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The Arsenal transfer rumors look rather familiar don’t they? by Konstantin

Hi everyone, how’ve you been? Did you take a quick look round the newspapers and saw another waterfall of Arsenal rumors? As always some come out of the blue having nothing close to reality and the others may have something in them. Well lets rock’n’roll through them hey?

So first up, Barcelona are reportedly looking at Aaron Ramsey. Well if Aaron plays like he did last season, he’d easily fit in the Barcelona midfield. The good news is we have him tied for 4 more years and if we actually sign the players we need to make ourselves competitive again, he may not want to sabotage us like Sterling does at Liverpool.

The sad thing is that if you are in Aaron’s position and Barcelona come knocking for you, would you stay a club that cannot win the league title or the CL until a deluded manager leaves, which will of course never happen, because the board has no ambition to win trophies, or do you go to the Barcelona machine, where success is the foundation of everything.

Even if you are a fan, people like Gerrard, Totti, Del Piero and so on are on the verge of extinction. Player careers are short and they cannot waste their best years fighting for a top 4 finish. He might become a regular, or return to England and sign for Chelsea or Man City or United and help them to a league title like history has showed.

We’ve given Wenger an endless ‘carte blanche’ and players sooner or later realize that if they want trophies they need to move. That’s why it’s so important to show ambition. We have to add world class quality, because quality attracts more quality. If we had a squad like Barcelona, everyone would want to play for us.

So what’s rumored to be coming in, rather than going out? Sterling’s agent made a real mess with the “we won’t negotiate no matter what” statement. I once again have to agree with the player here. He’s one of the best prospects of English football. Liverpool are a team of the past, Sterling is a modern player. He doesn’t want 5th – 7th place finishes.

He’s a player that will suit us. A proper winger. But Wenger is unlikely to financially outmuscle Chelsea or offer a better trophy prospect than they can. No matter what Brendan Rodgers says, they’ll sell at the right price. They would’ve sold us Suarez if we paid the right price. But we didn’t and now he is dominating Europe with Barcelona.

Another two players that are linked with Arsenal are Karim Benzema and Arturo Vidal. I think that you know when a rumor is made up and you read it in the Metro, but anyway Benzema is a favorite of Florentino Perez at Real and I don’t think they’ll let him go with the lack of available world class CF at the moment.

As for Vidal, just because we also have a Chilean player in our squad, doesn’t mean he’ll move. Juventus are in the Champions league final. A team that, need I remind you, went to Serie B, got robbed of a few league titles, and still recovered to 4 straight league titles and a CL final. The only reason I see him moving is if he wants one last big challenge, but i don’t think fighting for the top 4 in England is the one he wants.

On a final note I’m being labeled a bit of a controversial figure on, because “I’m being too negative”. The truth is, that all I want is for Arsenal to be back among the Elite. To fight for titles and be a real contender for the Champions league trophy. I see the platform the team has to become a Europe powerhouse and I’m devastated we’re not going for it.

Don’t get me wrong we’re not Barcelona, but we could be much closer to them if we part with the old and get on with the new. We’re paying the highest ticket prices in the world. I’m sorry but we’re not the beast team in England, let alone Europe, so we behead our fans with the ticket prices for every game.

The supporters of football are the ones that make such incredible wages and money rights available. We pay our fair share. Time for Arsenal to match the ticket prices to the equivalent football honors. I firmly believe that 10 years of the Wenger trophy were enough and no matter how many people keep repeating that the “God of 4th place” should remain, I’ll continue to blog for change.

The world changes all the time, football does too. Arsneal need to do it as well.


VIDEO – Santi Cazorlas brilliant Cup Final freekick!!

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    1. Really enjoy your articles Konstantin.

      Wenger should go, but won’t as there are deluded fans who enjoy 4th place trophies.

      FYI: 4th place is not a trophy and Wenger will never bring success

      1. We’re not 4th are we though ? I bet you’re the same fan that was crying about not winning any trophies, now that we’re on course for a 2nd on in less than a year you’ve changed your mind and decided to cry about no EPL. I wonder how you will do in life thinking success is achieved in one night.

      2. You’re a moron, not a supporter. You only speak when something negative can be said, I’m convinced your a troll who supports another club and comes on here to ruffle gooners feathers.

        I could care less if Wenger stays…so don’t bother playing that card. You’re history of players we should sign and what other clubs has done is laughable. Remember you and Kon talking about the Spurs ambition when they wasted millions on average talent. Same with Liberpool. You offer no balance. You have a clear agenda. As a result I frequent this site less often.

        Every post and comment you two knuckleheads create should immediately be followed with the hashtag….#agenda #hateforwengerisstrongerthenlove4arsenal

        1. You should visit this site MORE often. This is to combat the 2 knuckleheads you mention plus their equally dumb mates KickAssFan, SoapaEon (or whatever his name is) plus of course the highly moronic Hafiz Rahman. Between them they seem to write about half the comments on this site.

    2. We will sign a DM and a stiker. I’m certain of that, and we are on the verge of winning back to back trophies. Why still some fans are so blind????? We will sign two or three quality players and challenge for EPL and hell why not just win the bpl next year. Just give Wenger one last year to try and win the damn thing and then he will leave. If we win the cup again this year plus the community shield we won last year that would be a total of 3 trophies in a year. Not bad at we get direct qualification to UCL this season. I’m sure we have a big chance to win the bpl next year only if we sign two world class players a DM and a striker

      1. tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of endless gallic bullshit….4th place junkies wetting themselves over 3rd place finish should realise that other teams will be strengthening in summer definitely the others in top 4 and always a surprise or two outside … wenger has f@@@@@ us over for ten years now selling top players and bringing in a string of jokers…yes that changed with ozil and sanchez…but giroud coquelin and monreal while all decent and can help us to another 4th place but not beyond that (coquelin could still be a top class player but aint there yet) walcott and podolski will never deliver and merteshaker would not be in any other top 15 team in europe… so the idea that the squad is on the cusp of greatness is moronic and confirmed by end of season performance…we need four quality signings but i would settle for two (attacker plus DM) and an upgrade (left back)..lets see what summer brings but should be done by end june for sake of team

        1. I understand ur pain i have been supporting arsenal since I was 10…I’m 33 now. I have supported the club through highs and lows, as I said we need two quality signings to become a force and Wenger will make those signings, if next year we don’t challenge for bpl I won’t support Wenger and his way of management anymore.for now all I’m saying is we are on the verge of becoming the second best team in England. That’s not bad. Fa cup is not a mickey mouse cup, its not easy to win it back to back

  1. I want Schneiderlin,a top class Striker and a talented CB to replace BFG.BFG is growing slower and slower and he is not getting any younger.

  2. Arsene Wenger has sold important players in the past can’t see why this won’t go through.
    When the deal gets completed, Aaron Ramsey will be superb fit for them and the energy he provides will be massive with Rakitic good but not what he can provide. Ramsey has started to play some matured football and is really firing long-ranged passes almost like Kroos-esque, so there you have it the reason why they need energy in the play considering the previous transfer for Fabregas he won’t be emotionally attached towards them and will be great signing for them.

  3. Not very objective, so I can see why you are considered a controversial figure, because you carry too much personal baggage about Wenger, the board and the club philosophy. Wenger has added some of the world class quality you refer to in the past two seasons. There is no point ignoring the reality of how arsenal financed the club during the last decade versus those you would compare us to. We now seem able to compete (whether Ffp is about to change all that is yet to be seen) and you should support and further encourage this change, not keep beating Wenger for the obvious constraints of the past. You don’t seem to doubt that if we sign the players we need, we can compete. I don’t know who we’ll buy but am pleased that we have the likes of Ozil and Sanchez and as you say quality attracts quality, so by your own definition we’re heading in the right direction. We are not far from being genuine contenders.

    1. Please remember that both Ozil and Alexis came from the top two teams in the World, but were seen as surplus to requirements. Real Madrid went on to win Champions League without Ozil and Alexis was replaced by Suarez who is fitting in with Messi better than Alexis. Ironically, however, neither were really what we needed at the time.

      1. Yeah fair comment about perhaps what we needed, although in terms of the players, just about every Madrid player or commentator said what a mistake letting Ozil go was and whether Real subsequently won anything is pretty irrelevant – they’re a squad of stellar players. Sanchez was on fire when he arrived and probably were it not for fatigue and settling in had every chance of becoming the player of the year.

      2. Honestly, both were bought because they were huge upgrades to what we already had in those departments and they were available due to not being in the future plans of their club at the time. The same thing applies to the striker position. We have Giroud, we have Welbeck. There is not a hole in our squad there, like it was with Debuchy coming in for the right back, or Ospina as a keeper. Still, we cry out for a goalscoring striker. We actually needed a left winger too, as Wenger obviously was not happy with Podolski. In the same way we can say that we need a striker, because even if Giroud periodically shows brilliance, we can’t rely on him alone, and Welbeck is more usable as a winger/striker hybrid with defensive qualities.

      3. This is typical Gooner dogma – when we do buy world class players they are tainted or “surplus to requirements” at the selling club. How does any team buy a world class player that is NOT surplus to requirement?

  4. An honest and sensible appraisal of the transfer and general state of AFC.

    We need to aim higher.

    1. Your the fool for enjoying 4th place, people like you is why we won’t win anything of significance.

      Our with you

      1. This is precisely what you guys don’t get – since when has what people on here think got any effect whatsoever on the chances of “winning anything of significance”? No Arsenal supporter WANTS to finish fourth and to argue otherwise is simply another lie that the AOBs/AAAs deploy on a regular basis, myth masquerading as fact – we are a fan-base divided by those who imagine they have all the answers (and if it was really that simple ie: get new owners, spend big, simply pick up the phone and buy any player we want and hire the fad manager of the moment – then every team would be winning the PL and UCL every year and we know that can’t happen don’t we) and those who think it is a bit more complicated than that. When armchair amateurs actually genuinely believe that they have all the answers to matters which hundreds and thousands of other professional and experts at football clubs all around the world are working on 24/7 to resolve then you can be pretty sure these looney-tunes are clueless or delusional – probably both, and over-dosing on childish self-entitlement.

    2. Always a handy clue to spot a clueless narcissist – flagging up their own “controversial” cult status. It would be controversial if he wrote something not dripping bile and not simply regurgitating and re-hashing all the well-rehearsed AAA spin. I mean for example, to still be doing the – “they would’ve sold us Suarez if we paid the right price. But we didn’t and now he is dominating Europe with Barcelona” is truly mind-numbing.

  5. Arsenal could offer £20 million for Raheem Sterling plus Theo Walcott what a stupid for a player who isn’t fully developed + what’s the guarantee that he will stay with us long term 3-4 years later he will create the same drama again rather keep theo oe sell him 25-30m & get reus + a striker

  6. Maybe it’s just me but this Jackson Martinez and Raheem Sterling talk is pi**ing me off. Not the players I expected us to be serious about to be honest especially with Walcott as a part of the Sterling deal. Outraged!!! Why make a statement about only going for world class if this is what we plan on bringing in. Seriously we need another GK, DM/CM that’s rounded, a left footed winger and a different type of ST to Giroud.

    What I consider world class or on the verge of it are:
    GK – Petr Cech
    DM/CM – Scheiderlin/Vidal
    LW- Griezmann/Fekir
    ST – Lacazette

    Then again I’m not the manager or a scout to determine that…

    1. fekir? LOL. one good season. he is a bit better than the ox or someone like that. you hype victim

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