they have both been record scorers before coming to us and if we can get them both to replicate their 30+ goal seasons(not just league) then we can brag about our CFs… Auba needs to put the Chav game behind him and start hitting the net but he can, I believe he can challenge along with Laca.

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