Arsenal scrape through but our FA cup dream is still alive

Well that was a close one wasn’t it!! by Shenel

So Arsenal get lucky and leave it late to beat a Newcastle side that could have even nicked it away from us!

A good starting 11 soon became an unfortunate one when Martinelli got injured in the warm up and had to be replaced by Nelson, who really failed to shine, as did Willock. But it was a tense game and you could actually feel the tension despite not being in the stadium!

Chances for both sides failed to test either keeper but just before full time Leno kept us in the game and heading for extra time, when he pulled off key saves to deny a last minute winner for Newcastle.

Into extra time we went and despite ending the first half of extra time 0-0 you could see it was only going to be matter of time for us to win. On came Lacazette who should have been on from the start in my opinion and his arrival alongside Emile Smith-Rowe meant the two combined and Lacazette set up Emile for the first goal of the night coming in the fourth minute of the second half of extra time, once again showing Arteta that they should be starting and not on the bench!

But the goals didn’t end there and just a few minutes before the end of the game Tierney crossed in for an Aubameyang tap in to make it 2-0 to Arsenal in a rather unconvincing win for the majority of the game, to take us through to the next round of the cup that we are the current record holders!

It wasn’t an amazing performance by our standards and if Arteta’s eyesight is as good as he makes out then there will be some players that hopefully we won’t be seeing in an Arsenal shirt for a very long time, to mention no names.

More importantly though my thoughts go to Gabriel Martinelli, who was spotted sitting watching the game, after becoming injured in the warm up. I hope it is not a serious injury and that he was pulled out for a mere precaution and will be back sooner rather than later, because we did miss him there is no doubt about that!

All in all despite the struggle, we kept a clean sheet thanks to Leno and we go on to the next round of the FA Cup, but in these times if we want to keep hold of the cup for a record 15th time then there is no doubt we will have to play much better than we did and win the game within 90 minutes.


Shenel Osman


  1. gotanidea says:

    Imagine if Leno or Tierney gets injured. We need players who can replace them and compete with them

    1. adajim says:

      not only the 2, we will struggle without Saka and maybe with Xhaka, and obviously yesterday proved ESR importance to our new tactic.

      1. gotanidea says:

        True. Hopefully Arthur Okonkwo and Joel Lopez would be ready for high intensity games

        1. adajim says:

          we seems to be going the youth way albeit with lots of caution. i love that actually, the old and experienced has disappointed so far

  2. adajim says:

    Here is my response to Mr Jon reply on my comment yesterday;
    ‘Pepe deserve my abuse but ill spare him, am one of his fans but his lazy nature has overshadow his quality. a simple pass to his is difficult, simple things to do is always looking difficult with him’

    I am a fan of Pepe, i was tempted to abuse him out of frustration, and i highlighted what he did that got me frustrated. i believe doing this doesn’t make me less of a fan of his and being his fan doesn’t mean i shouldn’t criticize when he disappoint.
    so i do not understand your allegation, perhaps its a misinterpretation of my intention.
    However, if this has anything to do with my english construction, ill have to apologize to you then, english isnt my mother tongue and am sure you cant write in my language yourself

    1. jon fox says:

      adijam Your intention was quite clear and I worry nothing about langauge difficulties, as long as the intention was clear. And yours was clear!

      But what I queried was the fact you criticised his play him in every way, after starting your comment by saying you were a fanof HIS. I thought that odd and said so, THOUGHOF COURSE I AGREE HE IS LAZY, VERY LAZY.

      As you are a fanof the club, like all of us, I assumed that you would put the club first and not likelazy playewrs, as I DO NOT. NOT ANY OF THEM EVER.
      Lazy players harm our club and any other view of the effects of laziness seems daft, to my mind. But if youwish to be a fan of a lazy player, well go ahead, it is your right and your choice.
      Personally, I always much prefer all players to work hard and so help the team This is a debate site though, so I challenged your view as unwise. Nothing at all to do with language and your English is perfectLy fine and totally understandable, so be reassured on that.

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