Arsenal run riot to claim club record League Cup victory away from home

Arsenal have earned a huge confidence-boosting 6-0 victory over West Brom at the Hawthorns this evening, setting a new club record away League Cup win.

The Gunners didn’t start too brightly however, with the heavily-rotated home side looking dangerous in attack, causing all manner of issues for our defence, but when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang opened the scoring after 17 minutes, we firmly took a scruff of things.

The initial opening came thanks to Bukayo Saka’s effort which was parried directly into the path of our striker who made no mistake in tapping home.

That man Auba moved to complete his brace in the 45th minute after finding himself in the perfect spot for a second tap-in when Nicolas Pepe’s effort bounced out off the post.

A third quickly followed also when we attacked in numbers, with Aubameyang the creator this time around when his overhead kick fell to Pepe on the edge of the six-yard box for him to score his first of the new season.

Bukayo Saka added our fourth after some neat passing around the edge of the box saw the wonderkid put in behind the defence for him to place his effort home, before PEA completed his hat-trick with the goal of the game.

In typical fashion, the Gabon star picked up the ball outside the box, and did his trademark touch to the right to tee up his placed effort inside the far post.

Alexandre Lacazette came off the bench to add the sixth to see Arsenal set a new club record, with their six-goal victory outdoing their previous 6-1 away victories in the League Cup over both Plymouth Argyle and Scunthorpe United.

This was a much-needed confidence boost after a dreadful start to our league campaign, and we can now have hope of bringing a challenge to Man City this weekend.

Did the team take their foot off the pedal at 6-0?


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  1. Playing Kolasinac as the left-sided CB in Manchester will be a good idea, because he’s faster than Mari, better on the ball and Man City don’t have any towering CF. Unfortunately Guardiola would most likely have seen our match today and would prepare a setup to break our left overload tactic

    Odegaard, Saka and Pepe must be fit for the game in Manchester, otherwise we would likely not be able to split Man City’s defense

          1. The two should be our main stay. Arteta tinkers a lot at the back. Though we really need a right back chambers hasn’t convinced me and he’s slow

        1. 3-4-2-1

          Gabriel Holding White will be solid for Arsenal. White with his ball playing skill will really help for our .counter attacks.

    1. Yes Gai. This might just be a new discovery for Kolasinac dince he is left footed. He is quick and also has some energy to compete at Center back except for his height. But if he is skillful enough we can manage him
      If Lacazette is fit enough for M City I think I prefer him to start while Auba comes from the bench to make an impact..

    2. GAI, Enjoy tonight but dont go trying to analyse, City with WBA second string, thats just embarrassing. Lets just hope we can show more fight on Sunday after the last two efforts. Kolasinac will not be anywhere near the team on Sunday, he is not good enough.

      1. I hope Kolasinac starts against Man City. But Arteta would probably play Mari, since Arteta talked to him on the bench

  2. Nothing lifts a team like scoring a hat full of goals … forget the opposition
    Nervous start – no doubt down to a horrid start to the season – but it was still a cracking win. Excellent by everyone. Well done to Auba who looked much more like his old self – I worried that it was gone. All really played their part tonight and to the new guys ..whoo hoo

  3. Phewwwwww!!
    Just the job and what a sight to behold – Auba going home with the match ball 👏

    Please be kind in the draw!!

  4. Good win to boost the morale of the boys. The team needed this one to raise their spirits, so I won’t talk about how weak the opponents were.
    Looking forward to seeing Odegaard on Saturday.

    PS: I saw an Arab news station tweet one of their Chief Prince in interested in buying Arsenal as soon as possible after seeing the success of PSG. That they’re willing to do what they did at PSG, in London too.
    I don’t know how truth that is though but if it were possible, I’ll be up for it.
    I want the best for this club, don’t care if the best means getting rich oil owners. This club deserves to be up there too.
    I won’t think too much of it, but I can only wish it’s true

    1. I also heard about the Qatari royal family’s interest, but hopefully it doesn’t materialize. Because I don’t want Arsenal to be remembered as a rich oil club, that can only win with a dirty sugar daddy

      I’d prefer not to win EPL or UCL in the next twenty years, than being associated with a pay-to-win scheme. The Invincibles and the 2015/16 Leicester City are more likely to be vividly remembered than the oil clubs’ wins

      1. Keep fooling yourself and keep pretending this is the 90’s or early 2000.
        Nobody will give a damn about how City and co became a dominant team in the future. The only thing that matter is that they got new owners who were ready to invest into the team.

        Have you ever seen anyone remembering or saying Chelsea could only win the UCL because Abrahamovic invested a lot?
        Isn’t he supposed to invest into his business?
        Just like nobody will give a fvck if Arsenal wins the UCL after getting a new owner.
        Times have changed, you guys need to stop this your delusion that we don’t need rich sugar daddies.
        The world is moving on and all the top clubs are moving forward by getting huge investments and spending large.

        Like I said, I want the best for my club, and if a sugar daddy is the best we have to get to be successful once again then I’m in support.
        Ain’t you tired of being left behind and constantly being locked by other fans?

        1. Spot on Eddie…it’s like some people don’t seem to understand that this isn’t a morality question, as there’s no doubt in my mind that Stan would lose that cross comparison against many, if not most, of those pseudo-oligarch owners…it’s about the best way, in these particular times, to build a successful franchise and if that means taking a “can’t beat them, join them” philosophy, I’m all for it

          of course, I think a lot of the opposition stems from an obvious recency bias, as were still living in the rather grim shadow of the Super League fiasco…that said, reckless spending doesn’t guarantee you anything, but it just might entice those individuals who are best suited to substantially lift an organization, who would likely avoid the abject indifference of our longtime owner at all costs…it’s not like our present owner was just a wealthy local lad who chose his self-sustaining model due to his high moral standards regarding the way in which a sporting franchise should be fundamentally run

        2. The damage has been already done by Kroenke and KS&E and pursuing the American model of sports management – money orientated, with no desire to win or compete.
          Any new owner, no matter how obnoxious the regime being them, who provides funds, sound management and a winning mentality, will be preferable. All we have to do is hold our noses, use plenty of air freshener and look forward to the ride.

          1. Would that require holding our noses any more than the current model, where winning is subjugated to dividend return?

        3. I don’t mind, because the gap between poor and rich EPL teams is getting smaller each season. Leicester City’s success is the proof, so we shouldn’t take an unfair path

          Besides, climate change and the rise of renewable energy will force the fossil fuel moguls to count the days. The oil clubs will suffer if their sugar daddies can no longer spend lavishly

          1. @GAI. Please visit Dubai and Doha (Qatar) and see what the oil moguls have done to transform their countries from oil dependency to modern economies — financial/aviation hubs, manufacturing, ICT etc. No need to fear for Arsenal’s future if one of the Arab sheikh’s were to buy the club.

        4. To my mind the biggest thing these rich clubs have done to enable them to win more trophies is to hire competent people to run things behind the scenes – managers, yes, but also for their club’s infrastructures. They’re spending money on transfers but they’re not wasting as much money as we are. A club the size of arsenal could easily fix their problems to at least become more competitive, without the need for a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are only going to improve the side if they make smart decisions with their money.

      2. @ GAI, No one reads much meaning to how much Chelsea, PSG and Man City spend when they win trophies and titles.

        The only thing the fans want is trophies and beautiful football. Those trophy celebrations leave lasting memories.

        The modern day football, success comes from investing big.

        Aliko Dangote can’t buy Arsenal at the moment. He is busy with his refinery construction.

        Also, i dont see any likelihood of Daniel Ek buying Arsenal.

        As for Kroenke, maybe things will work fine if Josh Stan get more involved.
        I want arsenal to succeed. We deserve it.

        1. The glory hunters from the oil clubs you mentioned might be able to boast their major trophies, but they can never deny that they spent billions to win and the Invincibles’/ Leicester City’s achievements are much more special

          The mockeries will intensify after their sugar daddies start to lose their financial powers, since the climate change is getting worse and the renewable energy is rising. They must be reminded that they could never be able to compete with us, if they didn’t have fossil fuel moguls to buy super expensive players

          Success in EPL doesn’t always come from big investments and the gap between poor/ rich EPL teams is getting smaller each season. Leicester City’s success is an undeniable proof

      3. I had a difference of opinion on multiple things you’ve said, GAI. But, in this case, I extend my support. Respect. ✊

        1. Thanks bro. Hopefully there are more people reminding those glory hunters at Man City, Chelsea and PSG, that they could never win any major trophy if they didn’t spend billions and changed their managers/ players every two seasons

      4. Gai
        You and this your setiments😊
        Everyone identifies with success the “how” is hardly remebered.
        Football have really evolved and we are in changing times.

        1. Football has evolved. But the gap between poor and rich EPL teams is getting smaller, so never lose hope

          If I liked to see a galacticos team, I would’ve supported a super-rich EPL team like Man United in the past. I fell in love with Arsenal because of their pretty football and Wenger’s abilities to polish unknown/ failed players, not because of their major trophies

          1. Same here.. but I am so tired of losing & being left behind. This past few weeks have been hell for me as an arsenal fans. I can’t even talk among my friends. Lol.

      5. It’s a romantic notion GAI
        But not realistic I’m afraid. Arsenal are also rans without the investment enjoyed by City and Chelsea
        I’d rather it was us than another club getting it

        1. SueP, investment is one thing, more important is a commitment to improving the football Club and a winning mentality from the ownership.

  5. For once, there wasn’t any constant shouts from the technical area towards the players on the pitch throughout the entire 90+ minutes. BOOM!!! 6-0!!!

  6. Really good to see an Arsenal-like score in the cup. Anyway, did we change our tactic, or it finally clicked? I know it was against the West Brom youngsters but I missed the game due to some work commitments, and could only catch Aubameyang’s first goal.

          1. Ok, VasC. Will try that. If Ramsdale played well and commanded the defence, even if against West Brom B team, then he warrants an apology from me for calling him grim reaper of relegation.

      1. Instinctive set-up by AMN. Delayed a second, the chance would have vanished. Had Pepe not struck the post and the cross-bar, he’d be celebrating a hat-trick and the match ball would have gone home with him.

    1. In my opinion, the six left-footed starters, Saka’s brilliance and Odegaard’s diagonal passes were the main factors of our win

      1. OK GAI, I Will watch the highlights. If the tactic works with left footers I am all for it. At least it won’t look like amateur pinball-like it did against some parts of Chelsea and Brentford. Also, GAI did you notice that our best chances seem to come on the counter, I remember Saka Chance against Chelsea and ESR chance against Brentford, both our best chances, in my opinion, coming on the counter.

        1. Yeah, our counter-attacks were deadly

          Man City’s offside trap is far superior than WBA’s. But we might be able to enforce the left overload in Manchester, if we start with the same line-up

        1. Yes, Aubameyang was great. Elneny made some misplaced passes, but his through ball was excellent

    2. Defence still awful Sid. 3 at back. Transitions much quicker and more direct. alternated wide and centre well, got runners forward. Much more positive display. Loved Ramsdale.

      1. You are right about the defense worries me a lot include the continuous back passing even when their is an opportunity for a quick forward pass

      2. Thanks for the update, Guy. I will take your word that Ramsdale was good and humbly raise my hands to admit that my first impressions were wrong. Hopefully, he is consistent. And also hopefully we show a better defensive display at the Etihad with more focus on counters to destabilize the bald fraud’s team.

    3. I believe arteta is beginning to see pass the hype and is applying common sense..

      Arsenal has half a squad of really quick players.. And gues what, we stoped playing the ball side ways etc.,but direct and used the speed of the players.. The results? 6 goals… Arteta use common sense more often please

    4. You seem to have forgotten that Wenger lost that race when Leicester won. We were top for many a weeks till inecplicably he yweaked the team, a few poor results and we were “pipped” at the end
      Also it wasnt a mere millionaire who was owner but one of the richest in Thailand, he invested smartly by choosing the right manager who in turn played to his team., also remember, the manager was sacked the next season so please, go back to dreamland, those days of loyalty are gone,… for these idiots of management at Arsenal

  7. Odegaard is a more rounded 10 compared to smith Rowe…they can complement each other. Am I the only one who thinks ramsdale is a calm figure? Nothing fazes him. He’s quick in his decision making, knows when to go long or short. Kolasinac would have been better than Mari against Chelsea. One thing is certain, no one bullies kolasinac. Tavares what a player, he’s less predictable on the ball. Tho I think defensively he needs to improve a lot. If only pepe can be serious, he will turn out good but More often than not he’s been found wanting. Maitland Niles maybe he will get a role to play in the mf this season. Arsenal should do everything to sign bissouma. He with partey will form a formidable duo.

    1. @ Lucia, I like your statement. “No one bullies Kolasinac”. Not even the armed men trying to rob Mesut Ozil.

    2. Apart from that one rash tackle leading to a free kick at the edge of the 18 yard box, Kolasinac did OK today.

  8. Hi Eddie, I agree with you.
    Man City, Man United, Chelsea,PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona Athletico Madrid, Inter Milan and Liverpool spent a lot to get to where they are.
    There is Nothing bad in Arsenal having owners who are willing to spend big as well.

  9. Totally outclassed the team WBA put out tonight and did the job expected. Enjoyed us scoring some goals, its been a long time since we have. Sunday will be back to the bread and butter, i hope to see better than the last two games, everyone happy and we can give it a go.

    1. Sue that’s kind and we have no European football to worry about. Did you hear that Aaron ramseydale chant? The away fans are really awesome how I wish that could replicate on JA!

      1. Yes, Kenya! And when he (AR) hugged Auba at the end; the two biggest grins ever 😊
        You’re right, our away support is fantastic. So pleased they all went home happy!

        1. Yeah a joy see those scenes and happy faces.
          Expected to see Azeez in the lineup, was he promoted to the first team?

  10. Should have buried the kids, and did. Fun at last. Easy after the first 30 but a lot of positive things along with the expected rubbish.
    Negative: shambolic centre backs Chambers Kola . Holding. Poor Elneny. Tavares enthusiastic and promising but a lot to learn.
    Positives – quick direct ball movement, short AND long passing, wide AND central attacking. Energy. Lots of runners off the ball.
    Ramsdale. Assured handling, distribution, timing,, decision making. Would die to keep the ball out. I feel calmer already – whats not to like?
    Saka – needed the game. Back to his best. MOTM
    Auba – season defining resurgence – got his Yang back. Our centre forward sorted, confidence back after a ropey first 1/2 hour. It’s been a while.
    Laca – superb as an AM
    Oda – subtle first game but classy. Great backheel
    Pepe – Better as game went on. Ripped them apart on the break.
    Why don’t we at least TRY to play this way every game?

    1. guy, you started with five negatives and then asked why we can’t play like this every week….
      I just cannot understand the negativity regarding Holding and how commanding was our keeper – both deserve to start against City – and Odegaard had his best game in an Arsenal shirt.

      1. lol was it five? I meant the CBs as one only and Tavares was half and half. so can I negotiate down to 2 1/2? We all have our opinions Ken – if not where’s the fun? If it helps he was the best of the three and I’d start him at the weekend.. I’ve viewed 2 fansite markings so far and they marked Holding down too.
        Wasnt intended to criticise overall but I hate omitting what didn’t impress me even in excellent performances, which this really was – not the score or who we played but more the WAY we played. Will move any bad words to a “ps” at the end next time (;-))

        1. I wasn’t referring to you when asking about Holding guy, just a thought regarding the general overview from fans on JA.
          Opinions are so important on a site such as this – and if one doesn’t want to join in /reply, then that’s their choice.

      1. To a degree that’s relevant Reggie, but not totally. My point is more that Arteta is an over-cautious manager, and won’t even TRY to play quicker, more direct football against EPL teams. I am not saying we would win, but if we don’t at least try we won’t know. And seeing as we are not exactly setting the EPL alight by playing this turgid stuff and dying a death of a thousand cuts, why doesn’t he let us go down fighting?

        1. Guy WBA was a second string team that coast 10 mil to put together, ours cost 290 mil. There would be a massive problem if you cant outclass a team with that much advantage. It was purely down to we were far far far better than the WBA tea, thats why it looked so positive. WBA played into our hands playing a high line with Saka, Auba and Pepe up top. Suicidal in fact.

  11. I do not know why alot of people hate Arsenal so much! If we win, trouble!
    If we lose, they make jokes of us. kindly leave us alone and allow us relish today’s win. As far as I am concerned Arsenal is the most talked about team in the league which makes us a big Club.

    1. If they hate us OTS we must be doing something right! If they didn’t hate us its more worrying because it means we are no threat to them. Take it as a compliment.

  12. Kudos to the team, a boost of confidence. Please continue this momentum into our leagues matches. Pray pray pray.

  13. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gooners – we saw our team playing some football tonight! I’d forgotten what it feels like.
    Happy Bunny

  14. There are a lot of positives in the match, it is been long Arsenal scored six goals in a match. I’m happy about the Ramsdale performance, cleensheet, Auba got hatrick that is wonderful I have noticed pepe as a player that will make mistake yet will wonders he cannot remove mistake from his game. Saka the man of the match I hope we can transfer this type of performance to Premiership we can do it. Odegaard not bad

    1. Yup Ramsdale was superb, Saka back to form and Auba is now our on-form centre foward. Almost the perfect night. From what I have been reading from those more technically astute pundits than me, Iit seems Odegaard imay be better than is obvious to many laymen like me. His movement, vision and tactical awareness apparently but often invisibly helps his team mates enormously. That would tally with our impoved points ratio with him on the park last season, even in those games where he didnt seem to do much.

      1. guy, that is the thing about good team players like Martin Odegaard, who pull the strings in midfield, you often miss the nuances of what they do. There’s a very good player in there.

  15. Good job Arsenal. Much needed boost n morale lifting match for the players.
    Am still worried about the defense unless white/Gabriel are back. These pair will be the 1st choices however the pairing need time to build chemistry.
    Anyway grats to Arsenal for enjoying the game.

    1. Well let’s not go over the top, this is what some people are saying about the “hysterical over reaction” to loosing the first two match’s of the league, it takes time to make an accurate opinion of where Arsenal are, give it 10 (maybe a few more) league games. Odegarrd will get so much better in the coming months now that he has found a club to build he’s career. I see him as a play maker a tempo setter who works hard and has decent pace to get back into position he and smith Rowe could work really well together….

  16. great win tonight,and,i dont care who we were playing , kids or not, that was a superb win. i think we are on a winner with ramsdale, he seems to be so commanding in his area, its been a while since we have seen that. who knows,this might just be the springboard to a successful season, we will see how saturday goes first though.

  17. I can now see that the biggest problem of this club are the unrealistic Arsenal fans, western 6-0 then Arteta becomes genius again? we shall all see on Saturday at city.

    1. definitely a huge contributing factor…some fans are enabling this sh** show to continue, much like Xhaka has enabled Arteta to remain ever vigilant to the most abhorrent of tactics…of course, that didn’t apply tonight in our father/son affair against the “high line” wisdom of a recently relegated WestBrom

    2. I don’t see many people saying what a great manager Arteta is tonight Adega. People understand we didn’t play a good team and are simply praising some of the individual performances and are happy that we won a game at last , whilst playing attacking football. Nobody here is saying that suddenly all our problems are over and we will win vs Man City. If they did please paste it here. If you think that to celebrate a 6-0 win is a sign of being unrealistic, then you must live in a very sad football environment.

  18. It does not take a genius to work out that we may lose against
    Man City, I mean they are only the champions and CL finalists and of course Chelsea being the CL champions and have probably the best forward in the league and arguably the best squad.

    The only real gripe is our lost to Brentford. I can not bring myself to have a dig at our manager after 3 f……..g games !!!!

  19. Credit where it is due. Arsenal after a shaky start, took a young West Bromwich Albion apart. As the saying goes you can only play what is in front of you.
    I just hope the same counter attacking mind set is retained for Manchester City. I would prefer for Arteta to unleash Arsenal’s attacking power against them, rather than setting up with the team behind the ball to limit the score line.
    Aaron Ramsdale an impressive debut with 5 very good saves. Aubameyang back to goal scoring form with a hat trick, including the third, from the Aubameyang archives of top drawer goals. Pepe dangerous, scoring one and hitting the post and crossbar, so could also have had a brace or hat trick (amazing the number of times his radar is just off). Odegaard kept things ticking over. Saka busy everywhere. I always knew Tavares could perform at RB.
    No one should have any complaints. Now let’s see a positive mindset, as players return from Covid/injury to provide a full squad for selection and Arteta to let the team play with attacking freedom and defensive discretion.

    1. Joe. S, being out of Europe, these “crappy” cup competitions and a league place are all Arsenal has to play for.

  20. Great win. Kola was excellent at the back, hope he would have played against Chelsea. Also AMN was good in the MF. All round a great performance and so many positives. Man City next.

  21. This is why I said this game is a crucial one. That game showed MA and the team has ability to play free flow attacking football and nit just sideways but have been passive due to opponents brilliance, I hope they get it right with consistency henceforth

  22. @Sue Kola, if he focusses on his game and removes his unwanted errors can be a beast of a defender and a very good utility player.

  23. Great to see the Arsenal firing. Brilliant to see our players freely performing with energy and intelligence. With crowds returning a manager trying to direct his team’s every move from the touchline is never going to work. Saka’s skill, Auba’s hat-trick, solid debut from Ramsdale… so many positives after such a rubbish period. Success breeds success so now let’s give it our all against City!

    Of course, we can hammer a Championship side every week if we get relegated!

  24. Well a deserved win, but really Arsenal still made errors, errors that are punishable by a stronger side,
    I love the energy brought in by Tavares, he seems a box-box kinda player, although he’s hasty but okay,

    We would need all the energy we can get against city,

    Pepe is the best goal scorer we have, he’s so precise,

    If we can demolish city, it would bring a lot of confidence, not impossible 🤔

    Makes me feel like we should have kept Saliba,

  25. As us are basking in the euphoria of our roasting WBA in the Carabao last 32 to qualijy for the round of 16. the Gunners, Arteta and us should take into serious cognizance of our next match that is away to Man City on Sunday in the PL. That is the 2nd big game in this early season us will play to win it if us are to show that we are back in business challenging. After us have been away from it in 2 games loss that leave us rock bottom?

    But do us know what? Arsenal can beat Man City at the Etihad next Sunday in the PL. But if Arteta gets his starting XI for the match very correct to the letter will the Gunners spank the Citizens.

    And also for the Arsenal win to happen Arteta should talk belief to his team he’ll select to play the match. And the Gunners on their own part should have the belief in themselves they can beat Man City and beat them come what may in the match on Sunday.

    The majority of us who have spoken on the Arsenal C8 pairing for our Man City game have appeared to be in consensues to see Kolasinac start the match as one of our CB pairing for the match in place of the slow Mari to start.

    So therefore, it’s up to Arteta to make the very team selection choices for the march.

  26. Dint want to be a party pooper with the result BUT I didnt see any improvement. I loved the result but the head says, oh no
    Firstly we again had no plans in what to do when a team presses us….little WBA pressed us and we had to go back, they didnt have the class to follow up and close down but a bigger team would. What does that say about the novice that EVEN a championship manager knows how to play us?
    Secondly, WBA albeit because of the 1st goal, played too high a line against us. Less skilful teams need to park the bus but they tried to play and it showed….high line against PEA and Pepe?
    Our midfield is still a shambles with that idiot xhaka.
    The only positive is he appeared to allow the players to run free till the 6th goal

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