Today’s Arsenal rumours – Gotze, Krychowiak, Benzema and Roberto

Arsene Wenger stuck to his usual mantra after the West Ham defeat, telling the media: “I can only repeat what I’ve said: if an exceptional solution turns up, we will do it.

“We bought and still lost the game. We listen to people but we have to focus on the quality of our performance.”

Despite his words, there are still plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds today, and of course Karim Benzema always figures somewhere. The latest “insider info” comes from the ESPN presenter (and Real Madrid fan) Jeinny Lizarazo, who is adamant that the deal is certain to go forward once Arsenal and Madrid agree the fee. She tweeted the other day: “As of right now.. both RM [Real Madrid] and Benzema have decided Arsenal.. RM waits for Arsenal to make moves.”

Yesterday she backed yup that statement by saying: “If I am wrong I will be punished on August 29. “So, we’ll see.” As she is a VERY good-looking model I wouldn’t mind being the one doing the punishing, but she certainly seems confident that the deal will go through. As she said: “We’ll see.”….

The German prodigy Mario Gotze has been linked with Arsenal for some time, and after an indifferent campaign last season he may be available at a reasonable price. The Bayern chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has hinted that he may have some offers on the table when he said: “Mario has to make a decision.

“Of course there is a big competition at his position but we all know how long his contract is – he has two more years.

“He told the club that he wants to stay and wants to compete – therefore I wish him good luck.” Hmmmm, if he has said he wants to stay, why has he got a decision to make? That seems a little confusing, but would Arsenal even need him or want him?

The latest news on the Polish DM Grzegorz Krychowiak comes via Sevilla’s official website which says: “The Pole’s return to training will depend on his pain threshold.

“The team put in a titanic effort on Tuesday, Krychowiak even ending the game bandaged with a broken rib.”

This timely injury means that he is unlikely to play again until after the transfer window closes, just like Benzema’s mystery muscle injury, so could it be that they are both just being kept out of the picture until negotiations are completed?

Lastly we have the very strange rumour saying that Arsenal have made a bid for the Spanish keeper Roberto, who is currently playing for the Greek giants Olympiakos. Why Arsenal would buy another keeper after sending Szczesny and Martinez out on loan is too far beyond my understanding to see much truth in it……

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  1. Wenger says no truth in reports of interest in Krychowiak. Expects Flamini to stay.

    so this means no title this season unless wenger’s lying

      1. Ok but apart from those
        minor faults he is still
        the right man to lead Arsenal
        to EPL and ECL glory 🙂

        1. No. 11 seasons without the title clearly stated otherwise – and the prospects for this season aren’t good.

          Since the last time arsenal won the league, juventus has been in serie b where most of the players left, gone up again and won the league 4 times in a row.we’ll never win the league or cl again under wenger – mark my words. :/

    1. After a long wait 4d game wenger convincingly gets us a loss at home against west ham..n y does t have 2b four weeks 4us 2sing chech yet others r signing players with ease???? i have a feeling wenger is pretending 2b interested in bezma whop madrid don’t want 2sel that after the window is closed, he will say he gave t his all….y didn’t he do the same 4dybala, jackson martinez hoe abt lewa frm bayern????

    2. I agree with wenger on this one he isn’t a 20m player. I prefer motta or aranguiz

      If I was to categorise our potential dm signing …
      Cat a= missed out on Vidal
      verratti (25-35m would be the perfect arteta upgrade)
      Java Martinez ( we could try and get him on loan he has no chance of starting with Vidal and lahm infront)

      Cat b= missed out on schnederlin
      Bender Sven or lars(15-18m both are experienced and better than our options and approaching peak)
      Biglia (12-15m linked with Man U very good player a long term wenger target)
      Motta(8-10m experienced,leadership skills, could be first choice for couple season, ready to leave psg)

      Cat c=
      Song(7-9m had a good season, would come back as a squad player)
      Krychowiak (worth around 9m his team want20m can’t see us bidding more than 15m)
      Aranguiz( 12-15m would be the wildcard also linked with Chelsea very good Chilean player approaching his peak)

  2. Same excuse for not replacing Wenger “who is available who could do a better job” yawn I still believe wenger is the right man for the job but he must spend bring in a cdm & a forward it’s better to at least try rather than not trying at all wenger is jst stubborn always ignores the obvious
    which is why if doesn’t win would want someone like klopp imagine what he did with BVB with minimum budget at arsenal he could have 80-90m to spend he would be perfect for us

    1. As far as this transfer window is concern if wenger fails to buy players for the two obvious positions i.e striker and defensive midfielder, then he is no more the right man for ARSENAL. you cant tell me he sees more than everyone that said arsenal are just two players away from winning titles, even the best teams of this world do add qualities to their already star studded squads, so why wenger is making arsenal case different?
      he has been given too much room by the board even david dein that brought him would not have allow this rubbish if he is still at our ARSENAL. this is our time, our chance to become champion again but someone is bottling it because of his own stupid loyalty to his players at the expense of the club honor and glory. this man is hurting us.

  3. Wenger has 3 weeks to prove himself. Once that window shuts, and he does not deliver a title challenge or progress us in the CL, he will have no excuses. I hope for his sake and legacy he does the right thing and just buy a DM & ST.
    Also for those who were heaping praise on Shad Forsythe, I did warn it’s too early to judge, and if you think he has a magic wand that will prevent Coquelin from getting injured then you are highly misinformed. Welbeck out for another 3 weeks… Yup positive signs.

  4. Rumours, rumours, rumours.
    Guys, reduce your expectations concerning Arsenal transfers and you will never be disappointed.

  5. wengers ultimate faith in his players will be his major undoing in the end. could you imagine fergie or any other top manager not dropping anyone in this midfield to make it a balanced. and winning team let alone buy in what we need to strengthen a certain position, i would like to think wenger can win against the odds(this is where his arrogance is going to take him in the end.) i bet if we dont beat c/p on sunday then just watch the odds being pushed out the back end of 100’s/1. i hope sooooooo much that he can make this a great season to remember, otherwise i think we will be saying bye bye next summer to him. i have said this many times before that even the great herbert chapmen knew when his time at the club was up, and he left because he really cared more about the club, more than his own glory. if wenger really cared he would give a younger manager a shot at taking us to the next level, but he seems to not to want to let us go just yet.

  6. The transfer season will always bring it’s rumours, y can’t u guys just chill till a significant signing is announced

  7. who? wenger ?? the specialist in lies?? am assuming its the one who few months ago was ranting on bout how he’ll give Sanchez lots of rest to protect him from burning out, and suddenly uses him in a match we already lost last week? the one who they say knows how to protect his players but still won’t buy what we need to be reinforced and for more players to be protected?? the one who told us cohesiveness is very important to us,but in our last match cohesiveness was at a corner pub smoking shisha ?? if he’s the one behind our team and board.. i stopped believing him long ago, the man deserves a doctorate in Lyology

  8. You have to admit we have become a better team by the players we are being linked with. Now, arsenal fans are arguing whether players like Gotze, Benzema & co will improve the team.
    on another note, if Wenger doesn’t sign keychowiak because we have flamini and ‘he can do the job’, then he needs to go.

    1. He should have left after lifting the fa cup two seasons ago.

      But it’s funny to see how one loss changes the whole atmosphere on this site.
      Only one unlucky loss to WH.

      Guys, if u want him out or don’t like him stand to your opinion even when we r winning.

      I gave up on him a while ago. But I have to admit that he’s done a better job than I expected of him by bringing in some great players and playing defensive football.
      The things he didn’t change: being ruthless (selling players like flamini arteta…Not selling to our rivals.bench underperforming players) His formation and substitution policy and the most important thing: not addressing our weak spots in transfer market.
      I also hate it that he doesn’t do sh*t during a match. Stand up and give ur players some instructions!

      Remember last season?
      No cdm no striker (welbeck doesn’t count coz he’s not good enough) and no cd (we only had 3)!

      1. It’s not a matter of being AOB or AKB. It’s a matter of the club moving forward. I love football and I love Arsenal. The least I ask is to be entertained. I watched Man u vs tottenham last Saturday and it almost made me puke. See the thing is I don’t like freeloaders in a team. players like flamini who couldn’t care less if they play or not. And having players like him makes le coq lazy and sloppy.
        Besides, the west ham loss was no accident. They were better in every department.

  9. Guardiola hasn’t committed to extend his contract beyond next summer so if all the planets align at the right time, that could be an exciting development for AFC.

    IMO Pep is the perfect manager for Arsenal and I think he could take us forward in a big way.

    Santi likes him:

    “I am believer of Guardiola until the death. Pep has inculcated a great way to play football. For me, it is the ideal for my style” Cazorla said.

    “People were waiting for Pep to have his first failure to criticise him for everything he had got. He is not going to change anything because he knows that he has come to success like that. Football has seized much of Guardiola’s philosophy.”

    From Marca (may 2014)


    1. Boring football mate. U really don’t want to see a team having 90% of the ball. I prefer the. Kopp style of football. Pressing and playing fast attacking football.

      1. I disagree.

        Even if was boring (boring, boring Arsenal/1 nil to the arsenal) I could handle it if it brought back the PL and won us our 1st ever Champions League.

        Pretty football with no teeth I have seen enough of..

    2. Since Luis Enrique took over Barca, they’ve gotten rid of the boring tiki taka (due to tactical reasons, well framed in the CL semi final vs Bayern) and are consequently more fun to watch, as well as they play better football. Whenever Wenger goes away from his version of tiki taka (Like vs. City and Liverpool) we do alot better than when he doesn’t, like against mid table teams that usually manage to draw against us.

      As an arsenal fan, my plan is to sit back and endure Wengers reign at Arsenal, then when we get a adequate manager, I will raise my expectations to winning the leagues

      1. That’s a good plan, think I may adapt that myself. Getting too emotionally invested in this thing with Wenger at the helm with nothing to so for it, purchase too many jerseys each hoping that this would be the year that I proudly wear my jersey in the mall, but not his year.

  10. I hope we get beaten by Crystal Palace..Better we loose 3 Points and Wenger realizes early enough that the squad is still short of the quality needed to challenge for the title than go a whole season with a squad that’s neither here nor there

    1. Sorry to say but that may not change anything. The excuses will only be ramped up and then we may end up with someone worst than Flamini or better yet he may recall Sanogo from his load.

    1. -Highest paid manager
      -Most delusional manager
      -Most over-rated players
      -Most hyped club by media
      -Club with huge potential
      -highest number of deadwood players
      -Most divided fan-base
      -dumbest fans(Akb’s)
      -very rich shareholders
      -very old board member

      and fu**ing every other negative thing….wenger is solely responsible for all these….he needs to go ASAP!

      1. Wenger is paid about £8m a year. Mourinho is paid about £17m. In fact, he signed a new contract last week so it’s likely that will be nearer £20m now.

  11. Wenger will not buying any player. We have players we have supported from as early as 2006 Theo one of them why will they reward us, the players have failed us so is the manager

    1. Why Götze? We have these CAM’s: Özil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky. We have way too many already. If anything, buy Volland.

  12. Calling it now. Next summer, Arsenal will sign Mario Götze. If he’s on the fringes of the Bayern team this season, then this time next year he really would have had enough and will want to leave. Götze has said he’d choose Arsenal over pretty much every club out there except one. Can’t remember who, Barcelona I think.

    Right now we don’t need Götze. But I think we may lose one of our best midfielders at the end of this season due to someone being unhappy with a lack of game time because there’s so much competition.

    1. He would only one club in the world ahead of Arsenal, that maybe being Barcelona. Yet now he is at Bayern..?

  13. Said it before, Wenger has 2 years to run on his current contract but this may be his last season. There is no way Arsenal board and supporters will (should) accept anything less than a “serious” title challenge this season. Winning the F.A. cup twice is great, but that accomplishment should have lead to a title challenge if we are improving, it didn’t, hence we finished 12 points behind. Last season the excuse was world cup fatigue (blah,blah, blah), well this season there can be no excuses. My fear is us loosing Sanchez and Ozil should we fail to win the league and do something substantial in the champions league this season. Play close attention to what Wenger says and judge him by what he does. Wenger says we should not panic (after the West Ham defeat) and I agree, but what mode should be in if we fail to win at Crystal Palace, he also says if something exceptional comes up he’ll do it, the problem is he said that 2 seasons ago and we ended up with Kin Kallstrom who had a broken back, so who will we land this time. Not too optimistic at the moment but will reserve judgment until after the Crystal Palace game.

  14. With the amount of rumors floating around about Arsenal (like it has been over the past couple of years) it will be extremely difficult to believe any of it. But i want to believe that Wenger is looking for quality to add to the team but the challenge is his mind-set. Wenger has an eye for quality but is not ready to put the money on the table. He still believes in his transfer strategy that worked for him in the 90s and early 2000s but he has failed to realize that times have changed and what worked back in the day works no more under current market realities and thats the reason he seconds guesses, delays, waits for the final hour hoping to get some quality for bargain prices and when he doesn’t he settles for, according to him the”strong squad we currently have”.

    The truth is Wenger currently, and for a long time now thinks more like a business manager than a football manager. The desire to get it right with figures is stronger than the desire to win trophies. Unlike the likes of Mourinho, Fergie, Guardiola and Simeone who care more for the trophies.

    Personally, now this is my own honest opinion, i maybe wrong or Wenger can do the unthinkable and prove me wrong, personally, i think that as long as Wenger continues to be our manager we would not win the EPL again or win the UCL.


    1. Wenger talks bull**** about TEAM SPIRIT, but fail to realise that you may have spirit but may NOT have the qualities to achieve tasks!

    2. Yu lots also talk Loyalty? Personally, i do NOT think its down to loyalty, i think he’e only trying to save money as usual. He does NOT want to spend, however he’s deluded that he can win title with his silky but spineless squad.

    3. I’m sure if Grzegorz Krychowiak costs 10mil cheap, he still will underbid till some serious club swoop in, pay up and get him.

    Fairly speaking, i think it’s safe to say this man has no ambition of winning any majors. Even the whole wide world knows what the team needs, yet only wenger sees it differently. I really wish he loses again to CP this weekend. And many suggest – Arsenal will never celebrate any majors under wenger, it’s clearly true.
    It’s a torture being an Arsenal fan, tbh. (shameful)

    1. Who do you believe is in these board rooms going through negotiations, obviously Wenger it would seem even though you see him in press conferences all week except for when he is being snapped out on the training pitch. He must leave under cloak and dagger stroke of midnight and fly out to countries for secret rondevu.

  16. Wenger will NOT get a DM. I’m convinced of that. He is very stubborn and attack minded manager

    Our only hope is for Wenger to strengthen up our attack by getting a top CF/winger so that we can score lots of goals and hope that Coquelin is fit throughout the year AND Arteta/Flamini perform well in Cup matches

  17. Gotze is a fantastic player. He is most known for his wonderful goal in World Cup and his model partner who makes a lot of men squirt their man-milk just from looking at her

    He can play RW, LW, CAM and False 9

    He is World Class but not the CF we were hoping for.

    If we got Gotze then I would assume he would be RW maybe and Walcott would be CF



    Gotze would not be great news for OX, Cazorla and Ramsey and Welbeck lol but who cares if he helps us win trophies

    1. Id imagine that Goetze would add to our ever present wingers coming inside leading to congestion.

  18. BTW

    Sunday’s match is now our FIRST match of the season. Lets win and win big. Lets show the PL what we are capable of.


  19. Hmm, Never thought of that …there are no injuries maybe only case of cotton wool til we reach agreement and they bring in the replacements. Needless to say I hope it is true. I am not Benzemas biggest fan but I do trust Arsenes judgement above all. I’m not the Poles biggest fan neither but I loved his stats on tackling and would be happy with his doggedness. Liked his stats because many top defensive mids were all about intercepting ability and pass accuracy lately but you need someone who knows how and when to go to ground ala Vieira.

    My own opinion is that there are a wealth of defensve mids and defenders in general over in Germany. Striker situation seems more difficult.

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