Arsenal SURE of 2nd spot after Hull victory?

Well that was a lot easier for Arsenal than I expected, although to be fair to them, Hull City were just as driven and determined as they could be. But the Gunners were just on another level and took all three points fairly comfortably.

The win took Arsenal level on points with Man City and even though Pellegrini´s team have a slightly better goal difference, plus 35 compared to our own 33, it looks to have put us in pole position to finish in second place and confirm the EPL improvement we have been talking about in the second half of the season. Man United are now five points behind while we have an extra game so their challenge looks over.

Man City have QPR at home next before an away game with Swansea and Southampton at home on the final day. They have not exactly been convincing but may well still win those three games, but Arsenal are looking in unstoppable form. Our performances are looking so assured and fluent that I would expect us to win our next game at Swansea well.

We finish the season with home games against Sunderland and West Brom so unless something goes strangely wrong, Arsene Wenger just needs to avoid defeat at Old Trafford next weekend to make sure that second spot is ours and I am confident that we can do that, especially as United´s bubble seems to have burst.

Even if United do manage another jammy win, I think we have a good chance to overtake the goal difference of City in our other three games. Do you think that brilliant win over Hull has ensured that Arsenal will be runners up this year?

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  1. in ref to the gooners who want
    jack sold, i have a differing
    opinion. for starters its no
    secret that jack over dribbles
    and u can add falling over and
    that downgrades his game
    bigtym. i get frustrated too but
    i also see a technical player yet
    to mature and when he does
    with all his potential attributes i
    can assure he will be a force.
    maybe he is not fit for a
    starring role now but i give him
    a max of 1 yr and i believe
    after nxt season he is going to
    take all you gooners your
    breaths away

    1. I still prefer Ramsey over Wilshere any day,Rambo has a higher work rate,he scores more,he assists more and is an all-round better player for the Arsenal team dynamic

      1. jesus no wonder barca think they might get him when arsenal fans are so dumb… they will never put in a bid for ramsey..he losses the ball too much and is too slow…he does work hard and gets in to goal scoring postions which has definitely been good for us as wenger refused to buy real top class goal scorers until sanchez came along but that problem should be solved by buying a top quality striker in summer….wengers job from two years ago was to combine wilshere ozil and carzola…he has finally got ozil and carzola working together and now linking up to sanchez which, along with coquelin`s improvement as a dm, is basically why we have improved so much this year (even though sanchez cooled a little)…if he finds a way of putting wilshere in to the diamond and adding another 15 to 20 goal a game man then we will be able to compete with the best…walcott rambo arteta flamini combos of yesteryear need to be put in to the dustbin of our footballing history…they could never deliver more than 4th place

        1. You fool were u even watchung the game yesterdag, ramsey was the best pkayer on the pitch, his posture may seen lazy but he does it all, he is world class mark my words, we would suffer without rambo. BELIEVE IT OR NOT I think we should trial ramsey in st position just to seehe does. If u saw the game yesterday his goal was a strikers goal

          1. it may seems strange but i agree with you,i would be puzled to see him in the striker position as he has natural scoring abilities.
            I see him in any position except winger as he has not the speed required to play there except maybe for the weak teams.

          2. Lol,,, it was actually a deflection though as I said to his credit he gets in to the box but if u think he is a striker then 4 th place junkie com has reached new heights…also got tired of number of balls lost and back passes .,. Unbelievable the idiots on this site who count wilsheres over dribbling of which he can be guilty but can’t see Ramsey’s far greater number of miss controls .. Turn on your TiVo and watch again

      2. Rambo is more complete than any midfielder at arsenal. Not just wilshere but Ozil cazorla Coq arteta and everybody.
        He can play every position on the pitch including RB.
        he can fxxxx pass a football.
        he can score goals. Especially in the big occasions he is a big game player.
        His work rate is incredible.
        defensively he is a beast.

        he is so good the manager can’t bench him. he plays out of position and is still MOTM contender. When Ozil or Cazorla were outwide we almost killed Arsene on this forum. But rambo does it like no mans business. Its just natural for him to do this things. TOP PLAYER TOP LAD. last season he carried the football club.

        1. He’s very slow though. Possibly even slower than Mertesacker. Usain Bolts needs to have a session with him to bring him up to speed.

    2. My thought is that there is no need to sell him, we don’t need the money and his injury issues will subside a little now that there isn’t a rush to play him and he is fully recovered before any matches. He actually looked very good against hull and that was with weeks and weeks out.

      I wouldn’t start him above any of our other midfielder though, until he turns that talent into consistent quality performances like Ramsey did. (I also don’t think he is far off turning into a goal scorer/assister if he follows in Ramsey’s footsteps and just starts getting in the box).

      We’ll see

    3. Nothing can be taken for granted.we are guarranteed second spot provided we take 10 out of 12 points.

    4. Nothing is confirmed yet. We need to get a point at manure and win our home games and we are good for that second spot. I hope we beat manure and manure drop more points so Liverpool can take 4th will be a dream come true. But all I hope for is the fa cup.we need to retain our trophy and then beat Chelsea at the community shield.

  2. I think goal difference will be the deciding factor for a second place. We need to score more goals to overcome Man City. I wanted them yesterday, but Hull played well in 2nd half plus Giroud was on his quality.

    1. It looks like we were just comfortable with a win and no one noticed that we can do with a better goal difference. The game was so open for more goals but I think we concentrated more on entertaining without goals. Before he was substituted, I saw some show-boating mentality from Ramsey which I did not like at all!

      1. I don’t think too many of us are interested in watching us chasing games that are comfortably won. Haven’t we had these discussions ad nauseum on here before – “clueless Arsenal” never knowing when to shut up shop. How many games have we drawn or lost this year from winning positions with 10-15 minutes left – Anderlecht springs to mind. Just in the PL I can think of 8 points straight up dropped trying to force a result (City, Swansea, Liverpool, Spuds).

  3. Nothing is certain until the last whistle goes. All it takes is 1 loss and City have the upper hand. Focus is key for these last few games if we want to get 2nd place and the FA cup.

  4. Of course it’s NOT sure

    We have a great chance and even favourites to get 2nd because we have a game in hand, but we have four more matches including away to United. So nothing is guaranteed

    Let’s focus on Swansea and hope United and City slip up

  5. Citeh’s going to drop points either against Swansea or the Saints… Özil’s flick made my night.:-D

  6. No means the race for 2nd is over. We should win all the remaining matches. I believe that Man city may lose points against saints. Swansea is not an easy opponent. We have to be at our level best.

  7. lets forget about MC dropping points and focus on us winning our remaining games..

  8. i sure hope that this super rich african chap can buy some shares in the club(not own it) then we would have three billionaires that dont invest and we can show off even more to the other rich clubs just how rich we are.
    but still run perfectly on our awesome club philosophy of self sustaining we would have a combined effort of £20+ billion worth of owners backing us up in wealth proportions that the same as city owners, its nice to know sometimes that we just have the financial clout behind us even if we choose not to use it, maybe between the three of them they could pay off the stadium debt leaving us debt free, and running of our own massive resources, this under the ffp guideline is completely fine to do as it stadium expenditure and not directly investing in to the first team.

    1. You had Mourinho accepting that qualifying for top 4 will be difficult for Chelsea next season!

  9. Fnishing second would be progress. I said 3rd at the begining of the season, but Man City has been very poor.

  10. Yeah relying on other teams to drop points never works out well i.e Spuds haha. So all we need to focus on is winning the rest of our games. But of course, easier said than done.

  11. 3 home games. I see us winning them as we been doing. the guys are motivated it seems. 2nd will be good progress. away to manure will be a bit g!ven the fact that we turned manure’s dream of landing a possible trophy this season into a nightmare in their waterbed. so vengeance would be on their mind.

  12. 3 home games. I see us winning them as we been doing. the guys are motivated it seems. 2nd will be good progress. away to manure will be a bit tyt g!ven the fact that we turned manure’s dream of landing a possible trophy this season into a nightmare in their waterbed. so vengeance would be on their mind.

  13. If we win our remaining four matches, then we are 2nd. So we should focus completely on that and not worry about other teams.

    (Only exception for me is I would love it if Liverpool kicked United out of the top 4 lol United out for two consecutive seasons would be funny)

  14. Agree with earlier post- we need to keep Jack-

    I wouldn’t blame him if he wants to go, because so much quality at Arsenal- But unless he forces it- we need to hold on to his quality

    Exciting end to the season. And lots to look forward to next season-
    Chelsea will be the team to beat- but we’ll be providing the style that makes people all over the world fall in love with football

  15. Anyone else surprised we not seen more of Gabriel?

    Seems like a perfect time to give him some game time. Do you think Wenger is un-impressed with him in training?

    1. I don’t think it is anything sinister – as much as many on here love bashing up the BFG we are on a pretty impressive streak with him ever present – Gabriel only a few months in to hopefully a long and successful career with us – now just doesn’t seem the appropriate time to tinker imo.

  16. We can still lose any of our games up till the end of the season. Nothing is sure until it is mathematical. As we are currently below City, even with a game in hand on them, we definitely cannot say such stupid things.

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