Arsenal scouting top French striker – To replace Welbeck? (Plus video)

Although every Arsenal fan and his dog are talking about Aaron Ramsey’s contract situation, nobody has even mentioned that Danny Welbeck is also set to leave on a free next summer, with not even a hint of contract extension talks. So the rumours linking us with the excellent Celtic striker Moussa Dembélé could make sense if it’s true.

EPLscouts have reported today…..

Arsenal are considering plotting an offer for Celtic striker Moussa Dembélé in January transfer window, according to reports from France.

The north London outfit haven’t got off to the greatest start in the current Premier League season, having lost their opening two matches to Manchester City and Chelsea.

While there is nothing to panic about yet, manager Unai Emery is already eyeing up possible reinforcements for the winter window who could add more strength in depth to his squad.

And according to the French-language daily newspaper La Provence, reported on by Mirror Sport, the London side are targeting the 22-year old Frenchman.

Dembele was brought through the academy at PSG, and was blooded at Fulham where he scored 15 goals in a season at just 19 years old. He has scored 26 in just 55 starts for Celtic, and at just 22 years of age he still has lots of scope for improvement.

Do you think he would be a good replacement for Welbeck?

Here is a video of his play for Celtic last season to help you decide…



  1. Lupe says:

    Go scout wingers ffs. We have auba, lacazette and even nketiah coming up. Go get wingers, what is dembele going to add that we don’t already have. It seems arsenal scout every position except the winger postion like they think we don’t need it, go check out the top clubs in europe, see the wingers thay have. When most of our opponents start packing the bus again against us, so we are expected to always pass our way through? We need to be more direct and inpredictable on the wings and also if we have good wingers, the likes of bellerin and monreal would not need to spend most of their time upfield trying to give us width thereby exposing us at the back from counters, instead they would choose the timing of their runs better.

    1. mobella says:

      The question is how does eplscout come about this information and how true it is. I wouldn’t read any meaning to this a

    2. gotanidea says:

      Agree. Moussa Dembele news does not make any sense, because we have got many strikers. You are also right about the top clubs in Europe, most of them have lethal wingers

      Arsenal have missed the chance to sign the cheap Adama Traore, hence they have to spend more if they wanna get the proven one

      Nelson has the potential to be a very good right winger, but he rarely gets the chance to start, because of Mkhitaryan. Nelson has been failed several times in the left side, therefore he has to hone his skills in the right side

      1. Sarmmie says:

        Looks like Nelson is on his way out though

        1. ackshay says:

          on loan, at arsenal he has limited game time from the bench whereas at hoffenheim he gets the playing times he wants. I prefer young players who are willing to go away to gain experience and full matches as oppose to lazy bench players who just eat wages budget.

    3. Midkemma says:

      “go check out the top clubs in europe, see the wingers thay have.”

      not always, Barca main winger is Dembele and there was rumors that Malcom could be replacing him. He has played but he is also being played with what looks to be instructions to be more of a goal threat, get in the box more and be more of a striker than just a winger.

      Like Mr Biter who played the other side, Suarez isn’t a winger so it would be unfair to say the left side version of Suarez is a winger rather than being converted to an inside forward. There is a difference. The other game I seen of theres was against Boca and they didn’t play a winger. Messi and Malcom was the ‘wide players’ yet we all know Messi and Malcom do not hug the byline till crossing the ball, they cut inside and make things happen.

      If we look at PSG under Emery, he had Neymar on the left and is he a winger? Or an inside forward? How about Mbappe when he was played on the left?

      Real Madrid last game they played without wingers, well… Bale was on the right if I recall correctly and acting more like an inside forward and the other side was Isco who is not a winger.

      Go check the top teams in Europe.. I did and found your post to be BS. Some may have a winger or two but TBH the top teams tend to play more with inside forwards and the CF being able to not only score but also creative enough to make gaps for the inside forwards to exploit.

      One problem I find with posts is peoples ignorance to positions. Seriously… If Skysports say someone is a striker then they can’t be wrong… Even if they play the AM role, they are still called a striker because Sky said so. Perfect example of this was when DB10 played for us still, we got listed as a 442 so often but anyone who watched Arsenal would know that DB10 dropped into the AM role and pulled the strings, he would move forward at times but so do ACMs.

      Do not get fixated on the concept of winger, the old style winger is dying out for a reason, the formation doesn’t require ‘wingers’ much over inside forwards who need to know when to provide that width while also knowing when to run in and be an extra striker.

  2. kev says:

    He’s not even that good.Really doubt we will go all out to sign him to be honest even if we put in a bid.

    1. gotanidea says:

      That’s just another false news to reignite an obsolete rumor

      I bet Arsenal are chasing a winger currently, but maybe they would only reveal their target in January

  3. Dan atry says:

    Sell Xhaka…Welbeck is far better than Xhaka…he can play in all positions..he has strength and energy..

  4. Barry Glik says:

    Are Wingers a relic of the past?
    Arjen Robben is a rare species.
    Tika taka is about possession
    so requires a lot of technical skill.
    That’s why wingers like Martial Rashford Iwobi
    De Pay Walcott Chamberlain Campbell + Coman all struggle.
    Running fast away from your support is the antithesis of tika taka.
    So more skillful midfielders like Ozil and Mkhitaryan end up on the wing.
    Stirling gets away with a lack of skill because of the talent around him at City.
    Liverpool + Spurs have no wingers while Sane at City and Germany
    and Willian at Chelsea Brazil struggle to make their starting X1’s.
    Teams prefer to play narrow 4231 and rely
    on overlapping full/wing backs for width.

    1. Lupe says:

      @ barry glik
      Wingers aren’t a thing of the past, barca, real madrid, man city, bayern, liverpool, napoli, juventus, psg, chelsea all have wingers. I don’t know how you can think liverpool have no wingers, maybe your definition of wingers come from the olden days. salah, mane, dembele, asensio, vasquez, bale, hazard, pedro, willian, shaqiri, malcom, insigne, callejon, coman, sane, sterling, mahrez, neymar, di maria, douglas costa and mbappe are all modern wingers, and i can name more and i don’t see the struggling either. We have a bunch of midfielders and strikers, very unbalanced squad and we need to start scouting better to undo it. We finally sorted out the striker and dm positions, the wings and center back postions need fixing too.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I looked through the team you mentioned, have you even bothered?

        Real madrid use wingers.. Yet look at their last game. Bale as a INSIDE FORWARD (Not a damned winger) and Isco on the other side who is a AM and not a winger.

        Barca? Oh they have Dembele but you watched them? Dembele looks to be told to get in the box more, to be more of a threat, to no just whip balls in. Yes Dembele played on the left of the front 3 but Suarez was on the right, you gonna claim he is a winger?

        PSG? Under Emery they was more like inside forwards than wingers, get inside more and let the fullbacks provide the width. Mbappe and Neymar are used out wide for them with Cavagni as a CF.

        Please keep telling everyone how the top teams around EU use wingers… Sometimes they utilize the tactic but it isn’t their main tactic. This is what happens when FIFA kids comment.

        1. Lupe says:

          What are you saying, try ro understand what i am saying before you start typing. I wasn’t talking about the tactics the top teams use, rather the players. Those players i mentioned are wingers, whether as inside forward or not, its a variation of the position. I never said i wanted wingers that just hug the touch line and cross, its why i used the word modern. All i am saying is we need better players on the wings instead of playing iwobi, ozil, mkhi there simple. I hope that easy for you to grasp and i am not a fifa kid.

  5. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Reiss Nelson is joining Hoffeinham this month …

    1. RSH says:

      another player Arsenal also let wind down his contract until final year. Bad news. A lot of English talents are being taken by foreign clubs now. They are watching the youth tournaments and they are going to be the ones leading the next gen of English players it seems. Or at least selling them back to English clubs for insane profits.

      1. Pablo Picasso says:

        I hope this will be a one year loan and not a sale.

        Why have an academy at all if all we do is spend, develop and sale at a cheap price. His the brightest of that bunch the thought of even listening to offers shouldn’t come to mind.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I’m reading that Nelson will sign a new long term deal and then move out on loan.
          If true then good, if Emery will not give him game time then he needs to be loaned out to gain 1st team experience and regular gametime.

          All the best for Nelson and fingers crossed he remains being a gunner 🙂

      2. Ernie says:

        Most young english players are overhyped one good game they qualify to be in 1st team or one fluck goal they are supposed to earn 100k a week and good for them to go out of the country and prove themselves.

  6. Midkemma says:

    I think we should look at Dembele, if he gets signed by RM to replace Benzema (not likely but example) then you all will be on here moaning about how we didn’t go for him.

    As for the “Yet another CF” argument, we can play with inside forwards and we have a couple strikers who I feel perform better as a inside forward in the EPL. Welbroke is no target man and not consistent enough scorer to be main CF but he is a hard worker and team focused, keep his scoring boots and he is a better inside forward than CF.

    Auba is doing what as the main CF? He is scoring so much that… Oh wait, we haven’t seen a goal from him this season as a CF. He has looked livelier when Laca came on and Auba went to the left. Auba has a better goal to game ratio for Arsenal on the left when compared to CF, I done the research and so can you lot!

    Nketiah could very well benefit from a designed loan deal, not just thrown out but a team we find to improve X criteria over the next 12 months… Maybe loan him to Celtic as part of the Dembele buy offer?

  7. ken1945 says:

    Watching Celtic up here, he does look good.
    I would suggest he plays like Lukaka in many respects.
    In my opinion a good replacement, but surely we still need to address the defensive issues?

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