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Szczezny out, anybody in?‏ by KM

Hello there good ol’ Arsenal fans. How’ve you been? What’s up with the summer so far? We’ve landed the Barclays Asia Trophy which hopefully is the preparation for the Barclays Premier League one. Truth is we’re close. As close as we’ve been for some time.

What we started to do in recent years is encouraging. We’ve shipped out quite a lot of deadwood. Nick B, Chamakh, Squillaci, Park are just a few of the names we’ve let go – which cleared up some wages money. With Flamini likely to follow, Szczezny might be on his way to Roma.

If I was Wenger I would let him go. We gave a lot goalkeepers a chance to play regular football at the top level and Szczezny like Almunia, Vito Mannone, Fabianski (when he was bad) and others have tried their luck, but I think with Cech coming in the standard just jumped to a whole new level – in which average is simply not good enough.

On to news of people coming in it’s the same old desert when you think of actual news you could trust. There’s this Barcelona kid Samper that I’ve never heard of and he’s rumoured for 8.5 mills. I think Fabregas paved the way for every Barcelona junior that he could be the next prodigy kid making the Barcelona to North London move.

Now I’m ok with this signing but didn’t we sign Kristian Bielik? Anyway, it’s one for the future. What about one that is for right now and will slot into our starting XI? I’m not sure we’ll be making that sort of move. Dzeko was rumored, but with Giroud getting a new deal I don’t see it happening. It’s not much of an upgrade of what we already have.

I still think that Welbeck was kinda given to Wenger by Ivan. Arsene was sitting pretty with just one striker for 3 seasons in a row, why would he worry on the last day of the transfer window about Danny Welbeck?

I wouldn’t rule out a signing on the last day. It’s typical Arsene. The position on which this theoretical player will play is more interesting. Is it a striker? A DM? A CB or another keeper? We are 2 first team players away from a serious challenge, it’s up to Arsene. I hope he doesn’t wait for a disaster start of the season to buy something.

Cech gave an interesting interview for the Telegraph stating that “little details” decided games in Chelseas favor. That’s something I’ve been crying out for some time. But truth is, we are slowly but still improving. We added a better fitness coach and finished the season strong with most of our players fit.

We showed a defensive Arsenal ready to grind results away. We put some big money players on the squad, who brought immediate effect and two successive FA cups on the table. It’d be a real shame if we don’t do a little bit of extra work on the market to make the challenge this year.

Right, that’s me done, have a supreme week.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Getting rid of Diaby, Cambell, podolski, Sonogo, Schez (loan), flamini….and all we brought in is Chec so far…really now – we gonna get alot of AW haters if things dont go according to plan come end of the transfer window and results dont fall into place.
    Last season, Le Coq, shouldve proved to AW the diff a proper DM makes to the team, and now we need DECENT back up for him – Arteta doesnt cut it..
    Giroud upfront isint as deadly of a striker that we need to win the EPL.But still wenger insists on a last minute failed deal.

    1. wengers removing deadwood- no doubt he will buy one or two.
      i have faith …..
      the trick of the transfer window is not to get jealous of other teams buying…im already finding it difficult if im honest..but we gotta have faith…said george micheal

    2. The deadwood???…as if they bought themselves and gave themselves chances on the pitch to proof how deadwood they are…interestingly arsenal is i can say the only top 10 club in Europe that has been having until maybe last season, more than half of the squad as deadwood players and then one if most two players that may be considered WC and the rest average…now i had my hopes up when we bought sanchez last season but arrrrkh, pee peee here comes welbeck(man utd’s deadwood)..we might need a few more years to lift any major trophy guys. its hard to accept it but due to wengers chameleon speed of development, we might…but if we spend like 80m these window which we wont then we have a chance

  2. where is joel Campbell and silva at? this is a sign of them being loaned out right?

    weekends are boring without our beautiful football.

    Van Gaal says theirs a “mystery” striker. The media and football world jizzes on their pants…pathetic…

    we should sign either charton cole, heskey, Robbie keane or joe cole :/ yess the transfer window is thaaaat boring these days.

    Maybe wenger is waiting on rues to move to Madrid, so that we can have benz? is their an alternative? im not even sure Gazids know what wenger is planning

    These experiments of wilsh/Rambo in the centre might be used as some sort of test whether a back up DM is needed? mmmm

    these Russian girl ad’s is really buzzing a bloke out……..

    we should sign Pienaar since im South African…

    anyway…..rakatic Wife is hootttT with a capital T…


    cause uncle marlon said so……peace fellow gooners

    1. Hardly a mystery if Bild reported that Man U bid £70M for Muller. No secret we’re after Benzema either, just need Madrid to speed up the Reus purchase. As for LVG, he’s just trying to make his mark on the league kinda like what Mourinho does. Didn’t they work together at one point??? How sweet would it be if they spent millions and still didn’t qualify for the CL through the playoffs.

      1. LVG wants to be a kind of Mou, as much aas I hate Mou he is good at thaat, LVG isnt. His last bluff was won on luck (Krul penalties shoot out at WC).
        LVG wants to sgtate that he is a worthy Red Nose successor. As much as I dislked Red Nose (not hate as MOu) he was also good at HIS game.
        LVG is trying to copy them bith.
        Lets see if it Works.

  3. If by d time d transfer window closes n wenger hasn’t signed at least a top striker, then I will know d type of ambitions he has

  4. Wenger suggests Akpom + Iwobi the youngsters most likely to be involved in Emirates Cup. Suggests Wellington might not be called move to another pl club possible

  5. Arsenal coach Wenger personally told Barca player Sergi Samper (20) last week that the English club is willing to pay his 12M buyout fee acc to Spanish media he is good friends with jon toral & bellerin

    we all know how this will end in few years he will go back to barca we will earn money while they get a finished player. are we arsenal or an academy ??????????

    1. Not necessarily, who knows by then Arsenal will be consider an Elite team and players will be fighting to come to the Emirates. Times will change when players flock to Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Juve, Man U, Chelsea, PSG and so on. It gets boring after awhile seeing the same teams dominate year after year. It’s time for a change and we’re heading in the right direction.

    2. Hey Leo….why are you writing bs comments about unsubstantiated conversations that Wenger had for transfers that haven’t happened and then beating AFC up for what you think will then follow in the subsequent years?? Amazingly thumbed up as if there is any substance in what you say? Totally bizarre.

        1. Yeah you did by putting it on a public blog that provokes comments…oh and followed it with 10 question marks which normally makes it a question.

  6. Amazing how for the longest we’ve been saying chop the deadwood from the squad and now we’ve seen players already left or getting ready to.

    Shez (probably loaned)
    Podolski (sold)
    Flamini (about to be sold)
    Sanogo (loaned)
    Diaby (released-sad case)
    Jenkinson (loaned)
    Gnabry (probably loaned)
    Campbell (probably sold)
    Wellington (another Campbell case)
    Ryo (released)

    Am I missing any? That’s a few slots available for better players that’s for sure. Cech alone will not cut it, even though he’s a massive purchase…

  7. bez + krych dude – EPL,CL,FA

    AUBA + moutinho – EPL

    I am the wenger and I will do my own thaaangggg
    =rely Rambo/ beliek and by maabyyyy auba/benz

  8. I dont think Wenger is THAT dumb.
    He surely wants to land a striker à la Benz or Lewandowski, but these deals are not easy; other things have to happen and in both o these cases…they are happy and their club is happy.
    Another thing is the DM but it is logical to think that anyone who comes wants to be guaranteed first team action. I for one would never make such a promise unless we re landing Makelele and he is too old. Its not that Coq is guaranteed either, but no one can be guarantedd at a club like Srsenal.
    Thats it, my two cents on opinión onwhy deals are not yet done

  9. Chelsea is ready to pay 30m for john stones yet wenger cant bid for reus,benzema,abumeyang,greizmann all who can be available for 30–40m because he thinks giroud is better,he even extends his contract to keep him longer.Wenger is Shit!!

    1. Perhaps Girouds contract has been extended to give him security….before a new contender arrives?? Maybe it’s Wengers way of saying ‘there’s gonna be competition but your still a part of the team’.

    2. So what, but you highlight one the big differences between us an other clubs. Whilst City, United and Chelsea can spend around £30M on Mangala, Shaw and Stones we buy Alexis Sanchez for similar money. Koscielny + Mertesacker + Gabriel = £30M. Stones = £30M???? Embarrassing if you ask me rather than something to be admired.

  10. Arsene Wenger is conscious about two things the Wenger players(“arteta,wilshere,flamini”) and the french players in this case the situation of giroud is something he will always defend it. The manager will never jeopardise his striker for a more consistent one as he can rely on Sanchez for all those Giroud misses. If Benzema comes along there is no way Giroud can do to reply for those goals and he knows that Titi is already lost his patience in that Monaco match.

  11. As long as we get a Striker as an upgrade on Giroud. A team to win EPL is all I ever wanted…….in order to silence Mouthringho once and for all.

  12. It is shaping up to be Benzema and Semper. Not the best we could do, but a very good transfer window overall if it happens

  13. The best signing we could make is David Dein. Wenger is hopeless in the transfer market, recruiting on basis that 1 in 3 makes the grade, if he recruits at all, is not good enough. The last time we won the EPL was when we had David Dein in charge of recruitment. I rest my case.

  14. The problem positions for me are Walcott and Coq, yes we may do well if both remain fit, but that is a big gamble for me, and one that we don’t need to take – so the question is why are we taking it?

    1. I don’t worry much about walcotts position, we have players who can fill that gap, when walcott gets injured. Coq is a nother matter, arteta or ramsey, will have to fill that gap, and even though i like ramsey, his is not that good at playing DM, arteta is to weak and slow.

      So either an upgrade to Coq, or a backup player on that position.

  15. We don’t need good players we have lots of them. We need 2 exceptional signings and teams start to get frightened.

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