Arsenal score four and Wenger praises the defence!

Arsenal were back to the best in yesterday’s 4-1 win at Newcastle and Giroud, and Cazorla scored two apiece to give us a very comfortable victory, not to mention Welbeck’s unluckily disallowed finish and the numerous other chances created in the 90 minutes. After the game you would have expected Arsene Wenger to highlight the attacking qualities in our rejuvenated side, but he was quicker to praise our defence.

“We played well today with a very offensive team,” Wenger said on “I felt that even defensively we looked comfortable and the balance was right.

“It was the first time I’ve seen Bellerin playing without a handbrake and you could see that there’s something there. Debuchy was outstanding in a completely new position.

“I asked him many, many times this week, ‘have you played centre back?’, and he said no, never. He responded very well. Mertesacker is coming back to good form and Gibbs got stronger and stronger in the game – Szczesny as well.

“We’ve had two good games and scored eight goals, conceding only two. After the Stoke City incident, this is a very strong response and it shows what I said that this team is united, dynamic and wants to do well.”

Admittedly Bellerin and Debuchy were impressive despite their inexperience in their respective positions, but they didn’t have to work as hard as was expected, while Cazorla, Giroud and Sanchez were brilliant in the attack to win us the points…

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  1. 5 things we learned from the Newcastle game
    1.We need Kos bacak ASAP.Debuchy managed but was not really tested yesterday.
    2.There is an air of nervousness among the players while defending. We should be more comfortable doing this.
    3.Sanchez is getting desperate and frustrated. Wenger needs to do something about it.
    4.4-1 feels very very much better than 1-0, and Arsenal seems to have learned from the Anderlecht game.
    5.Bellerin can be a winger one day 🙂 .

      1. Nope!
        He was trying to do more, he was getting frustrated when fouled and almost tried diving once 🙂 felt like he is desperate to get involved more. May be a good thing if channeled correctly which is Wengers job..

        1. The only dumb situation i noticed was, when i saw the counter attack we made when Sanchez started with the ball, passing it to Welbeck, with the intention of him running with it to pass it back to him, but the funny part was that Welbeck had the same intention so we wasted a perfect counter. Something which could have lost us in an another day the game. Players need to understand their places in the club. Sanchez is king, pass the ball to him no matter what.

          1. I look forward to the days when we have Özil, Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez and Ramsey playing at the same time, with Podolski coming on after 60min, scoring his usual super-sub-goal. Welbeck can f*ck off, he’s rubbish.

  2. Our makeshift defence was quite impressive until the brainfreeze on the free kick, which was unacceptable to concede. Can’t let bloopers like that to happen against Poopers. But if that do happen, let’s hope our attack will be as deadly as it was yesterday.

    Hopefully we’ll have some players returning next week and smash Liverpool at Anfield, make amends for the 5-1 defeat. Getting Aunt Brenda axed would a be bonus for that..

      1. Just like the champions league class of 2006….Flamini, [calamity]Senderos, Toure and [Unknown] Eboue. More reason why we need to get behind the the team and stop with this business of ‘buy this,buy that’ syndrome we are now accustomed to, we need our players playing with commitment, that is the demand we should be making of Wenger and the players, Man.U won a couple of league titles without a ‘beast defensive midfielders becasue all their players battle throughout the game, pint sized Evra would not give gigantic Crouch a moments’ rest. Girouds’ and Sanchez heat map showed considerable activity in the right central defensive midfield area, which means they covered the arses of Flamini, Bellerin and Debuchy a lot, little wonder Flamini has cooled down on the yellow cards recently. Obviously we do need [experienced] cover in defense and Wenger did not exactly behave in a responsible manner by overlooking that fact in the last transfer window and even if he was, injuries and suspensions do happen, these facts we can’t really control; what we can control however is the passion we inject into our team/players irrespective. Come On US Gunners!!

  3. Our defense still has some improving to do! Starting with a quality centre back in january! Howedes or van diijk would do! Coyg!

  4. Manure have found their balance once again. I hate them very much but i like them doing good. I love the rivaly between us even though we suck against them everytime.

    As for the topic, we need to push forward, i know how Wenger ticks in his head, he thinks always like this, A player must be much better then the current player we have around to be bought. Sanchez came bec Wenger, smart he is, knew that Walcott gets injuried to much, and the price was of course very good to ignore, consider the quality Sanchez brings with him.

    Wenger needs to buy a dm, there are plenty out there who are good enough. Playing Monreal or Depuchy alongside Merti ( mediocre) is not good enough. Its good enough for Newcastle but Bayern and co are an another leauge. So CB and Dm are a must. Coyg.

    Never should have sold Van Persie to manure even for all the money in the world. Arsenal needs to be more like Atletico Madrit and not like a selling club.

  5. Liverpool were shambolic and a shadow of themselves, compare to the title challenging team from last season! If we dont beat them at anfield next week and not get 3points, then we should go and play in the conference! Coyg!

    1. Liverpool are a shambles but they created like 6 clear chances to score against United but when luck is not with you nothing goes for you.

      Everything is going for United right now, we should have beaten them with the changes we had. In their last 5 matches United have been lucky and only against Hull they deserved to win..

      And with our luck I can see Liverpool getting something against us. It’s always happens against the other big clubs..

      1. Also with the luck they are showing just what excellent goalkeeping and clinical goalscoring brings to the table.
        P Cech signing would be one of our very best signings ever. Cavani too.

        1. I hope we start with the same back four or maybe Kos will be back. I enjoyed watching Bellerin and Debuchy. Both had a great game. Liverpool had tons of chances today. We can’t count on them missing them all.

  6. Newcastle didn’t test our defense much, which worked out perfectly for us. Next week we get Chambers back, so Debuchy can reclaim RB position. As for Liverpool game next week, I’m still very cautious. I’m simply not as confident when we face big teams, no matter how bad they are playing. Heck, we couldn’t even beat Moyes’ United last season. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  7. More negative comments than positive
    I don’t mind negative comments but when you win 4-1 surely the positive should outweigh the negative

    I will add some positive comments to help balance it out.
    1. Cazorla looked good even though he was out of position (IMHO)
    2. Defence looked good (despite being without Koscielny and Chambers)
    3. Giroud is scoring.
    4. Sanchez is very consistent. He contributes every game whether goals, assists or both
    5. Podolski got some game time
    6. Szczesny is back
    7. The last 7 games have for the most part been good and back close to number 4
    8. After game, Wenger confirmed he will get a defender (he could always change his mind or may only get a defender (we need a DM) but it’s good to hear it.

  8. Don’t get me wrong I’m always happy when my beloved Gooners win but now everyone is singing Wenger’s praises again and people are saying about how well we played but I will not be convinced by the team or Wenger at all until we prove we can beat the big teams. I’m not getting my hopes up because I know we’ll loose at Anfield next weekend, it’s all well and good praising us for beating Newcastle but when the going gets tough and we come up against a big team, we flop. If we loose or don’t win at Anfield next week that will just highlight even further the fact that our performances again big teams is disgusting.

  9. The OX was key against both Galatasaray and Newcastle. He was key in our FA cup semi final against Liverpool as well. Hope he keeps it up next Sunday…

    1. Hmm I still think ox still not that good yet, he is good taking the ball forward but his final decision still not good, there is a lot of room for improvement. Don’t you all think our young players that with us for so long but their improvement are so slow and get injured often.

      1. There is plenty of room for improvement for just about the whole Arsenal squad. I think Ox needs to be playing each week in one starting position and preferably alongside a fit teammate[s] building on a partnership.

  10. I think a lot of people get it wrong of last game chant.

    The chant was ” there is only one Arsene wenger “, actually is “There is only one Arsenal, Wenger”. Which mean there is only one arsenal fc, there is no Arsene fc.

    OK thumb me down. Enjoy yourself.

  11. Agreed with Twig, ox was the key player in my opinion too.
    The midf battle can be tough against lets not forget a strong athletic newc side who where on a fine run of confidence. Ox flam bell gibbs welbs sanch and oli did not let them settle for one moment straight from the kick off… bringing a great tempo to the game. Ox swiched from defence to attack with great speed and a strong desire… maybe he watched over some old invincible footage. I would really love to see Ox play this role more often… making it his own. His energy alone really adds something more to our team.

    1. The oz has so much potential. Walcott too. Can’t wait until he’s back. Sorry Wisheres always injured, but I feel we play better without him.

  12. End of December we could be top 4 or could be blown out of contention.

    We play big team and and teams above us.

  13. I would have fully expected Wenger to praise the defense, it`s called `covering your arse`. It`s Arsenal`s weak spot so he must take the heat off.
    Off the subject, if I may? Referees hold the balance and often the result of a match their hands and have enormous power. Firstly , the card business. Yellow cards are flashed with carefree abandon and the red card often seals the result. Maybe the red card should be the decision of a third umpire (TV) where the incident happens in general play. Should the player abuse the referee physically or verbally that`s another matter, he has every right to give him his marching orders.
    Secondly, the `offside ruling`. Maybe consideration should be given to changing the rule so that a player can not be ruled `off side` in the opponent`s `goal area`? The penalty area `yes`, the goal area `no`. Just a couple of thoughts…that`s all.

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