Arsenal running out of time to mount EPL title challenge

Arsenal have started slowly before but even with some players coming back late after the summer tournaments of Euro 2016 and the Copa America and with the late additions at the end of the transfer window having to settle in, you would have thought that we would be getting up to speed by now.

But the last two matches, against Southampton in the Premier League and PSG in the Champions League, have been very similar and were both notable for the way we struggled to click and looked off the pace and out of sorts all over the pitch.

The good news for the Gunners is that we got away with it on these two occasions but I do not think that will last for long and if Arsenal do not start to find top gear and find it soon, then I think we can forget about winning the title this season.

I am not convinced by Man United under Jose Mourinho but I very much doubt that we will see Man City under Pep Guardiola go through the sort of slumps we have seen from them at times and I fear that Antonio Conte may soon have Chelsea at their best and they will be a hard team to finish above if that is the case.

It is not quite time to panic yet, or for Arsenal fans to give up on the title, but if Wenger and the players do not get going properly then it soon might be. What do you guys think?


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  1. Break-on-through says:

    Wouldn’t mind but we looked better when Holding and Xhaka were in the side. That probably shows you it is better to get the deals done earlier. I think Wenger should consider putting the both of them back in. Perez I felt was too early, I thought Mustafi might do it straight off the bat as he’s a German international with allot of high level experience in different leagues. I think our last game in particular Coq was trying too hard, and it was said about Mustafi too. We need a solid display in this next game, it doesn’t have to be too flashy with everyone trying to get in on the act. A solid display with Ozil and Alexis back to their best would be good, and the striker to bag a goal or two for the win.

  2. T2T says:

    I guess this is meant as a joke or to provoke responses; we’re four games into the season, we still control our own destiny.

  3. G-Rude says:

    The fact is that however bizarre we think Wenger’s tactics are he is picking (what he believes) is his best team for each and every game. And he WILL get Arsenal in the Top Four as usual. We can bitch and moan as much as we like but Wenger will meet his Top Four target for sure.

  4. mkgooner says:

    Everybody! Panic! Only 34 games left!

  5. jib says:

    It’s not been a great start in terms of performance. But if we get a result this afternoon we are very much in the mix, and that’s where you want to be. Everybody bar city – and I do expect them to drop points, that back line is still suspect- has dropped points. I think people are forgetting (and I feel like we’ve said this every year for the past five) it’s really open this season. With the slimmed down fixture list of Chelsea and the Liverpool, the obligatory seasonal Aguero injury as well as that back line, Tottenham adjusting to the champions league, and
    The need for us to click soon has never been so pressing, especially going forward. We’ve got some “easy” opposition in a reasonable run, but without us clicking those match may as well be top 4 games every week, and with the added CL fixtures on top, as well as Chelsea next weekend us finding form will define our season. Nothing we have done up until this point has or will define our season.

    1. jib says:

      Obviously not forgetting United under Maureen, I still can’t put my finger on them yet. But either way I’m cautious of them.

  6. tissiam says:

    i guess the author is the one who ran out of time to come up with a decent article!!

    1. G-Rude says:

      How many did you come up with? Don’t knock the ones that actually write summat. You couldn’t even make a de ent comment!

  7. The Analyzer says:

    I guess, Chelsea is also running out of time in mounting title challenge and so is Liverpool, and probably Man United. Lets just give the title to Man City then.

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