Arsenal rule out offering Lacazette new long-term deal

Arsenal will not consider offering Alexandre Lacazette a new long-term, but are supposedly considering a short-term contract.

The Frenchman has earned his place back in the first-team with a number of impressive displays, but his future remains uncertain with less than 12 months remaining on his current deal.

Many news sources seem to believe that the forward is already being lined up to be replaced, seemingly believing the writing is on the wall for his future to be played out somewhere else next term, but anybody who has been watching closely this season will know how important he has been to our upturn in fortunes.

The club must now decide whether they really believe that they would be better off allowing him to leave, while they would seemingly be forced to buy a new addition to take his place in the squad.

Another option could well be to extend the 30 year-old’s stay, and allow our captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave instead, which would still mean that a new option would be needed to lead the line, which I believe the fans are desperate to see.

The issue with trying to tie Laca down to only a short-term deal however, as The Athletic (via the Daily Mail) states is being considered, is the likelihood that he will have better offers from other clubs, with foreign sides allowed to table their own offers in the new year ahead of a potential free transfer at the end of the term.

He does seem to be happy when seen on the pitch however, and I can’t say I’ve heard anything behind the scenes to say any different about his life as a whole, so maybe he would be more than happy to sign a new deal, even if there was just one or two more years on the table.


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  1. Likable as a person and player, but not someone who will help us get to the next level.

    Never scored the goals we hoped he would since he joined Arsenal, and unlikely to do so in the future.

    Love his involvement in our buildup and how he offers more facets than Auba, but not the striker we need for Top 4 and better.

    High wages, wrong side of 30, and unlikely to get better in the future. Too bad we’ll probably lose him on a free, but don’t see a future for him at the club.

    1. Hi Durand, hope all is well with you.
      Got to disagree with you on this one, as I see Lacazette as just the right role model for our young side and a model professional as well.
      He hasn’t scored the goals we thought he would, but MA has used him sparingly to say the least… whereas Aubameyang plays no matter what.
      Unfortunately though, I do think he will be gone in the summer, simply because he is not valued enough at the club.
      I hunted high and low for official confirmation of the claim in the article, but couldn’t find anything.
      Perhaps someone will oblige?

      1. Ken,
        I’m glad you comment regularly on the site, and I enjoy reading the articles you submit. I usually learn something from your comments; either facts and information, or patience with club decisions at least.

        I understand your opinion, and you make excellent points, however I just don’t see his intangibles equaling the wages paid or performances delivered. A 1 year extension may be good for the club, but not good for Laca.

        Perhaps a more business minded opinion I expressed, but I believe it is the likely outcome with Laca.

        I agree with you regarding Auba, and adding the captain tag to him as well creates another issue regarding his production. Far too often if Auba isn’t scoring it’s hard to find his contributions on the pitch.

        1. Durand, I agree with you Laca assessment, for the same or similar reasons, most notably, the notion that he’s not the kind of player who will take us to the next logical level…of course, if he were willing to accept a part-time position on considerably less wages, which I’m almost certain he wouldn’t, I might have a bit of a rethink…the fact remains that some people’s perspectives are largely skewed as a result of our piss-poor alternatives, whereas if we had another option besides the bang average Eddie or the inexperienced Balo on offer, I’m sure opinions would drastically change…I think this way of thinking is a logical byproduct of the fact that many still don’t trust this organization to properly replace the likes of Laca so they figure it might be best to re-up him regardless of the long-term ramifications of this potential organizational misstep

  2. Obviously he won’t get a long term deal but I hope he gets an extension of a year which I think he will.

  3. Thanks Durand and likewise my friend.
    I’m probably ploughing a lone farrow with Lacs, but I think the club will regret the way he has been treated.
    If he does go, whoever signs him will be getting a true professional at a very good price.

  4. In today’s football, A striker either plays as a makeshift No10 or outrightly as a CF, in Lacazette’s case hes a No10 and striker, he has to take on Aubameyang’s defender and his, that’s a lot of work,

    IMO, Aubameyang should be sold, while Lacazette given a year’s extension ,

    Imagine Kulusevski playing off Lacazette, or Vlahovic , we would terrorize every defense.

  5. I would suggest a 2 year contract extension. Laca is too good to be let go off considering his overall contribution to the Arsenal cause, a very committed and dedicated player.

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