Arsenal ruled out of the race to sign French superstar

Arsenal have been ruled out of any potential move to try and sign Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain, despite rumours of the Frenchman being unhappy at present.

The superstar is currently claimed to be unhappy with his current club and wants to leave, sparking numerous rumours surrounding his potential next club.

While the Gunners have a great record with French players such as Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Patrick Vieira and others, Ben Jacobs insists that we will not be entertaining a move to try and land him despite his current situation.

“Arsenal are not in the race for Mbappe,” Jacobs told the Football Terrace podcast. “They would not seriously entertain any kind of offer or bid for him, that one is a complete non-starter. And Newcastle, as I mentioned is another possible destination in the sense that PIF want a marquee signing. But there’s absolutely nothing in it at the moment.”

While we could hope to have bigger aspirations in the transfer market next summer with an expected return to the Champions League, I don’t believe anybody is expecting us to to battle for Mbappe.

I’m certainly not expecting a huge change to our transfer policy when we earn our place back in the CL, but I do expect us to look a big signing or two to build on what we have.


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  1. How you can be “ruled out of a race” that you were never in, in the first place. may puzzle realists!

  2. The only condition for which I would be glad we sign Mbappe, even if he’s free is that we can immediately sell him for a lot of money. I honestly do not care about this guy’s talents. There’s a report that Madrid are rethinking about signing him due to his troublesome personality. We do not want the likes of him around our players who have so far shown to be humble. His wages are almost an atrocity and his ego (talk about a primadonna) is bigger than our entire club put together. While I know we would never stand any chance of signing him, we shouldn’t even touch him with a twenty foot barge pole. And for once, I’m dead serious

    1. Great comment. I just watched a great documentary on Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Two of the all-time greats in the NBA whose greatness was amplified by the fact that they always put their team first. But all accounts, Mbappe, despite his obvious talent, is the antithesis of that. Don’t want him anywhere near Arsenal.

      1. @voyageur ,talking of basketball,If you haven’t watched the last dance ,I would highly recommend you and anyone else on Just Arsenal to watch it .
        Never been fan of basketball ,had an old ps2 game that I played for ages but never knew what it was about properly until I watched this ,best 10 hours I have wasted and the best documentary I’ve ever seen ,Watching Jordan and his will to win gave me goose bumps every episode,an amazing series which I posted 2 years ago when it came out .
        Highly recommended that would not leave a non basketball fan disappointed

  3. I understand that he handed PSG a list of players he expected them to sign in the transfer window.

    Best to steer well clear of that. One bad apple can ruin the barrel and all that.

  4. not likely to ever happen but damn if a player is good he is truly good and he is one helluva player we have seen in recent years ,so if he looks our way we should never embrace him? dude is still work in progress in terms of maturity and still have good footballing years ahead, the word manager is not just a poster word but coined for a reason so if he comes we manage him

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