Arsenal rumours – Wilshere out, N’zonzi in?

So the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are starting to appear more regularly as we head into the final stages of the season. Jack Wilshere has appeared to have made it clear that he won’t be signing his new contract with the Gunners, and the latest is that Everton’s Sam Allardyce wants the Englishman to join up with Theo Walcott up at Goodison Park.

Jack would be sure to get a giant signing on fee for arriving on a Bosman and will give him a higher wage than the paycut that Arsenal have supposedly offered the midfielder. There have also been reports that some Italian sides have shown an interest including Arsenal’s Europa League rivals AC Milan. I am very surprised that Arsenal (and especially Wenger) didn’t try very hard to keep the fiery Wilshere as we all know he is an Arsenal man through and through. But, then again, so was Walcott!

In January, the Gunners were very strongly linked with a move for Steven N’Zonzi, who had fallen out with his boss at Sevilla and seemed to be forcing the club to let him return to England with Arsenal, but either the management at the La Liga side had a sudden change of heart, or the money offered was way beyond their expectations.

Now, after last night’s display by N’Zonzi as Sevilla knocked Man United out of the Champions League, Arsenal fans are once again calling for the Gunners to renew their interest this summer and pay whatever it takes to bring the French international to the Emirates. No one can deny that we need a tough tackling midfielder so why shouldn’t we go for the man with extensive premier League experience?


  1. jon fox says:

    I have generally stood up for Jack Wilshere and I do believe he is one of very few we have with courage, heart and love for our club. But it must be very disheartening to see the new signings plus Ozil too on ridiculous money while his is lowered. Yes, I understand the clubs view on his injuries and to some extent, I share it. But it will pain him and sting when he can clearly see virtually no other player really gives a damn for the club, while he does. However, now back to fitness he is not pulling up any trees; he looks good on the ball but with little end product. He hardly ever scores or assists and though gutsy , is always getting knocked over by stronger players. All in all, I NOW think it is time to part ways. He has lost speed and dynamism through all his constant injuries and while still a good player, he will never now be a great player, IMO. And great players,not merely good, is what our club needs. I can see him signing for Everton, albeit reluctantly and slowly fading into ” what a shame about Jack Wilshere” type comments from football fans everywhere. Rather like Walcott, though he had ZERO HEART AND COURAGE and is now thankfully,. annoying Everton fans, rather than us lot.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Agree with you Jon, sad to see Jack leave but hopefully instead of an English club to AC Milan and then go on to make the kind of impact Chippy did at Juventus. IMO Italian football will suit he’s style of play and I for one would love to see him successful in the San Siro.

      1. jon fox says:

        If , as I believe he will, he leaves Arsenal this summer, I will rarely have felt so sad for one who is truly one of our own. If only his courage , fight and will to win could have been infectious in the dressing room!

      2. jon fox says:

        I ‘d love to be able to compare Jack to the incomparable Chippy Brady but that is like saying lumpfish is as good as caviar. And it isn’t. BELIEVE ME, IT ISN’T! I know I speak for virtually all Gooners when I say we wish him well, whatever his future.

    2. ks-gunner says:

      I agree with everything you just said. His form comes due of him looking to avoid any chances of him getting injuries. His football career is on the line and not just his Arsenal one. But as you said. We need the best out of the best, and not just those who are good enough.

    3. Adega Olatunji says:

      Enough of all these emotional attachments, we all saw what Nzonzi did yesterday against almighty Man u. Pls sell every all the sellable players and buy quality. You can imaging, Draxlar is sitting on the bench at PSG and Arsenal average players are crying for more money. To compete at the top level again we need to look beyond Wilshire, Ramsey and co. Players like
      Dunaram. AC Milan
      Draxlar GSG
      Fred sharcter
      Dimaria PSG
      WITH THE good players we have already

  2. Guneal says:

    N’Zonzi any day

    Wheelchair should fcckout with arsene. They are both made of glass.
    How many assist and goals does he has for arsenal? He thinks one slick move is enough? Gerrrout Jacky boi!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Why Nzonzi? then if it’s goals and assists you crave. Wilshere should be kept as reserve player, Nzonzi (or another) should come in to rival Xhaka and Eleny. Wilshere’s first team replacement, or should I say Aaron’s first team rival should be a Modric/Cazorla/Gundagon type player and have a bit of bite to go with his bark.

      1. gotanidea says:

        N’zonzi is already 29 years old, but if his work rate, mobility and skills match Fernandinho’s, he would be a good buy. He is also very tall, so Wenger can use him like how Mourinho used Fellaini last night, whenever Wenger gets stuck 😀

        But rather than buying N’zonzi, I prefer Fabinho, Jorginho, Ndidi or Tanguy Ndombele:

        If Wilshere wants more money on free transfer like Kolasinac and Sanchez, he can go to another English club. I agree with you on a Modric/Cazorla type as the new box-to-box midfielder, because Arsenal are lacking skillful players in central midfield

        1. Alkali says:

          Tan guy ?? is that trump in disguise?

  3. Midkemma says:

    “why shouldn’t we go for the man with extensive premier League experience?”
    Because there are better options.

    N’Zonzi is good at winning the ball back but we are Arsenal, we should be aiming for someone who can also play the right style football as well as defend, Coquelin was a ball winner but look how people wanted a ball winner with technical ability when he played.

    We miss the tough tackler but if AFC get N’Zonzi then I bet before the end of the year the same fans will be saying he isn’t good enough for Arsenal.

    I think we could also consider Fabinho, this guy is a much better footballer in my opinion and while he may cost a bit more, I feel he would still be a bargain for Arsenal. Technique, tackling power, pace, height, young and versatile.

  4. Phil says:

    Yeah Jack just hasn’t shown enough for me.He is Arsenal through and through but why would he accept a lesser wage when others are offered more.He will go to Everton or West Ham if he stays in this country with offers from abroad I’m sure.I will miss the little fella but he won’t get any better than what we are seeing now and we need much better quality in the middle.

  5. Grandad says:

    Fabinho Is an excellent player and superior to N,onzi and Wilshere.He Is extremely versatile and can play well across the back four and as a DM.Unfortunately Man City are also interested in Fabinho and they have a lot more financial muscle than we have.I prefer Decoure to N,zonzi.

  6. ks-gunner says:

    We would downgrade our self if we would choose to go for Zonzi. We need worldclass players and not just short term solutions.

    In case of us getting a player in that poz i would rather like us to try to get Watforts Docoure or Napolis Jurginio.

    Still would love us to replace Santi. I miss his play in our game a lot therefore maybe even someone like Seri.

  7. Tony says:

    wilshire is cr@p.he just doesnt know what to do with ball,or how a cm positions himself.

  8. Rkw says:

    Who knows and as long as it isn’t wenger making the decision I don’t really care … That said between wilshere and Ramsey it’s a no brainer … Wilshere was is and will remain a far better footballer on every level bar goals and we don’t need Ramsey for that … That said wilshere needs to up his mobility and desire to demand the ball as he has become lazy … I think a younger manager could bring the best out of him and at his best wilshere remains a top quality player

  9. TONY M says:

    wilshire is just not worth his wages thats why hes paid 80k a week , and thats too much along with most of the team IE iwoi , Ozil and laCassette all these should have a sliding sscale wage structure , If you play and score yu get your money plus a bonus If yu play like Arsenal do I’d pay them zero and fine them to boot We are too soft if they e\were out in the real world and performed like that they;d be sacked this has goota stop and one way would be for the FA to bring in a max on wages and a sliding scale for footballers Maybe then theyd start playing for their dinner and not just pick their noses

  10. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Sorry, but there is no comparison between Liam Brady and Jack Wilshere. Liam Brady made every team he played for better; Jack Wilshere’s had trouble making a major contribution at Bournmouth.

  11. ZAMAD says:


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