Arsenal rumours – Gundogan, Patino, Podolski and NOT Casillas!

As the end of the season approaches we are getting more and more Arsenal transfer rumours appearing in the press, and today’s selection makes for some interesting reading.

Most Arsenal fans are expecting Arsene Wenger to bring in a new holding midfielder to compete with Francis Coquelin, and today we are hearing that the Dortmund Star Ilkay Gundogan is definitely going to be on the market after his club released a short statement that simply read: “He has decided not to renew his contract.” Considering he is just 24 and could be available for just £20m, I could see Wenger considering bringing the German international to the Emirates….

Secondly we have Arsenal as favourites to sign an 11 year-old prodigy called Charlie Patino from Luton. He has been compared to a young Jack Wilshere and the price is said to be £10,000. I’ll give you an update on this kid in about six years!

Our German outcast Lukas Podolski has finally hit the back of the net for Inter Milan, but their manager Roberto Mancini still made it clear after the match that the winger will NOT be staying with the Italian giants next season. “I’m pleased that Podolski broke his duck, he’s scored a very important goal,” he said in Goal. “He’ll go back to London at the end of his loan deal, but he’s a true professional.” He may well be coming back to London for a while, but I’m pretty sure it will only be long enough for him to find another club for next season. He’ll be lucky if Arsene Wenger even talks to him!

Lastly, the strange rumours circulating that Iker Casillas could become a Gunner are definitely wide of the mark, as the Real Madrid keeper himself stated: “Where am I going to be better off than here?” He may end up being backup to De Gea next season, but I am sure he will be well rewarded for sitting on the bench!

I must say that I would not say no to having Gundogan at Arsenal next season…..

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  1. Nobody knows who Wenger will sign….I read all these rumours purely to pass time….the past 2 seasons we have made great signings…..I hope it continues

  2. I am just happy the manager has come out and killed the goalkeeper rumour. We have some very ungrateful fans. Ospina has the best record in the league since he came in and am happy the manager agrees. Why bring a 34 years old casilas who is losing the plot. Personally ospina has good competition from sczseney who is a good keeper. the rumours on LLoris Cech begovish and Cazilas are disrespectful. We need no keeper.

    Wenger’s press conference

    1) on if he’s looking to strengthen in goal…
    No, not necessarily.

    2)on if the goalkeepers at club are good enough to win title…

    I believe in the goalkeepers I have. I believe that Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper and Ospina has come in and done a fantastic job. You look at the numbers in the Premier League and you look at who is top of all the goalkeepers and you will see it’s Ospina.


  3. Podolski made his own grave by having that stupid press conference. He completely forgot he was on loan and had not signed for the club. Some of the things he said was out of order. Now that he feels rejected by Inter fans who think he is rubbish he says he is ready to fight. Fight on the left with Sanchez OX Welbeck even Ozil will offer more pressing.

    If you are criticised of been lazy in a grand pa league like the Italian league then am sorry in England you will be a wanted man. Podolski is lazy and thats the truth. he relies too much on his left foot and this daysit doesn’t work that much. He is on the bench in Germany. He was on the bench at Arsenal and now at Inter he is on the bench.

    Is it Wenger’s fault that he is on the bench in all this clubs and at internationals? Like the author said Podolski will be lucky if Wenger talks to him.

  4. Show the exit door to the followings:
    Podolski,Campbell,Ryo,Jenkison(loyal and good player but with Debuchy and Bellerin occupying the space no chance for him),Flamin,Diaby(Earn as you play contract prefferable)
    Sign in Schneiderlin and Lacazette/Dyabala and anothe Central Defender then we are good to go for the next season.
    Give more playing time to Akpom,Gnabry and Zelalem

    1. The jekinson scenario deserves a rethink. Debuchy is already 30 or so and jekinson has improved tremendously. If he can stay on loan and play another 30-40 GAMES next season that will be invaluable.
      We may also be underestimating bellerin. We have a saying at Arsenal that when you are good enough you are Old enough. Bellerini is ready. Infact he is the perfect Arsenal fullback and he is ready to be number 1. He can become the best Rb in the world. Am sure about that. Bellerin and jekinson means buying no RB for the next decade.

      With regards to CB. Last season alone we bought 2 CB. Chambers for £16 million and Gabby for £11 million. We already have 4 CB at the club. Whats the need in adding 1 more to make us have 5 CB. I don’t know any top club in Europe with 5 CB. How do you ever play 5 CB in a season. Chelsea won the league with cahill Zouma and terry.

      1. true, a back up for coq or a much better DMF who coq can compete for a starting role, a right winger and a striker.

      2. Yes agreed about Jenkinson, loan him out one more season. They guy is homegrown under new and existing rules. But he must kind of know when he comes back Bellerin will be ahead, so no first team football for him. Debuchy can be sold next season and still get us a great deal of money.

        As a centre back I would love us to buy John Stones, he is young and fully home grown. Stones, Gabriel, Chambers, Hayden can be our new future defense. I also heard we are in for Gomez (17 years old). Those new home grown rules will not go away. We have to plan for this.

        Schneiderlin/Kondogbia needed for additional CDM. Flamini & Diaby replacement.
        If Isco comes available he needs to become the replacement for Arteta & Rosicky. We can’t miss a chance like that. Isco over Gundogan.

        Lacazette as striker addition.

  5. De Gea Utd set to make a 100m bid for Bale…..

    clubs are strengthening and if we do not spend and strengthen…

    we do not win…its simple

    1. So should we pay £65 million for Dimaria and £100 million for bale and £58 million for Pogba and £40 million for LLoris and £40 million for hummels and £60 million for cavani just because United are spending? I totally disagree. lets buy what the squad need. We do’t need a keeper or Defenders . We need a few more goals and a DM.
      Lacazette £25 to 30 million.
      Schiniderlin £20 – 25 million

      That is is 50 million spent and we are good to go. United and livepool spent 200 milllion and 130 million respectively and despite our worst start in 58 years they are still behind us in the league.
      If we get what we need and defend well as we are doing now and a few luck on injuries we are gonna be in a fantastic situation.

      1. I agree, however I would only add a St / RW if Theo leaves.

        DM definitely

        Gk only if Schezza decided to leave

        We got Silva coming back as well.

        Things are looking good my friends

          1. @sevenitti you have hit the nail on the head!! Campbell and Silva wont make the bench at Arsenal, we should have sold Campbell straight after the world cup and we should stop wishful thinking about Silva because he has been piss poor!!
            Arsenal dont need anymore RW as Ox Walcott Gnabry and Sanchez can cover it. Instead Arsenal need a natural LW in the mould of Konoplyanka who can play more direct and give something different to the team. Ps he is available for free soon!!

    2. Bale would be good for Chelsea to boost home grown numbers. But on the right wing they have already Willian and Quadrado. Quadrado has not proved him self yet. I doubt he will be sold after 6 months. The only way they can fund a bale move is to sell Hazard.

      Chelsea has a very thin squad and can not compete on all levels. Plus they lack homegrown players. They need to do buy more depth and promote youth players.

      * Creswell coming to boost Homegrown numbers and Filipe Luis leaving for Atletico
      * Obi Mikel leaving
      * Cech leaving
      * Drogba leaving

      From all those that are leaving I can’t see Bale is needed. Chelsea needs striker, CD, LW, LB ideally homegrown.

  6. Only Flamini and Diaby are out
    of contract. Every one else
    including Wellbeck 2019
    Ryo ’16 Campbell ’16 Sanogo ’17 Rosicky ’16
    Podolski’16 Arteta’16 Jenkinson ’18
    Gnabry ’18 Wellington ’18 can hang
    around till their contracts are up.
    Wenger wants Diaby to stay too.
    With the likes of Bielik Akpom Zelalem,
    and more signings Arsenal will be lumping around a 30 plus squad.

    1. @ Davidnz. You can’t justify keeping a 30 man squad. You can’t justify keeping Arteta and buying another Dm. Keep in mind that Rambo was playing out wide because there is traffic in the middle. So certain players must make way. Its impossible to make 30 players happy. so i think the players below will go.

      Podolski not good enough. manager won’t even talk to him.
      Diaby Not played for 2 years
      Arteta No legs and can’t have a captain on the bench all the time.
      campbell he has a good thing at Villarreal why keep himand bench his ass?
      Flamini Not good enough
      Sanogo Not good enough for palace not good enough for Arsenal.

      1. Ryo and Walcott should be added and bring in quality DM and attacker and should be ok…..buying pogba would show intent but not going to happen so kondogbia probably best bet ….

  7. Absolutely shit article, in this article where did it say Arsenal are in talks with Gundogan’s agent? Or he wants to join us.
    The title and artical have no meaning. Absolutely rubbish.

  8. I think we should focus on getting second place and FA Cup trophy.

    Future transfers want trophies too, not just money.
    Also, getting second instead of third or the dreaded 4th shows that we are capable of challenging for 1st and future players want to challenge for the top spot.

    don’t get your hopes up. If Wenger gets any top quality signing, I will be happy. However, he may not get what we were hoping for.

  9. Galen has been getting all his comments on all the articles spot on.
    He’s my Man of The Day.

  10. What we need:
    DM – Definitely
    ST – Definitely
    RW – only in walcott leaves. ( I don’t want him 2 leave though)
    GK – only is szscesny leaves

    1. @Sparkles you must be playing Football Manager 2006 edition, good luck with your wishlist 😉 is

  11. Wenger won’t go and spend any amount of money on more than 2-3 players. Lets face it, although Iker Casillas would be a great addition I feel his wages would be too strong for an unguaranteed starter. If Szczesny were to leave however the move would be understandable. We won’t go and sign another CB due to the January arrival of Gabriel, unless Chambers is sent out on loan or Mertesacker is sold (captain, won’t happen at least for another season). We do however, need cover in holding midfield. A Kondogbia or Schniederlin would suit perfectly to rotate with Coquelin. Gundogan would be a great addition but is he that anchor that were looking for and isn’t he very similar in style to what we already have in Wilshere and Ramsey. My guess is if Wilshere is persuaded by City then the deal would make a lot more sense. We have also been linked with yet more wingers, the likes of pedro. We don’t desperately need anyone in this area unless Walcott refuses to ‘sign da ting’. In terms of strikers, I think were good but wouldn’t refuse the arrival of either Higuain or Cavani!

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