Arsenal rumour roundup – We could sign one or two players – but not Cahill?

So the transfer window has started with a bang with the news that Chelsea have secured the signature of Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic, but he won’t arrive until the summer. The latest Arsenal rumours are linking Aaron Ramsey with a move to Juventus, and that has been confirmed as a possibility by the Juventus director Fabio Paratici on ESPN. “Ramsey is a very good player, who plays for a great team,”

“He is a player whose contract is expiring and we will watch his transfer situation carefully — we are monitoring the situation.

“For now, he is an Arsenal player and we are not the only ones [interested].”

Another one that is being linked is the Real Madrid keeper Keylor Navas, who has put out a pic on Twitter saying thankyou to the Madrid fans, and the Metro thinks he could be coming to Arsenal. Although why we would be looking for another keeper in January is totally beyond me.

Meanwhile Unai Emery has stoked the fire a little by saying that the club is actively looking for players, and considering our massive injury problems I wouldn’t be surprised at all. He said on “It’s not easy to change or improve our team with the possibilities in the transfer market, but the club is working. We are looking at different possibilities. Maybe we can improve in the transfer market if we get the opportunity. Maybe we can sign one or two players, but it’s not easy.”

And when asked directly about Chelsea’s Gary Cahill, he replied simply: “We didn’t speak about him.”

So we can have a little hope of new arrivals to boost the squad, but I think we would have to make sales first, and we hardly have any fit players left!

Darren N


  1. I can remember some fans on this forum saying Ramsey will end up in a smaller team,he’s Wenger boy who only plays because of his daddy wenger,maybe wenger will be appointed as the new coach of juventus that’s why they are probably in for Ramsey.The way some of our fans brings down our players is sometimes embarrassing,I believe apart from the awful defense that will have I believe we have some good players that will get into any top team but most fans always listen to the pundits and they also believe whatever they say concerning our players.

    1. So in one sentence you have a go at fans bringing down our own players but follow that up with our defence is awful so in fact you’re doing the one thing that you just had ago about our fans doing .but that’s okay for you to do it ?

      1. I know-not a lot he writes makes any sense.Quick to spout off but not a lot to say that makes any sense

        1. How can the views of a fan bring down an Arsenal player? They are well paid professional footballers who rise or fall by the quality of their and the team’s performances.
          As far as Aaron Ramsey is concerned, he is a Wales international, with extensive EPL and European club match experience. It is expected that many clubs would be interested in him on a free transfer. However time will tell who he goes to, how much they are prepared to pay in wages and how much playing time he gets, particularly with Ramsey’s injury record?

      2. I initially thought as you did dude.

        Then I reread it.

        Yes, he does moan about the defense but he doesn’t single a player out, he could be moaning about the tactics our defense is playing and making them bad… highline?

        1. Midkemma, do you have to call everybody “dude”. It’s a horrible, disrepectable American word that has no place in the English language

    2. @Lenohappy

      Well I always thought Ramsey might end up at a big club after Arsenal, but NOT because he’s a top quality player. The reasons are that in the summer he’ll be on a free, or with a small fee if he’s sold this month, he’s part of the home-grown quota for any English clubs, at a great age of 27/28, and plenty of experience. He is a decent player, but not anywhere near WC. His resale value will be good as well considering his age. So if he has a bad half/full season, his new club could make a nice bit of money off him.

      Criticism is actually allowed, expected, and healthy, as long as it doesn’t get personal.

      1. It’s no surprise that teams like Juventus are being linked to Ramsey. He is a quality midfielder but always under valued by Arsenal fans.

        1. sorry overrated and italy’s slower paced football could be ideal for him, not gonna lose any sleep because he is heading to juve or anywhere else, i thank him for the service to the club and the memories!!

          but i’m not going to be the one saying we underrated him as he has been given many chances but isn’t consistent enough or good enough defensively to be a starting 11 on huge wages , which is what he beleives he i say fair enough but not at this club, we’ve done our fair bit of charity over the years 🙂

          1. I agree Sal, look at Ramsey’s career numbers and one can see how average he is. Can’t dribble, slow, inconsistent, undisciplined, but hey, he pulls off a mean heel flick every once in a while. 10 years at the club and still hasn’t forced his way into the team. Even the fast paced, defensive juggernaut that is Xhaka keeps Ramsey out. Even Emery prefers Iwobi on the wing or Mhki before Ramsey.

            Ramsey scored last match, but what did he do in the ones before where he started? Yeah, thought so. Even when he plays in his preferred position of further forward he was poor and rarely created chances. Didn’t he have 52 touches few games back, and did not make a single key pass? Thats facts from the stats, not just my opinion.

            1. you know us gooners Durand , sometimes we got goldfish memories a goal and we got a star or a player we should never sell, we are opinionated got love that about us 😉

        2. Th14, can you please change your Th14 to Ar00 cod that it will be when he is finally out of the club!

          1. One would have thought teams like Galatasary or Sporting Lisbon are the teams who would scrap for his signature, but no, it’s Juventus, Bayern. These are top clubs and yet we gooners think it’s the best decision to let a 15 goals a season CAM leave the club.

            1. 15 goals a season? Be honest at least, please. He averages 4 per year over 10 year Arsenal career.

              Nonsense about Ramsey, outrageous claim like 15 goals per year. You make him out tp be like Giroud or something.

              15 injuries per year woild be far more believable that ludicrous goal talley.

    3. Many of our players fail to impress at their new clubs. It is one thing for Juve to sign him, it is another for him to become a regular starter for them. I think the pace of the Serie A will help him a lot but I would have loved to see a top 6 PL team come in for him. Then we could have compared how was used and how he performed in the PL for another team.

      I think for us he has this season been useful coming off the bench but average as a starter.

    4. Dear LenoHappy,
      Aaron Arsenes Ramsey soon will be able to go for free wherever he wants. Can you grasp why?
      or didin’t want in the past.
      That’s why!

      Arsenal FC never received an offer from any club (big or small) until maybe now. No, not even now cos “everybody wants” him in the summer for nothing.
      So let’s wait and see where he will go and how he will cope without daddy.
      Until then, I think there is no point to talk about it, unless it is easier that way for you and other ramsey fans to survive his final exit from the club.

      1. But maks, you are talking about it.
        Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Juventus are all “reportedly” looking to sign him.
        He will be coveted wherever he goes and if it’s to one of those above, what a complete embarassment for the club.
        I can clearly remember fans on this site saying that no big club would be interested in him because he was dross.
        It seems UE also wanted him, until either he or his agent got too greedy.
        Never mind, let him go for free, lose anything from £20-£40,000,000 and you kid yourself he wasn’t worth keeping.
        Price of a player to replace him? Anything from £20-£40,000,000…good business that, equates to anything from £40-£80,000,000 from our coffers.
        Still, as he was Aaron Arsene Ramsey, it doesn’t matter does it?

        1. Hopefully as Raul has said players, in the last 18 months of their contract, will be given an ultimtum to either sign a new contract or be transferred out. Thus this debacle will not be repeated.

          1. There is little you can do when a player doesn’t want to sign, ultimatum or not. Why hasn’t Man U given De Gea and Martial ultimatums?

            Raul will do shit if the players decide to sit tight and refuse to sign. Worst you will do is to bench them while paying there wages without them contributing anything to you. Clubs are the less powerful parties when it comes to contract extension if you don’t know.

            1. I do know TH-14, but you have also mentioned the power clubs do have in not playing players. Let them earn their money training with the U23’s, out of the shop window. As we know from the international break disruptions, there are international competitions on regularly. How many players get selected for national teams, if they are not getting game time with their clubs? If players aren’t putting themselves in the shop window by putting in consistent performances with a club like Arsenal, how are they going to attract interest from other clubs? Also professional attitude is something that prospective clubs look at. If they play hardball with Arsenal, the prospective clubs may rightly think that the player would do the same to them in the future.

  2. Totally with you on this. Some of us are simply unbelievable. We slag off our players as average or below, and talk down at them like the media does.

    Juve would not come for Ramsey if he is half as bad as some make him to look. From the look of things, they are not alone in the quest to acquire our Welsh wonder. I still hope something happens at the last minute that makes him stay beyond this season.

    We need to value what we have. It is not fun following the haters of Arsenal to set the agenda and tell us how to think about our club and our boys.

  3. I keep reading the Calero rumor, that isn’t dying down just yet, the fee is one which would be accepted by our board, rumored £10 million release fee.

    Navas I feel would be a signing made due to the current opportunity, to grab a GK for less than £15 million and who has the experience Navas has… ZZ trusted in him, it looks like he has been a victim of fashion. Cech will not last for years now, he is getting on and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is his last season, I was glad to see he kept his spot at the start and forced Leno to fight for his spot and maybe Navas can force Leno to fight even harder?

    Wesley Moraes is a cheap attacker that we have been linked to, he is kinda like Welbz but not injured as much and he has started to score more this season, he looks a great athlete though and for the rumored £15 million it would cost, he could be another bargain. Capable of playing across the front.

    I will say it again here, I would want Rabiot, he is out of contract like Rambo is and to save PSG from getting nothing for him, we could offer them Rambo in Jan… Zero cost and if anything we could free up some wages as Rabiot will be taking less than Rambo was.
    Emery knows Rabiot and he has his future ahead of him… plus can you all imagine how funny our CM would look with Rabiot and Guendouzi and their perms XD
    Rabiot is a class player and I would risk his so called attitude problem for such an ambitious young man, let’s face it, Rabiot wasn’t the only one questioning Deschamps as I know many gooners was as well and I wouldn’t say you all have an attitude problem.

    1. Rabiot sees himself as a big club player and would not consider Arsenal. He will probably aim for Barca or Real or another CL team. I agree with you that he would be a good addition for us and if we can sign him we should.

      1. I have read Barca are interested in him but for free, one would have to ask themselves how much gametime do they honestly believe they will get at Barca or Real, he wants to represent his country and to do that he needs to play consistently…

        We do also have Emery who worked well with him at PSG, he managed to play 50 times last season for Emery and it could be that type of trust that might swing it in our favour.

        I fully admit this is a big if but if we can sell our project to him and he can see himself to being key to Arsenal in the near future then I do think we have a chance, we are not a small club, even if we do not have UCL… Right now.

        He has until 2020 for the next Euros and that can be time to see us back into the UCL, more so if we can get the right reinforcements now to help us push for top 4.

        I can’t help but think we could try and use our french connection as well, Laca wasn’t pleased with missing out either, to be honest neither was Kos after his injury… Something to bond over lol.

        1. Midkemma, I agree with your assessment regarding Rabiot. It would be great if he could be attracted to Arsenal; however I think he has his heart set on Barcelona FC.

    2. Rabiot, Calero and D Suarez would be an
      incredible winter window for the Gunners but
      sadly ol Silent Stan would never provide Emery
      with the £50M or so required to secure these
      additions. Even if Raul were able to sell off
      El Neny, Ospina, Monreal and Ramsey on the
      cheap the parsominous Yank sadly wouldn’t
      make up the difference.

      Arsenal fans seemed destined for another Kim
      Kallstrom type winter window. ??

      1. Dream dream dream
        All you can do is
        Dream dream dream
        Isn’t that how the song goes?
        Rabiot would never consider Arsenal – no top player would consider Arsenal now.
        All these people who say they won’t miss Ramsey WILL miss Ramsey when Elneny and Xhaka become our main midfield players.
        It’s so funny to see these people kid themselves.
        It’s not like we have the resources to replace him is it?
        We are stuck with what we have got…

      2. I have to admit my own ignorance when it comes to D Suarez, I have looked at him on YouTube and that’s about it, he isn’t a player that excites me but I also thought “Who is this kid, Guendouzi?” and I was pleasantly pleased 🙂

        Out of the three, only Suarez would be a big fee if rumors are correct, Calero would only be about £10 million and Rabiot could be a swap… meaning, if we need £50 million or so then we are looking at a player who could cost up to £40 million but if budget is tight then 2/3 of the players is £10 million.

        1. don’t see what the fuss is all about when it comes to suarez, has anyone seen him play on a regular because i personally haven’t seen anything other than those youtube clips that make everyone look like messi!

          i havent even noticed him when Barca played in the CL maybe it’s me, so would love to hear the opinion of someone who actually knows about this guy, or saw what he might bring that we currently lack in our players?

        2. I would be ecstatic if Arsenal were able to
          swap Ramsey for Rabiot in January but
          personally I question the veracity of
          the French Champions genuine interest in
          the Welshman. If the opportunity is there
          Arsenal should offer cash on top of Ramsey
          to see the deal done.

          Neither Calero or Suarez would require a
          substantial transfer fee and both players
          IMHO would definitely add depth and quality
          at positions where Arsenal are precariously
          deficient atm.

          Arsenal are not going to spend a Kroenke
          ransom anytime soon.

          1. BBC reports…
            Aaron Ramsey: Arsenal midfielder in talks with Bayern, Inter, Juventus, PSG & Real Madrid
            By David Ornstein

            ESPN then ran with this to make their own report on the issue.

            I have read that according to ParisUnited (A website) that Wenger has advised them(PSG) on Ramsey.

            Always good to question the validity, I am not claiming this info makes it true, just some more juicy food for the rumor mill XD

  4. Bro no team is perfect even with all the money at man city they still have some things that are not working out,take for example,those pundits believes that if not for Fernandinho injury man city won’t have lost those matches against Chelsea palace and Leicester,which means they don’t have a good replacement for him,tell me is Lallana better than Ramsey or lingard Herrera,but at arsenal some fans always thinks we are so poor that none of our players can get into any top team maybe because them merson or some other pundits said so.

    1. i think man city is near perfect, wow what a team i’m personally jealous, i’m also green eyed with some of liverpools young products and they way they developed, unhappy that poch has developed a core english group but we failed at it, and envious that chelsea are buying a winger when we actually are the ones that desperatly need one, how about that for honesty Leno 😉

      let’s look at ourselves first, the others seem to be doing fine without our input as we are closer to chelsea and Utd when it comes to squad quality, and those two have money, underperforming players, and good youngsters probably better than ours if we are talking sheer numbers not individuals, so let’s at least know where we stand…. miles from the top 2 in quality and depth, able to compete with the Poch due to the fact that they have no squad depth, and trying to beat Chelsea and Man Utd to 4 th place, the table doesn’t lie and this year it’s dead on!

      Ps: Signings Pretty Please!!

      1. No true fan wishes an injury on any player but if Hazard or Kane were to be out for 4 weeks or so it would not hurt our chances. If you can’t rely on your own strength you have to hope for luck and others misfortune.

        1. Someone on Twitter said that Phil Neville said if we end up coming 5th, that’ll be like winning the league to us!!!

          1. Man United will finish higher than Arsenal
            They are a good team but lacked motivation under Mourinho
            Arsenal are not motivated and aside from Aubameyang, Torreira and Lacazette we are very poor.
            I would like to see a team like Wolves in the Europa League – they have ambition to do well.
            Arsenal are a waste of seeding allocation – they never achieve anything.
            They always fold under pressure…
            Its so predictable – a self fulfilling prophecy of failure…
            That is why when challengers to the premiership are discussed Arsenal are never mentioned.
            No one can take them seriously when they make the same mistakes and oversights over and over and over again.
            And now I see Emery is being linked with Navas – a goalkeeper for 18 million Euros.
            Never, ever learn….

            1. I notice you refer to Arenal as “they” not as fans do, as “we”. Care to come clean? Or at least explain the suss language?

              1. I do refer to them as they.
                Because “they” is the pronoun used to describe one or more people.
                “We” is the pronoun used to describe one or more persons together i.e. people who know each other – I can safely bet that the Arsenal squad do not know me therefore the grammatically correct term to use is “they”
                Do you feel assured now?
                Because the last thing I want you to do is worry…

                1. “Arsenal are not motivated and aside from Aubameyang, Torreira and Lacazette we are very poor.”

                  Now write on the chalkboard 100 times

                  ““We” is the pronoun used to describe one or more persons together i.e. people who know each other – I can safely bet that the Arsenal squad do not know me therefore the grammatically correct term to use is “they””

                  Just joking dude.

                  1. Me, if your opinion of Arsenal FC is so poor, I dont know why you continue supporting the club. You probably didn’t live through some of the dire periods of poor results that many other long time supporters on justarsenal have.
                    You just have to tough it out.

                2. Yes I understand correct English, which is as you state but I also understand how we fans use it . We say “we” , not “they” when discussing Arsenal. I also note that you sidestepped my question and can only speculate as to why you did.

  5. I think many of the players on the fan wish list are not realist options for several reason. Firstly some would not be on Emery’s wish list. Secondly,the asking price is well above what Arsenal values the player at. It must be remembered that asking price is not necessarily the final cost with add ons and performance incentives,agents fees ect. Thirdly some of those player would not want to come to Arsenal Lastly, the key factor is wage demands and this is where the problem begins. Arsenal have the money to buy certain players but if the wages demanded by those is high then its no going to happen. Players are generally available, because their clubs have better player for their position, and they want more playing time, or they want more money. With the rigid pay structure that the club needs to implement in order for it to bring us back to where we should be means that it is very unlikely we will be buying any of the players on wish list. Hopefully I am wrong.

  6. Let move Kolasinac, Mustafi, Monreal and Konsienly…all these are foreign-based and we can sign Foreign. Then we sign Alex Telles – for Kolasinac, Willy Boly for Konsienly, Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle) for Mustafi, and Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax) for Monreal. Alex Telles, Boly and Tagliafico would easily qualify as upgrades to the players they are replacing with Tagliafico only becoming upgrade to Monreal because he would be speedier, less injured and a superb performer in the defensive unit. One could argue Jamaal Lescelles is just equal to Mustafi, however he plays in Newcastle andcould be exposed to overwhelming work. He would be playing with the likes if Boly at Arsenal so his numbers should really improve. And he will build our Homegrown numbers in the squad

    1. yes to all nikko i personally give you free reign to make these deal happen by the end of the window, thanks man and i was worried for nothing top 4 covered nikkos on it 🙂

      Ps: make it Happen!! i want you in the board room tommorow with that list on a napkin and you hand it them like a Boss!

      1. ooooh i nearly forgot could you also moonwalk when exiting or is that too much to ask?

        Ps: don’t moonwalk out of there before you hand them the napkin, i know!! common rookie mistake, don’t worry got your back bro. i could help with the choreography i have experience i’m imagining it right now 😉

      2. My job is to scream and fantasize how to make the best Arsenal…I get some (Like When we signed Aubameyang and we had Lacazette!) and we lose some…Let’s hope we can cure some sick defence before next season begins. That is why this window is important we make deals happen…

      1. He actually started out very well – he looked like a good defender.
        But like all players exposed to Wenger he was played out of position and lost his confidence and became shite.
        Wenger is his last years was a clueless buffoon – Arsenal failed in not getting shot of him years ago..
        The talent is there, we just need a manager who can bring the best out of his players.
        And you know what I think about Emery…

      2. Why is it Jon?
        When I consider Emery and what we have seen, I feel it isn’t hilarious to think Kola is a good player, I feel it is more hilarious to see Emery persist with a tactic which doesn’t work. Painful funny XD

        Emery gets his fullbacks to act like the teams wingers, to press as soon as we lose the ball, not defend in our own box unless the team has been pushed back. The teams wingers are not wingers for Emery, they are inside forwards, they do not stick to the wings and spread the opposition, they cut in and provide a goal threat while being ball carriers. The fullbacks are the ones who provide the real width for Emery. This also provides the CM with more forward passing option in theory, you have the fullback along with inside forward and CF to pick a pass to from either side of CM, this is not including the passes which switch the side of play.

        Emery has flipped between 2CB and 3CB, Emery has done this previously by getting the DM to drop deep and become the central CB, this allows the 2CBs to spread more and cover those wider areas better which are exposed due to Emery telling his fullbacks to attack.

        Arsenal do not have the pacey CBs or a DM who can play CB, this tactic from Emery doesn’t quite work with our current personnel. I do think Kola does a lot of good in Emery formation.

        1. Simple answer to a straight question is this: Kolas is a defender who cannot defend. A wing back is still primarily a defender. The clue is in the title wingBACK. Kolas gallops forward at every oppportunity despite huge gaps behind him. So I challenged the silly description of him as a ” good player” for that straightforward reason. Even when trying to defend he is no more than very mediocre.

    1. he is one of the best in that position – going forward…but he exposes the defence by straying forward and forgetting to get back and defend…and even when he gets back defending…he isnt high level defending

      1. The bigger Issue is we have to generate transfer funds, get more consistent players and relieve the pressure off the defence

  7. Juventus are actively seeking Ramsey…methinks we could ask them to surrender Danielle Rugani…then we go and pick Hakim Ziyech from Ajax…If only they would allow him to leave in January)

  8. I see many fans don’t know dennis saurez. He is a brilliant player if given enough game time he will prove his worth. Why don’t we go for Godin he is also in his final 6 months. Godin would bring that leadership quality in defence thag we are lacking at the moment. Dinos and holding can also learn from one of the best cb’s in the world

    1. know him just don’t know what’s so special about him, as i said before i didn’t realize he was playing when i watched barca, so maybe it’s me who can’t spot him on the field, what does he bring as a player SAG? who could he replace in the starting eleven, if he can’t fit at barca a club that plays or played similar football to us, what are the reasons? do you think he would be good for pressing football? does he have the passing range to even be considered a better midfield than our current crop? does he have the stamina to keep pressing for 90 min? can he beat a player with ease? can he get him self out when he is pressed a la cazorla? would love to know the answers to those questions from someone who regularly watches him?

      1. Sal most midfielders look non existent at barcelona, out very own fabregas looked out of it. Denis saurez is a good passer, can dribble well. Would be an upgrade on iwobi who plays in our first eleven. He is technically gifted can beat defenders which is what our midfielders lack. Man city were reluctant to let him leave for barca. Not to sure about the pressing side of his game we all know barca always has the ball most of the time but they do press to get it back quickly.

        1. ill try to watch a game like the getafe or the levante one to see what everyone is saying about him but i doubt i will if i’m honest, watching liverpool man city now because cmon how can i miss stones being the luckiest defender and clearing that!!

          have to be honest you got me abit confused when you said a replacement for iwobi, iwobi is our winger at the moment? and abit more confused when you said man city were reluctant to let him leave, you surely mean barca are the ones that want to keep him by not selling him to man city in the past no? do you really rate him mate or you just saying that for my sake?

          1. Sal i really rate him. He can play both midfield or wing depending on where the coach wants to employ him. Most of the players who don’t cut it at barca become better players elsewhere. Look at icardi, paco, sanabria, digne just to mention a few. Glad city won that game liverpool thought they could match the invincibles

  9. Ramsay is a very good player, Kolasinac is a very limited player who has no positional sense whatsoever.

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