Arsenal rumour round-up – Perisic, Suso, Kessie, Barella and Ozil

Considering it is only February, there seems to be a hell of a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds at the moment. We all are well aware of the problems surrounding Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery and it would appear that the German is being forced out of the Emirates to reduce our massive wage bill. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but according to the Telegraph today, there are feelers being put out around Europe to try and find him a new club for next season. It is looking extremely like that Lord John is going to be winning his bet after all…

As for possible incoming players, I like the idea of us looking at the Spanish international Suso, who is currently at AC Milan, and Tuttomercatoweb in Italy reports we are watching both him and the Cagliari midfielder Nicolo Barella.

I am wondering why we are always linked with lots of midfielders but not defenders, but as Ornstein said, Emery thinks we have enough of those. Another midfielder we are being linked to (according to Calciomercato) is the Ivory Coast international Franck Kessie, who is also at AC Milan at the moment, but with both Chelsea and PSG also interested I doubt if that one is likely.

Last up we have the ongoing saga of Ivan Persic who we tried very hard to sign this January, and are expected to go back for in the summer break, but now Football-Italia reckon that Tottenham will also be making a play for the Inter Milan and Croatia winger. I think we are obviously going to be favourites to seal that deal considering Tottenham have even less money to spend than we do!

Are there any of those players you would like to see at Arsenal?



  1. Mobella says:

    No, No and No to Perisic for me. I want younger players in the age range of 20-23 that we get tangible money for if we decide to sell them. I will gladly take Barrella, Under, Zaniolo and players with potentials that has experience in that age rang I mentioned.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, no more aging players

      Except if the old player has the thirst, skill, physique and stamina like Cristiano Ronaldo

      1. Pharaoh says:

        Completely agree with both of you, I think oir focus should be on motivated young players in the mould of torreira/guendouzi. If we want to rebuild properly we need players that we can rely on to be staples in our sides for the foreseeable future. Our experience in the transfer market has proven that stop gap solutions are often not enough, and backfire spectacularly sometimes and we don’t need that. I actually agree with emery that we have enough defenders but still think we could use one or two more to complete the jigsaw. Realistically, we’re short on fullbacks even before the Bellerin injury as Monreal is aging, as is Koscielny (Though I have been delighted by his recent performance! The Boss lives again!!) and AMN who I rate very highly but is not a full back. A fantastic stop gap solution but I feel that he could be a great solution for our winger shortage actually.

        Going to be an interesting summer for sure. I, for one, would be interested to see how the Ozil thing pans out. But it’s looking extremely likely that he’s on his way out of the club, and if nothing else I’ll be happy to finally be rid of the controversy that surrounds him. I just hope the transfer kitty isn’t limited to the amount circulated by the media, and honestly I don’t think it is. Maybe it won’t be outrageous but 40 m would be a joke

  2. gotanidea says:

    I thought the lord’s first name is without H as in Jon Snow of GOT

    I’m not excited to hear about any of the rumored players, but maybe Perisic deal could happen if Ozil and Arsenal agree with Inter

    I’m bored with CM rumors, except if the CM can hold the ball like Cazorla and Verratti last night. Prefer a young and driven winger instead

    1. kev says:

      Why does everyone seem to believe Ornstein so much?Ramsey’s actual salary has been confirmed to be 250,000 pounds before tax.I just dont get it.Now I’ve seen some here stating that they wouldn”t have given him that as if he demanded 4000,000 from us.The news is from Gabriele Marcotti who’s more reliable when it comes to Italian transfers.No way Juventus pay Ramsey such a huge figure.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “Last up we have the ongoing saga of Ivan Persic who we tried very hard to sign this January, and are expected to go back for in the summer break”

    I hope we don’t, For a winger, even Ramsey has better stats than him.
    I’ll prefer a young hungry one, that’ll keep Nelson and Iwobi on their feet, who we can rotate and make use of the way Pep makes use of Sterling, Silva and Sane.
    I’m not even gonna pay attention to all these rumours right now…

    meanwhile I can’t help but wonder who is crazier by this Ramsey transfer, Arsenal is the crazy team here or Juventus is the crazy one here, I don’t know anymore but I definitely think Arsenal is the crazier team here.
    You can’t help but think when the Juventus sporting director is saying this.

    “Ramsey is someone who never found his position because he hasn’t played in a midfield three, which is his role. We signed him as he’s a different player from our current ones. He is one that does not exist in our squad. He has more technique than our mezzalas; even if he runs a lot.
    “He is a final ball man who is capable to come in from deep with quick passing and he has an eye for goal. He can also play a bit further up the pitch because he runs a lot but is less nasty in defence and less tactical.”

    Now that I think of it, Ramsey also never had a single position at this club, man the way our coaches makes use of players is something else, with this club he has played the right wing, Used as a box to box midfielder, played Central midfield, Used as a number Ten, always reshuffling between the number ten role and the box to box midfield job.
    If Juventus are rating him this high, he can’t be as bad as most try to paint him to be.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, nowadays the top coaches like to use runners like Salah, Mane, Sane, Sterling, Son, Pedro and Hazard

      Juventus’ sporting director is spot-on with his assessment on Ramsey

      He is not the type of CM that likes to slow down the tempo, but more direct, less tactical and has high stamina to run a lot. I bet Ronaldo would click with his flicks

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Ramsey played that role he talked about in Wenger’s last season and he won player of the season at Arsenal. We switched to a 433 and both Wilshere and Ramsey played in the outside midfield positions, Wilshere under-performed while Ramsey excelled.

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “wondering why we are always linked with lots of midfielders but not defenders, but as Ornstein said, Emery thinks we have enough of those.”

    Another glorified búllshít used, we’ve heard something similar to this for years, so Everton on here knows we need new and quality defenders, everyone with a brain knows we don’t have the ball playing defenders and defenders good enough to play the high line but Emery thinks and keep saying we have enough of them.
    Pep had defenders at City but he sold them once he knew they couldn’t do what he wanted, he sold em, got new defenders, but we somehow always end up with managers who always come up with excuses to keep our average players.

    I’d love to see us challenge for the league with the likes of Mustafi and Bully Sokratis(Who I rate but he’s no world class) and are we suppose to rely on the aging Kos?
    If he thinks we have the defenders to play his style of game then well, good luck challenging for the title.

    1. Achala says:

      But there is NO INTEREST in our defenders.

      We have Holding and Mavropanos who will stay as they are promising.
      Chambers might be used as a DM if Elneny is sold (again, any interest in him??).

      But we can only buy another CB if Koscielny, Mustafi, or Sokratis are sold. Which club, however, will pay their salaries when they can get better, younger, more willing, and increasing in value??

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        So we are supposed to do nothing and stick with these average defenders for years??

    2. Mobella says:

      Eddie, I have said enough about how players are being misused by our coach. I won’t be surprised if that is also said about Ozil. Outsiders seems to know more about the qualities our players possess than our coaches. We call it versatility but someone just called it ( jack of all trade master of none ) nonsense This hadn’t helped any of the players in skills and talents development. Walcot, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Chambers, AMN, Ozil are the victims of this.AMN has played RB, LB, RWB & RW under Emery but hasn’t for once played in his main position which is CM. He has being slated by so many here without he has been asked to play in positions where his skill sets are not suited. We called these players crap, deadwood, deadweight etc but in actual fact there talent was mismanaged buy those that are supposed to developed them. We say they we never play for top or serious clubs and before our very eyes they have being picked by a more serious, ambitious and top clubs. Something fundamentally is wrong with my club

  5. Billy Mills says:

    Looking forward to Nelson, Smith Rowe, Maitland Niles and Mavropanos all having a bigger influence next year

    The transfer budget is tight but these are 4 players ready to contribute without paying a penny

    If we can move Ozil on, added to the Exits of Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck and others, financially we will be much more balanced, you get these 4 for the same wages as one Ramsey.

    Next season is a great opportunity to change the dynamic and mentality

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It is a huge step up though, I kinda agree with people who say that you’re better off playing regularly at a lower club rather than staying too long in the u23s of a big club. Wenger talked yesterday how they are rich these days before they even reach competitive football. I like the loans of Nelson and now Smith, but it is a big step up to play first team ball at Arsenal. The fans don’t have much patience, we are hungry to make ground up, so allot will be put on these youngsters shoulders if they are to get a chance.

  6. Sue says:

    Sokratis is back in training ahead of schedule ?

    1. John Wick says:

      About time ? we can’t be relying on the great Mustafi all season ? you watching the game tonight Sue ??

      1. Sue says:

        I’m not sure I can bring myself to John ? how about you?
        See Mesut isn’t in the squad for tomorrow’s game ???

        1. John Wick says:

          I’ve just got back in Sue, TV isn’t even on but probably will catch 2nd half ? yeah illness or something ? Couldn’t be could it ? don’t think Suarez will play either apparently he hasn’t adapted yet ?

          1. Sue says:

            So how’s the teeth?! Shall we call you Suarez? ?
            It’s driving me mad, I just want to see him in the team!! So what’s the betting we’ll see Lichtsteiner?! ? would like to see Suarez… see what he’s like!

            1. John Wick says:

              Not too bad Sue, bit sensitive but I’ll be fine by tomorrow ? I’m not his biggest fan as you know but I do think he should be playing more games especially these games ? don’t say that I’ll have nightmares, can’t wait until his contract runs up in the summer ?

              1. John Wick says:

                Sue, have you seen the new apparent leaked arsenal kit doing the rounds online? Please let it be a fake ? it’s horrible and what’s with the black electrical tape replacing the fly Emirates ?

                1. Sue says:

                  Yeah I saw that earlier… it was bloody gross! If that is for real, I for one will definitely not be buying it!!
                  Well I’m hoping for a good win tomorrow John.. at least 3 goals scored.. given up on a clean sheet ?

                  1. John Wick says:

                    That’s just a damn lazy design if that’s real 3 strips of electrical tape on the front absolutely disgusting! I’d rather have the mint kit ? actually we been quite good defensively in Europe on the 2 conceded back in September ? just maybe we can get another clean sheet Sue! Totts are winning son again ☺️

                    1. John Wick says:

                      Only the 2*

                    2. Sue says:

                      ?? rather have the mint kit!! Jeez I don’t know which I’d rather have!!
                      You’re not supposed to smile when you say they’re winning ??

                    3. John Wick says:

                      Haha I’m not it was supposed to be an embarrassing smile because what I said about Son last night why can’t we have a player like that ? Jesus 3-0 Dortmund are rubbish! Gotze is fat and pullisic was awful! I think the mint kit is growing on you Sue ?

                    4. Sue says:

                      3-0?? ?? I gave up looking!!
                      Haha was just kidding, he just had to score after you said that last night!!
                      Pulisic will fit in well at Chelsea then ??
                      No chance John!! Oh we might see that kit tomorrow ☹

                    5. John Wick says:

                      I think they’re through to the quarter finals ? you’re the kit scout Sue, you usually know what kit the team plays in the night before ? could be another flop ? why is Harry Redknapps face always bright red ?

                    6. Sue says:

                      I just looked but can’t see what kit they’re wearing tomorrow ?
                      He’s probably still embarrassed about running his wife over ?

                    7. John Wick says:

                      Bate wear blue and yellow don’t they? So has to be red ? when was that ? aubameyang is fit for tomorrow ? our next 2 games is bate so should field a strong team ? are the tott fans out in full force on twitter tonight Sue ?

                    8. Sue says:

                      Few years back I think, he ran over her ankle in a freak accident! Had to laugh as I’d never heard of anything like it!!!
                      Has to be red then John ?
                      Oh sod Twitter John ? really don’t want to see all that crap on there!! Dortmund let us down!
                      Yes a strong team will be good.. as we’ll be having withdrawals at the weekend ?

                    9. John Wick says:

                      Jesus running over your wife ? his new bed is the sofa then ? I don’t blame you Sue I once got into a discussion with a deluded Totts fans on there and he was tearing into me for not supporting Totts England stars! I just told him I will not be celebrating Harry Kane Kieran trippier or any other of the plethora of tott England stars and anyway I don’t even like international football, I have no interest in it ? yes the German league must be poor if that Dortmund team are out in front

                  2. Sue says:

                    Haha exactly!! I can’t stand watching England John… bores me to tears!
                    Why the hell would you want to cheer them on?! ?
                    And how crap must Bayern be? I bet they lose to Liverpool next week ?
                    It’s match day ??

                    1. John Wick says:

                      Haha I’m not the only one then ? full of Tottenham and man utd players, I’d rather watch countdown than watch that rubbish ? van dijk is missing so we’ll see if Liverpool are a one man team ? yes Sue and we’re up against Hleb he couldn’t possibly score ??? ?

  7. Grandad says:

    Your right Eddie we have plenty defenders, but not one top quality one.None of the players mentioned are exceptional.If we are looking for a quality midfielder Leicester have just signed him on loan.

    1. jon fox says:

      Grandad, For about a decade now our so called defence has gone from already sub standard even back then , through getting worse, worse still and finally becoming a sick joke about three years ago. This total lack of taking the defensive side of football seriously was 90% of the reason I craved Wengers sacking way back then. He had long become a joke figure of fun to me even though his “decisions” (ie to do nothing to rectify this) were more tragedy than comedy. A team without due concern to defending is not a proper team and a manager who allows that to happen is not a proper manager. It was his choice and he CHOSE to impose on us a decade of poor, worse still and finally joke defences on us. That is, mostly, WHY he had to go. Finally, a top level club with not one available outfield defender of quality being a single point from 4th place this late into the season is, IMHO, litle short of a miracle by this wonderful manager, whom I am fast beginning to think is only recognised as such by a very few of us. The REALISTS in fact! Yet still the fantasists expect Emery to make such dross as Mustafi and Co into decent defenders. It cannot be done. REALISM! We HAVE to give youth its head now.

      1. Pharaoh says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Jon. I think given the current and heavily lacking squadx Emery has done a fantastic job in a very very competetive season and we should give him more credit. Only one or two matches this season where I felt that he made bad decisions that cost us points, with Wenger that was a weekly ritual of sorts… I just really hope the board support him like LFC supported Klopp, I mean how hard can it be when they were yeeeears without UCL football or trophies of any sort. All it takes is a committed owner that believes in the project and is willing to back it.

        Also, I agree that we should “give youth its head” at the moment. I like Emery’s rotations but I would like him to utilize more youth players. I think the value of our squad has been diminishing for the past couple years, and that eliminates a huge source of revenue for the club that can be reinvested in the squad. Realisically, how many players of ours are actually desired by other clubs? And I think that’s telling of our transfer policies in recent years. Emery has the capability to change that mentality as well, along with the endless list of things he has to change haha Tough ask, but I’m behind him fully!

  8. Giovani says:

    I like Suso
    anyone who watches the Serie A
    knows he’s good

  9. rkw says:

    watching the determination, coordination and muscle of PSG`s defence yday should provide pause for thought … they are in a weak league but still have a level of determination that has been sapped from our squad during Wenger`s lost decade but Emery has not done enough to correct for me .. certainly i want to see 2 new full backs one each side in the squad by beginning of summer

  10. RSH says:

    No chance we are back in for Perisic. Apparently he’s angry at us anyways for putting him on bad terms with Inter. Another midfielder seems likely, and is needed if Ramsey is going and possibly Ozil to follow. Defenders should be our main focus. LB, two CB’s if possible. And Bellerin will be out for maybe 9-12 months so we need someone besides just AMN. Arsenal have so many needs in defense right now. And I still haven’t even brought up the fact we need an actual winger.

  11. ForeverGooner says:

    Reality Check

    We have plenty of players. Quantity isn’t a problem
    But lack quality
    The only ones I’m fond of are Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira and Guendouzi

    None of the rest should be anywhere near the first team if we want to compete for #1

    If we want to stay at @ #6 then Sokratis, Mustafi, Bellerin, Kolsanic, Iwobi, Elneny are perfect

    To compete for #1
    1. Quality Defenders
    2. Quality central midfielders
    3. Quality wingers.

    This will cost loads of ££££
    And will take 2 or more seasons to accomplish

    Keep Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Niles for next season

    We need to get a grip and face reality

  12. John Wick says:

    It would be criminal not to sign defenders, Mustafi is rubbish, koscielny is going on 34.. bellerin might not be seen until 2020, Monreal is over the hill.. Holding is a long time out also! Anyway no point worrying about transfers in February, nothing can be done now.. must just concentrate getting top 4 and winning Europa League! Ozil ill again? His immune system needs looking at ?

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