Arsenal rumour round-up – Cousins, Cech swap, Jenkinson and Podolski

Arsenal are yet to agree to sign any new first-team squad members, while rivals Liverpool and Manchester United have alreadylanded some key signings. We do appear to be working on improving our squad none-the-less, and I’ll give you a run-down on the latest speculation regarding our market moves.

Lukas Podolski is claimed to have agreed a move to Galatasaray this summer, having fallen down the pecking order at the Emirates and obviously annoying Arsene Wenger at some point. The reported £1.4 Million fee is more than reasonable, although his wages would be the big saver.

We have apparently agreed to loan Carl Jenkinson to Sunderland this season, but will tie him to a new contract before sending him off. The 23 year-old’s future at the Emirates looks doubtful following the emergence of Hector Bellerin, but with the former Barcelona youth product linked with a return to Spain, the English defender could return in the future.

Chelsea’s Petr Cech has long-been linked with a switch to North-London this summer, and now Jose Mourinho is claimed to be trying to lure Oxlade-Chamberlain in return. Arsene Wenger is not playing ball with the Blues boss, and is only interested in a straight cash deal.

We are also said to be involved in a four-way scrap to sign Jordan Cousins from Charlton. The 21 year-old is entering the final year of his Addicks deal. The midfielder featured in every Championship game for his club last term, but I don’t think he is ready for the step-up to Arsenal I’m afraid.

Nothing too exciting at present, but Arsene Wenger does prefer to hold his cards close to his chest! Who would you (realistically) like to see in our recently revealed Gunners shirt this season? Would you sign Cech and play him ahead of Ospina?

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  1. Jack wilshere is man of the match 6 of his last 7 England internationals. He is by far the best English player and with the home grown rule it make him super expensive. It seems city are after him. NO FXXXXXXX WAY.
    If sterling is a £50 m player then Jack is £100 000 001. yes Hundred million and a 1£.

    Chelsea wants ox. They should give us hazard as part of the deal. Their fans are so mad that Cech is joining us. But only a fool will swap Chech for Ox. Chech is 33 and Ox is 21. Whats wrong with these Clowns?

    In the word of mourinho “Why They are against me?”.”But I didn’t say (to Rooney) you will be a second choice for me. And they are against me?

    Jose we didn’t tell you to bench cech . Thats why he wants out. lol

  2. Sell Welleck to them.
    He’s English and we
    don’t need him. Ox to
    be fair is no better than Wellbeck.
    Would make it easier to sign another striker.
    We would get 20 mill toward a 40 mill player like Cavani.
    We get rid if a 16 mill flop they get their 3rd choice quota player.
    Win win all round.

    1. His first season David. Care to give me a list of the players you deem ‘flops,’ ‘injury wrecks,’ ‘deadwood’s,’ ‘over-rated’ so I can quote it back to you when they have great seasons??

      Pretty sure you were advocating selling both Ox and Wilshere to make room for loaning Falcao and buying Eriksen. (Still cracks me up!!!) You’re aware Ddubs had a more productive season than Falcao yeah??

    1. Podolski was crucial in us securing 4th the season after RVP’s departure. The squad has evolved past any form of need for him with the additions of Sanchez and Ozil being core pieces of our attack. Don’t discredit his contributions down as a ’25mil loss..’ Had we not secured 4th in his debut season, the other names I just mentioned would probably never have eventuated..
      You focus so much on the players money that has absolutely no baring on the first-team whatsoever. I honestly think you talk more about the players that don’t step foot on the pitch for us than the ones that do. I think I speak for the majority when I say no one cares…

    2. Podolski cost us £8m rising to £11m which it won’t. Inter also paid us a £2m loan fee plus paid his wages. During his 3 seasons at the club, we finished 4th, 4th and 3rd, won 2 fa cups and the community shield (ok not with much help from poldi). He started 55 matches and scored 31 goals.

      Whatever the spend on podolski, it certainly wasn’t a loss, think of the money we spent on other players over the previous 8 seasons, before his arrival. Having a player like podolski, boosted morale in the dressing room and strengthened the quality in depth of our squad, long may it continue. I want to players of his calibre on the bench or even unable to make the bench.

  3. We hold all the cards in the Cech deal. He’s a 33y.o. family man. We’re the only London club who can realistically challenge Chelsea and offer him an attractive switch without a massive relocation. Mourinho will do everything in his power to make the move as painful as possible and wouldn’t be surprised if the move is prolonged… It should happen though.
    Podolski helped us a lot when we were struggling, it’s just unfortunate that he never truly fit into our system. He needs to be playing in open games in a supporting role and since our defence has tightened substantially opposing teams have been a lot more hesitant to come at us. Has one of the most deadly left boots in the world and is a strong runner. But the honest truth is that he doesn’t offer much more. If he was on 40k a week and content with a squad role maaaaaybe… But for 90k an emphatic no!!

    A common trend i’ve noticed in other windows is looking over at our rivals early movements as though it makes any kind of difference if you sign the players now or a month from now… I’ll let you in on a little secret… It doesn’t matter!!!!!! A lot of the top players are either on holiday or playing international’s freshening up for the coming season. The links we’ve had to players from credible sources have been top quality players. We’re shopping and we’ll buy… Just Chillax 🙂

    1. Jose is definitely a pragmatism coward manager in history of football. It’s a bit hyperbolic but it’s spot on too. He respect glory more than anything else. Remembered when he managed Inter Milan, and Real Madrid to their triumph, he always accused opponents and press for “conspiracies” in the process. He even made a sneaky choked on Tito’s (may he RIP) eye, hilariously, over his assistant shoulder. More reversed, we remembered the way he stole Cashley Cole from us with such illegal approach. Now, he’s showing no respect at all to Petr Cech. He doesn’t give Petr honor he deserved after his long time dedication for Chelsea. He couldn’t give Petr more time plays, but now he hang him. Jose the clown is as slick as a lawyer, and as opportunist as a politician. In short simple word, he’s a fxxxing CHEAP!

      1. Aside from Rodgers, he is my most hated of PL managers and I completely agree… But at the end of the day he’s doing all he can not to strengthen arguably his biggest threat next season, as he did with Demba Ba in previous seasons.. As much as I hate him, and it is almost a pure hatred, have to admire his commitment to doing everything in his powers not to give his rivals even the slightest of advantages…

    1. Not necessarily.. Sczez is pretty young for a GK, they generally prime in their very late 20’s so he has a long way to go. He’s proved to be a keeper capable of World-Class saves and brilliant games, just that his game needs maturing and too often guilty of mind lapses that cost us points…
      A season loan would do him a world of good.

      1. If Cech comes in then one of WS or DO goes. A loan for a year isn’t going to help in the long run – if Cech performs he easily has 4 or 5 years left at the top. Does AW ditch his home grown player who has been at Arsenal for nearly 10 years or get rid of a guy who just uprooted his family 9 months ago to join us. You say WS is young but easy to forget DO is only a year older! Tough decision either way.

  4. Yes clean sheet but he has done one horrendous mistake and he was lucky that Firmino hit over the bar. I like him but sometime he seems uncomfortable. IMO we should by Cech and send szcesney on loan.

    1. I agree. GK’s save teams points. Though Ospina has performed admirably and made saves he should’ve made, aside from a few near post concessions, which I personally think a better keeper would’ve done more, there hasn’t been any games where it’s like… Wow, he had no right to make that save!! Or, Wow!! Ospina really saved our asses there!! Which the elite keepers in the league do.
      No way known would United have made the top-4 without De Gea, he single handedly saved them soooooo many points, and it’s not just looking back at the final result, it’s momentum in games as well.
      Next season we will undoubtedly have a dip in form.. It’s going to happen, happened to Chelsea this season but they continued to grind out results. It’s the sign of the elite teams when they get the required result while playing badly, which IMO is where we fall short, but even though we still lack it, there’s been undoubted improvement. That’s going to be the deciding factor next season. When we play well we won’t lose to any team in the league, but when we’re not at our best we need a GK who will grant us a few ‘get out of jail free’ cards. Cech should be our number one priority signing IMO.

      1. I do think though that we tend to naturally dwell on our own GK errors and gloss over the errors of the other top name GKs. DO was entitled to a couple of errors in 20 appearances in my opinion. I’ve seen as many Neuer, Lloris and Courtois errors in that same period.

        And just by coincidence I was channel surfing the other night and came across a PL review of the 2008-9 season (I think it was that season) and watched Cech flap at a cross letting in Gallas behind for us to win 1-0. Saw a few other Cech howlers as well. I think he is a phenomenal GK but even the best are fallible.

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