Arsenal run the risk of alienating one of their brightest talents

You would have thought that with a tight transfer budget Arsenal would move fast to secure the futures of some of their brightest prospects and none are brighter than Reiss Nelson who spent last season on a successful loan at Bundesliga side Hoffenheim.

But not Arsenal, they have left the 19-year-old hanging and told him they will discuss what next season holds for him after the U21 Euros.

When asked if he had spoken to Unai Emery about his future the teenager responded,

“I haven’t spoken to him [Unai Emery] yet.

“The recruitment team said I need to concentrate on the Euros and then we’ll get back into Arsenal later on.”

Nelson appeared in 19 Bundesliga games for Hoffenheim last season but only actually started five and yet he still found the back of the net on seven occasions and also appeared in five Champions League fixtures, not a bad experience for the lad but apparently, the hierarchy at the club remain unconvinced.

If he is good enough for the Bundesliga you would have thought he would have something to offer Arsenal who needs to be careful with their spending and obviously, Nelson would not cost them a single cent and on top of that, he is probably on a very low wage.

If he becomes disillusioned at the Emirates then Arsenal will only have themselves to blame for not offering the young forward an opportunity.

I can understand that asking him to wait until after the U21 Euros would be the sensible thing to do but these are not normal circumstances and he will no doubt be reading all the gossip like the rest of us including the many teenagers that we are reportedly interested in.

What a way to show him that we appreciate him and see a great future for him at the Emirates.

And before anyone says that I am overreacting just look around you at other clubs, Callum Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea as an example, these kids want to be appreciated and to feel like they are wanted.

I am not sure too much is going to change from recent years.


  1. From the outside it looks like Arsenal is a jokely run club. No one has any idea what is going on and it appears like a boys club.

    No drive, no ambition, no culture, no plan.

    What had happened to this once great club.

    1. The club is becoming a joke because of the socialist way of seeing things of the board .Called self-sustaining this delusional crap convice fans that you can win without spending…..Alice un wonderland

      1. Socialist? You must be joking! I understand what you mean and where you are coming from but I would scarcely call a bunch of self interested rich board members and filthy rich (and wanting still more dollars) owner a bunch of socialists. I would call them the polar opposite of socialists who care for no one but themselves. BTW, I do NOT speak as a Corbyn and his ilk supporters; NOT at all. I BELIEVE IN CARING AND FAIR MINDED CAPITALISM. What we have at Arsenal is rapacious self interest with no thought for others. I do not mean the manager or MOST of the players.

    2. Oh, they have a plan Roshan,To make more money and all the time we keep going nothing will change we are now a business machine full stop.

      1. If we are a business machine, why or Ramsey go for free? We are a poorly run business machine lol

  2. We have to test him first in pre-season, because I don’t think Bundesliga has the same intensity as EPL

    Kids like Sancho, Gnabry and Nelson lighten up Bundesliga, even though they were just bench-warmer in EPL. Paco Alcacer is way more lethal in Bundesliga than he was in La Liga and Mkhitaryan used to be a superstar there

    If Nelson still doesn’t perform well as a winger, he can be used to replace Ozil and Mkhitaryan at the no 10 position

    1. Good thinking boss! However, Nelson has us shown glimpses of what he can do while he was here, esp at the last preseason!

      1. True – he did well last pre-season. It would be strange if we still had to test him. This should be the year he is with the first team. A year in which he either proves he has to offer something or a year at the end of which we move him on. No more loan deals for him and no selling him. He should get a chance with us.

    2. What you say makes sense.
      Even so I would definitely have that talk with Arsenal asap Then I’d tell him to put Arsenal 1st. Not a good idea for him to go to an England camp 1st

    3. Not only MKhitaryan.

      Xhaka and Kolasinac were superstars of the Bundesliga as well, way more promising than Reiss Nelson.

      And Alcacer – a bench warmer in Barca – became the most efficient forward player in Europe when he moved to Dortmund. 18 goals in 1200 minutes – one goal every 67 minutes and none of them penalties if I remember correctly.

      Reiss Nelson should either be loaned to a Premier League club or play in cups and as a back-up in the EPL for one year, and ONLY THEN given a good contract if he is proven.

    4. I agree. We shouldn’t look at him as an answer yet.

      Bundesliga is different. We need to see him compete here and fight for his position

      I hope he does perform well for us

  3. It’s becoming clearer that Ozil, Micki, Xhaka, Mustafi will still be here next season…..

    None of them wants to leave… No one wants them either… LORD WHY???????

    1. Why leave afc?
      Good salary, perks
      Cozy London life, who would not want to be in London?
      No pressure to perform, win titles or at least challenge.
      Just jog around, pass the ball back or side, commit endless faults, no repercussions/reprimanding.
      Why no one wants them? Because all the teams want to win each match and try to win something, and the players care a BS so no one wants them.Not to mention their salaries and perks.

  4. Are you playing the devil’s advocate?It is perfectly sensible for Nelson not to have any distractions during the under 21 Euros.There is nothing sinister in the fact that he has not had discussions with Emery in my view.

    1. My view exactly. My worries about our club is our image and the images of our players have being so tainted that no one is looking in their direction. By now players like Elneny, Jekinson, Moreal, etc should have attracted some interest less club or the club found suitors for them. I’m worried about going into next with these players than the usually more talked about players. Those players contributed less and when they needed most failed.

    1. We should Loan smart as for Nelson, productive. Then bring into first team or simply useless & no sense to have an academy. Loan them out of UK in good teams where they can have games as Saliba we are after from St Etienne. Germany has good youth system and devellopment as France where they can progress by playing League football. That’s how we got Gendouzi too; he was featured enough to show enough…

  5. I think telling a player to focus on a big international competition first is standard procedure isn’t it?

    I’m sure Arsenal will re-assure him of their plans for him next season.

    If they don’t and he leaves I’ll cry a little bit.

  6. Nelson impacts as Sancho who arrived in Germany a year before him. He actually featured in 23 Bundesliga +1 cup +5 CL = 29 games.

    He must be brought back to play 40 games as he would in Germany next season. Progression shows he will do so.

    If he stays in Germany he will do a Sancho in term of value, and won’t be back but sign to Munich or Barça.

    Real talk..

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