Arsenal rumours still indicate a top top striker coming in…..

All Arsenal fans are becoming heartily sick of listening to the Karim Benzema rumours. They are becoming more and more hard to believe, especially after Arsene Wenger’s lengthy denials citing the quality of strikers we already have in the squad.

But that does not stop the media from linking us with every other top striker on the planet. To start with the Daily Mail is reporting that Arsenal approached Bayern Munich early in the transfer window to see if they were open to selling either Robert Lewandowski or Thomas Muller, but Pep Guardiola made it clear that the top quality pair were still central to his plans.

If either of them were on the market they would cost at least £50m at today’s prices which would indicate that Wenger really is only interested in top top quality additions to the squad. With the two Germans unavailable they report that they then moved on to Benzema, who is thought to be at the same level, and it was hoped that Rafael Benitez may have been open to selling to bring in his own targets at Madrid.

Whether Benzema was ever a possibility or whether Benitez was just stringing Wenger along, it is now very unlikely that deal will happen either so the media are also moving on. The latest rumours from the Express are saying that the Gunners are now plotting to raid Paris Saint-Germain for the attacking pair of Edinson Cavani AND Ezequiel Lavezzi. They reckon that Arsenal could get both of them with a bid of just £45m which seems very far-fetched to me. There is also a question of how PSG could get in adequate replacements with just 12 days of the transfer window left…

So with all these rumours linking us with top strikers, could Wenger still be looking for a marquee signing?

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    1. Everyone topped off with expectations for the window before it opens, then wenger goes on and disappoints us all, year after year. Only exception for a long time was last year (Partially 2012 too, but selling RVP was so negative that Poldi, Giroud and Cazorla coming in just equalized it)

    2. btw that would be funny if we sign e. lavezzi since one of di maria reason joining psg is to play together with lavezzi. haha

    3. Am with you on that dude, it’s excruciatingly painful this window and worse of all come January we’ll do it all over again…shoot me now please

  1. I think the top most priority is a CDM now after seeing couple of matches. The Sevilla Guy we should buy ASAP and then go all out for Benzaman.

    1. I agree we should get a DM, but after 2 matches we’ve only scored 1 goal proper….wouldn’t say we’re set up top.

      Benzema and Gotze are on the way if ITK’s are to be believed. Wenger happy with his lot at DM.

      1. ITK Rondney Marsh has said on American radio that Real have accepted a bid from Arsenal. And the beat goes on, and on.

  2. my preferred transfers for arsenal would be a top dm like sergio busquetts who won’t slow down like our attacking play like arteta does….a top quality striker like lewandowski who won’t miss like a million chances like giroud does…and most importantly a top proven manager like Klopp who won’t make bad selection, substitutions, buys, sales, etcccc like wenger does…..
    that might happen in the year 2050

    1. You may as well ask Santi this christmas ..for dorothy’s red shoes and the rights to Arsenal football club.

      1. They are not Dorothy’s and haven’t been for a long time. They can be found nowadays in Wengers wardrobe;) along with the keys to AFC.

    1. I thought he only had a broken rib? That’ll take 6 weeks tops to heal. What a warrior though, playing the whole 120 minutes with broken rib.

    2. No chance we sign a player and pay him 3months worth of wages and medic bills. January it is if he’s THE target, which I doubt.

      Would much rather Iturraspe of Bilbao, he’s top drawer.

      1. Which kind of itself is ironic since we paid Diaby wages for almost a decade for sitting around in the medical room. And now we are doing that to Wilshere..

        It sure would be nice playing for Arsenal!

  3. Our first match against West Ham was a massive missed opportunity! We had previously taken 6 points from this team in the past 2-3 seasons so it was a big disappointment to falter against a team whom no one believed would even score against us. Whose fault was it, when all along we were told our momentum from last season and the confident pre-season escapades would stand us in good stead only to be told by our Manager post the West Ham match, that we weren’t up to speed, bla, bla, bla……..? Why again does he Have to leave it till again the last minute to get in reinforcement/s? This General it seems doesn’t know the state of his force and therefore is playing into the hands of his enemies and must therefore be COURT-MARTIALLED!!! Now!!!

    1. Well myself I have to believe that there is truth in the theory that seven competitive games they previously played gave them an edge. Then again how come they looked so bad on the second week even getting bet. I think I just have to put it down to giving away the worst type of goals and then we know what it is like when a team has something to hang on to.

      1. Oh yes…that theory.

        Similar to his other theory about how we were jaded because of our European matches in previous years…


  4. I suspect we will buy someone from the losing team in any of these CL qualifying fixtures:
    Lazio v Leverkusen
    Valencia v Monaco
    Teams don’t want to sell while in CL but when they’re out they and their players are much easier to negotiate with.
    Let’s see if the name Lars Bender pops up again if Leverkusen go out.

    1. bender looked pretty good to me… wasnt too impressed with latzio though keita may be worth a punt upfront

  5. grrrrrrrrhh!! enough already!!! the medias are shit when it comes to involving us.. i saw that headline stating we going for Cavani and Rabiot and i just passed it by cus am not gon waste my time to read rubbish. Now you bring it on our blog too?? i just wasted few seconds of my life reading this BS article and got nothing of value in it. who are we gon get linked to again, clark kent?? the flash?? thor?? when will ya’ll stop these rubbish? i cant wait for it to end so i can have extra peace of mind

  6. In my opinion, the best time to get either William Carvalho or Gregorz Krychowiak is now when they’re injured. Both players don’t seem to be injury prone. Three months gives them enough time to adjust to the new surrounding. Their price will get lowered too.
    Considering they could play for the next 5 year or so for us, it might not be a bad gamble.

    1. Depends on the type of injuries, we know ourselves that ligaments are bad news and may cause re-occurring problems.

      1. ^What YingYang said.

        Broken ribs, concussions, dislocated shoulders etc. are not injuries one would label as re-occurring.

        However broken ankles, ACL-injuries, incessant thigh strains and back injuries.. those are the ones to watch out for.

        And didn’t Carvalho damage his knee ligaments? Should be careful with that..

  7. Let’s stop blaming the media (the low life pig scum) for dreaming up transfers for us shall we!?

    It’s not their fault really. Have you asked yourself Why they don’t they do it as much for other teams?

    Let me tell you, because other teams managers actually communicate (in a not too revealing manner) what their plans are in terms of filling their ranks. “Yes, we need to improve our defense” or ” we need more bite in midfield”..

    This and the fact Arsene never signs anyone (if at all) until the 12th hour of the window makes us fair game and an easy target to help them sell their rags and up their sponsored click counts by reeling along the desperate fans who are crying out for some signings and improvement.

  8. I say it again, all out for Krychowaik and Benzema/Cavanni.
    @juhisilis spot on, rib injury on such a warrior is nothing to be concerned about. Do the medcial with this in mind.

  9. I jx keep wondering how Kim kallstrom passed his medical whiles having an injury………..
    #stick with the team AKB

    1. i would have though the same way that james bond got back into mi6 in the skyfall film, very mysterious forces at work in the background indeed! lol

  10. medical doctor shows wenger broken back x rays results, and wenger signals in dicky law who as we all know is the “winston wolf” of the transfer world, to make the “results disappear” and wenger walks off out the door whistling, like he never saw a thing in that room. lol

  11. Sensible teams get their transfer business done early as possible. Wenger is like one of those annoying people in a shop umming and arring over the cost of an item that’s ten pence cheaper in another shop down the road. End this window already……

  12. all i know for definite is wherever dicky law is heading too, that’s where our main transfer priority will be, does anybody know where he is atm roughly.

    1. Probably at the Emirates, online scouting for more youngsters that we are so desperately need right now.

      1. your most likely right at this moment in time, bit how i wished he was in Madrid or Munich, or even Naples trying to procure a top class c/f for us now that would be a great use of his time.
        all i do know for certain is when he is sent in to the transfer it gets done, he is our “top dog” in terms of getting the deal over the line.

  13. klippity klopp klippity klopp ooooh noooooooo! that not the sound of our new manager coming down the road. but the sound of the next knackered old last minute broken signing, that we will make on the last day of the window for free lol

  14. If Wenger fails to make the adequate additions in the positions necessary it will be rather unfortunate. This approach of his to the transfer market, amongst other factors, has denied us the EPL title for over a decade. He just simply refuses to buy the right players who can make all the difference or out rightly refuses buy players in positions we obviously need re-enforcements. In my opinion, Wenger has lost what it takes to make those critical decisions in the transfer market that can get us the EPL or UCL.

    Due to this stubborn and conservative attitude, he failed to sign up Suarez during the 2013/2014 transfer window just because he refused to put the right money on the table. That same season we topped the table for unending spells only to finish fourth on the log. Imagine if we had signed up Suarez that season, no one, i mean absolutely no one except God would have stopped us from lifting the EPL that season. And to make it worse Suarez went on to score over 30 goals in the EPL that season. And to think that Suarez was desperate to join us after he fell out with Liverpool makes it even worse.

    I have said it on serveral on occasions and different fora, as long as Wenger remains as our manager,we would not win the EPL or UCL. It would take mother lucky or some good fortune for us to win it this bcos Wenger obviously has learn t nothing from his experience in the transfer market over the past decade, he stubbornly holds on to his old ways and does the same old thing over and over again thinking it will work out someday, thats madness if you ask me.

  15. Jeeez, the Suarez thing again……….are there really supporters out there who STILL think we could have signed him?

  16. I feel that the how Saurez saga was just a smokescreen for the Ozil transfer. Keeping everyone’s attention off of the scent so that no-one else could swoop in and hijack the deal or something!

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