Arsenal scorers happy but now the focus is on Munich

The Arsenal First Team played five games in October, winning all five, scoring 12 goals and conceding just the one against Everton. Beating Man United and Bayern Munich, both 3-0, must be the highlights of our run, but yesterday’s dour victory in Swansea was just as important to keep our momentum going ahead of our return trip to Munich.

Joel Campbell had a brilliant start yesterday, and although he is happy, he just wants to keep going forward and get ready for this crucial Champions League game coming up. “I’m very happy,” he said on the official Arsenal website. “I had to wait for this moment and now we have to keep working to strengthen our team.

“I’m very happy but the important thing is the team wins. We had a good game so we have to keep going and prepare for the next game against Bayern Munich.”

That is a good attitude from Joel, as you would think he would want to lap up the praise for such a milestone in his career. Perhaps he will be our surprise package this season?

The opening goal was scored by our much-maligned Frenchman Olivier Giroud, who keeps dumbfounding his critics every week. He also agreed that the win was nice, but we have to focus on Wednesday to keep our run going.

Giroud said: “It was definitely a good win. We needed this win before the big game on Wednesday. We started slowly but we were creating chances to score. We needed to wait until the second half to put it in and to score three goals and even more, get another clean sheet.”

The Gunners lost home and away to Swansea last season,so this was another three points gained. “We needed to change that.” Giroud continued. “We had two difficult games against Swansea and to play here and as I said it was not easy in the first half but we succeeded to play our game, more in between the lines with more technique and we were efficient up front and at the back as well so we are really pleased with this game so hopefully we can win the second leg as well.”

If Arsenal do continue our great run against Bayern Munich, we are likely to be left with the crazy situation where Olympiakos are top of our Champions League Group with just two games to go. This could get very, very interesting!

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  1. Congratulations to Campbell for scoring his 1st premier league goal, hopefully the first of many.
    Great second half performance from our lads,
    Well done to all of them!
    It would be absolutely amazing if we could come away with the 3pts at Bayern Munich.
    Good luck to the boys! Coyg!!!

  2. Tracking back is a key component to winning games. Campbell does that and so does Sanchez. I think I understand now why Walcott wants to not have that responsibility but I am still hoping when he comes back to the team he can play in space on the right or left,
    OG is the best set piece goal scorer and long ball winner in the league. I don’t really see anyone replacing him as he is scoring a goal a game and winning an average of 5-10 extra possessions a game for us.
    I think Theo is terrific but I hope he doesn’t think his spot will be back waiting for him.
    OG took a knock on the inside of his knee but still wanted in. That showed me he wants his spot.

    1. His spot is back waiting for him if this team wants to have a good shot at winning the title.
      Overplaying Giroud or playing him as the first choice week in week out does not yield in the long run. We have seen this in the past 3 seasons. When he goes on his dry spells or drops form he stays in that zone for a very long time. Part of this is because he was relied upon over a long stretch. He should not start most games if we want to win the EPL. I really hope Wenger does not become naive and make this same mistake. When Theo is not injured and fit he should start with Giroud coming in as the substitute if plan A isn’t working.

      A point to note, our best games of the season against Leicester City and Man Utd featured Giroud on the bench and Walcott starting. He is a superb substitute. It should stay that way.

      1. He was on a tear last year with Alexis on the left. Having pace on both sides of him is the key. Using TR7 or Jack on either side during years 1-2 hurt OG because crosses never came ,now they do and Ozil has become accustomed to looking for him.

      2. I disagree with this wholeheartedly… Neither of them should be an undisputed starter, whoever’s more in form gets the nod unless the other one needs a rest.
        Competition doesn’t really work if they have designated roles.. Giroud has obviously performed extremely well from the bench and if he can maintain that level of play and hunger as a starter, well, then he deserves to lead our line… Unless Theo’s looking better.
        Giroud had a couple of 60+ game seasons which is incredibly taxing as a striker as concentration and fatigue play a big part. I agree he’s had some massive cold patches, and those are the times where we desperately needed someone to step in/rotate but he was still continually playing 4ish games a fortnight for the full 90mins.

        Rotation and competition are key, but it really doesn’t work if the team operates as you suggest with Theo just handed the #1 spot regardless of Giroud’s form… For either striker.

  3. Really not confident that we’ll get anything from the game in Munich. We won last time, but this time we’re less desperate, we have key players injured, Bayern will want revenge, and they’re at home.

    1. Don’t worry about it,
      Munich are more worried about us than we are of them.
      They couldn’t even score a goal against E. Frankfurt at the weekend.
      Anyways, we have a good record at their ground and if we score the first goal, that would turn their fans against them,
      Which would put them under more pressure.

    2. It’s not what most want to hear but its true. For me, if we are to lose to Bayern and if we are to not qualify for the round of 16, we must stay out of the Europa league to enhance our chances for the EPL. If we lose against Bayern, I think Wenger should not risk the squad or main players for the remaining 2 games.

      1. Even if we lose to Bayern on Wednesday, we can still qualify for the playoffs. Yes Olympiacos will be on 9 points if they win on wednesday and we will only be on 3 if we lose, but their last 2 games are away to Bayern and at home to Arsenal. Which means that if they lose to bayern (which they should), and we beat Zagreb at home (which we should) then we will just have to beat Olympiacos the following round and we will go through on goal difference. Would love a win at Bayern this week but I would be just as happy with a point, it will leave us in a strong position to qualify…

  4. Arsenal doing very well – excellent result yesterday showing that we can grind out results.
    My question is the captaincy of the club.
    Can you have a player who never plays as captain of the team?
    My view is that the captain should play a pivotal role in the team and being realistic he is never going to be in the first team.
    I say give the captaincy to Koscelny !

  5. Listen Baby Please

    I’m feeling a lot better about Bayern after Campbell’s performance

    Our defense better be on their game though or it will be a tough night for Cech. Mert and Monreal will need to perform better than they did against Swansea.

    But we beat Bayern once, so hopefully we can do it again

  6. The captaincy issue at Arsenal and the starting issue between Walcott and Giroud is at the moment not up for debate. What is of a serious concern before the Boss and the Gunners now, is how they will beat Bayern Munich to all the 3 points that will be at stake at the Allianz Arena on Wesday night’s. I believe the Gunners can and will beat Bayern Munich as they have beaten them at home before. Therefore, the Gunners can and will repeat the win they had over them. Admini, a situation may arise where the Bavarian club side may have to fight a big battle at home against Olympiakos and at away to Zagreb to remain in the competition after losing at home to Arsenal on Wesday which of course they would. Arsenal, I believe will beat Zagreb at the Emirates Stadium and beat Olympiakos at away to qualify for the knockout stages and top the group on 12 points.

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