Arsenal rumoured to want talks with just-released Spurs defender


So, if you haven’t heard already – there is a chance that a, since Deadline Day, a Free Agent Spurs player could be joining us.

That’s right – Serge Aurier became a Free Agent on Transfer Deadline Day, after a mutual agreement was achieved between him and Spurs to terminate his contract. The decision was made as no suitable offers were made for the 28-year-old, who had less than a year to run on his existing contract with Spurs.

It is said that Arteta has given permission for the Gunners to begin talks with the Ivorian Right-Back, who was linked with the Gunners before joining our bitter rivals. But is that good or bad news for us – I’ll leave that up to you.

Of course, the Ivorian has clear talent and is a very experienced player on the field, but would it be easy to warm to him should he be given the spot in the dressing room? As I’m sure all of you will remember – this would certainly not be the first player to cross the divide.

There was William Gallas who joined Spurs on a Free Transfer in 2010. But above all, what most people say is the most controversial transfer in British Football History, Sol Campbell.

Sure, Aurier is not an earth shattering transfer like Campbell obviously was, but it would certainly create a stir between the two clubs. With the Gunners having already conceded 9 goals this Season – across just 3 games. There is not a question that we need to strengthen our defence, but is this the right man for the job?


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  1. Id take him on a free! But the obvious problem would be having someone else on over inflated wages. He can still do a better job than what we have

  2. Error prone and a hot head. Have we fallen so far that we are now even entertaining Spur’s rejects rumours?

  3. We just signed a rightback which I assume will be first choice. Chambers can play there, AMN can play there and Xhaka can slot in anywhere at the back.. I think this is an unsubstantiated rumor.

      1. He can and has.. I am not guessing. He slotted in for Tierney towards the end of last season and fewer goals were scored against us although the attack looked a bit dull. e has played once or twice for us as CB..

        So I repeat, if all these players I just mentioned are injured(Tomi, Chambers, AMN) Xhaka can slot in at RB.. Stop being emotional about players you dislike no matter how good or poor they may be…

        1. Xahka must never play again! Sideways, backwards,gives the ball away to often can’t get back in position he should have been allowed to leave for Roma

      2. 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🙃😊they both are just not able to learn, have no self control , make the same mistakes over and over again, Xhaka wanted to leave, Lacazette isn’t going to resign, what the hell is kola still doing here? El nanny?. Mark this down Tammy is going to be a revelation, it was a mistake not to snap this man up, and worse he wanted to be here he runs hard, he would have been so good for us. Who is the last real pedigreed striker we have bought?, when people are entitled and have no competition for their place you get the apathy we have. Arteta should get October , beyond that with out a turn around he should be gone along with Edu and Venky period. Who teaches the best shut up shop defense? Italians? Tell Ebeneezer Stan and son Tiny scrooge pay qualified people to put this right or sell the club to people who want to win an exit stage left as owners you absolutely stink.

  4. He’s error prone and ill disciplined like Xhaka but damn he’s a good defender otherwise (going forward and tackling)

  5. Honestly? I think we (I won’t say the name as it is a swear word around here) should have let Doherty go instead of Aurier. Aurier has never been used in what I see as his best position. Play him wide right up front and you’ll have got yourself a proper quality player. Just under NO circumstances get him as a defender unless you want to stay bottom of the league. There he is a liability 50% of the time.
    There you go. genuine honest advice from someone you would least expect it from.
    Reason? I have family who are gooners and I hate seeing them so miserable!

  6. He would be a good attacking option for Arsenal and not bad at defending. He is experience and more so would want to proof our neighbours whenever he comes against them. I will bring him tonight for free

  7. i support if he was turned to be a right wing for arsenal, he may be an excellent ring wing addiction to the squard

  8. Squad’s full, we can’t register any more players. Only way would be if we released Cedric, but what would be the point?

  9. This is impulse thinking. We have Chambers, Suares, Tavares, Maitland-Niles and Bellerin (even if he’s on loan). Is Aurier better than any of these players? I hope not. Arteta want to balloon the wage bill. Arteta is there to destroy Arsenal, because he’ll pay Aurier exorbitant wages

    1. Guys we all must face the fact that arsenal fc is to Big for Arteta 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 We need experience players

    1. Agree
      If Cedric can be disposed of
      We should also terminate Kolasinac’s contract and release him to join someone else

  10. Even though it will not happen, as all realists know, Aurier is better than all our RB’s here, prior to buying the Japanese newbie!

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