The other unique and majestic Arsenal record that deserves as much attention as the Invincibles

Arsenal’s Invincibles were great, but don’t forget the 2001/02 side.

With Watford beating Liverpool yesterday, there’s unsurprisingly been much attention on Arsenal’s Invincibles remaining unmatched for another year.

Liverpool lost their first league game of 2019/20 yesterday, and saw their overall unbeaten run end at 44 games – the second highest ever behind the remarkable 49-game run by our 2004 side.

However, as has been pointed out by Michael Cox and others, it’s slightly surprising that another of our incredible and unique achievements has been so easily forgotten…

Liverpool’s failure to get on the score sheet yesterday means they also won’t be matching the 2001/02 side’s amazing run of scoring in every game. In total, that Arsenal team scored for 55 consecutive matches – another record we still hold and may well hold forever.

Arsenal were also unbeaten away from home that season, and won 13 league games in a row to take the title at Old Trafford of all places. Our football was scintillating, and arguably better overall than for much of the Invincibles season, and of course it yielded more trophies as we also won the FA Cup.

The Invincibles more than deserve their place in the history books, but we mustn’t forget this other legendary Arsenal team either.


  1. Good article @Mark Brus and thanks for reminding us of our amazing records. I watched all our home games and a lot of the away games in those momentous seasons but unfortunately I can’t see us ever reaching those dizzy heights again in my lifetime.

    1. GB, as an optimist myself, I always remind myself where we were before these heady days – GG being sacked for taking back handers and finishing twelth in his last season…then Bruce Rioch taking over and causing mayhem within the team (Wrighty threatening to quit!!!) and then along came the master to show us the way.

      Now, I’m not comparing MA to AW just yet, but Arteta did take over the same kind of mess from UE and he has motivated and improved the squad in a way we never thought possible.

      I firmly believe he has all the attributes to be a successful manager and will support his every decision, as I did with AW.

      Can’t wait to sing “Championes” once again and our young crop of players seem to be the best for years – we are not far away from being a top four club again.

  2. We are now an ugly team
    We have no ballers in the Team anymore

    We have got a bunch of back passers and sideways passers
    Just exactly like Arteta

  3. also remember,since we went into the top league, we have never droped a division, always been in the top, to my knowledge the only club in the country to do so, although I stand to be corrected

    1. We were relegated from Div One in 1913 and voted back up again in 1919, when the first div expanded. I know we are all younger than those days but I knew this aged 6 before I even started going regularly aged 8 in 1958. Long before easily fact checking internet sites too. FANS SHOULD KNOW OUR HISTORY. In those days tale3s of threpast were handed down from father and also grandfathe to son. I am now a in family of fifth generation Gooners and not far from being 70. Everything vis not always about today when you support a club properly . Our club is 134 years old and were a world class club, many years before Wenger was even born.

  4. Yes! A good article, A timely reminder to those who know and informing those who don’t know of the Club’s great history.

    You have given all of us something to be cheerful about and after Thursday’s game we needed some cheer.

    I agree with Ken despite the set back, With Arteta, it is once again Forward Arsenal!

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