Arsenal Rumours 23rd Nov – Moutinho, Cech, Mings and Schneiderlin

There are now just six weeks to go until the Janary transfer window, so we can expect thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours in the meantime, especially as we all KNOW that the Gunners desperately need reinforcements!

The DM area is an absolte must in January, but with the likelihood of Sami Khedira arriving, the Daily Mail seems to be convinced that Arsenal will now try to entice Monaco’s 30million-rated Joao Moutinho in his place. I am personally not convinced that the Portugese international has the physique to do well in the Premier League, but what do I know?

A much better option for me would be Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin, who is definitely one of the Premier League’s best defensive midfielders. Everyone knows that the French international was pushing for a move to a Big Club in the summer, but his manager Ronald Koeman refused in the Mirror to discuss Schneiderlins future. The Saints boss said: “I am saying nothing about Morgan’s future.

“I know that people can take things out of interviews and make a big deal about it. We will see what happens. He’s a player of Southampton.”

I would love him to come to Arsenal, but are we still considered to be a Bigger Club than Southampton at the moment?

A MOST welcome addition would be Chelsea’s Petr Cech, and the Mail seems to think that Chelsea will definitely let him leave and supposedly have bids from Arsenal and Liverpool in the region of £7million. Cech would be a snip at that price, but can you really see that happening? I have already explained why I can’t!

Lastly we are linked with the 21 year-old Ipswich defender Tyrone Mings. John Cross reckons Ipswich value the 6ft 3in defender at around £10million, so that for me is the most likely arrival out of that selection of rumours…..

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  1. Can’t see it happening. Mings, maybe but the other two definitely not. We shouldn’t get our hopes up for that DM position, remember the deluded one still need to prove a point.

    1. i say buy no-one, miss the top four- than wenger will definitely leave in may.

      we crave revolution.

      missing the european spots is so vital this year

      1. Im desperate for wenger to leave he’s no longer a world class manager his record against the man utd, chelsea and city in the last 3 years is worse than midtable sides.
        However if we fall out of the top four our club will fall apart our whole business model depends on the income from european football (which is set to increase by 20-30mill with the new UCL tv deals set to come in) many of our new sponsorship deals also have penalties for not playing in europe.
        But the most worrying thing is with our new deals even if were not in the top four aslong as we spend nothing on transfers and sell 1 or 2 players we’ll make a profit. So what do you think kronke will do? Invest the required funds to get back in the top four or spend f*ck all and continue to balance the books.
        Wenger needs to get us top four then f*ck off hopefully he realises ge is no longer fit for the job.

          1. I just hope our fanbase isnt fickle and we stick to our guns so he does leave at the end of the season.
            Maybe 4-0+ spankings against the top teams but still achieving top four would be the best scenerio.

            1. @th14
              Make up your mind dude. You can’t have it both ways. You want the team to be degraded to the point where the manager gets the sack, but not humiliated enough for us to lose top 4 spot…

    2. Khedira and Schneiderlin are b2b midfielders anyway not defensive midfielders, Arteta has been our MOTM in the last few games he’s played I don’t know why we actually need a DM? we need better CB’s. Hummels and Varane would be enough for me. I’m dreaming though.

  2. We need a more creative striker than og and welbz tbh, they blow chances like bob market blows indo. Huge shout out to giroud for yesterdays goal tho, just hope he continues in the form, and ramsey is just being a confused kid, not knowing when to shoot or when to pass or what to play. the hype got to his head? I don’t think so, he wasn’t a hype, then what happened, but id like u guys to take this perfect picture in ur heads, imagine a fit kos, debuchy, ozil, would we be screaming wenger out?, i think criticism might lead to a better arsenal and a better wenger, lift the banners up high in the next game boys, wenger has got to change, or leave!!

    1. “imagine a fit kos, debuchy, ozil, would we be screaming wenger out?”
      Even with those players on the pitch Wenger is not capable of beating an ever growing number of managers.
      Where will Wenger play Ozil?
      Will he play Kos and Debuchy into the ground?
      Will he replace Mertersacker?
      Will he buy a WC striker?
      Will he have a plan B on the pitch?
      Of course the answer to all of these is no.

    2. Ramseys annoying hes like an overweight 16 year old girl. He has serious confidence issues, a run 3-4 bad games (triggered by wenger tbf for playing him too high up the pitch) his confidence takes a blow and now he’s playing like sh*t. I cant stand players like this regardless of how good they are especially when there on 120k p/w.
      He needs to man the f*ck up.

    1. my friends dad was saying wenger out in the emirates , an was threatened an swore at by fellow gooners- smh

      1. @muffdiver
        How different is that from someone on here who confesses a belief in AW and gets attacked for it?

    2. Speaking of AKBs where are NYGunner, Sumo, Arsenalfan and the rest of the Wenger bum boys?
      Or have they finally realised he needs to go, i know many AKBs have over the past 3 weeks.
      For me #wenger1000 was the last straw regardless of the fa cup win.

      1. @th14
        We’re out living real lives instead of wasting time on here defending our opinion with ignorant youngsters…
        *Hint… Get a f**kn real life. And stop living vicariously through the club…

  3. I’m going to the Southampton game and will continue my protests and if anyone wants to join me please do.we need sixty thousand voices singing Wenger out and sack the board !

        1. im at the emirates on boxing day for Qpr.

          last time i was there got into an argument with group of samoan arsenal supporters for shouting u dont know what your doing at wenger.

          uphill struggle

  4. Arsenal is richer than Liverpool n totenham but why and how did they spend more in the summer n we did not fill in our potholes in the defense , im having too much thoughts these days, watching arsenal becoming more mediocre than ever

  5. To reply to your rumours they’re pretty weak don’t see any of them happening especially schneid move if we could of got him we would of.
    OT: It bitterly disappointing to see the collapse at the end of game. week after week. For the last 3 yrs me and a couple USA fan saved $$$$ to make a trip to the emirates. And I must say the streak will end if we don’t buy DM and BETTER D FENSE all around.

    1. I hope yall in England euro etc don’t waste you money for these games. i’d be pissed off and the ticket prices are getting ridiculous. What’s with this

  6. Cech would be a great buy for 7 mill i think he is only 32, maureen has shown us you dont have to buy loads of players, but the ones you do buy must be top quality, there is no sentiment involved, if you dont perform you are out! Its wake up time
    Wengy my lad!

    1. exactly it’s been a while since we have had some quality experience world class signing wenger when he was at his best would get us suker, gorge weah ect

      Henry contract is up in January sign him on aplayer coach deal and loan sanogo or campbell. Look how chelsea is using drogba. In fact I still see Thierry as more fitter than podolski and has more to his game. After all we got a finished and unfit kallstromm last january

  7. Bothers me how ‘fans’ on this site rave about Giroud after he scores a goal, and then call for his head when he goes 90 minutes without one.

      1. How I wish it was the only goal of the match. Giroud will be king of the Emirates for the next 1 month. Ah well. Some things are not meant to be.

  8. @mrlean.
    Was it you who the stewards took a sign from?
    Couldn’t believe there was no mention of the wenger out cause on MOTD, they sure focus on Newcastle enough.
    Regarding transfers we need to change the mind set and methods at the club, (defending maturely and not pushing everyone forward would be a start!).
    We need an organised leader who’s vocal on the pitch.

    Whenever we have players out the Arsenal fans are saying “Oh well so and so will be back soon”, when they come back and someone else is injured, “Oh well so and so will be back soon”. Clearly whoever is playing and is fit it’s not working.
    I admit we’ve yet to see Walcott, Sanchez, Welbeck and Ozil line up but still it’s the back 7 that worry me. This will improve when Debuchy and Kos return but for me Per and Schez need to be dropped. I’d like to see Per sold, (he’s finished though I never rated him), and as for the GK I’d like to see Chech and Ospina fight it out for the number 1 spot.
    Fabianski v Schezney I would have sold Schez.

    Ideal January for me:
    In: Schar and Mings, Kondgobia/Schneiderlin, a pacey LW, (in the style of Jefferson Montero).
    Out: Poldi, Per, Flamini and Cazorla, (reluctant on Cazorla but we need to sell whilst he still has some value).

    1. No mate not me but had some heated words with a couple of AKB and they need to open there eyes and see what a fraud Wenger is and how much damage he is doing to the club we love,what will it take for the AKB mob to wake up,relegation ?

  9. Mertz is a liability Koz
    probably gone for the season.
    Chambers will play CB when Debuchy
    returns but will that be enough?

    1. The question is, why doesn’t Wenger trust Bellerin? Bellerin has done far better at RB than Chambers to me. I’m sure many people forget that Bellerin is age mates with Chambers, so I wonder why Chambers gets more opportunities.

  10. So it’s confirmed Schez, Jack and Walcott out injured.
    1 back in Giroud 3 out, ffs!

    Re’ this season major differences for me are:
    1. Kos not available to bail Per out.
    2. Walcott not available to push teams back into their halves.
    3. Ramsey not yet turned up compared to him being on fire last year.
    4. Cazorla Not turned up really.
    5. Rosicky getting no game time, (he could freshen things up).
    6. Offloading Jenks, Coquelin and Vermalen, why?

  11. @davidnz. I cant wait for Debuchy to return and Chambers move across.
    I’d take Monreal/Hayden and Chambers any day if it gets Per moved to the bench/for sale area.

    1. 6/7 goals counter attacks and crosses.
      Again Wengers Fault.
      Wenger: “I don’t know why we had nobody at the back at all – you could see straight away that we’d be punished.”
      Yet the clown was standing is his technical area, you have a technical area for a reason.
      I honestly dont believe he had a problem with our approach if he did he would have told per and arteta to sit back and told the team to calm down.
      It now just looks like hes trying to pass the blame onto the players.
      If simeones or klopps teams were playing in a way they did not instruct them to they’d be going mental on the touchline.

  12. Well done to the lads with the Wenger out banner in the clock end we need more now in every part of the stadium.

  13. Im just so neutral on this wenger out thing, but expect a war, gooner on gooner violence. Aobs vs akbs, id be on my sofa rewatching it on fans zone lmfao

  14. If Wenger knew he was not going to buy a defender he should have at least tried harder to give Sagna what he wanted.Thats the only fullback at AFC that also excelled in the CB position.
    By the way the whole striker thing has died down since Welbeck was bought.It would be nice to see that we go back into the market for a striker.Giroud is better that Welbeck and should get his place back in the starting line up.I think deep inside we knew that all along…To think Costa came at 30 odd million only..

  15. Why didn’t u all go to the man u game with wenger out banners, lol, i think we might have upto 60 London based fans on this site, u guy would have made the difference, or is it only on this site we have dem wenger out boys? Haha, and nobody is saying arsene knows best this days, so what’s all this akb chant about, we are unlucky with the injuries and wenger made a great mistake in not signing a dm and replacing verm, a mistake i know can cost his job, but u guys are not gonna sack wenger when the board is alright with him,

    1. people did go with banners, they were stopped at the gate and stewards were stoppin them in the stadium. fans left in there droves with the first goal never mind the second.

      dont be naive- wenger and his board have our club on lockdown.

      there is no freedom to express ourselves about wenger

      1. @ muffdiver…… STRATEGY NUMBER TWO …….. Is there a way to contact USMANOV, DAVID DEIN and PIERS MORGAN……. Their voices can be heard and they won’t be stopped

  16. Agree contacting Dein, Morgan and Usmanov may be a good ploy but the best way to hit a money hungry club, (or any business) like Arsenal is to vote with your feet and wallets.

    If people stopped buying tickets for the Emirates for a while and put a stop on any merchandise purchases it may become noticed.
    Problem with this is it actually will impact our revenue and ability to buy the players we need, also I assume the % of people willing to boycott ticket buys and goods will be very small and may not even be noticed.
    I personally think the fans should be allowed to voice their concerns, the AGM was a good platform for this but I gather any comments and concerns were laughed off by Ivan and Wenger.
    How’s about some die hard fans trying to get into the press conference post match? Fake I.D’s? 🙂 Guess you’d get locked up for this!
    Cant believe the pundits, (and ex Arsenal players) are being more vocal.

  17. On Arsenal’s Website:
    Wenger: “I feel so sorry for the fans”.
    Is this the first time he’s ever said this? Empathising with the ticket buying fans surely not?!

  18. On Arsenal’s Website:
    Wenger: “I feel so sorry for the fans”.
    Is this the first time he’s ever said this? Empathising with the ticket buying fans surely not?

  19. We won’t buy anyone in January. Mings is attracting interest from other teams. Wenger won’t be aggressive enough and then will complain about how hard it is to find players in January. Instead, he’ll rely on the return of Debuchy and Kos (they’ll be like “new players”) and talk about how great Arteta is so we don’t really need a CDM. And of course Abu Diaby’s return will be just around the corner and that will be touted as another “new signing”. Wenger will never buy the players Arsenal needs.

  20. Why not get mings he can play all across the back line asŵell we should give them a player on loan asŵell.

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