Arsenal rumours – Radamel Falcao moves closer to Arsenal deal

There have been many Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with a move for the wantaway Monaco striker Radamel Falcao, but there have been a couple of strange twists in the last 24 hours.

First of all, it seemed that Arsene Wenger had ruled out buying another striker when it was reported in the Express:

When asked about a free transfer swoop for Zigic, Wenger replied: “Zigic? No.” He also bluntly stated “No” when moves for Welbeck and Falcao were put to him. “You will ask me straight away who we will buy. I give you the answer – at the moment, no-one,” Wenger added.

“If you want to make everyone happy you buy all of these players but what is important is the performance on the football pitch. If you look at the players we had on the bench and those out injured, we have players. You cannot buy every time a player is injured.

“We are open for any position as long as we feel the player can strengthen the squad. Buy to buy? I don’t see the purpose of that.”

The only flaw with that is he didn’t rule out a LOAN, which is what the deal with Falcao will be. But first of all we got a report late last night that said that Real Madrid had made a move and snatched Falcao out of our clutches. The Telegraph described the situation as:

Arsenal’s hopes of signing Radamel Falcao are over after Real Madrid completed a £20m deal to sign the striker from Monaco. (calciomercato)

BUT just now the Metro are reporting that Madrid have pulled out of the deal, and Arsenal are now the only team left willing to pay 20 million for a one-year loan deal. Their report said:

Arsenal are clear to sign Monaco striker Radamel Falcao after Real Madrid ditched their interest in the Colombia star.

Falcao has been given permission to leave Monaco on-loan this summer in return for £20million, and reports this week suggested that Arsenal and Madrid were going head-to-head for his signature.

But now the Gunners have a clear run to grab the 28-year-old with the Spanish press saying that Madrid have now ended their interest in trying to sign him.

The news comes after Falcao told Arsenal he is ready to move to the Emirates Stadium and senior officials held talks with Monaco about a switch.

Wenger has made it clear that he won’t bring in anyone unless they are an improvement on the players Arsenal already have at the club. Surely Falcao fulfils that condition?

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  1. Invincibles49 says:

    The title gets me excited every time. But when i scroll down and read the the word “Metro”, i am like , sigh!

    A CF i have no hope. But a CDM i still hope and wish till the final second runs its course on the deadline day.

    1. seancali says:

      Metro has been linking us with every single player in the market the entire summer. Crap source. I strongly think Falcao for a season for 20mil is not good business. What when his loan is over?who will we replace him with?there are not many quality strikers like him and perhaps he is the only one. we will be left with a big headache at the end of the season unless the fans can bare to see Giroud take his place once he leaves. I personally have no problem with Giroud leading the line but some fans do. so what I am saying is lets get Falcao on permanent basis even though it will never happen. we have a 0.01 percent chance to do so. so lets keep on dreaming for the next few days till this nightmare is all over and the window is shut down and then we can all just sit the F down and worry about the rest of the season. I hope wenger can pull at least one signing for us

    2. atid says:

      Same hear, I just don’t know why blogs get involved in what the players are reporting. Especially the likes of metro. Then other blogs go even worse they report what’s being said on or or

      Basically these sites and papers simply through so much Shit, that eventually a piece sticks and they say.” as we exclusively reported” honestly my.old mum hates football, but she could guess a transfer will happen with 4 days of the window left.

    3. Bishop says:

      I think it is Broserl Falcao ( an unknown 17yr old CAM from australia) we are linked with and not Radamel Falcao.

    4. Tas says:

      i believe the deal is done already but we wont announce it until the 11 hour of the last day of transfer market and why should we give chance for our competition to bolster their team.

    5. PC says:

      I saw “AFC’s 20M pound bid for Falcao accepted” on BBC’s LIVE “Sportsday – football transfers latest” page from “David Ornstein”, but quickly removed…….interesting!

      1. PC says:

        Sorry guys, it was tweeted using a fake account using “David Ornstein’s” name.
        But the fact that it was written on BBC’s website is amazing, they must have got it from the fake account.

  2. rambo says:

    C’mon lets be realistic now. Wenger will NEVER spend 20mill on a 1 year loan deal for anyone, let alone a player he could sign permanently for double that price. We haven’t got oil money…so the logistics of this just do not work out. Most likely we won’t buy any striker, and maybe only loan an average striker as a back up.

    1. Sumo says:

      Hey fcuk off will you. You are speaking too much sense. Thats not allowed in here.
      People on here want

      You can’t talk logically to us. Let us dream.


      1. muffdiver says:

        it sounds crazy but loan fee includes his wages . so its not really 20 million loan fee. more like 10. if madrid opt out arsenal is possible …biggest problem.

        b*stard bum boy mendes -mourinho and falcaos agent.

        costa is injured. mourinho an mendes have re-enacted brokeback mountain.

        so falcao to chelsea is possible

    2. atid says:

      Thing is its not a 1 year loan deal, it’s a 9 month loan deal.

      They want his wages off the books and a fee can be negotiated, they need cash up front to meet ffp rules. It’s far likelier that arsenal will loan falcao and pay his wages to monaco. That way falcao gets his wages paid by monaco tax free. Whilst arsenal don’t break their salary cap. If Monaco agree to lower the fee, this could happen. Also Geoffrey kondogbia is under Wengers radar.

      Psg are in a similar position they need cash and cavani is another player we are looking at, but psg want a sale not a loan. Van der weil, verratti lavezzi and Rabiot are all.potential departures as well.

      1. Malik says:

        it’s Geoffrey kondogbia (with a “G”) and he’s an animal!

      2. Arsenal Fan says:

        Been on about this guy before he went to France from Spain.
        Look at him now? Brought for a modest £12odd mill, now worth £20m..

        Chelsea will become his next destination I feel. Mainly because we looked at him, didn’t go for him, which would mean we will think, why pay £25m when we could of got him for £12m, and in our ‘what ifs’ Chelsea will come and buy

  3. Nawras says:

    Won’t mind him. He is an absolute beast in the final third. He can head the ball and also finish brilliantly.

    1. Arsenal Fan says:

      Couldn’t be sold to Real Madrid Directly from At. Madrid so they advised him to go to Monaco with the aim to come back for him. Unfortunately he had that injury and RM went on to buy as they do…impulse buys.

      Where does that leave Falcao? Arsenal? This could be a possibility, why not?

  4. Sumo says:

    Maybe not. He was out injured for 6+ months. Also he will have to be integrated to the team. And we have to base our team on him.

    And what if the major saying applies here.
    That a player takes a season to settle? That will be waste of 20 mil.

    We should look to bring in somebody young and develop, say 25 downwards at age.

    But as Robin van payslip said in his joke.
    Mourinho wouldn’t make Drugba his number 2 if better forwards were available in the market. Dont say me that a striker wouldn’t sit on the Chelsea bench for 200000+ a week.

  5. Skandalouz says:

    – Monaco will forever love Wenger.
    – Wenger has an obsession with physical strikers.
    – Arsenal and Falcao are both in Puma’s portfolio.
    – Arsenal plays CL footie and are in desperate need of a WC striker.
    – Falcao would sell at least 150k shirts, which means roughly the half of the amount will flow through merchandising.

    Everybody wins, but Wenger should really only do it if he has an option to buy him after a year for a reduced fee (around 30-35 max). I would defintely get him on a shirt if this deal happens. But Wenger should have an alternative if it doesn’t (Bony, Llorente).

    1. Gunner Mac says:

      That is a very good point. Puma seem to be on a publicity drive and with the global fan base of Arsenal and the popularity of Falcao they may even make a contribution to his fee. Mate that up with the fact that Arsenal might be able to pay Monaco a fee rather than wages effectively eliminating the income tax and it might just work. I need a tax lawyer to explain whether Falcao as a Monaco employee loaned to Arsenal for less than the 183 days required to become tax resident would be liable for tax in the UK.

    2. dutti_S says:

      Hulk would have been great but unfortunately Zenit are in th CL. Realistically, Remy could help us until Giroud comes back.

  6. ebemka says:

    Suprise is getting close… I’m very Sure That Even If wenger doesn’t sign falcao, at the end of the window, u will be suprisewd with whoever wenger finally gets… I Don’t trust. In wenger, buh I Believe In Wat He Can Do… Coyg

  7. jgrim says:

    i’d be amazed if this happens, truly amazed. Having said that, he is probably the only forward out of the 300 we have been linked to that on top form is world class so yipekiya if it happens.

    Like to see a holding genral come in. I will give Wenger one definate thumbs up, he seems to know when to keep someone playing even when we question it. Did it with Ramsay, definately doing it with Wilshere even though its changed the team shape and Cazorla who clearly needs more game time than most to find his sharpness. I thought his legs were going but what a shift on Wednesday night! i think he run past Ozil to tackle someone about 5 times.

  8. REiGN says:

    Can’t see this happening at all.

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      @ REiGN
      You cant see this happening ?
      That’s because of the big ‘spectacles’ you are wearing in your Display Picture.
      Lol !!
      ….Joke apart, I share your sentiments. I don’t see Wenger splashing £20m for 9 months loan !!!

  9. Runu says:

    This is where PUMA come in to help finance the deal … If this happens and PUMA are responsible, then I will stock up my wardrobe with PUMA onesies, socks, pants, t-shirts, trainers …COYG!!

  10. Twig says:

    £20m for a 1 year loan… wow, that’s cheap.

    1. muffdiver says:

      includes his wages

  11. Tidan2 says:

    20 million for a one year loan is insane. If that gets taken off his final price then i’m all for it because it’s basically a long term trial and we can assess his worth to us when the season is over but paying 35% – 40% of his value plus his salary for a 1 year loan is stupid.

  12. alexhare says:

    The transfer would make sense for everyone. Only thing that would put me off is the asking price for the loan and his wages. If we get him on loan with the option to buy, the £20M would have to come off his eventual fee for it to make sense. His wages are astronomical at Monaco so he would definitely have to take a pay cut. This is something I’m not sure would happen. Money is a big motivator, and for some, it’s more than the football. However, Falcao would be in a competitive league, playing with world class players ( no world class players other than himself at Monaco) and he would be able to push for trophies. If he came, we would pretty much get his transfer fee back in shirt sales and we would be serious title contenders. I could see it happening because Wenger has spoken about how much he likes him as a player and we have the money for the transfer. The biggest hang up is his wages. Hopefully he isn’t a greedy twat and decides to take a pay cut to play at The Emirates!

  13. gamer says:

    You can buy falco ronaldo messi doesant hide the fact our real issue is at the back eapeically exsposed in big games. Can we please just invest heavy on a dm player and a good back cb. Lets get vidal or de jong like that. Out of the striker and dm if i had to pick one to come only i would say dm

  14. Gooner Cape Town says:

    WTF!!!! Rabiot going to Roma……….

    1. muffdiver says:

      would be funny seeing as they beat us to manolas.

      roma suddenly becoming a nuisance

  15. Gundam says:

    20m is inclusive of everything. Think about his age and his outright price. Is it really that expensive. He has about 3 years possibly left in him at a high level. 50m plus wages is more than 20 all up for a single year.

  16. Invincibles49 says:

    “I will be actively involved on the final day of the window and I will be on alert until the last minute of transfer deadline day”

    “If we sign somebody we will inform you,” he said. “It’s very difficult to go into everything and I believe that all of the negotiations have to be as secret as possible.”

    This gives me hope. Fingers crossed. COYW

    1. ras911 says:

      i never doubted he will sign someone, the only issue is who. We could be getting another Kallstrom or two…

  17. davidnz says:

    Ambitious Arsene After
    Awesome Atackers.
    Cavani or Falcao 🙂

    1. NY_Gunner says:


      1. davidnz says:

        OK I will contact him now 🙂

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Thanks Mate. Knew I could count on you…Lol

      2. Sumo says:

        NY you really think we have a chance with 66 mil already spent? And not to forget his 200+k a week. That would be breaking up the wage structure. I think Vidal has more chance than Cavani if and only if Wenger decides to splash more.

        1. northbankgooner says:

          @sumo we’ve spent £42M net. You’ve not factored in the selling of TV5 or Vela. Plus we’ve offloaded 7 other players freeing up wages. We have the money if as Wenger says the right player is available

    2. Tas says:

      we are one of only few clubs with money in the bank the rest have to sell players to be within FFP we can afford both players and it wont even put a dent in our bank account.

  18. butters says:

    Imagine the amount of south american fans we will have if we sign Falcao, we’ve got Campbell as well.

    1. jonestown1 says:


    2. jonestown1 says:

      and Sanchez

    3. Gundam says:

      Cambell is from Costa Rica. That is not South America. It is viewed as North America or Central America or just America.

    4. jermaineBryan says:

      Don’t forget alexis Sanchez

  19. mike1977 says:

    Dunno why we’d waste £20M for a one-year loan for Falcao when we could outright buy Bony for around £25M on a four or five year contract.

    1. Bishop says:

      Waste?? Waste?!!!!! we would win the epl and probably the ucl too, just at 20m!!!!
      Good business if you ask me

    2. dutti_S says:

      Bony is nowhere near in the same league as Falcao

  20. Matt says:

    This happening wouldn’t excite me in the slightest… It’s only a loan deal and for 20 million that’s so not worth it, we’d be best to just launch a massive bid for Reus or Cavani…

  21. Matt says:

    I just feel this transfer window has been wasted, two right backs, a backup goalie and one good offensive player are just not enough to win the title when, Arteta at CDM is not the steel we need, we also need a world class left winger in my opinion.

  22. Bigvalbowski says:

    Le Prof has always been the master of the verbal misdirection but his recent comments taken @ face value have me shaking my head in disbelief,

    *”Dont need to add another striker”
    *”Im happy with the current squad”

    Praying this is just a semantic smokescreen by Wenger, but sadly weve all been there before.

  23. mark says:

    IF and it’s a big IF Wenger is remotely interested in a loan deal for Falcao, he will want first dibs at the end of the deal, for a negotiated discount taking into account the amount paid for a loan..

    Like many, I hope it is true, but fear it simply more gossip as we near the end of the transfer window.

    ANY half decent striker would be good, or better than no-one!!

  24. Ronny331 says:

    Wengers started talking about Falcao too much, not his style so I suggest this is a smokescreen and Cavanni may be coming, lets hope so!
    On a DM signing please tell me we are in for Kondogbia or Matuidi.

    I’m getting excited Wenger has that wry smile and glint in his eyes 🙂
    Puma money may come into play here in the last few days…..COYG!!!!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Would prefer Cavani and Kondogbia. Matuidi is a Flamini type defender, no finesse just straight up tackle. He is a beast though and would mos def command respect on the pitch as well as protect (Mert), I mean our back 4…

  25. Jimbeam says:

    I think Sanchez, Theo, Sanogo,Akpom,Podolski, Campbell create a better front line with more options then Arteta and Flamini as DMs. Just by looking at our squad and last years results I would first and foremost buy a DM.

    We had 6 and 5 and 4 goals scored against us Falcao wont be able to score 7 or 6 or 5 goals in those games. We first have to stop the onslaught and then reverse it.

  26. leo says:

    Q I’ll put one name to you: Adrien Rabiot. Wenger: “I’ll put one answer. I’m not telling you.”
    Arsenal have begun negotiations with PSG over transfer of Rabiot, acc reliable lequipe. PSG want £9.5m. we are offering around £6m

  27. Ronny331 says:

    On Rabbiot meet in the middle at 7.5/8m?
    Is he what we for DM? I know nothing about him except he’s young, a big player with prescence and that PSG don’t want him anymore.

    Agree DM, (and CB) is the priority then a striker if Wenger sees fit.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      As long as AW thinks the kid can do the business, then I say”Get him”…
      PSG didn’t want him to leave. Young dude wanted more pitch time but was down in the peckin order.

  28. Ronny331 says:

    @Nygunner. Good comments re’ Matuidi V Kondogbia, you are more informed than I am.
    Love the comment re’ Mert, (back 4), lmao!!

    Kondogbia and Cavanni, please let it be true!

  29. gooner0217 says:

    Only that Real have agreed Loan fee with Mondaco for his transfer.. so I am not sure if Falcao is coming this way..

  30. Bigvalbowski says:

    Kinda OT,

    Is Monaco committed to a firesale of there best players following a successful Ligue 1 season and Champions league qualification. Ive read snippets here and there that the dumbass owner pulled a Giroud and is being rightfully taken to the cleaners but is that a Malaga scenario all over?

  31. Big Gun says:

    The only reason why Wenger would loan a player for 20m is if there is a buyout clause as part of the deal. Remember, the player also has a big say so if Arsenal are serious about this deal, his wages will have to be taken into consideration. Currently, he earns 350K a week, demands which Arsenal will NEVER meet. So he would have to take a major paycut to join us long term. As much as I want this to happen, I don’t see it, unless Arsenal truly are on a rampage. Knowing Wenger, he already has a player 90% tied up but bargaining the price down as much as possible before the window ends. He is an economist after all, but his judgement sometimes leaves much to be desired (Santos, Silvestre, Djorou, Park, Jenkinson, Bendtner) anyone?

  32. Skandalouz says:

    “Arsenal are in talks with Monaco striker Radamel Falcao’s agent over a possible loan move. The Gunners are also in the market for a defensive midfielder that can play centre-back too.”
    – David Ornstein

    Be patient Gooners something beautfiul might happen in the coming days!

    1. Skandalouz says:

      It’s fake. Although the BBC reported it, they’re basing on false info. ffs media.

  33. Could this be true,hmn… Finger cross

  34. Cartman says:

    I guess Falcao would be okay. He is better than Giroud anyway. So would give him completion, but was hoping for a better striker than Falcao

    Again, I’m okay with Falcao if it happens. We can always get a better striker next season

  35. dutti_S says:

    Why can’t we go for Hulk? Not as skillful as Falcao but just as strong, and he should be cheaper.

  36. dutti_S says:

    Rabiot looks a much better tackler and passer than Arteta or Flamini and he would suit JW’s game better with more pace in the middle, take him.

  37. arsenallove says:

    We surely need a striker. Why the fck can’t Wenger understand

    1. says:

      To be honest mate we need a RB a LB a DM world class A world class striker. We need to let all the crap go ie LP AD NM CAMPBELL SANOGOGO who ever this kid is coz I would not even play him in my kids team. Maybe another 3. I no I’m down on this but it’s what is needed

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