Arsenal running out of time to get Jonny Evans

All the Arsenal transfer talk has been about the possible swap deal with Man United for Alexis Sanchez and Henrik Mkhitaryan, but the three other big rumours this month concerning the Gunners have been mentioning Aubameyang, Malcom and Jonny Evans, and Arsene Wenger was asked about all three in today’s press conference.

Wenger admitted that he liked Aubameyang, although Dortmund have since said that there has been no contact, and any Malcom move was denied by the Boss, and when asked about Jonny Evan Arsene replied: “There as well there is nothing to add at the moment.”

This was very surprising to me as it is a fact that it is our leaky defence that has caused us to lose so many points this season We are desperately in need of an upgrade, and Evans looks like the best EPL defender available right now.

But today, Evans boss at West Brom has said that he has received no offers for the top centre-back. “From my point of view there is no bid, so there’s nothing to discuss,” Pardew said.

“On the other hand, we have scenarios that are going to time out if we don’t get a bid for Jonny that’s acceptable for him and us.

“Jonny hasn’t come and seen me this week, so I’m in the dark a little bit. We haven’t had a phone call from another football club and that’s where it stands.

“In terms of our plans to use that money if it was to come in the door, that time is ticking away and that concerns me a little bit more.”

It causes me a lot of concern too! Surely we don’t need to sell anyone else to get the £23 million asking price do we?



  1. lcebox says:

    Its not a new defender we need its to learn how to defend again.
    Back to 442 i think start with basics again and start moving forward instead of backwards.
    I know going to 442 is backwards but we havnt been the same since Bergkamp and Henry played up front as a 2 so with rumors of who might come in i think we could start using that again and at least players will know what there doing cause atm. they look lost at times.

  2. sammie says:

    has old age caught up with arsene already, the man doesn’t seem proactive anymore…..somebody call for help. serious clubs are done with buying already and here we are just clueless….kai kai kai kai..

    1. Mobella says:

      “Serious clubs are done with buying already”?!.. Manu, Chelsea, man city, are still negotiating for player they want. Don’t you watch tv

  3. Innit says:

    No surprise innit
    Wenger dithers and dithers like he did with Lemar.
    Wenger getting Alexis was one of the few times he got a quality player early.
    But the Lemar fiasco was ridiculous and embarrassing considering he wanted to come here. So did Mahrez
    Anyway, 10 days left. Maybe a miracle or 2 will happen

    1. Mobella says:

      Will you be happy if he had paid 90 for Lemar. Lemar is 40m plus player and considering the season he is having now i would have murdered Wenger if he had paid for him. The only two exMonaco players that are having a great season are Mbappe and Valare Germain and both of then play in Lig 1.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      stop making up stories or conspiracy theories….we do not know whats going on behind the scenes…….

      we do not have unlimited funds and go paying everyone whatever they wants

      1. Fans don’t understand..they want us to spend like Man utd..they forget utd has a debt upwards of £450M…

  4. barryglik says:

    Letting Sanchez run down his
    contract got us into a right pickle.
    Mhkitaryan is not a replacement
    for Sanchez but adds depth to
    an already bloated midfield Ozil Ramsey Wilshere Elneny and Xhaka.
    The most positive spin on it I can find is to say he is a replacement for Cazorla.
    There is talk about Aubameyang. But why a striker?
    We just bought Laca for 50m now on a 5yr contract.
    So why now buy a 60m striker when we still have Giroud Wellbeck and Perez?
    especially as we need a quality winger a DM and an experienced CB.
    May be we don’t need wingers DM or CB?
    Holding Chambers and Mavropanos for Gabriel Mertz and Koz?
    18 year old McGuane the new DM?
    Our new wingers? Nelson 18 Miles 19 Willock 19
    Very intriguing time at Arsenal FC 🙂

  5. McLovin says:

    Losing on Evans. What a loss…

  6. Arsenal!!!!!! says:

    We should go for McGuire in the summer, he can pass and is rock solid

  7. Sergio says:

    Wenger obviously went in with a low bid for Evans – £15m or so, which West Brom has rejected. Sounds like we’re not willing to meet their valuation.

    1. neil says:

      Do a swap deal like re Sanchez.. give them Chambers or Holding on loan and buy Evans… that way West Brom get good money and a young defender and we get a stop gap decent Centre Back… simples !

  8. Vlad says:

    “Arsenal running out of time to sign Evans” – GOOD

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