Arsenal rumours – Amavi, Flamini, Jenkinson, Ospina and Di Maria

As the Arsenal team gears up to the pre-season with most of the players reporting to training, the activity on transfer rumour mill is showing no decline. Though these reports can’t be taken on face value, they can’t be shoved off easily too.

Arsenal has been linked with a move to their long standing interest, Manchester United winger Angel di Maria but the Gunners would pursue a deal only if the ‘deal fits into their financial framework’. In other words No Bloody Chance!

Another report puts the Gunners facing a battle with Aston Villa to sign Nice left-back Jordan Amavi. The 21-year-old has been on the scouting radar for Arsenal in recent months. He is valued at around £9 million. It is rumoured that Aston Villa have made an offer and further talks are expected in the next couple of days.

Another defender who is being talked about is Carl Jenkinson. The youngster is in line for an improved contract. He spent the last season on loan at West Ham and the club hopes to take him back on loan for the upcoming year too.

Talking of players moving out, there are reports that Bastia is showing an interest in Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini. The 31-year-old has slipped down the pecking order at Arsenal and is not sure of his place in the starting XI.

The news of Wenger looking for defensive midfield replacements must have unsettled him but what’s more unnerving is the new contract for club captain Mikel Arteta. He will definitely look to weigh up options ahead of making a decision on his future.

Reports coming from Colombia point that the national goalkeeper David Ospina may still stay in the Premier League for the new season. The report says that Everton will look at lodging a £5 million bid for the Gunners’ keeper.

Roberto Martinez apparently believes that Ospina could be the long term replacement for 36-year-old Tim Howard. The arrival of Petr Cech at Arsenal could also force Ospina into looking at other options. The prospect of staying in England could lure him if Martinez follows up his interest with a bid.

There are other reports linking Joel Campbell out of the club but there’s nothing building on that. As the pre-season tour approaches, Wenger will be eager to finalize the ins and outs of the squad, but we all know we will get a surprise from Le Prof at some point!


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  1. It will be sad to see david ospina leave, if he does! The guy has a fighting commited spirit and thats the kind of players we need at arsenal! Coyg!

    1. He was decent for us but people are getting carried away to say the least. Look at the clubs he’s potentially going to, I’ve yet to see a top European club come in for this supposedly great GK. Like I said, he was decent. But dry your eyes we just signed one of the best GK’s on the planet.

      1. thank you for saying this. I liked Ospina he was okay, but he is still in the category of keepers that are below Seaman, even Lehman.

      2. Agree 100%
        His reflexes were great but his command of the area and set-pieces were about as convincing as Higuain taking peno’s this year 😉
        Quite a few times Ospina was caught in no man’s land and bailed out by one of our defenders.

  2. I don’t like our selling strategy. We seem to get very little in player sales – what was it for Podolski? Less than £2m? Joel Campbell, a talented young winger, under £5m? Ospina, who’s been solid for us this season and is an international goalkeeper for one of the top 5 national teams in the world, only £5m? Meanwhile the left back in this article Amavi, who I’ve never even heard of, is valued at £9m? We seem to be selling on the cheap.

    1. Poldi was ~ £2.8m which seems about fair, I was hoping for £4m but that’s not bad. Campbell I think we should try and hold out closer to £8-9£m, same with ospina like £9m given his form, age, and recently signed contract

      1. I think we could’ve got at least £4-5m for Podolski. He may be 30 now, but he’s a World Cup winner. Over 40 international goals and has averaged a goal every 3 games at Arsenal. That really isn’t that bad when you consider how few games he actually get’s a full 90 minutes. Plus he had the highest chance conversion rate here at Arsenal too. Yes he doesn’t work hard enough for Arsenal, but we’re a top club, we need the best around. I’m sure we could’ve got more for him…

        1. You forget that he has wage demands of around 100k. To make Poldi more attractive to teams financially you have to slash the fee so they can spend that on his wages. Either that or he saps 100k from us each week for tweeting a lot.

          We got Ospina for about 3mil so whoever thinks we’re gonna triple that investment clearly doesn’t have a clue about football economics. When a player is surplus his value is diminished massively. Same applies to Campbell, the mistake was not selling him when his value was at it’s peak after the world cup…..BUT do you want to remind me what 90% of the fans on here were saying about him at that point??

          1. @ Charlie

            Who said he’s a surplus? Did wenger tell you that? Clearly you don’t understand football in general. Tell me, do you know who has the upper hand in negotiations when the player has 3 years left on there contract? Do you understand club and national team form influences the transfer value? Do you understand age also comes into play heavily? So easy guy clearly your the one that doesn’t know much, and big clubs do this ALL the time, they buy some1 for peanuts then sell them for 3/4x as much SIMPLY because they came from a reputable club

            1. Please give an example of a big club outside of Arsenal that’s ever bought a player for peanuts with the sole intention of selling them on for 3-4x as much??

              1. Why put the words “sole intention” I never once said that….. All I said was this happens often, where big teams buy players for peanuts and they get to sell them for more simply because they came from a big name reputable club. It mostly happens with youngsters

                1. ok i’ll rephrase…
                  Please give an example of a big club outside of ours who has bought a player for peanuts with re-sale value in mind?

            2. Have you ever heard a top manager come out and say a player he has is surplus? Obviously not. But he’s just bought a new GK that every man and his dog knows is our new #1.

              Szczesny has also confirmed he’s definitely not leaving, and with him being a “homegrown” talent and seeing their value this window we obviously aren’t about to reduce our quota there. So using the power of logic Ospina is surplus. Did you follow ok?

    2. We got an initial 1.8 for pod with another 2.1m to come for 3 consecutive years which makes it a guaranteed 8.1m which could potentially be 10m depending if he stays a 4th year (apparently)

      1. £8.1m would be a decent price. Higher than I’d expect, but of course you never know with add ons, the conditions may not be met. Nevertheless, even at half he price of £8m, I’d say that was ok business. If the supposed £5m bid from Everton is just an opening bid we may get more for Ospina. I’d also look at around the £10m price range for Joel Campbell though. He’s still young, talented, exciting international. Maybe our sales aren’t so bad after all. I was really confused by the low prices I was seeing – it’s not like Wenger to not try and squeeze every penny he can out of a deal. Let’s not prejudge though.

        1. Can you guys be reasonable for 1 second, why would galatasaray or any club for that matter, pay £8m+ for a 30 yr old whose on £100k a week wages compounded with the fact the player has barely played and maintained good form

          1. Google sky sports podolski galatasaray it will show u there ! To be fair we may not rate him that much but he is a German World Cup winning international with 48international goals to his name and 31 in 81 for us on paper it’s quite impressive

    3. Getting a good price for players helps the club no doubt. But getting rid of players who will not be used to free up salary cash is far more important. Better to lose 1 or 2 mil on a player than have him eat up millions in salary sitting in the stands all season.

  3. I keep reading comments focusing on getting more attackers/goal scorers. I think the focus should be at DM. Coq will need help – he cannot player every game even if he is uninjured which is unlikely for an Arsenal player.

    The attack has Cazorla from deeper, Sanchez, Ozil and Ox, with Walcott/Giroud up front. This still leaves Ramsey and Wilshire in the mix while Walcott can also fit in at RW. And Ox was looking great at RW before getting injured last season. 1 more quality attacker would be nice for sure but the DM situation is not wholly covered – especially now that Diaby is gone (That is a joke). DM should be first priority. (But doubtful from Wenger)

    1. Walcott/Giroud upfront is not good enough. They aren’t elite strikers and wont win us EPL. CDM could use work but its not the biggest deal if we sign nobody. We’ve played games where we haven’t even needed a CDM and Coquelin just got subbed off. Ramsey can play deep if absolutely necessary, and Arteta can still start once in a while. I believe in Coquelin’s fitness and ability honestly, and that he can go for most of the season. Giroud/Walcott cannot go the full season because ability-wise they are way behind Aguero, Costa, Rooney etc. Ozil hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves because he has to deal with Giroud who has no pace and is too clumsy. Giroud is a decent EPL striker, but decent doesnt win you the league.

      1. 1. I keep hearing that – a club cannot win with a striker like Giroud – JUST NOT TRUE.

        The fact is Giroud and Costa had a nearly equal goal production rate (goals+assists in all comps per minutes played). Somehow Chelsea managed to win the league with a striker producing goals at the same rate as Giroud. How did they do it? (Rhetorical).

        When you have a midfield full of goal scorers and a good defense it certainly can be done. Additionally, Giroud’s goal production rate has increased each season. We don’t know his limit. And he has a better career record than Costa.

        2. Everyone is assuming Walcott is not an elite goal scorer. How would anyone know this?? Has Walcott ever truly been given the chance at striker? No. And his performances at the end of last season look promising. Every “elite” striker was at one time not an “elite” striker.

        1. Agree completely. The narrative about can’t win the PL with Giroud as CF is pure fabrication. Europe is full of title winning teams not relying on the mythical 25 goal CF beast. The history of the PL will tell you same – over 2/3s of the players who have scored 25+ in the league had no title medal to show for it. Aguero wins it for City – not Dzeko. Ronaldo, no CF, wins 3 in a row for United. Drogba gets 10 and 12 goals in the two Chelsea title winning seasons of 2005-06 with Lampard as top scorer. We win it with Bergkamp’s 16 goals as top scorer in 98. United win it in the 90s twice with Cantona as top scorer with something like 14 and 18 goals and then with Mark Hughes with something like 15 goals. Etc etc. For every Shearer tale (Blackburn 95), Henry (2004), RvP 2012 there are 2 or 3 different examples of how to win the PL and what the team scoring profile looks like.

          1. Don’t ever complain about not winning epl then if you think Giroud is good enough. This is why we keeping getting 4th Or 3rd, in ambitious fans and manager. Giroud has no legit player challenging for his position it’s ridiculous.

            1. Please stop. Most fans would LOVE a top striker. But facts are facts whether you like them or not. Chelsea proved that not having a 35 goal striker is not a show stopper.. Fact is fact.

          2. And the fact you are comparing Bergkamp, Henry, Cantona etc. to GIROUD is criminal. I’m not talking purely goals which you misundestand, top stikers makes those around them better, make the team confident and has the ability to play with other top players. truth is giroud makes Ozil WORSE, makes Alexis WORSE. You can bring up all thes tats you want Giroud is not a top quality striker and does not have the same impact that a top striker has. You are 100% deluded, how you ever got a thumbs up on your comment is beyond ridiculous. Your opinion generally makes me upset.

        2. Walcott has been I’ve. Chances as striker. Can be anonymous for some games turns up against small teams. Walcott canno even stay fit so he’s not even real competition for that position. Here comes the deluded fans who think giroud is good enough…. DONT COMPLAIN DURING THE SEASON NOW.

          1. Walcott has played 99% of the time at RW. He gets a major injury, comes back, looks fantastic, and you decide he is cr@p. After Ramsey’s major injury the fans insisted on giving him YEARS to work his way back. Walcott excelled almost immediately upon his return but that proves he s#cks???

  4. People may make fun of Di Maria , but I would not mind one bit if given the chance we sign a player like him, though not for 59 million. People who have already termed hima flop are jumping to conclusion too soon. 2nd highest in assist and that to after so many distraction from house robery to injury to LVG’s insane philosophy.

    I am not going to be an advocate for di maria but like I have always said Ozil is a top player no matter what , di maria is the same. Look at the ultimate XI of Ozil, he chose di maria. I can clearly see him having a better season.

    1. Di Maria is class. I can’t imagine us ever getting him from United. But it’s such a ridiculous story it may just be true. I mean, who would have thought of it otherwise?

    2. I don’t think we need Di Maria, but he’s obviously a top player, despite his average season at United.

    3. I don’t know who would make fun of Di Maria. He has been a super player at every level and only struggled under this one manager (Van Gaal) who has been known to get players screwed up sometimes. By the time Van Gaal left Bayern they were in shambles and even Lahm seemed lost (and that is hard to do).

      I would jump at the chance to sign DiMaria. But I would imagine…….. even though ManU does not want him many other clubs would be willing to pay handsomely for this great player – this means he is likely out of Arsenal price range??

  5. Off topic. It’s both annoying and great to see how Dortmund are holding on to their players. After the woeful season they had and not qualifying for the Champions League, you may expect some players to jump ship. But no, they arent just clinging on to their top players, the players are actively wanting to stay – Gundogan and Hummels have both said they aren’t leaving this summer, and Reus recently signed a new contract.

    The annoying part is that they’re all very good players and I want them at Arsenal because I’m greedy.

      1. I would love him to come. Honestly it would be the transfer that would make me the happiest (though not our most important transfer). I would be lining up outside the Armoury the moment he signed to get a shirt with his name on it. But alas he signed a new contract just months ago, and he seems committed to Dortmund if you read his interviews etc.

        But we’re football fans. We will delude ourselves that something we want to happen can happen until it is proved beyond any doubt that it cannot. So the theorist in me has looked at ways that Reus may yet come to Arsenal. Perhaps Reus only signed a new contract with Dortmund with the understanding with the club that he could leave this summer, but so that his low release clause of £27m was removed, so that Dortmund would get a fair price for his sale. Dortmund are his boyhood club after all, he would want what’s best for them.

        I don’t think we’ll get Reus. Honestly, I don’t. But we all like to have our hopes – ithe transfer window would be a rather boring affair without them.

        1. Well I know for a fact, talking concrete knowledge, that we were ready to sign him last window but made the choice to get Alexis because Reus had injury concerns.

          Soooo, I know we like him to the point of doing a deal, I know we had everything agreed with Dortmund so a deal is viable, I know the player would come, so maybe now all that’s left is the fact we need a wide-forward and this window it’s HIS moment to join?

          Speculative yes. But not at all fantasy. Now Ozcan tweets about a massive player being close, and where are his areas of operations? England and…..Germany. Hmmmm…interest peaked.

      2. I think we would’ve heard something by now. He’s been linked with absolutely nobody and has a rock solid contract with Dortmund that he recently signed. Hasn’t even hinted he wants to leave either. Maybe in the future but certainly not this summer.

    1. They have sold so many players over the years they have lost the confidence and loyalty of their managers and many fans – not a happy situation there now.

  6. Progression is a must in the coming season. Yes am happy that we are winning trophies but now I want to see us do well in the league and champions league. The time has come, other teams around us are evolving. Teams like Manchester City are starting to make their name whilst Chelsea have already established themselves. Manchester United wont sit quite as their board will also demand trophies and improvement so we have to build on from past two seasons.

  7. Surely we are going to make atleast one more big name signing. We spent just 11 m on Cech.
    We still have about 60 m to spend. We wont be making any progress if we cant land top class striker. Welbeck is injured again. Walcott never stays fit. Alexis is burn out and wont start the season in top form. What if Walcott gets injured again ? We have to play useless Sanogoal or
    slow Giroud upfront.

    1. If we buy no big name other than Cech, we’ll fail in the league again and Wenger/Gazidis would be forced out of the club by a huge backlash from the fans. We signed Alexis Sanchez last summer but Wenger came under intense fire for not replacing Vermaelen. Not signing another big name would be an even bigger insult to the fans, I don’t think he’d survive as manager if it happened. But at the moment, Wenger is quite safe in the job, most fans are reasonably happy with him. He may get the odd thing wrong, but he isn’t an idiot, he’ll know he has to spend. Also, he’s getting older. His time is running out. I’m sure he’ll be desperate to get one more league title before he goes, and he’ll be willing to spend to get it. Not a Man City scale spend, but spending nonetheless

      1. New Arteta contract is sacring me. What if Flamini doesnt take pay cut to join other clubs ?
        We will be stuck with no DM again. God save us. Also striker is similar with Giroud and
        Sanogoal scaring me.

  8. Ibra is coming, scoring hattrick in comunity shield while showing mid finger to Mourinho, at 33 he can still score 40 50 goals, great job by Wenger.

      1. No they arent, its all fabricated, Guardiola is the best friend of Ibra, they have very rich history.

  9. Whats with the news coming from Torino camp that Man United have beaten us in the signing of Matteo Darmian. I didnt think we were in for him. Yes sure read somewhere in June that we were the front runners but I dont know if we were really interested in him.

    I just saw him play in world cup for Italy and thought kid was decent but I do not think we were interested in him. Anyone knows anything about this kid?

    1. So ……. who says Arsenal were beaten by ManU for a player signing? The completely unreliable transfer rumor media who do nothing but invent stories just to peddle their ridiculous product?

      If it does not come from AFC, I don’t believe it. Ever. That means I am guaranteed to be right 99.999% of the time. Not Bad

    2. He’s a young full-back. Any youngster who has potential we get linked with. No biggie, United’s D needs a hell of a lot more pimping out than that.

      1. Josh- I think Van gaal has become more careful, what United did last siummer was very unlike of them and their Identity. SO he will go back to basics and try to get young talent like he has done with Depay and this kid. I cant see them challenging for title atleast this coming season but cannot under estimate them.

        Like us , they also had some untimely injuries so if they get some things right they wills urely perform better than last season. As of now I feel Chelsea would again win the title and we and United will battle out for 2nd with city going for 4th. If city sign some top young player which they will then tables may change but as of now chelsea lead.

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