Arsenal Rumours – Mbappe In, Giroud Out, Ozil Staying?

Well there is quite a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours flying around as the window begins in earnest. After yesterday’s news that the bid for the young Nigerian Henry Onyekuru was a load of old codswallop, we have some new possibilities which sound much more promising.

First of all is reporting that the Gunners have made a 100m Euro bid for the striker we all want to see at Arsenal, Kylian Mbappe. This will more than double our record transfer fee and would be a real statement of intent by Wenger, and if it really does come off, then maybe the fans will start believing in Le Prof again and would certainly improve our chances of winning the Premier League next season.

If he does come, there would be little room for Olivier Giroud as our centre-forward, especially as Danny Welbeck is now back to full fitness as well. The Frenchman has not been happy with spending most of the season on the bench, and maybe he could get back to playing every week at Newcastle United, who are rumoured to have bid 22m or maybe West Ham United if Giroud prefers to stay in London? If we could get rid of Giroud and bring in Mbappe there will be lots of happy Arsenal fans around!

Another possible bit of good news is the rumour that Mesut Ozil and Arsenal have agreed to a new contract extension at a wage of £280,000-a-week. If true, this will mean a massive change in Arsenal’s wage structure and perhaps the Gunners really are serious about challenging for the title.

Would you be happy if these three rumours turn out to be true?



  1. Happy with all off them except the Ozil rumor. We know our club has become a club that rewards mediocrity because they gave Wenger a new contract but 280,000 pounds for a lazy passenger is ridiculous he is worth what he is getting now and no more. Goes missing to much for my liking

    1. Spot on mate..why all the thumbs down…280k a week for a player who goes missing in games more often or not…the world has gone mad ffs….do you realise that would take a nurse over 10 years to earn what he could in a do the sums and see how many years it would take you to earn the same.
      I know its all relative but come on..its all getting out of hand.
      Aubamayang reported to be ONLY getting 168k a week at psg.
      Now go figure if ozil is really worth it and tell me who else would pay the sort of wage he is getting here based on his performance levels of late ?

      1. Yeah I don’t get it either. Ozil makes a nice pass every few games against weaker opposition and people praise him as world class. This is what Arsenal fans have come to, celebrating a lazy coward, wow. Look at where we finished in the Premier League, how we performed in the Champions League. How many of the top teams did the great Ozil break down? None because he is rubbish. Pull your head out of the sand people, he is a overrated Real Madrid reject.

        1. You slate Ozil and it is quite obvious don’t understand football. Look at Ozils individual honours. No other Arsenal player has achieved what he has. Last year carried Arsenal and Was Arsenals player of the year. Also voted Germany player of the year 5 times. I have been supporting Arsenal for 46 years an d actually wonder if you are an a Arsenal supporter or go along with the media hype that has a go at our players

  2. Its so predictable.
    Arsenal make silly bids for players they have no hope of signing and end up signing duds in the last minutes of the transfer window.
    And Arsenal telling us they really did try but the “top top quality” players were unavailable even though everyone else managed to sign them.
    Its the same every year and the people who wanted him to stay will buy it all..

    1. yah, I even forgot about the top top players, now it’s back coz we are in that period when Wenger is under pressure to sign players. you’ll hear a lot of top top top everything

    2. Wow the world is growing mad and we are all gooing mad with it. We have and American President who thinks Climate change is Fake. Now we have people laughing at a club that makes an effot with and £87 million bid. Thank Goodness my Grand pa is not here to see such madness.
      87 million is now a silly bid? What a time to be alive.

  3. mbape kid is a one season arsenal fan actually care about giroud ppl can him lampost donkey giraffe but i think he did more than enough for his price tag.
    *** we can get both aubamiang n reus with 100mil

    1. We’re not playing fifa. Those 2 players would cost a lot more than 100 million in today’s market. Aubameyeng is not going to a team that isn’t playing in champions league for one. Assuming dortmund would sell 2 of their best players the prices would be through the roof.

    2. Reus is injured yet again for half a year. I wouldnt take him to be wilsheres replacement no matter how good he is

  4. 87million pounds for a 19 year old bloke…
    What a waste that will be.
    Pay 50 million pounds for lacazette, 30 million pounds for Mahrez and that is a shrewd deal.

    1. If Mahrez was quoted £40 millions last summer, he’s definitely not worthy of that now…

    2. This! Lacazzete and Mahrez please. 100 million for a kid who has had one good season is ridiculous.

  5. Why waste the time going after a signing you’re not likely to pull off when there are other “gettable” options?

    There’s Morata, Lacazette and maybe even Auba.

    Any of these will be considered an upgrade on what we currently have upfront. Sign any of them and get Alexis to sign and all of a sudden our attack becomes fearsome.

    1. If we get him then it isn’t a waste of time.
      If not then we could be asking why we are not making big bid for another player at same time.

      We do not know the details of the bid, Martial was around half in future payments and if we didn’t do that but upfront payment then a reduced fee may be accepted for the cash upfront.

      I doubt it is something like that but I do not know, if we as supporters encourage it though and show we want that then we are letting the club know what we want. If we fail in the transfer market then get on Silent Stans back, Wenger likes MBappe so Silent Stan should support the man he gave a new contract too.

    1. Thankyou bro. The world as i saidi ts going mad. Now 87 milion is too little. News from france is that we made the bid because we didn’t pay in installments like madrid. If that is too little then am worried.

  6. “the Gunners have made a 100m Euro bid for the striker ”
    Please we just recovered from the heart attack Arsenal gave me this season???.. so please ya’ll should not play with our emotions with transfer news
    ????.. Wenger 100m for one player ? LOL????

    1. Honestly i want Arsenal to spend but 100m for Mbappe is not what i ever wish for. i hope tgis is not true….
      Maybe am used to the penny pinching but i dont want this to happen…

      Buy Lacazette who has proven himself season after season and another forward with a midfielder and we can get all those for 100m…
      Anyway, am sure Wenger will not sign any other player if he pays that money for Mbappe

  7. 89 million Pounds and Arsene is left with 11 million left of the supposed transfer budget, i don’t see this happening. Usmanov talked about Arsene needing backing and i really don’t think 100Mil is enough unless we are able to sell off 4 to 5 players which is not in Wengers nature.

  8. Wenger wanna spend, we complain.

    Wenger doesn’t spend, we complain.

    However I m pretty sure we won’t sign Mbappe. Not for that amount. LOL.

    When it comes to signings, Wenger is unpredictable but we know the media pretty well with Arsenal related news.

  9. Let the signing of ozil and sanchez become wengers priority we have Walcott who can do better than imbape…let hope for other good players

    1. Walcott better than mbappe?? ?? Damn, when the guy turns so good?? And he is in our bench!! Woow we must have a super squad!! Why should the deloud one come off to the market so?? Wait! Why we were finished 5 with that squad?? The manager! No wait it cant be, we ve just rewarded him with a new fat contract…im a bit confuse ??

  10. why are these journalistic fabrications even articles?
    everyone knows there is no truth in it. Its just click bait for hopeless fools.

    You are instigating a discussion about something that most likely hasn’t even happened?

    do yourselves all a favour. go on a long sabbatical away from reading transfer ‘stories’, and that includes you Admin;)

    1. If you don’t like them, why do you keep reading them and commenting?
      Take your own advice mate…

      1. Maybe he’ll prefer some Cricket news instead????

        Anyways, the Mbappe rumour seems true enough, whether it’s a bluff on wengers part knowing that City & Real Madrid have already had bigger offers rejected and that he just wants to look good & intended without actually spending that kind of money on one player.?

        1. ‘seems true enough’

          based on….?

          I’ve looked at several articles and ‘none’ of them have any validation in them whatsoever. maybe you should check out the cricket FBG as you seem to have been hit for six around the old grey matter by a large lump of wood, if you believe the ‘news’ to be kosher;)

          1. Lol Fair enough mate, if you can’t find it that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there! ?? it’s not my job to convince you ?? Have a nice Day!

      2. i didnt read it.
        i looked at the clickbait title and new it was a non story, and commented on it to highlight the fact it was in fact a non event.

  11. These all re rumors so far.. Nothing is concrete unless Sky or BBC quote something…. And instead of buying Mbappe for 87 Millions I would go for Edison Cavani as we know Aubameyang is already making a move… Cavani would cost for 60 Millions and then I would certainly look for Mahrez and Hamsik if they can join here…

    1. Cavani is so overrates…he is not what we need…he runs his socks, but he isnt a good finisher…we have welbeck for that

  12. I seriously doubt we will get him for that if they turned down bigger bids already, saying that though, we do not know the details of the bid. If Real and City offered say £30mil upfront and the rest via add ons but we made our bid upfront, the full amount in a single payment…

    We do not know.

    However I think I can safely speak for majority of Arsenal fans when I say that we would be happy if Wenger went in with a big bid for Lacazette to get the transfer done asap…

    But if the board are serious about backing Wenger and if Wenger has shown more desire for MBappe then go for it board, make us proud, get the transfer done asap.

    If we sell a few players then I think we could afford it as a club, we do have a number of players who are HG and inflated fees due to that, Ramsey being one of them and Liverpool are rumored to be interested in him and Everton has shown interest. After buying a CF then mainly what we need to do is upgrade a couple players and we would have a title challenging team.

    Hope but not going to delude myself.

    1. Etihad city owners as a group make over 30 billion profit a year every year after all their properties,toys and games, for them paying the whole sum is nothing just a loose change in the corner of their pocket or in the back of the armchair

  13. In this situation you graze on the radius of your tether,Get lacazette for 50m and a ball playing box box midfielder but I still do feel in premier league you need a tall, pacy,and a skillful stiker thats auba or Mbappe but a midget like lacazette or griezman we lose the aerial battles in the attack,

    1. It we gain in trickiness and power. Lacazette is smaller but powerful and good on his feet. He takes players on as well. We lack that with Giroud and Walcott was too easily knocked off the ball when called into the role. Alexi is small and powerful and look how he worked out for us!

      We have Welbeck if need be for the tall leggy role.

      Go for Lacazette and Mahrez.

  14. This bid is just to try and convince the fans to buy tickets/shirts etc and to get the ozil and sanchez contracts over the line.
    I hope the bid is a smokescreen for us to work on the likes of mahrez and lacazette.

    At least putting the bid in let’s mbappe know of our interest in him for the future.

    If we sign a high calibre cf I think that’s confirmation sanchez will go.

  15. @kedar.
    I think hamsik will see out his days at Napoli.
    If it was up to me I’d raid Napoli.
    Caleon, hamsik, insigne, Mertens, and so on…..
    Also love nangolan of Roma but obviously a different sort of player.

  16. be bold and try harry kane if mbappe doesn’t happen. you never know. its all about being a bully in todays market. he will not be the first and last player taken by us from the spuds.

  17. The thought of Ozil receiving 280000, a week is appalling, i will admit coming to to end of the season his game improved, but still no where near what it should be. In all honesty someone tell me which big team actually wants Ozil at the moment, real madrid, barcelona, bayern, juventus, PSG, have we actually heard of any of the big team actually wanting Ozil, worst even the english league top six are not interested. At times our team seem to be playing one man short, especially when its teams that dominate ball possession, we need players who puts in the work, not luxury players. therefore handing Ozil such a contract is ridiculous. I would reduce the pay he is getting right now instead of increasing it, that is how frustrated i am with Ozil.

    Its a world cup year coming up, most strikers and other players will want to be in the number one role in there various teams Giroud is one of those players who will seek game time else where because of threat to his position in the national team. I Think he is the only true striker arsenal has and he was not used to the best of the abilities, meaning arsenal did not use true wide players who could cross the ball on a dime, he would have had a far higher goals to game ratio, he would be a terrible lost and not easily replaceable, base on his many qualities( i actually sound like Wenger). Welbeck is the only forward we have who has most of the qualities that we would refer to as an Arsenal type striker, except for his finish which needs to be work on in the summer.

    And last but not least 100, 000 bid for french youngster, RIDICULOUS

    1. Agree we just don’t cross the ball. So many fans don’t get the idea that you don’t have to have pace and shiftiness to be a quality striker. If you can attack the ball in the air you cause all kinds of trouble for teams. OG just happens to be the best in the game at heading the ball. Have speed down the flanks where it is needed and have power through the middle.
      However if you want to press all game then OG is not the player needed.

    2. Ozil is definitely a luxury player and his wage demands are indeed ridiculous but there is a obvious reason he chooses to play through Sanchez 90% of the time in the attacking third. Surrounding him with mid level EPL talent like Giroud, Theo, Walcott and Welbeck is a frustrating reality for the mercurial German and is probably the reason why he’s intentionally placing his wage demands far beyond Arsenals reach.

      If Wenger and Co. would show some serious intent by signing Mahrez and Lacazette, or Augbuyeang and Isco maybe Mezut would resign long term and play the best futbol of his life.

      The dude needs to put in a more consistent shift, but who wouldn’t be frustrated playing with current crop of Arsenal attacking players

      1. May i remind you that Ozil had a certain Ronaldo, Benzema, and Higuain at Real Madrid and yet he was put out by Real Madrid due to complaints from the coach at the time that he lacked work ethic without the ball.

        I do agree with you he does not have the world best strikers around and arsenal would show some serious intent by signing Mahrez and Lacazette, or Augbuyeang and Isco, but in those scenario, isco and Mahrez are seen as replacement for ozil, laca is over rated but i would take him and AB would my choice for striker.

        My concern with Ozil is you can not be paying him because he is just a provider of assist, he must be also seen in the teams defensive shape and he must be a provider of goals, 9 goals is just not good enough

  18. News Flash!


  19. Breaking News!
    Monaco rejects Arsenal’s 100m Euros bid for Mbappe. They’ve rejected higher bids in the past, why would they accept ours. Now if this report is true, Wenger has shown the world that he has money at his disposal. Lyon would probably want 65m for lacazette (Man Utd are now interested too), and Madrid will want more for Morata. Wrong approach.

    1. lol what makes you think it was wrong approach? they the board and AW will say we competed with the top clubs in Europe for the signing of top players but they chose not to sell or come, even if the club is wiling to sell we wont agree personal terms just so not to buy

      i know i have become distrusting person regarding Arsenal but whose fault is that i wonder…

  20. Get Lacazette and Mahrez
    Keep Alexis and Ozil
    We will have one of the best attacks in the league

  21. Wenger out has become a cult. 100m for a world class player, a talisman, the headline grabber, the hottest property on sale, and some fans continue to snear, ‘too young’, ‘too expensive’ ‘silly bussiness tactics’. It’s TY’s blind faith except the reverse….. Blind hate! you muppets! This is exactly what we’ve been screaming out for, if we can, go for it. It makes a massive statement. to our players and to others. I doubt but bloody hope its true, hop we can seal it!

  22. am i the only one who sees the price and think about Antoine Griezmann. maybe he’s just testing the water with mbappe before going all in on griezmann. hit release clause, sweet talk player deal done.

  23. What’s the point of even bidding for a player who repeatedly says he wants to play for real madrid and idolizes c Ronaldo and that crazy bid 87mil the reason why this is nonsense

    Wenger don’t play like that game
    This is Wenger expect free transfers
    Maybe two players for a combined price of 50mil

  24. don’t worry abt wenger transfer policy top top player lyk onyekuru from Belgian lg n some other cheap player from lower league including my country league naija will full emirate next season surely we will carry d lg

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