Arsenal rumour round-up – Xhaka, Dembele, Mkhitaryan, Sanchez latest

Arsenal sealed their place in the Champions League for next season tonight, thanks to London rivals West Ham’s win over Manchester United, so we thought we’d take a brief look into who could possibly aid us in the bid for Champions League glory next year.

Granit Xhaka is a name most Gunners will be accustomed to now, having been strongly linked with a move to us in recent months, and once again we are claimed to be close to a deal. Unfortunately this is not the first time we are supposedly close to completing his signature, but he certainly looks an exciting creative force, should we manage to sign him.

Ousmane Dembele is another player whose name has been doing the rounds, and with the 18 year-old having scored 12 league goals this season in Ligue 1, he also looks an exciting option. The striker has now claimed that he knows where he will play next season, but has remained tight-lipped, and my thoughts are that he could be staying in France…

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a player who should be in the sights of every top club in the world, having played a part in over 50 goals this term, but he is claimed to have sent family members house-hunting in London in recent months. Arsenal and Chelsea are of course the teams to follow such reports, and with him supposedly having failed to agree contract terms with Borussia Dortmund, he may well be the next big name to move to our beloved club.

Unfortunately the Armenian looks the perfect replacement for Alexis Sanchez, but I still do not wish to see the back of him. The Chilean star is supposedly refusing to confirm whether he wishes to stay with the club, and Wenger may be forced to sell him as he enters the final two years of his contract.

Would you accept his exit if Henrikh was confirmed as joining? All three arrivals could spell big things for Arsenal next season!

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  1. It will be devastating if alexis Sanchez leaves! I do hope the club work out things with him and bring in top players to show ambition and encouragement to him!

  2. If Alexis leaves, Ozil will surely follow. If we can get our big names to stay, how can we expect big names to join. Alexis leaving would be worse then when RVP left imo

    1. Not at all were arsenal football club and were bigger than any player. Top players have been leaving us for years and everytime we replace them with individual quality or a few players that make us competitive

      1. If we are bigger than any player then why have we failed to replace RVP ? Why did it take us 10 years to find a decent DM ? Why do our ex-players have more PL medals than our current squad ? Sometimes you have to take your head out of your ar*e and realize pride hurts the club more than it benefits us. We are in no position to think any player is replaceable when we’ve struggled to replace them in the past while continuing to buy young kids like Sanogo.

  3. I’d be gutted to see Sanchez leave, he’s a brilliant player..but there would be no point in keeping him if he didn’t want to play for us.
    The onus is on the manager to show some desire and intent during the transfer window..if he doesn’t..we could well lose Ozil as well as Sanchez.
    Over to you Arsene.

    1. “but there would be no point in keeping him if he didn’t want to play for us”. I’m sure you are wrong here, he doesn’t want to play for us? why? there must be valid reasons here. the guy wants to play every single minute, then why does he not wanna play for us anymore? may be the promises he was given when he joined were not fulfilled? the guy wants to win stuffs, and he sees the team is not as ambitious as its supposed to be, why would he stay here when there are other teams with higher ambitions? the players with top 4 mentality will keep praising the manager coz they are doing what they are happy to do, not ambitious players who wants to win stuffs.

  4. Wenger: We have Campbell, Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck, baby just born at Hammersmith hospital that can play that position so no need to replace Sanchez *lights cigar with £50 note*

  5. Xhaka – There has been some very solid sources close to Gladbach reporting the deal is imminent in the last week. Ecstatic if we capture him. Very capable of dictating the play in midfield while being an intimidating presence. A kind of player we don’t currently have. A big game player as well which we have very few of.
    Mkha – I’ve watched dortmund numerous times this season and IMO he’s on par with Reus. Massive work-rate, two-footed, can create for himself and for others. Everything we should be looking for in our wide positions.

    If we can seal those two, our transfer business is halfway done IMO..

    1. No doubt Xhaka is a great talent and I want him at arsenal but many parts of his game needs to be worked on particularly the mental aspect. He’s a hot head and I’ve seen him lose himself positionally and leave his man wide open.

      Would way rather have Reus than mkhitaryan even though im a huge fan of henrik but we need a LW not a RW but if we could get mhiky for the right price why not. I’m starting to think we should take a chance on lacazette if we don’t go all out for a world class ST.

      Or we could give £90m to bvb for reus and auba!

      1. Mikhtaryan is two footed. Means he can play LW or RW as well when needed.
        Auba ,said one rumor, wants Real Madrid move, so I guess we’ve no chance on him.

        1. For some reason we find it very difficult to prize players out of Dortmund. Might be because players think Dortmund have as much chance with silverware than that of Arsenal’s. Or it could be the massive prices we get quoted, but then when Germany’s darling comes along they trade fairly. Portuguese clubs do this too, we get quoted record braking numbers, but the a German or Spanish team comes along and all of a sudden Sanches is not 60m anymore, because he’s rated 20 odd mil with add on’s included.

      2. If we aren’t going to sign the world class ST (I insist we do!), then it should be none other than Romelu Lukaku.

  6. Really?? I mean REALLY ???
    Sorry but the name Lukaku and the phrase “world class striker” dont really go hand in glove do they ?
    Lukaku is ok but he’s really not much better than Giroud on a good day so why would you swap like for like
    The sad fact is that we are NOT the club we once were and players all over the world know we are an also ran team and that mean thst without keeping the likes of Sanchez and Ozil we will only ever be a team of one or two world class players. right now the ONLY players that are being linked in the press with moves to other clubs are Sanchez and Ozil (maybe) Walcott is being linked to west ham but who gives a F@ck about him ?? he’s lazy and talentless and goes on the missing list far too often, I dont see anyone rushing in to buy world class striker Olivier Giroud do you??
    World class means world class not affordable world class and Lukaku isnt even that so NO Lukaku for me thank you very much

    1. Your forgetting that Lukaku is only 22-23 years old,
      He has everything that Giroud hasn’t, yet you think that he is no better! ? ?

  7. We will buy this and buy that, at the end we will probably buy a midfielder and an unknown striker, that’s it. When will we learn. Do not get your hopes high.

    1. Yep!
      We are sniffing around the non – league, looking for the new Mahrez, We are Also Looking at a striker playing in the French 2nd division and about to sign a 20 year old Bolton CD, who just got relegated into the abyss!


  8. I’m really starting to worry about this Alexis business. The last time this rumour came up Alexis shot it down a couple of weeks later. This has been rumbling on for a while now. I believe that agents or middle men have got in contact with Alexis’s people. Bayern would be a difficult club to say no to, and if it happens well then it means Alexis opted for us primarily to put himself back in the shop window. He would get a chance to rub shoulders with Barcelona, and on a more even keel. We need to be strong here, if we just accept that he wants to go and then ask for our money back, replacing him will not be enough. We already need more quality in forward areas, so putting out fires will just make difficult, what we are already finding difficult. We need to hold onto him for next season, he could become a risk in running his contract down, but I think we need to do it. With better players then coming in, Alexis could have a change of mind in a seasons time, if all goes well.

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