Arsenal rumour round-up – Lukaku urge, Holding, Icardi & Mahrez latest, Zelalem hopes

Graeme Souness today said that Arsenal are two players away from challenging for the Premier League title, so we thought we’d look into which two he could possibly mean…

The out of work manager claimed that we are in need of a new striker and a central defender, and named Romelu Lukaku as somebody who should be strongly considered. The 22 year-old has over 100 Premier League goals for Everton, and has proved to be a top and consistent goalscorer in England, and he has also talked up his want to play in the Champions League.

One defender we are currently linked with is not quite the finished article Souness means, but 20 year-old Rob Holding may well prove to be the centre-back who does arrive this summer. Bolton apparently dropped the defender from the weekend’s playing squad, despite his availability, with his likely transfer believed to have been the reason… Watch this space…

Two players who may not be joining us this summer are Leicester’s Mahrez and Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi. The Algerian is said to be staying on with the Foxes for the coming campaign, but who is to say his agent wont convince him to change his mind for the money, or he may even have been caught up in the moment, and reality could still set in.

The Inter star is supposedly a top target for West Ham, who are willing to bow to his wage demands, but surely the Olympic Park will not be enough of a tempter to convince him to snub Arsenal???

And last but not least, Gedion Zelalem is looking to come back to us this summer and make a claim for first-team football next season. The German-born American has enjoyed an impressive campaign with Rangers in the Scottish second-tier, and is now hoping to get his chance to return to us for the coming campaign. He has always been tipped for a bright future, and is known to be highly skilful, but whether he is ready is a whole new matter…

This summer is bound to be a busy one, and as much as we love to see a young star emerge through the ranks, the close-season needs to bring in some experienced stars right?

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  1. I really would like to see Lukaku at Arsenal, I don’t think he would come cheap but maybe we could recoup some transfer money from sales… or even part exchange. We do have some HG 1st team players who have the English tax added on… 😛

    If we get Holding then what will happen the Chambers? Per isn’t the best CB but he works well with Kos, unless Wenger is going to shock us all and let Per go and trust in Gab while Chambers and Holding are the cover?

    1. Sorry but I don’t want another big physical striker. What we need is some one very mobile and agile like RVP and Henry. We need someone who can slip through challenges and dribble through defenders on their own and not solely rely on midfield.

      1. I do not think we will be keeping Giroud if we was to buy Lukaku, if this was the case then it would not be ‘another’ in the sense of +1 but a upgrade.

        Lukaku is only 1inch taller than TH14.

        Lukaku runs a LOT more than Giroud, Lukaku could become more agile if he develops his athleticism… and I doubt Arsenal wouldn’t help him develop that side. He though is a proven goalscorer and maybe he would be better competition for Welbeck?

  2. Frankly any half decent striker will be better than the awful pairing of Giroud and Walcott, what a complete disappointment these 2 have been, and for the uptenth time I find myself wondering how they manage to sleep at night, knowing fully well Wenger staked our hopes of winning the title on their scoring ability and they failed so miserably..its even more annoying when you see what a player like Defoe is doing at a side full of mediocre players and fighting relegation, living on scraps he still has delivered for Sunderland…..the urgent need for overhauling the squad can never be overstated, right from the back to the front, and we have so many average players it won’t even need a world class replacement to be an upgrade, that is how bad the situation of the squad is, lord help us!!!

  3. I also like the idea of Lukaku,he is big,strong and can bully defenders..
    And he doesn’t really get injured.
    If we really want him,we can get him.

    Although there are talks he wants to go back to Chelsea,if Wenge can convince him,he might choose us as chelsea have no UCL next season…
    There are not many ‘world class’ strikers really available now


      “Lukaku insists he does not have any unfinished business at his former club.

      “No, I would not say that. I don’t think I have anything to prove against them,” he said. “I moved on, they moved on.””

      A quote of his words for you ^.^
      Unless he comes out and says he has unfinished business, I would take his work over the medias 😉 After-all, we know they will say what-ever it takes to sell a paper/get a click.

  4. I’d would definitely say no to lukaku he would not suit us at all, unless he works on his touch and passing I don’t see this happening

  5. Thank God it’s almost the season’s end already……..welbeck’s absence could have been devastating halfway(as our other striking options are as good as average)

    He may miss the Euros?……who cares

    wish him quick recovery!

  6. let walcott giroud and per go
    bring lukaku because he can dribble and run past defenders
    bring a defender who is good in air and is no nonsense kind
    bring a winger who just run headless chicken

  7. well after all the diddle-daddle bout giroud and his performances…..since he’s so good at assisting or creating chances or bringing others into the game or holding up the ball and less of a potent goalscorer, it’d be fair to say he could try out playing in midfield or behind a Lethal striker!


    1. You mean like strikers 20 years ago in the old 4-4-2 system?
      1 goalscorer (like Owen when he 1st burst into the team) and 1 link up CF who could grab 15-20 goals a season.

      I wanna say like Shearer but that is just insulting Shearer 😛

  8. 2 players are actually our main need, but there’s some upgrades needed, like in the wings and DM.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I don’t know why we are not talking about the wings. Yamolenko a perfect player we need on the other side of the wind while sanchez occupy the other side. Lukaku with yamolenko will be a good signing, plus a DM, kante will do and a center back

  9. Why do we still need a DM, now that we have Elneny as well as Coquelin? As well as Wilshere/Santi who can play a “Pirlo” type DM. Unless we got an exceptional upgrade like Xhaka or a different kind of player like Kante it’s not going to have a huge impact & I certainly don’t feel it’s a priority position anymore. I say we spend the big money, whatever it takes to bring a truly world class centre forward & centre back- that’s the two positions that will improve us the most significantly. I’m talking Top 10 in the world, there’s not many obtainable, but it’s doable.

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